Date Posted: 03-19-12

Countess Raine Spencer, Diana's step-mother with whom eventually in
adulthood Diana formed a close bond, claimed Diana, 36, confided she
was deeply in love and told the inquest into her stepdaughter's 1997 car
crash death. Countess Spencer adding that Diana had never been so happy.

"That was the moment I realised it was highly likely she and Dodi would get
engaged and then married", she said.

Countess Spencer – speaking publicly for the first time about Dana's feelings–
said whenever Diana talked about Dodi Fayed she was effusive, excited, blissful.

The Countess said their relationship was getting stronger and stronger and stronger.
They may even have lived together if that was the most convenient way of going forward.

The widow, 78 – clad all in black with a hat and veil – scoffed at claims Diana was pregnant when she and the son of
Harrods boss Mohamed al-Fayed died in Paris. She saying Diana was brought up in quite an old-fashioned way.

"I don't believe she would have considered it. It would have been out of the question!"

Countess Spencer – a Harrods director – said Diana was convinced she was being bugged and followed. Psychics
fuelled Diana's fears she would be bumped off in an accident.

The Countess recalled that Diana was quite obsessed by the idea of accidents, but mainly helicopter accidents, not car

"Diana just got very nervous that all was not well, that something was going to happen to her."

Date Posted: 03-19-12

As one of the world's most eligable bachelors some might imagine for Harry, who like his brother William, prefers not to
use his H.R.H. title would find the world his oyster but think on! Both he and his brother do acknowledge that the official
usage of their titles effects their influence abroad and in supporting a charitable cause. In her life his mother,Diana
Princess of Wales,  once said "Being a princess is not all it's cracked up to be !" and lost her own official H.R.H. title
following her divorce from William and Harry's father H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales on August 28th 1996. This
divorce meant Diana could no longer officially represent the United Kingdom, any trips made by her were subject to the
acceptance of Buckingham Palace and events of National Importance attended by her only upon their invitation.She
also losing royal security protection and was forbidden from living abroad.  Diana was dead a year later August 31'st

Prince Harry has given a very candid interview on U.S. televison as his mother did on Panorama in 1995 in which he
says that his Mum is still his greatest inspiration. His mother's charitable works inspired his involvement with his charity
"Sentebale" which he founded with Prince Seesio of Lesotho in 2006 which means "Forget - Me - Not" as they both lost
their mothers. It is a charity that helps vulnerable children in the African nation.

Harry is concerned that approaching 30 yrs old that he does not have a lady in his life. His long term love has been
Chelsy Davy and they remain close friends. She has said that she does not relish the idea of being a princess. He says
how whilst being a royal has its perks, so prestige and status, with these privileges comes enormous responsibilties,
telling how both he and William often wish they wer both just "normal", regular guys. After all they were born into their
positions in life, they did not personally choose them.  William now happily married to commoner Catherine whom he
met at university seems to prove this point. Like William has insisted upon with Catherine, Harry will protect his future
wife from all the pressures of royal life knowing how their mother was left to her own devices to find her own way.

Harry is keen to, whilst representing H.M.The Queen as one of her grandsons and for him she is just Granny, do so his
way-- admitting he is still very much a kid at heart so likes to be as relaxed as possible in his ways of doing so and like
his mother clearly has a great and natural affinity with children who simply adore him.

"Hello Everyone,

                 I said a long time ago on my site that Harry is the "Action Man " and will be happiest where the action is as he is
now proving with his Apache helicopter training and I also said ideally he would be a missionary somewhere in Africa
were he not royal so not surprising therefore that Sentebale is in Africa and that Chelsy is from Africa. I have also always
said that I would love he and Chelsy to be married as I see them perfectly complimenting each other as I always saw
Catherine being perfect for William. I was on her side when they separated and glad to see that she didn't let the grass
grow under her feet during it and overjoyed when they reunited together !

                I am personally so touched by Harry's lovely comments about me and so proud to have inspired him to involve
himself in Sentebale and other charity works that both he and Wills carry out and appreciate all he says about it being
hard to be a royal but unlike me having no personal choice either he or Wills being so. I understand they're wanting to be
just normal but this not being an option for them though I have to say both their father and I were intent on giving them
as normal a family background as possible and I feel made a pretty good job of it.

                 I have also always said that whilst Wills might look like me, he is more Windsor in character and Harry more
Spencer, the rebellious streak in him is something inherited from me; so therefore the confines of his position something
doubly the more difficult for him to cope with but I am so very proud of them both and commend Harry for his personal
openness and honesty in expressing the way he feels. I have made no secret of the fact that ideally I do not want to see
either of my boys have the constrictions and restrictions imposed upon them that a future King and his brother would
have to endure for the rest of their lives and that Her Majesty will be the last of the Regal Monarchs."

                                                     With love from,

                                                                           Diana xx

Date posted: 04/02/12


Wonderful Tribute to Diana and Mother Teresa


                                                  Princess Diana stood before the gates of Heaven. As she marveled
                                                  at  those gates made of pearls and laced with intricate gold and silver  
                                                  filigree, the gates opened and Saint Peter appeared.

                                                   "Welcome, Princess Diana," he said, taking Princess Diana's hand warmly
                                                   into his own. "You are right on schedule. I hope you don't mind waiting
                                                   for a moment. Someone else will join us shortly and the Lord wishes to
                                                   see both of you at the same time."

