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They've done it many times in the past. 9/11 is the most important example as so much research has been done that
debunks the official story. Officially what happened on 9/11 is that two planes crashed into the towers causing them to
collapse. The jet fuel from these planes exploded into fire balls that travelled down elevator shafts, exploding and
severing load bearing, steel, columns. FEMA in their report stated that fires also weakened the floor joists resulting in
the pancake like collapse of floors, one on top of the other. There are many problems with these explanations, one -
the columns must all have given way in exactly the same place at exactly the same time, extremely unlikely if the
cause was fire, secondly - the speed at which the towers collapsed is not consistent with the pancake theory, thirdly -
around 80% of the buildings actually turned into dust, so is it even true to say that the towers collapsed when most of
the building material disintegrated in mid air?

There are two competing explanations as to what really brought down the towers. One is the demolition theory, the
other is that the towers were destroyed by a directed energy weapon, an explanation first put forward by Dr Judy

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7/7 The London Bombings was another false flag attack by a government against it's own people. There are many
holes in the British government's story that suicide bombers were responsible for the explosions on the tube trains
and a the bus that day. According to Muad'Dib, who produced The Ripple Effect (a documentary about 7/7) the four
'alleged' bombers were most likely hired to take part in the terror drill that was going on, coincidentally, on the same
day, at the same time, in the same place. The train the authorities said the bombers caught that day from Luton, was
in fact cancelled so they didn't even arrive in time to catch the trains they were supposed to have bombed. Also
witnesses say the explosions came from beneath the carriages, so it is unlikely that the bombers carried their bombs
on in rucksacks.

The Ripple Effect -

Interview with Nick Kollerstrom, Author of Terror on the Tube -


Rik Clay was one of the first to investigate the possibility of a false flag attack at the 2012 Olympics. He created a
blog, he appeared on Red Ice Radio and wrote up an ebook detailing what he had found. Sadly Rick died, on August
28th 2008. (His ashes were scattered on 11th September.) Apparently he had committed suicide. Hmmm!

Article and Links about Rik Clay by Henrik Palmgren-

Rik Clay's book on the Olympics -

The date of the opening ceremony of the Olympics is 27th July. This is a ritually significant date in the satanic
calendar. It is the day of female sacrifice. The number 27 itself seems to be significant. Many singers and musicians
have died at the age of 27, they have been called the 27 Club. This is important because the illuminati also control
the music industry which they use to influence the minds of millions of young people.

I have done a bit of my own research into the 2012 Olympics. My idea was to define a possible blast zone and see if
there had been any movement to outside this zone by people who might be in the know. But the blast zone of a dirty
bomb is much smaller than that of an actual nuclear bomb so I didn't have much luck. I did discover though that the
BBC has been moving it's operations out of London to Manchester. That the government are moving eight of their
largest departments out of London. That the cabinet has been holding it's meetings outside of London on 'away-
days'. That most of Whitehall (the British civil service) will be working from home over the Olympics. The government
and media move to regional areas made me wonder if perhaps London may not be the capital of the UK for much
longer. I have also found some other evidence supporting this idea. The coronation stone (a stone used to coronate
Kings and Queens of Britain) was given away to the Scots by conservative Prime Minister John Major. As it turned out
the stone was a fake because some Scottish students had stolen the original in 1950. The labour government under
Tony Blair was also very pro devolution. And our present conservative government seems just as eager to promote
the idea of an independent Scotland. It was also in the news recently that in 1950 (is there something significant
about 1950?!), that the French and English premieres discussed France becoming part of the UK. The Rothschilds
also announced recently that they had merged their French and English banking operations. Cameron and Sarkosy
have also annouced plans to integrate British and French defence operations. I'm not sure why there is this plan for
an English and French alliance and an independent Scotland - it seems to go against the NWO agenda. May be there
is some in-fighting going on amongst the Illuminati?

