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Diana's side of the stories...

29th June 1994 .. Jonathan Dimbleby Interview

H.R.H. Prince Charles is asked point blank if he tried to be "faithful and honorable" when he married Lady Diana
Spencer in July 1981.

"Yes, absolutely," he replied.

"And you were?" pressed the questioner, Jonathan Dimbleby, a well-known British journalist.

"Yes," Prince Charles answered. Then after a slight pause he added, "Until it became irretrievably broken down, us
both having tried."

20th November 1995  Panorama Interview with H.R.H. PRINCESS OF WALES

When Mr Bashir asked her about her relationship with Mr Hewitt, who had claimed to have had an affair with her, she
admitted her relationship did go beyond a close friendship.
"Were you unfaithful?" asked Mr Bashir.

"Yes," answered the Princess. "I was in love with him. But I was very let down."

After the Dimbleby-interview when Charles had admitted to his adultery:

DIANA: I went to the school and put it to William, particularly, that if you find someone you love in life you must hang
on to it and look after it, and if you were lucky enough to find someone who loved you then one must protect it.
William asked me what had been going on, and could I answer his questions, which I did.
He said, was that the reason why our marriage had broken up?
And I said, well, there were three of us in this marriage, and the pressure of the media was another factor, so the two
together were very difficult. But although I still loved Papa I couldn't live under the same roof as him, and likewise with

BASHIR: What effect do you think it had on Prince William?

Well, he's a child that's a deep thinker, and we don't know for a few years how it's gone in. But I put it in gently,
without resentment or any anger.

3Oth June 2005   Simone Simmons biography "The Last Word" upset my boys!

Prince William and his brother are 'sickened and disgusted' over allegations that their mother was forced to initiate
DNA tests to prove Harry's paternity.In a controversial book, Diana's former therapist Simone Simmons claims the
Princess was ordered to arrange a blood test for her youngest son to prove James Hewitt was not his father. Simmons
says this followed Diana's Panorama TV interview in which she revealed that she and the ex-cavalry officer had been
lovers.The psychic says William also underwent a blood test but neither prince was told the true reason. Both tests
proved Prince Charles as the father, she says.Her allegation has provoked outrage from the young princes. According
to friends, 23-year-old William was reduced to tears by the claims. "That he was so upset is so out of character and
really shows the extent of his distress," said one.

                                           William, who arrived in New Zealand yesterday to undertake his first official
                                           overseas engagement, told friends: "Why can't these people just leave my mother
                                           alone? Have they no respect?"The DNA claim is the latest in a series of
                                           allegations by Simmons in her second money-spinning book about Diana.
                                           Earlier this week she claimed the Princess had a one-night stand with John F
                                           Kennedy Jnr. during a visit to New York, a claim derided on both sides of the
                                           Atlantic. She followed that up with allegations that the Princess once took cocaine
                                           and yesterday said that Diana ridiculed Charles's love-making, awarding him one
                                           out of ten but it is the paternity test suggestion that has infuriated William and
                                           Harry and incensed royal staff. Simmons claims that after the Panorama
                                           broadcast the Princess received a typed letter demanding she carry out tests on her sons.
The 50-year-old psychic, who says Diana poured her heart out during lengthy phone calls, did not reveal the identity
of the letter-writer and would not confirm it was Prince Philip. She says she informed Diana of gossip surrounding
Harry's paternity and the Princess told her: "If people worked the dates out properly they would see it is nothing to do
with Hewitt. "It's pretty obvious he's a Windsor. In colouring he's a Spencer but he has Charles's eyes."According to
Simmons, Diana was horrified when told in no uncertain terms that her sons should have blood tests. Harry was 11 at
the time."She did not tell the kids why they were being blood-tested. She phoned up the doctor to come to Kensington
Palace as far as I remember. And of course, everything was as it should have been."

William's response to Simone Simmons biography about me.

William told friends: "I just can't believe this is happening again - when is it going to stop? It's totally intolerable that
someone who was so trusted by my mother and taken into her confidence could betray her in this way.

