Date Posted: 05-22-12

March 28th 2012

Two's company but three isn't always a crowd!

Prince Harry has secretly moved in with his newly-wed brother and sister-in-law at their new official residence,
Kensington Palace. The 27-year-old royal shipped his belongings over from his old room at Clarence House last week,
shortly after returning from his hugely successful first solo tour on behalf of the Queen. And far from reminding the
prince that ‘three’s a crowd’, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have welcomed Harry with open arms, the Daily Mail
can reveal.

William and Catherine currently live in Nottingham Cottage, which is situated in the north of the palace grounds. Harry
has moved into what is jokily being referred to as the ‘royal bedsit’ in a residential wing nearby, a modest one-
bedroom former staff apartment with a small lounge, kitchenette and bathroom. The apartment has been empty for
some time meaning the third-in-line-to-the-throne, who used to share a suite of rooms with his brother at Clarence
House, their father’s official London residence, was able to move in straight away.

When William and Catherine eventually move into the home of  the now deceased H.R.H. Princess Margaret;
Apartment No1 Kensington Palace will become their permanent London base, towards the end of next year, Harry will
then take over their cottage. A source told the Daily Mail yesterday: ‘He has been really looking forward to getting his
own place after living with his father for so long. Understandably he wants to spread his wings. Some people might find
it strange that he is moving in next door to his brother and sister in law, but the three of them get on brilliantly and love
spending time together. Prince Harry adores his brother and says Catherine is the sister he never had. They were so
enthusiastic about the idea of living together that when it emerged that this apartment was free, Harry moved his gear
in as soon as he could after returning from Brazil.’ A palace source described the prince’s apartment as ‘surprisingly
modest’. ‘It’s a small, one-bedroomed apartment. Not what you might normally expect but he is very happy with the
arrangement,’ they said.

Royal sources have told correspondent Max Foster that Harry and his brother are determined to spend the rest of
their lives working in partnership together. ‘Prince Harry and Prince William are a double act for the rest of their lives.
They are very loyal and trust each other. Loyalty is key. Harry is very respectful towards William,’ said one.

The prince’s current priority, following his well-received inaugural royal tour to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, is
his military career. Harry, who recently qualified as an Apache attack helicopter pilot, is currently undergoing pre-
deployment training at his Army Air Corps base in Suffolk in the hope of being redeployed to the frontline in
Afghanistan later this year. CNN have been told that unlike his first tour of duty, palace officials will not attempt to keep
it under wraps, despite claims the news could make his regiment more of a Taliban target. Sources also reveal that the
prince, who is normally guarded by a Scotland Yard police protection team 24 hours a day, will not have any extra
personal security when on the frontline.‘The thinking is that being an Apache pilot is quite an anonymous job and the
Apache is already a target. They can’t be more of a target than they already are,’ the documentary is told. ‘The palace
doesn’t see a need for Harry to have extra personal security in Afghanistan either, because his military base will, by its
nature, already be secure.’

A St James’s Palace spokesman said: ‘Prince Harry moved into accommodation at Kensington Palace when he
returned from the overseas tour. This will now act his official London Residence. He still anticipates moving into the
property currently used by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge once they vacate it in the future.’

Date Posted: 05-22-12

Hi there Everyone.  
                      Catherine is stunning all here with her style. William must be so proud that his wife has definitely served
to continue a tradition set by his mother to bring real style and class to the royals.

                                      Take care, God bless you all, Andrew/Christian.

" Hello Everyone,

This link took some finding but has historical value and for this reason is a link posted on my site. Likewise these
photographs are so telling which is why I have the intention of them being showcased on my site. These are of Dodi and
I, and please note fingers intertwined leaning into each other- body language such a powerfully telling sign in any
relationship of how people feel about each other, on August 30th 1997 in the staff entrance of the Ritz Hotel Paris,
waiting to leave. It clearly seen prior to our doing so both engaging in conversation with Henri - Paul, soon to be our
chauffeur, as so too did bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones and none of us (including the night worker seen reporting for
work) noticing  Henri Paul drunk!

                                                 With love from,

                                                                           Diana xx

Diana's  Inspirational Moment

"The picture above represents your flight, full of color and spiritual growth  
acquired these last years as you await to re-emerge on the stage of life."

"Lynne my healer friend in the U.S.A. sent me this image together with the
profound message, one I wanted to share and together with another image from Lynne
depicting "What the world needs now is love, sweet love, it's the only thing that there's
just too little of!"

       Thank you Lynne very much for both these pictorial tokens of your support, both
gratefully received and much appreciated. I likewise fully support you in the calling you
have to be a healer, loved and respected by so many!"

                                     With love from,

                                                           Diana xx     

Date Posted:  05-29-12

      I am writing to say I am fully aware how sad Wills must have been that Mummy was not there to personally witness
his special day, his wedding day of April 29th 2011, when he married the woman he loves-- Catherine Middleton.
Catherine is someone who people have taken into their hearts very much and with William calling her Kate it seems a
name that has stuck!

