June 21st, 2012     

" Happy Birthday, my darling William "

There is so much to say as I really am so proud of you, of both you and Harry. There was no day though when I felt
prouder of you than when you made Catherine your wife and feel so very honoured that you chose to present her with
my engagement ring, there could be no greater proof of your love and devotion to her and to unite me with you both on
that very special day. Catherine is a lovely lady and has been I am sure the greatest emotional healer for you, so
something I will always be so grateful to her for being. I am so very fond of her William, yes, I love her very much!

I have read articles saying we'd have been rivals in fashion and style and she taking the headlines from me that I would
have resented not being No1. cover girl. I giggled when I read this. I think I would have taken tips from her and vice
verse, girls together and more recently reading that I would have resented her Mother being turned to by her when she
is a Mother for the first time but I assure you both Carole and I would have been equally devoted grandmothers but I
would expect Catherine to defer to her Mummy for support. I would be giving you tips on how to be a good parent!
Harry being the best Uncle any baby of yours could wish to have, a natural with children and a gift inherited from
Mummy by you both.

Speaking of your being a future parent though, I am so grateful that you and Harry do have such a close relationship
with Papa, he equally proud of you and most especially the work that you do. In this I too share that pride William as it
clearly shows that like us you too are an humanitarian by instinct and like Harry use your position wisely to determine
you being influential in the causes you personally support and in your chosen vocation and recently having
successfully achieved the exam results necessary to being in command, helping others being your main concern.

It is clear from interviews given about you that you are accepted as simply William, as you say yourself on interviews
you want to be, and as someone with you in Chile said "A friend and one of the lads" which I know pleases you greatly.
This pretty much echoes your younger brother's sentiments about himself and Harry spoken of by me because it is
such a joy for me as Mummy to see you both so inseparable, always joking in friendly rivalry with one another but there
for each other when it counts as witnessed on September 6th 1997 when brotherly love was so very powerfully
illustrated to the world.

     My darling Wills, I am only a breath away from you both always, so with you today as I am every day!"

                            With millions of hugs and kisses and so much love, Mummy

Wonderful video of William and Catherine:      

Date Posted:  06-18-12

I sat watching the I.T.V. documentary "William at 30" tonight and soon had tears streaming down my face and I
seriously asked Diana if they were my tears because I am sad that two boys lost an adoring Mother they were so
connected with emotionally or were they her tears and she told me a mixture but that overwhelmingly were hers as
she so misses them both but is so proud of them. I listened to the documentary intently and took notes of points that I
felt were needing attention drawn to, so I imagine Diana guiding me to choosing which ones to document Here is a
brief summary of the very personal and informative documentary televised in advance of William's 30th birthday on
June 21st 2012.

William it made clear in the documentary, like his brother Harry, has always most wanted to be the one thing by birth
they are denied-- being "Normal".  The loving brothers share this ideal as it was something instilled in them by Diana
their mother from a very young age that their lives were privileged in comparison to many people's and making them
keenly aware of this fact by not keeping them secured in a gilded cage of royal protocol and duty, though they had to
be well versed in this too being princes of the realm and William a future King. Diana gave them work days and play
days. Work days meant looking smart, impeccably behaved as royal members whatever age would be expected to do,
to set an example. Play days were much more preferable to her boys who like her didn't much care for the stuffiness
their roles demanded particularly as youngsters so relished wearing baseball caps and jeans and going to
amusement parks and eating hamburgers at McDonald's with her and queueing up to get their meal with all the other
diners, no special treatment. The only difference between themselves and other boys of their age being the
bodyguards with them but they themselves loving the unofficial taste of normality.

William on Operation Raleigh in Chile, which advised by his father to be seen doing something productive and
constructive, William became actively involved with and supportive of during his Gap year. He was just one of the
youth volunteers, he ate with them all, slept in the dorm with them, a blanket on the floor, cooked and even cleaned
the communal toilet shared when it was his turn and was well liked for being himself. Neither of the brothers have airs
and graces, neither like to use their official H.R.H. titles,--they are William and Harry. William taught English to children
at a local school writing on the blackboard with an illustration and telling them " I am William and I am a wombat!"
Wombat was what Diana nick-named him.