"She was very, very generous to her and this is how she repays her. It's sick, totally sick."

A royal source described William as initially angered by the claims, but then dissolving into tears of frustration. "He is
as defensive and upset about this story as anyone has ever seen him. I think what he finds particularly hard is the way
his mother's supposed sex life is, once again, being bandied about in public.

"He feels very angry that his mother is still considered an easy target for anyone who wants to make a quick buck."

" Hello Everyone,

Above you will see facts not fiction, I do my homework thoroughly. I have also included a number of images as I would
imagine anyway, particularly the one featuring Catherine and William not smiling, to be the kind of reaction I would
expect from them both in the light of the publication of the most recent book written by Penny Junor.


                             "Born to be King" -- a biography written to mark William's 30th birthday. It is well known and indeed
                               documented the biographer favours Charles so therefore one inclined to be bias. That said I will
                              draw attention to a few facts noted by her within its pages. It makes note of the fact on November
                              20th 1995 that I gave the Panorama Interview purely intent on punishing Charles in the most
                              damaging way I could intimating I thought he was ill equipped to be King. Needless to say no
                              mention of the initial damage done by him in an interview a year earlier when he admitted his
                              adultry with Camilla, now of course H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall, and that I explained the situation
                              to William who was full of questions naturally.

At the time of my intervew, albeit our being officially separated, we were not divorced and I was very much alive so she
was his unofficial mistress as until my interview confirmed the fact, it was pretty secret though members of the firm
knew of it naturally! I realised that in the event of his inheriting the throne this would bring with it enormous
complications and cause great embarrassment as he would then have had to publicly either divorce me and marry her or
alternatively kiss her goodbye as it would hardly be favourable for the new King to have a mistress in the wings and
particularly of course one who he had a relationship with more or less throughout our marriage, a relationship does not
necessitate sleeping together constantly, it is something built out of love and they clearly loved each other and
seemingly still do. There are precis on my site regarding their current relationship.

Penny's book detailing how within days of the royal engagement I changed from a happy go lucky teenager into a
volatile and unprecitable stranger and even the honeymoon on the Brtannia failing to work its magic on me. Now please
remember when I left my apartment at Colherne Court I went to Clarence House, then official London residence of the
Queen Mother. On arrival there finding a letter from Camilla telling me we must meet up whilst Charles is away. I
learned about my future husbands last solo trip to Australia via Venezuela from her and of course on honeymoon he
seemed to prefer his books to my company and maintained telephone contact with her. A woman's intuition is a good
one and I knew then that I was not the woman he loved. Penny describing how my maternal Grandmother decribed me
as being a "Dishonest and Difficult girl" but well documented there was no love lost between us yet it was she and the
Queen Mother who had thought marriage to Charles was a good idea. They were very good friends, Lady Fermoy being a
senior lady - in - waiting to the Queen Mother, and were Charles and were the Windsors, who knew about Camilla's
existence, entirely being honest with the nineteen year old outsider soon to be his bride?

The book speaks about Charles not knowing how to communicate his worries about our marriage to his parents, they
loving him very much but themselves not being adept communicators.  I was married to Charles and I can tell you there
is no love lost at all between he and his father which is why I find the articles made about my being so fond of him
laughable, would I be likely to embrace someone so positively beastly to my then husband?  Her Majesty has always had
a distant relationship with her children so I wouldn't imagine Charles did feel comfortable speaking to them about our
problems but also knowing that they were aware of the fundamental cause of them.  As I said on Panorma " Well there
were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded!"

Penny seems to delight in criticising my parental skills but they can't have been that bad as Harry has said "I was quite
simply the best Mother in the world" and Wills speaking was highly emotive of me and getting engaged presenting his
wife with my ring generously provided for him to do by his loving and supportive brother Harry who had kept it as his
personal keepsake of me. My boys are the most wonderful brothers in the world too. I am so glad that they have such a
close bond with their father who was never the absent parent I admittedly often proclaimed him as being. Charles and I
were acrimonious, scoring points of each other as both dispppointed at being unable to give to each other what we both
were most in need of but never the less our marriage resulting in two sons we equally adored and both were and indeed
still are so proud of. William and Harry, a credit to us both as let us not forget, it a sad I was dead throughout their latter
formative years when it has been Charles who was given the full responsibility of being their sole parent and has clearly
made a marvellous job of it.

