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                                                                    A Friend, Cheng   (Andrew's main spirit guide.)

"Hello Everyone,

                    At this time here in the United Kingdom the "Diamond Jubilee Celebrations" are under way. As you can
imagine many documentary programmes about the life of Her Majesty the Queen are being televised. I have been
drawn to watching one last night entitled Elizabeth: Queen, Wife, Mother. I found it interesting and informative and
very personal as it featured prominently the feelings both her children and grandchildren have for her in a rather
touching way. I am quite sure in seeing the programme for herself, if she has or does, Her Majesty will be incredibly
moved by it. As well as her son H.R.H. The Duke of York ( Prince Andrew) and her daughter H.R.H. The Princess Royal
(Princess Anne) speaking about her were H.R.H. Princess Eugenie of York and her husband H.R.H. Prince Philip. H.R.
H. Prince of Wales spoke at length during another televised documentary which as Andrew did not see it, neither did I.

                     Naturally I was curious as to what William said during his interview  and asked if he saw her as Queen first
and then Grandmother, he agreed that as a little boy  that yes he had, as she had appeared a rather daunting figure to
him, as back then he had no way of really grasping the enormity of what her life of dedication and duty had meant as
now he does.  He being very aware of the tremendous responsibility her role constitutes and greatly admiring of the
ways in which it is now, as it always has been, carried out by her but adding that now he sees her as Grandmother first
and Queen second. Harry, seen in a speech whilst representing her abroad in a commonwealth country, saying she being
an extremely caring Grandmother, utterly devoted. I am pleased that both my boys have clearly a very close emotional
bond with her as clearly she has proven to be of great comfort to them and particularly I would imagine in Balmoral
following my death in Paris when I am sure their bond with her and hers with them both strengthened enormously.

                      This programme touched on the event of my death happening and the aftermath reaction to it. Lady
Mountbatten saying that it was a particularly dangerous time for Her Majesty and her husband Prince Phillip as a
British public who were normally quietly acceptable of things happening rather shockingly became uncontrollably
hysterical at this event happening. Clearly by her reaction expressed, the public reacting in the manner in which they
did had surprised her! This in itself very telling of the regimented environment the Aristocracy and particularly the
royals in past generations were indoctrinated into accepting and believing as normal. I have to say my memories of
Althorp are that the regime there was not quite so strict but of course was attending boarding school much of the time.

                         A member of the public interviewed said how in the time of the people mourning for me that the feeling had
been that Her Majesty ought to be in London mourning too but alternatively as a friend of Her Majesty's wanted to
point out, the Queen's priority had been to keep her two suddenly motherless grandchildren safe and quiet to grieve
privately over my loss with her and I would imagine some other family members. The same member of public though
adding that when Her Majesty returned to London and was seen viewing the flowers outside Buckingham Palace with
her husband, that she looked genuinely sad.

                        William also saying that her diary so full that time spent with her on a one to one basis is considered by him
being an invaluable time when he asks her many questions about her vast wealth of knowledge as having been Monarch
for 60 years which is no small achievement. As he says " I will find my own path, taking into consideration all she has
done, she's been one of the greats!"

I also noted the one time he spoke of his wife he called her Catherine, not Kate!"

                                                                                With love from,

                                                                                                         Diana xx

"Hello Everyone,

        Albeit under the guise of Andrew for a while now I have been guaging people's opinions of the event happenning in
Paris. Something started by me in Germany visiting a Mercedes Benz showroom and speaking to the manager about the
weight of the model involved, Mercedes Benz 280-S and the braking system, this being  ABS
(Advanced Braking System ).  The Fiat Uno Turbo being weightless in comparison so in this gentleman's opinion Paris
having been no accident. Henri Paul was fully qualified to drive the car as he had been to Germany twice taking the
Daimler - Benz special driving courses which he'd passed successfully or he'd never have been trusted to drive the car.

         The general consensus being that the event was murder as remarks made like "Diana was killed, murdered; well,
everyone knows that don't they!"   " I don't think the Queen was involved but Philip, that's another story!" "Of course
William and Harry know it but like William said during an interview on T.V. he's got to move on!"  " The Diana Murder,
it's something that will never be exposed no matter how many inquests there may be!"

           This is a time when in preparation for the new world as opposed to the oppressive New World Order --which is
something quite different== evil is being openly exposed so by example parents murdering 6 of their 17 children which
is a headline that has naturally sickened and shocked people here in the U.K. Andrew sensing their guilt when the story
first broke, though most he spoke with did not want to believe something so horrendous being a reality.