The documentary made very clear just how loved Diana was and so is by her boys and spoke of the disastrous
marriage of his parents when their  body language with each other was non existent and likened to driving an ice
breaker between the couple and not succeeding in breaking the ice. At this time it was William who was comforter and
confidante of his Mother even outside the bathroom passing tissues to her under the door hearing her tears and
saying "Mummy please don't cry." It is hard to imagine scenes like this being real but the memories of them I am sure
remain all too real to William who is very sensitive. Diana has always said "though William looks like me, he is more
like his father, so a Windsor, and Harry who is looking more and more like his father I have noticed in his expressions,
character wise is the rebel, a Spencer trait inherited from me". In spite of the difficulties within the royal marriage
William passed the exams necessary to enter Eton and for the cameras both parents appeared with both sons
displaying solidarity. So William himself and perhaps even Harry would be keenly aware of the acting that was taking
place which must have been difficult for them to see happening. The fact so different from the fiction the public still
believed that the marriage was a stable and happy one.

However it seems that following the Panorama Interview that Diana gave that this angered and upset William who
refused to talk to his mother for days afterwards upsetting her greatly but he was furious with her for publicly insulting
the royals on television! I am not sure I buy into this totally as he was so keenly aware of the deception that was being
played out on the world stage by both his parents and his father having already by the 1995 interview in his with
Jonathan Dimbleby admitted adultery publicly with the then Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles, now H.R.H. Duchess of
Cornwall and 2nd wife of Prince Charles. The event in Paris that robbed Diana of her boys and they of her was
sensitively covered in the documentary and rather touchingly mentioned the fact that having been told the
devastating news by his father whilst they were on holiday in Balmoral with him. This visit to Balmoral following having
been in St. Tropez the South of France with their mother and Dodi and the al - Fayed family at their villa. William's
primary concern was how to tell his younger brother Harry the dreadful news knowing it was going to destroy his
younger brother. William aged 15 yrs when Diana died and Harry still approaching his 14th birthday. In Paris with
Dodi, Diana had bought Harry what would be her last birthday present for him given to him September 15th 1997.
Following their Mother's death for the first time ever the Queen as their grandmother broke the rules and put family
before duty, something she was at the time heavily criticised for doing but sensed the boys needed personal, quiet
time to grieve their loss but  their personal heartbreak was also a national tragedy and the British people wanted their
Queen with them to grieve not shut away in Balmoral in Scotland.

Relenting under pressure from her government, so Tony Blair her Prime Minister who sensed the mood of the nation
and trouble brewing in the capital city, the Queen returned to London the eve of the funeral and made a public
speech from Buckingham Palace about Diana, Princess of Wales which appeased the people and calmed the building
unrest that had been mounting. More touchingly and incredibly William and Harry went out into the gardens of their
mother's home Kensington Palace to view the flowers and tributes to her from the people and to meet well wishers. I
cannot begin to imagine how personally difficult this must have been for them both to do but as Lady Elizabeth Anson,
the Queen's cousin interviewed said " There is a royal rule .. Do not wear private grief on a public sleeve" which is a
powerful statement and says so much about the way in which we see that the royals do not openly express emotion, it
is all kept private. Lady Anson who I have seen interviewed before and I am drawn to listening to as she seems very
approachable also spoke of the funeral itself and the most unique atmosphere she has ever experienced on the
streets of London, thousands of people gathered to pay tribute to Diana and yet silence! William and Harry walking
behind their mother's coffin when their Grandfather H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh said he would accompany them as
both their father did and Diana's bother Charles, Earl Spencer.

   Now their Mother gone from their lives, William and Harry became closer still to their father who the following year
took them to Canada where to his embarrassment William found himself being the centre of female attention and no
doubt male attention too, he was a very a handsome, tall, 16yr old and single so was a natural pin - up figure and
Willmania was born! Harry loving the fact his elder brother was so popular and jibing him to give another wave which
when he did meant more girlish screams from the crowds greeting him and smitten if they got to shake his hand.
William was destined though to meet the love of his life Catherine Middleton now his wife H.R.H. Duchess of
Cambridge at St. Andrews University in St. Andrews, Scotland, ironically known for being the top match - making
university. At the university William insisting on being treated as an ordinary student and the Media were told that they
could have photos of him on his arrival there and on his graduation four years later but other than this, there was an
embargo on them not to dare to intrude upon him and they abide by the imposed ruling and William lived a normal
university life and went to shopping locally and walked around the university campus undisturbed. Students were told
if they were found to have spoken to the press, they would be expelled from the university so none ever did.