The Queen is going to be at the opening ceremony which is the only thing that makes me doubt the NWO have
chosen this date - that is unless the Queen is going to be one of their next sacrifical victims. In the BBC's program
Spooks: Code 9 the bomb goes off before the ceremony has begun so it may be possible this is also what the NWO
plan and that the Queen will escape.  One strange thing about the opening ceremony is that David Cameron (PM)
won't be there. The last time Britain hosted the Olympics in 1948 both the King and the Prime Minister were there.
You'd have thought with the amount of money they'd spent on the Olympics that the Prime Minister and his cronies
would have front row seats. But apparently not. I wrote to 10 Downing Street asking if Mr Cameron would be present
at the opening ceremony - but I have had no reply. I then wrote to a local newspaper asking them if they would make
enquiries - again I had no reply.


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I do hope people look at the video about the Olympics. I will not ruin it for you but the totalitarian state described in
the book and illustrated in the film George Orwell's "1984" seems to have been a pretty accurate prophecy albeit a few
years later.  

Two things I will say though:  firstly I think that in the event of an air attack taking place, so necessitating the strategic
positioning of powerful deadly missiles to protect the main Olympic site being on the roof top of a housing estate, it
would be rather inviting for that to be become another prime target of the attackers with consequently no doubt an
extensive loss of innocent lives.  Secondly, as proven in Afghansitan yesterday, a member of the Taliban-- but dressed
in police uniform so unsuspected, unchecked and monitored-- was easily able to kill and did so. I do hope therefore
those military men selected to being responsible for manning the missiles are throroughly and continuously security
checked and monitored themselves as they will be in the perfect position to execute an enormous catastrophe wearing a
British Military uniform."   

Thank you for listening to me.  Diana.

Date Posted: 05-21-12

"Hello Everyone

                          In view of a message I spoke about recently regarding security at the Olympics in London this year,
terrorists wearing British Army Uniforms, I am horrified to see my fears seemingly anyway founded and hopefully the
10.000 security force will be trained to Airport Security Standard before it begins but this news is extremely


Terror fear as foreign police recruits not vetted


17 May 2012

There are reports that staff are being trained prior to a vetting and screening process.  Terrorists could be infiltrating
security because of a failure to vet foreign recruits, an official report warned yesterday.

A glaring loophole in vetting procedures means that applicants from the EU are joining police forces in England and
Wales without proper checks into their background.

The shocking report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) said research had exposed more than 40
'vetting failures' among police officers and others allowed into police premises.

Serving British police officers could be war criminals or guilty of terrorism and other serious crimes, the report said.

Vetting systems had been put under pressure by the arrival of thousands of additional civilian staff - including
community support officers.

The revelation is the latest failure to hit the Home Office following the foreign prisoners scandal and comes at a time
when Britain is on high alert to terrorism following the July 7 attacks and last week's Forest Gate raid.

Checks on EU citizens cannot be carried out in many cases, the report found.

Inspectors said staff vetting was crucial because police have 'extraordinary powers' over citizens and have access to
highly sensitive information.

They warned: "The potential damage that can be caused by just one failure should not be under-estimated.

"The failure to properly vet staff will leave a force extremely vulnerable."

Vetting failures could lead to terrorists or criminals infiltrating the police and to other information 'leakage', said the
HMIC report.

It added: "In effect, current policy means that forces can reject a United Kingdom applicant with a caution from three
years and a day ago, but they can accept a war criminal from a country where checks are not possible."

Smaller police forces in particular found it difficult to cope with the levels of vetting required.

One small force had decided not to enlarge its vetting team because of the high costs involved. Forces should move to
fully comply with national vetting guidelines 'as a matter of urgency'.

President of the Police Superintendents' Association Rick Naylor said: "There's nothing worse than having someone
inside the job who is working not for the benefit of the community but for their own possibly criminal needs.

"We've got to ensure we vet employees carefully so people can have full confidence in the police officers they deal with.

"This is yet another argument for the Government's plans to create larger forces - smaller forces can't cope."

Police Federation vice chairman Alan Gordon said: "We are not aware of any EU loopholes, but if one exists, it must be
closed immediately.

"We agree that in the current climate it is of the utmost importance that the vetting procedure is as thorough and as
appropriate as possible.

"It is of the utmost importance that vetting standards to join the force must be kept as high as possible."