            My point being with the general consensus, (there are exceptions who believe in it's having been a car accident
and most telling, people who know Andrew personally extremely well; but this is good sign as it proves he not being
surrounded by sychophants) being that I was murdered in Paris, this when proven will not be as shocking to people as
being the fact as opposed to the officially documented fiction but the confirmed reality of it and proven the act being
carried out by who it will be exposed was ultimately responsible for its implementation, this is what will be shocking to
people including my boys, most especially them actually, but something that must and needs to be told and at the most
appropriate moment will therefore be exposed!"

                                          With love from,

                                                                   Diana xx

Date Posted: 06-16-12


Diamonds are Forever  

Diamonds are Forever  

In this DIAMOND JUBILEE year of 2012, here recorded are  investigations into the DIAMOND industry - every diamond
on the planet has been the result of some form of exploitation of people or the environment...

In the 40 years between 1952 - 1992 the Queen avoided paying tax. Does she really have any respect for the British
people?  She has almost completely avoided paying any contribution towards the upkeep of Britain.  Now take a close
look - a really close look - at her facial expressions on those rare occasions when the royal family step out onto the
balcony at Buckingham Palace.  Complete and utter control of the BBC newsfeeds has allowed - up until now - a very
effective 'news blackout' on the investments of the royals - and their attitude towards the British working class...  Some
of the Queen's most important investments have been in the Nuclear electric industries... and DIAMONDS...

Fortunes have been made and lost in the age-old trading of diamonds.  Three of the world’s largest diamonds are
owned by the British Queen of Germanic origin - whose real name is Elizabeth Saxe Coburg und Gotha,the name
Saxe-Coburg und Gotha came to the British Royal Family in 1840 with the marriage of Queen Victoria to Prince
Albert, son of Ernst, Duke of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha. Queen Victoria herself remained a member of the House of
Hanover. The only British monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha was King Edward VII, who reigned for
nine years at the beginning of the modern age in the early years of the twentieth century. King George V replaced the
German-sounding title with that of Windsor during the First World War fought between England and Germany.

The combined value of these diamonds is in excess of $1,000million dollars - perhaps as much as $2,000 million.  If
these diamonds were re-cut and sold, the accrued fund of money could be placed in a high return deposit savings
account, producing an annual income which would provide enough cash to provide the National Health Service with
Scanners and dialysis machines FOREVER.  Additionally, African & Indian communities in the areas where the
diamonds were originally discovered would also benefit from an annual income.

Diamonds are NOT rare - at the African Ekati diamond mine, they are transported on conveyer belts - in giant heaps.
A direct result of diamond mining is the diversion of rivers to allow for the mining of alluvial diamond deposits. When
the mine is depleted, the rivers are not redirected to their original courses, which in turn results in the pollution of
waters and destruction of surrounding flora and fauna. The mining activities also degrade the surrounding land by
increasing atmospheric air pollution, contaminating surface and ground water and increasing soil erosion and
leaching. The pollution is, in the most extreme cases, leading to desertification and permanently changing land use
from agriculture to waste, rendering it useless to traditional inhabitants when the diamonds have all been mined. In
the short run the inhabitants of the region are suffering from sickness and disease related to contaminated drinking
water supplies. Such diseases include dissentry, Malaria, schistosamiases and Biomphalaria pfeiffer.  Rwanda, Sierra
Leone, the Congo and Angola are the foremost sources for diamonds in Africa - all these countries have been thrown
into civil war and chaos by British Military forces and mercenaries.  The ensuing chaos guarantees that the diamond
mining can go on unhindered by democratically elected leaders demanding a fair cut of the profits for the African
people.  The royal elite have mountains of diamonds in stock and carefully control the sale and distribution, giving the
impression that diamonds are ‘rare’.

Just recently, Sierra Leone erupted into what the BBC described as "civil war".  The truth is that most of these 'turf
wars' play into the hands of diamond prospectors, with the displacement of millions of Africans quite - just by chance,
of course - enabling mining companies to set up shop, their facilities looking like high security prisons which mar the
natural beauty of the landscape and strip the subterranean strata using high powered water hoses and acids in
search of yet more shiny transparent crystals.  There is, without question, a strange paradox, that many African
villages rely on a single standpipe of water, whilst just yards away, high powered water hoses flush diamonds
underground by workers who have to suffer the indignity of anal probes and x-rays as they leave their workplace, the
bosses making sure that none of their modern slaves have swallowed a small uncut gem to allay the horrendous
inequality of their society.


