Date Posted: 4/15/12

"You will not be seeing the Duchess now for some time." a Buckingham Palace spokesman has told a
leading British Newspaper

Catherine  admitted to missing her husband “terribly”during their time apart. Due to his being in the Falkland Islands
she spent Valentines Day alone but during his absence made her first solo public engagement and her first public
speech at a children's hospice. The Queen took the newest royal member to several public events and Catherine
joined her father - in - law and H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall at the launch of the Diamond Jubilee tour.

William is back with his wife now for their first wedding anniversary on April 29th and returning to their home in
Anglesey, North Wales and have cleared their diaries of Royal engagements for the next few months. William
reporting for his search-and-rescue shifts at RAF Valley as usual, while Catherine will have some much welcomed
and needed time to herself and with him. Having no staff in Wales, Catherine returning to domesticity, doing the
cooking and stocking up on food for them both at her local Waitrose supermarket.

The couple are getting ready to start making family-friendly renovations to their London home at Kensington Palace,
the home in which the Queen intends them to raise their family. A source has said "watching their friends become
parents "does help" boost William and Catherine's decision to follow suit. For now though they can practise their
parenting skills on Lupo the puppy!

 " I feel it very important that Catherine is given a break actually, whilst Wills was away she certainly
proving to everyone that in her own right she is a popular crowd puller and so an enormous asset to the royals on the
public stage but who also is fully entitled to spending private time with her husband away from the crowds and the glare
of a cameras lens. I am so glad to see that this is happening. Lessons have certainly been learned and I would imagine
Wills being pretty insistent upon this fact being one honoured and respected. As for a baby, I will be thrilled for them
both of course when this happens but perhaps wait another year and enjoy time with each other and the newest
addition to the family- Lupo the cocker spaniel- but this will be the couples decision to make naturally!"

                                               With love from,
                                                               Diana xx

" Hello Everyone,

         April 29th 2012 sees the 1st Wedding Anniversary of William and Catherine.
Their wedding at Westminster Abbey seen by 24 million viewers on British television and
countless more people flooding into London to witness the event happening for themselves
and likewise one televised all over the world. It was a day of celebration and one displaying
the traditional Pomp and Circumstance traditionally that Great Britain is recognised for,
being able to stage like no other kingdom in the world.


                                                            Speculation over the bride's dress had been headline news and when the dress
                                                           designed by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen fashion house was revealed
                                                           was one much applauded and noted one that very much mirrored the timeless
                                                           style of the wedding dress worn by former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly's
                                                           marriage to  H.R.H. Prince Rainier of  Monaco in 1956.

               Just four days after their wedding it was business as usual for William as an Air - Sea Rescue pilot based in
Anglesey, North Wales so their honeymoon needed to be postponed for a further two weeks as work colleagues of
William had previously arranged leave. The honeymoon in the Seychelles Islands was followed immediately by the
couples successful tour of the U.S.A. and Canada. No doubt Wills being husband, guide and mentor for Catherine used
this time alone together also to educate her further in coping with life within the firm and so strengthening their bond!

Recently William on a military exercise in the Falkland Islands meant the couple being apart on Valentines Day though
they did remember each other with cards and gifts but has been a time seeing Catherine proving within her own right
that as Duchess of Cambridge she is a popular crowd puller so a tremendous and powerful asset to the Royals
themselves and someone who does her husband the Duke of Cambridge proud.

               This couple with their natural buoyancy and displays of genuine love in togetherness certainly breathe
optimism and hope to the Monarchy proving to be appealing to people globally; both the young and the old. As public
celebrities they have already become the most famous couple in the world.   


I love the fact that aswell as being seen displaying their togetherness publicly that it is the same privately and wish my
eldest son William and his stunning and stylish wife and my daughter - in - law Catherine many, many congratulations
this happy occasion and wish them continued love and happiness in the future."

               With love from,
                        Diana xx

Date Posted:05/10/12

"I have read with interest what Penny Junor has had to say about Catherine and William's relationship having
apparently as published very reliable sources for her information.  
(In Juror's new book "Born To Be King".)

At St. Andrews University in Scotland Catherine didn't stand out as other girls who flaunted themselves eager to catch
William's attention made sure they did and it was this that proved part of her allure to him. They shared the same hall
of residence, attended the same History of Art lectures, William later changing to study Geography.

Interestingly apparently William being most motivated by the social aspects of the course as by example the studies on
H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. Both being subjects which he knew Mummy had studied and had a hands on involvement with and a
global issue that Harry equally has taken very much to heart in supporting and no less so than with the charity
Sentebale of which he is joint patron of together with Prince Seesio of Lesotho, Africa where it is based.