HM Inspector Jane Stichbury said the anomaly over EU citizens had been identified and was being addressed at a
'national level'.

The report also called for changes to the way forces handle complaints from the public.

Police should consider using 'mystery shoppers' to make complaints about police officers, so that strengths and
weaknesses can be monitored, it said.

There should be clear national standards to deal with complaints, police misconduct and corruption.


It has been impressive. In recent months we've seen the military might that will secure the Olympics.

But in a corner of East London, near the Olympic Stadium, people are arriving to be trained who will be the foot soldiers
of our safety this summer.

And ITV News has been told of delays, cuts to courses and that some are training with Group 4 Security while still
waiting for security clearance.

And these are the people who must provide airport standard security every day during the Olympics, so experts say
what we're learning is worrying.

Dr Tobias Feakin who looks closely at security for the Royal United Services Institute says he would be worried if it
were true that some security personel are being trained before they have beenfully vetted and screened.

The ITV News investigation has also discovered allegations that the amount of training has been reduced - removing
the day long foundation module from all courses.

That documents have been lost with some recruits waiting since January.

And it's alleged that during the recent test event security personnel failed to spot many 'suspect' devices going through
the x-ray machines.

Of course that was only a test and officials insist the real thing will be secure.

Group 4 Security, a company being paid millions to train and supply the staff, told us:

    "Recruiting a 10,000+ strong workforce to secure the Olympic Games was always going to be a challenging
    assignment, but it is one that we are confident that we can meet."

They insist no trainee is is being given confidential information about the security operation before clearing screening.

Date Posted:  07-03-12

Even before the official opening of the Olympic Games in London security for Olympic spectators and athletes has been
criticised following the death of a young man at the prestigious shopping centre next to the gates of the main Games
park. Four suspects aged between 20yrs and 23 yrs have been questioned by detectives from Scotland Yard regarding
the fatal stabbing of Liam Woodards from Stratford aged 24yrs at the Westfield Centre in Stratford, East London on
Friday 29th June 2012. His violent death globally reported on the internet has sparked fears from people openly
expressing fear of being targets of armed gangs in the capital. Prior to the incident happening in a busy area of the
centre called "The Street" which resulted in two other men suffering minor injuries, there was a brawl involving a large
number of men which sent shoppers fleeing.

                  The centre is next to the main transport hub so will be a main thoroughfair for Games spectators and
comprises of luxury shops, a casino and dozens of bars. Spectators need to be reassured that street crime and terrorist
attack threats are being dealt with said Metropolitan Police Commander Dai Davies with the games due to start soon.
We were led to believe there would be rapid response units on standby to deal with incidents quickly .. but you have to
ask "Where were they when this incident happened?" I am concerned that at the moment we are aboard the Titanic and
no one is seeing the icebergs ahead!"

17th July 2012                        

                       Today Nick Buckles the Director of G.4.S. was humiliated in the House of Commons following the
exposure of the shambles made of organising security for the coming Olympic Games 2012. Asked how much his fee
for the organisation was, he told £57million and asked if he intended to claim the fee answering that he did as his
company was supplying security personnel even though nowhere near the figure initially guaranteed by him and he
could not guarantee that all those trained would report for work. Hen admitted regretting taking on the responsibility
but still refuses assistance for other security firms and retired policemen who have offered to help.
                      It was quoted to him that many of those in training did not speak fluent English and asked what is fluent
English. He looked uncomfortable saying in response "I don't know" then asked by the questioner " Well do you think
we have been speaking fluent English today?" Sounding even more foolish the response from Mr. Buckles being
again " I don't know!" The questioner then making the statement "You don't know if we have speaking fluent English
today. "I think so" said Mr. Buckles looking embarrassed as the questioner responded "I see!"

    "How incredible that someone British is confused as to whether or not he is speaking his own language and that he is
someone given the responsibilty of organising the security precautions of something so mammoth as the Olympics
2012, as I say incredible but another exposure of truth in the publics domain which therefore I encourage happening
with more to follow I do assure you as people wake up to the reality of things and not the fairy tales once believed!"