DatePosted: 06-16-12

In my personal response to the two articles below I have this to say: If the former is true, and there exists a precis on
the site determining it to being so as published in the British press as well as my seeing it noted in the German press
about two years ago and recently hearing it having been printed in the Polish press, Camilla receiving this honour
would make perfect sense for performing her duty for the crown. It ,as the article says, determines that she though
officially married and to be future Queen is not tied to mixing in Royal Circles which I'd think suits both she and the
reigning Monarch as a much less awkward arrangement as the Queen, known for being religious, whilst she might
forgive the indiscretion played out by Camilla and her eldest son is also fiercely loyal to her role as Monarch and will
know only too well the damage it has caused to it. Even now it is something never forgotten by her people as it
destroyed the marriage of the "People's Princess". This honour clearly intimating as a free woman that Camilla and
the Queen will meet infrequently, for specific official occassions and functions, for the duration of them to be better
able to politely tolerate each other.

In regards to the latter article something I personally relate to as though born in the United Kingdom, in London,
England, I am a seasoned traveller and have always known my destiny is to live abroad so a feeling shared with the
woman I channel. However I also would agree since Diana has made it clear in the After - Life interviews with Rose
Campbell that she still wants to see these hospices built (initially in London, Paris and New York, three cities so
poignant in her life) that the coversation with Richard Kay in Paris just hours before the event there happened would
ring very true. The article certainly powerfully confirms things for me which is why it was one that needed to be shared
on Diana's Personal Site.

                                        Andrew Russell - Davis

                                                                      Camilla officially Honoured by the Queen   

On 10th April 2012, Queen Elizabeth II bestowed on Camilla, wife of H.R.H. Prince Charles, the highest honour: Dame
of the Highest Order of the Victorian Cross - for Services to the British Monarchy. In normal circumstances this award
is reserved for acts of heroism in the Armed Forces.

In this case, it means that Camilla, unlike Diana, has fully passed the Monarchy test - and is free - like Prince Charles
- to do as she pleases. Camilla is now equal to Charles and the Queen in their personal lives. Camilla and Charles
spend most of their time apart.  Camilla has said she prefers her old life in her old house and has complained about
Charles' very bad moods and verbal sniping.

He has male friends and one of those is Tony Blair. With Camilla as his new wife, he felt less free to be - free.
However, now that she has proved herself - she has royal seal of approval to move out and do as she pleases whilst
keeping up the 'united' front for press - with no threat to Charles. Camilla can do whatever she wants now and anyone
who dares expose her will be dealt with like Diana. It is very prehistoric!

The royals have been extremely angry that Diana is still so missed.
Her name is forbidden to be mentioned within their private circles.

Diana wanted to leave the United Kingdom and live on foreign shores

Diana, Princess of Wales believed it was her “Destiny” to go abroad to live,
her inquest was told today.

Diana yearned for a private life away from the intense glare of publicity, to open a worldwide hospice network and
perhaps wind down her landmines campaign.Diana spoke of these deep-seated desires to Richard Kay, diary editor
of the Daily Mail and formerly its royal correspondent, in a telephone call just hours before her death on August 31

Nicholas Hilliard, for the Coroner, asked Mr Kay if Diana had said “my destiny is to go abroad”.

Mr Kay replied: “She did Sir, it was a frequent topic.”

Diana wanted to get away from the paparazzi and she also commented that the “British people must be sick of seeing
me in the papers”, the jury heard.

Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed may also have been poised to help make her dreams of opening up a hospice
network – to be called The Diana Hospices – become a reality.

Mr Kay told the central London inquest: “Diana told me that she was discussing with Mr al Fayed Snr the possibility of
setting up some sort of worldwide hospice network which she indicated he would be prepared to financially underwrite.”

Diana may have been gearing up for a major change in her life when she, boyfriend Dodi Fayed, and chauffeur Henri
Paul were killed in a Paris car crash, the jury heard.

Of the hospices project Richard Horwell QC, for the Metropolitan Police, said: “It was going to be such an important
development in her life that she was going to take on no more royal engagements after the end of 1997.”

Mr Kay said: “That’s what she told me.” Mr Horwell continued: “Diana was going to thereafter devote her life to the
Diana Hospices?”

Mr Kay answered: “Things that she wanted to do rather than what other people wanted to do. It was to be a very
major announcement.”

Diana’s high-profile support of anti-landmine campaigns, including a much-publicised trip to Angola, had boosted
awareness of the issue internationally. Her approach may have clashed with Government policy and the new Labour
government may have moved towards signing up towards opposing the devices, the court heard.

Of Diana’s ongoing landmine work, Mr Kay said: “As I understand it she wanted to visit south-east Asia and having
done that she felt she would have been to the most significant landmine zones in the world and she could have drawn
a line under that aspect of her life.”