Catherine and William were both sports enthusiasts so a friendship developed between them. Later to discover that
both had been on Operation Raleigh expeditions to Chile, Catherine on hers a year before William's so they were able to
compare notes and share their experiences of them together. Initially William did not enjoy his first year  at the
university and was at one point tempted to drop out but was convinced during conversations with Papa and his
grandfather to stick things out which he did. The second year being very different.
Together with his friend Catherine and two other mutual friends a flat in the town was rented that they all shared, an
arrangement so comfortable for all of them, one that was maintained by them until the time he graduated from St.
Andrews. A source saying that the idea that Harry is the single wild card of the two brothers not being so, William
having a wild side too but also is very aware of his image so is intent on protecting this, given the position he holds
within the firm.

For the remaining two years at St. Andrews the four friends rented a stone cottage about a mile to the west of the town
and it was at some point during the course of the second year attended at the university that Catherine and William had
become more than friends. This cottage close to open countryside for the two of them to walk in alone together
afforded the couple the necessary time and space to explore the potential of their relationship. Catherine had a great
sense of personal self worth illustrated by her when it was remarked how lucky she was to be dating William responding
how lucky he was to be dating her and it is this kind of comment which I am sure would have made William giggle and
endeared him to her even more. As he said on their engagement interview they share a wicked sense of humour!

Catherine soon introduced William to her family, Carole, Michael, Pippa and James and he experienced normal,
informal family meals with them, something not done by him before and a taste of a lifestyle alien to him but which he
so appreciated which is why no doubt in sharing their cottage together in Anglesey, North Wales the married couple
keep their staff to a bare minimum having a house - keeper but well documented that Catherine is often seen doing their
food shopping in the local supermarket.

Having both graduated from university and it having become public knowledge that Catherine was William's girlfriend,
then the press hounding of her began and Catherine experienced what it is like to live in William and Harry's world and
I am sure totally appreciates as they often say they're wishing to be just "Normal". Something as hard as they might
endeavour in being and both are certainly a lot more liberal than many; they fully realise will never successfully
achieve in being even if the Monarchy were to be absolved; so William relieved from bowing to a mapped out destiny
for him! Never the less both he and Harry will always be known as they are as "Diana's Boys". It is a title that has stuck
but one I wouldn't imagine they're minding too much, preferable to the H.R.H. official titles neither is inclined to use
by choice, though of course they are Charles's sons too naturally!

The established members of the Royal Family were enormously impressed by how composed and sensible Catherine
remained despite continuous provocation and personal intrusion that she was subjected too, not much fun I can tell
you being the focus of a camera lens aimed in your direction all of the time, a real baptism of fire for her. People might
also as I am sure she does, remember the scathing headlines of her being a lazy commoner and that William could do so
much better! Similarly of course I aware how fickle people and particularly the media are. When William was in
Australia, his solo trip there, James Whitaker the recently deceased Royal Correspondent remarking perhaps he'd
meet a suitable "Sheila" whilst down under, needless to say he didn't!

Penny in the book justifies William cooling with Catherine and their relationship eventually ending because of his
losing so many people he grew fond of during his formative years including his nanny Barbara Barnes. He personally
fearing getting attached to someone in case they abandoned him. I personally would think this highly improbable as the
reason having lived together for four years when attending St. Andrews, together since the age of 20 years old. I think
the break - up between them in 2007 was because in light of the history of Charles and I, that they both needed to be
sure it was with each other they wanted to spend the rest of their lives and raise a family.Both being under tremendous
pressure to make their marriage work and spare further embarrassment and scandal within the British Royals! After all
three of Her Majesty's four children are themselves divorced and in being Queen means her being Head of the Church
of England that doesn't officially recognise divorce! How ironic that a future King and Queen will both be divorcees,
time for the rule book to be re written to accommodate this fact perhaps!

I would therefore be more inclined to imagine their separation was something discussed and mutually agreed upon,
thinking time for both without the additional pressure of press attention intruding upon them as a couple and they're
gaining breathing space testing how they felt about each other in time spent apart. Someone Penny has consulted has
named William's jealousy as being the factor that brought him back to her as Catherine did not mope around waiting for
him but was seen as the girl about town not allowing the grass to grow under her feet photographed looking stunning
and sexy in various London clubs and night spots. A woman putting on a brave face having been jilted or a woman
accepting a private arrangement between them? Only two people truthfully know that answer and this being Catherine
and William themselves but on my personal site I certainly advising my eldest son to return to the woman he loves and
who loves him and they seen to be reuniting appropriately at the "Concert for Diana" on July 1st 2007. A musical
extravaganza organised by my boys to remember me on my birthday that year! This being the best birthday present of
all, for me to see William and Catherine where they both belonged, officially with each other and happy!"

                                                                                With love from,

                                                                                                       Diana xx

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