       I myself appreciating what he has said in regards to his wishing I had been at his wedding but his answer clearly
intimates and rather surprisingly to me as he has been contacted via Clarence House about it, that he is not aware of my
personal site which means he was not made aware of this communication.

       I will end this message assuring him I was there, very much with he and Catherine in Spirit which hopefully he gained
a sense of on the day."

                         With love from,

                                                Diana xx
William, my darling, I was with you very much on that special day, your wedding day. When you and Catherine parted
company, I was the one suggesting you reunite with her here on my personal site before you risked losing her
completely as she is lovely and I have made very clear how I have always personally supported her and felt she was
always the perfect woman for you to marry even when the British Media didn't, a fickle bunch at the best of times. I
experienced that personally of course. Imagine how thrilled I was to see you present her with my ring, no words can
express how proud that made Mummy feel!

Finally William when you really know that albeit in not quite the same way but that I am still around, that empty void in
you really will be gone, I promise you!"
                                                   With all my love and hugs and millions of kisses,

                                                                       from Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



As  said by William during the Interview for American Television:

Prince William has revealed how he'd wished that his mother Princess Diana had been able to see his
wedding day.  The prince said it was the 'one time' since she died that he'd really missed his mother and
he'd felt 'sad' knowing she wouldn't be there.

'I sort of prepared myself beforehand so that I was sort of mentally prepared,' he said. 'I didn’t want any
wobbly lips or anything going on,' Prince William told Couric in the interview ahead of the celebrations in
honour of the Queen's 60-year reign'It was the one time since she's died where I've thought to myself it
would be fantastic if she was here. And just how sad really, for her more than anything, not being able
to see it.'I think she would have loved the day and I think, hopefully, she’d be very proud of us both for the
day. I’m just very sad that she’s never going to get a chance to meet Kate ( Catherine ).'

For Harry too it was a poignant moment, as he felt his mother's absence acutely, knowing especially that
'she would have loved Kate ( Catherine ).'

Read more:

" I admire William's strategy in speaking about missing his Mother being at this wedding, not weeks or even a few
months after it but just prior, almost to the eve of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations beginning this coming weekend,
which has now seen me on the front page of most newspapers today and has secured my not being forgotten at this
enormously significant time, knowing of course that for the next few days his grandmother, the Queen will be the
headliner. Similarly his presentation of the engagement ring to Catherine having insured my presence will always be one
silently sensed within the House of Windsor,  often actions speak louder than words!

Thank you William very much, clearly learning something from Mummy's art and tactics in stealing headlines!"

                              William's favorite picture of his "Mummy"

Date Posted: 05-29-12

"Hello Everyone,

                  There is something I want and need people to try to understand though I fully
appreciate that it will not be an easy thing for people to get their head around at all. Many
people channel my Higher - Self --that being the Spiritually Evolved Diana, my soul
essence---but one person channels my Earthbound Essence and that person is Andrew
Russell-Davis as he has done since my making myself first known to him whilst he was in
the company of a friend Frank ( Francisco ) in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria where Andrew
was living at that time; September 7th 1997.

                    Our fusion of energies is intertwined so I am quite literally within him
constantly, so able to type emails, write letters, watch television, listen to music as I am
given to do so through his senses. When Andrew was in the U.S.A. staying with Rose whilst
there to conduct a couple of seminars of me speaking publicly, one look in Andrew's face
and Rose might say ... "Okay, I see Diana's in the house" and then ask me what I wanted to
say. Rose being extremely astute and a Medium who channels the Higher Diana herself so
something quite easy for her to determine.

                     Andrew's special friend Alexander in Bavaria put it succinctly as he
understood it:
" Sometimes Andrew you open your mouth and you speak and sometimes you open your
mouth and Diana Speaks"
which is exactly right and why my personal site has this name
and so with the same initials which happen to be my initials D.S. and my personal
monogram albeit in lilac not black in the header, subtle hints shrewdly given illustrating
that it is my personal site on the net and unique for this reason as opposed to it being a
Diana Tribute site which present themselves in quite a different way.

                     It would not be fair for me to by example channel through either of my boys,
there would be no escape from their grieving over my loss were I to do so, my transition
something made that much harder for them to cope with. I do know though when either of
them are thinking of me, as their electric impulses are quite different naturally so easy to
differentiate between, but I am always around them and  watching over them as they
hopefully would want me to do. Sometimes I am sure they have been aware of me but
again for a similar reason I will not make myself known to them directly as I sense this
might prove emotionally damaging for them both and have no desire to cause them any
harm at all on any level. For me to channel through a world acclaimed Medium would
merely add a proverbial feather to their cap!

                       This is where the role of Andrew as my personal voice channel comes into play
which is why upon channeling me to people I knew in life, and had close personal
associations with , they recognised it was me speaking to them immediately and then of
course I was able to say things to them that only we would have known, so not things
written about and quoted by the Media or said in the many books written about me. Why
have these people not stepped forward out of the shadows to say so is simple;  they have
personal as well as professional reputations to protect and most people's understanding
being "The dead don't talk" but there's the exception to every rule and who better to break
a rule than rebel Diana who said of herself in life "She won't go quietly!"

                                             With love from,

                                                                       Diana xx