The book is currently being partially serialised in the Daily Mail but as you can see from my comments here it is her
personal opinion being expressed as this is indeed mine in response to that and the reader can decide for themselves
which one is the more honest and reliable!"

                                         Thank you for listening to me,  Diana

Daily Telegraph's condensed review of the book "Born To Be King" written by Penny Juror with side
comments by Andrew Russell-Davis.

The Duke of Cambridge has always called Diana, the late Princess of Wales, the best mother in the world but Penny
Junor doesn’t entirely agree. “Did she not think about how her boys would feel when they saw [her notorious 1995
interview on Panorama],” she writes, “or what taunting schoolmates might say?” The 13-year-old William, she goes on,
was deeply upset, “angry and incredulous that his mother could have done such a thing”.

( Harry actually saying this statement about their mother at the official memorial service held for her in 2007.
Interesting that 2 years before during an interview with Jonathan Dimbleby William and Harry's father admitting
adultry, submitted a question not scripted in his interview so caught on the hop. and yet this not seeming to have caused
any anguish to either of his sons though filling Wiliam the elder son with questions. Why would William be deeply upset
by his Mother's interview if she had gone to his school to warn him about it ? )

Rather bleakly, we are told that Will Carling was one of his boyhood heroes. (“Discovering there was more to his mother’
s friendship must have come as a shock.”) At times, Junor claims, the teenage William was “embarrassed” by some of
her “public outpourings”but we are never left in any doubt that he loved her immeasurably. On the night she was killed
he awoke many times and Junor says he “knew something awful was going to happen”.

(Diana denying an affair with Will Carling but rather a close friendship with him, he being more in awe of her than she
with him ! )

In June 1998, the year after his mother’s death, he met Camilla Parker Bowles for the first time, at St James’s Palace.
Mrs Parker Bowles reportedly came out saying “I need a drink”, but Junor suggests the meeting had been “remarkably
easy – William was friendly and Camilla was sympathetic”.

( William would be diplomatic and polite to her in respect of his father as Harry would be to the woman who made their
father emotionally happy but I would doubt very much a genuine closeness being felt by either of them towards her
explaining why rarely if ever are either of them photographed with her except in formal photos of the royal members.)

St Andrews, of course, is where he met Catherine Middleton, and in these pages, like everywhere else, she is depicted as
down-to-earth and loyal, no matter the pressures she faces as a girlfriend and then wife of a future king. A little before
their engagement she was spotted in an airport, alone, by paparazzi; to get her attention, they shouted “Bitch! Whore!
Slag!” Catherine  ignored them.

( Likewise the British press delighted in callimg in her lazy and a commoner intimating that William could choose
someone better as his future wife !  )

While dull stories contain too much detail, good ones contain too little. At the royal wedding last year, Prince Harry’s
best man’s speech was apparently full of “brilliant one-liners”, but we aren’t told what they were. There is an unhappy
blunder on page 128. “Lord Mountbatten’s murder,” we’re told, “was as sudden and violent as Diana’s.” More unwitting
fodder for the conspiracy theorists.

(Clearly the most positive and accurate statement in the book and one the editors and publishers missed erasing from its
pages. )

Penny Junor repeatedly tells us that the Duke hates journalists’ fascination with his life. Presumably, then, he’ll hate this
book, but, although it carries some unflattering passages about his mother, there’s nothing to harm his reputation even
mildly. It paints him throughout as pleasant and unflappable. For the same reasons that he makes a difficult subject for a
biography, he’ll make a good king.