Princess Diana and Saint Peter did not have long to wait. September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa joined them.
Before either Mother Teresa or Saint Peter could speak, Princess Diana gasped and placed her hand over
her heart. "Mother Teresa," she said. "It is an honor to enter these gates with you."

Mother Teresa faced Princess Diana and she smiled. "Princess," Mother Teresa said. "What an honor for
me to enter these gates with you."

Saint Peter smiled, pleased that the two women respected each other. "Come," he said. "Our Lord awaits
our presence."

Saint Peter waved his hand and the gates of Heaven opened. Spilling forth from them was a light of the
purest white. It gleamed and sparkled on the white pearls and the silver and gold of the gates. Saint Peter
led Princess Diana and Mother Teresa through the gates.

The street upon which they traveled was paved with gold. The surroundings resembled their earthly
home, but Princess Diana and Mother Teresa knew this was like no place on earth.

The sky was of the most azure blue; eagles flew freely from snow-capped mountains; crystal clear streams
trickled melodically down mountainsides. Tame animals of every kind and description roamed freely
through meadows of green and forests of gold and red hue: there was no fear of being hunted here.

The melodies of millions of birds wafted through the pure sweet-scented air as eagle, hawk and sparrow
alike shared the sky. In the white light, everything - mountains, streams, sky, deer, squirrel, the street of
gold, everything - sparkled like gemstones.

Mountains of emerald green surrounded them. On every mountaintop there stood a mansion of elaborate
beauty: marble columns and graceful architecture, hundreds of rooms within each one. From within those
mansions came the sounds of laughter and music, of souls in celebration of eternal bliss.

Angels and eagles, unicorns and pegasus all took flight above each mansion, their flights of fancy
fantastical and dream-like to the eyes of the travelers.

No one spoke as they went along their journey. Even Saint Peter, a veteran of this journey, was awestruck
with the beauty he witnessed each time he traveled the pathway. Mother Teresa and Princess Diana were
dazzled and breathless.

Their destination was a mountaintop, higher than the others, from whence a pure white light emanated. A
joyful noise greeted them as they approached the mountain. A joyful noise it was as they ascended the
mountain, greeted with chorus upon chorus of angels singing "Alleluias" in perfect harmony.

As they reached the top of the mountain, the light poured over them, around them, through them. For one
moment, they were blinded by a feeling of enormous joy; tears of pure love and adulation fell from their
eyes, streamed down their faces. They knelt before the throne of their Lord.

"My children," spoke a tender voice. "You know not how long I have awaited your return. Have you any

Mother Teresa looked up into the face of the Almighty. It was unlike any face she had ever seen. It was
filled with love and understanding, tenderness and compassion. And there was something she longed to
ask. "My Lord," she said. "Why did you take both of us when there was so much work to be done? Why did
you call us home while we are still in the prime of our lives?"

The Lord smiled. And when He smiled, the light seemed to shine brighter and the singing of the angels
seemed to be even more heavenly than before. Princess Diana and Mother Teresa returned the smile,
knowing that their own could not compare.

"Every life which I send to earth has a purpose and a meaning. I give each life its own individual
circumstances. It is then up to this life to make the best possible from those circumstances and try and
fulfill the purpose intended for it in the world. There are times when the purpose and meaning of more
than one life is intertwined with another. And it was so with the lives of you and Diana."

                                                      Diana looked up into the face of her Lord. "Diana, you were born you
                                                      to live among the privileged and I had my reasons for sending you thus.
                                                      You were considered nobility on earth, but you used your position in the
                                                      world to help and comfort others in need.

"Teresa, born into poverty, you spent your life being a stronghold and a strong heart to those less
fortunate. Through your deeds and your acts, you spent your lives serving Me and exceeding even My
expectations of you. The work begun by both of you remains unfinished so that those who wish to do so
may continue in your footsteps. Your lives will not soon be forgotten. The impressions you both have left
are indelible. The examples you have set are the achievements I long for all My children to strive for. It is
the kindness, benevolence and generosity that you gave to the world that I wish for My children to

"There is a reason that I patterned your lives as I did and a reason that I brought you home together. You
are both shining examples that, regardless of gender, age, nationality, class or race, each person can do
something to help another. Each and every one of My children is capable of leaving the world a better
place than when they entered it. This is the legacy which I wished for you to leave behind. You have
fulfilled your purposes very well, My children."

The Lord then turned to Diana, who was looking up at Him, her eyes misty with tears. "Is there something
you wish to ask, Diana?"

"It may seem selfish, My Lord, but what will become of my children?"

Again the Lord smiled. "The least selfish thing known to Heaven and Earth, Diana, is a mother's love for
her children. Do not fear for them, Diana, for I am with them. I am with them now as they mourn. I will be
with your children in every step they take and I will carry them when they feel they cannot carry on.
Rejoice! Diana, for your sons are in My care."

With that, the Lord raised his hand and Princess Diana and Mother Teresa were endowed with wings to fly
and they were bathed in white light. "Now you shall both take your rightful places in the Heavens as
Guardian Angels to watch over those left behind."

Alive forever in our memories
Loved forever in our hearts

Princess Diana July 1, 1961 - August 31, 1997
Mother Teresa August 26, 1910 - September 5, 1997

Written September 8, 2007

Published by Penny White

Writer since the age of ten and artist for the last few years. A big fan of NCIS, Dean Koontz and women's
history. I write empowering and uplifting words for women found at