( It has always been very clear to everyone, so will be to William, that the author Penny Junor supports Charles and
Camilla and has the knives out for Diana so therefore any book penned by her will be bias and the fact that she does find
fault with his mother will not endear him to appreciating the book being written to commemorate his 30th year or any
other year of his life for that matter and will not impress Harry either.)

Date Posted: 05/07/12

"Hello Everyone,

                                        People might be shocked that I would spring to the defence of H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall but as I
have said when it is globally recognised I have a voice, that Diana speaks that I intend to speak to her and Charles about
things and to make everything a little clearer, I realise that Charles married the wrong woman in me but was pretty much
commandeered to doing so. As I have said before, her fierce loyalty and devotion to him is something respected by me
so therefore I am horrified that publicly she is to be so humiliated.

                                         The Royals still have clearly so much to learn. The late Royal Correspondent James Whitaker
saying during an interview he gave that the Windsors are a pretty cold lot, if you step out of line with them, your gone
just like that or words to this effect and I as well as Sarah, ex Duchess of York can personally vouch for this fact. We
though to a certain degree brought this treatment upon ourselves behaving in the manner we did.

                                           Camilla's crime being loving Charles she made do with being his mistress. Camilla loved the man
but not the baggage that came with him and in his life before I came along, in spite of loving him married Andrew Parker
- Bowles. Chelsy, Harry's long time love has said similarly that the life of a Princess is not one she would personally like
but there is no doubting how emotionally close they have remained and I as people know hope very much that they do
marry as I see Chelsy as being as much of a compliment to Harry as Catherine is to William.

                                            I am so happy to see Catherine adapt so well to life within the firm but appreciate that William and
she are very much in love and he therefore guiding her gently every step of the way in the transition from outsider to
member of Royalty, it is not an easy one to make. I am confident Harry would exert the same amount of personal
assistance to Chelsy but I am also able to appreciate her point of view having been an outsider going in myself naturally.

                                              I have recently drawn attention to the fact that European press as well as British press have
intimated that Camilla and Charles are not as united as once was the case but for heavens sake keep up appearances
publicly, afford her that much dignity. Camilla will never be people popular in the way I was and Catherine is fast seen to
be becoming and that is a fact. Having been as now is known the unofficial Royal Mistress, I wouldn't expect her to
imagine she will ever be, this stigma will remain the one most predominantly associated with her but I would have
thought that the family which she is now married in to would be intent on fighting her corner but clearly as this article
indicates, this not being the case.

                                               I said during an after - life interview with Rose that I do not believe Camilla ideally wanted to
marry Charles even after my death but that this event happening rather forced their marriage to be one eventually
having to happen. Her Majesty values her kingdom and has vowed her allegiance to it until her last breath and I firmly
believe this to being so. In light of this fact after my death Charles had two options either marry the third party in our
marriage or off load her which he had said would not happen, his friendship with her being nonnegotiable. I believe that
Her Majesty would have been powerfully instrumental in organising that Camilla and Charles unite officially to bring
some form of respectability to the Monarchy. Their relationship publicly known about, after my death it would have
been a pretty poor show to have retained her as his mistress and a worse one to have ended his association with her. One
can only imagine the headlines had this happened  ...  " Charles dumps Camilla his mistress during the Diana Years!"
Marriage between them therefore being the only viable and indeed sensible option.

                                                This said and so at the time deemed acceptable within the House of Windsor, I would have
thought that as she bowed to duty, that she might expect better treatment than is clearly as intimated by this article
certainly she is receiving, if only as I say to keep up public appearances. Most especially by Charles in his refusing by
example to accept the arrangements being reported as due to happen at this coming wedding as in his personal failure to
do so will surely only add smoke to the fire that there are problems within his second marriage.

                                                  Having also said of course during an after - life interview that infidelity is no stranger within the
firm, though I have also clearly indicated this not being a tradition I wish to see either of my boys continuing with and
have every confidence in having experienced themselves personally the damage it does to everyone involved, will
personally see to its not being one maintained by either of them!"

                                                  With love from,

                                                                       Diana xx
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