    Catherine and William became friends quickly in the same year and initially studying the same subject "The History
of Art", William later changing to studying "Geography". They lived in the same hall of residence St. Salvatore or as
called "Sallys" later sharing with two other friends accommodation outside the university but this kept secret from the
press for 18 months! One student telling during the interview that one night she saw William and Catherine at a bar in
St . Andrews called "Ma Belle" and he pinched Catherine's bottom and she knew then that they must be a couple.
Both graduated in 2005 with William gaining a respectable 2/1 degree. He then went straight into Military training at
Sandhurst and Catherine moved to London where the press hounded and besieged her much as they had done
Diana years earlier, Catherine was scrutinised and some people might remember often insulted and ridiculed in
headlines and people saying she was lazy, ought to get a proper job and wasn't good enough for William, a viewpoint
shared by a Royal correspondent too at the time but Catherine has and is certainly proving to be the prefect wife for
William and by all accounts her popularity as the "People's Duchess" growing consistently. Catherine has a touch of
Diana about her but she is also very much her own person and as William said in their engagement interview is not
stepping into his mother's shoes, she will make her own way and that is exactly what Catherine is doing and I am sure
with William's guiding hand and support all the way. Something Diana never had from her husband but clearly
Catherine and William are in love, know what that means and blissfully happy with each other live it in and out of the
cameras lens!

    They did split up and the documentary making the point that when they did William's social life and his antics were
very much headlines as a member of the Blues and Royals, known as the Boozer Royals he caught out drinking with
other soldier mates and fraternising with other women and the documentary saying that Catherine calling the shots
gave him the ultimatum, that life - style pursued by him or her, having already said to a pressman when he said to her
"You are lucky to be dating William, that he was lucky to be dating her!" I cannot rule out something like this
happening but Catherine then was seen out and about at parties in London looking amazing and just getting on with
life but commendably not speaking to the press, no tell - tales at all! I still tend to think that this was more of a mutual
agreement giving them time and space to decide whether they really were going to make a go of things officially IE
married as William could not personally afford the history of his parents marriage repeating and knew the personal
pressure that Catherine would find herself gaining marrying him! This though is my personal opinion! However the
catalyst for them reuniting was the "Concert for Diana" an extravaganza organised by William and Harry in 2007 on
July Ist that year which would have been their mother's 46th birthday. As William said the concert was for her to
commemorate her life and to celebrate it and invited to perform top names in pop n' rock royalty including Sir Elton
John who had sung "Candle in the Wind'97" at Diana's funeral in Westminster Abbey in 1997.

         Days after the concert it was made clear in the press that Catherine and William were back together which
would have been a wonderful birthday gift for Diana to know that her eldest boy was emotionally happy again with the
woman he loves back by his side. On their subsequent engagement William presenting Catherine with originally his
mother's engagement ring and a piece of jewelry so strongly associated with Diana, Princess of Wales, I am waiting
for him to give his wife the choker of pearls with the centre sapphire stone but the sapphire and diamond ring such a
public display of the enormous amount of love and devotion William feels for Catherine and given to her as he wanted
his mother to be a part of their wedding and their happiness. Both Catherine and William made their wedding their
own. Buckingham Palace had apparently drawn up a list of 700 guests to invite, various members of global monarchy,
Heads of State and William knowing none of them asked the Queen if he was duty bound to do so and the Queen
telling him to destroy the note and invite who he wanted to attend, friends of he and Catherine's. The wedding at
Westminster Abbey on April 29th 2011 where officially he had last been seen attending his mother's funeral.

       Today William is a serviceman, based at  RAF Valley as a Sea King search and rescue pilot in Anglesey, North
Wales and it is where he and Catherine out of the public eye live privately and as a "Normal" couple which must
please William enormously as he has said it is a life he wants to live and maintain as long as possible and has no
intention of giving up personally as it affords them both the privacy and anonymity that they will lose but concedes
that after his father's reign as King, it will be his turn but Diana has expressly said that she does not want this mapped
out destiny being one for either of her boys. The documentary saying that conversely in life Diana having said
"William has the makings of a great King and the country being lucky to have him, William's alright!"

      It fittingly concluded saying Diana his mother would be so thrilled that William's life has gone the way he has
planned it, that he has a beautiful and supportive wife by his side and is happy, she would be proud of him as his
father is proud of him, as his grandparents are proud of him and as the people of the nation are proud of him!

By Andrew Russell - Davis  June 7th  2012

Photo Tribute to William; The boy, the man, the husband and heir to the British Throne
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wedding of William and
June 21st 2013

I  personally want to wish William a very Happy 30th Birthday and to draw attention to the fact that in
his  choosing to present his fiance then, and now beautiful wife Catherine, with the iconic sapphire and
diamond engagement ring once belonging to his Mother that now worn by her the two most important
women in his life are united energetically as well as publicly. The proof of Catherine being the only
woman who suits and defines the role of being his wife is the fact the ring fitted the woman he loves
immediately so with no alterations proving necessary.

 Later this year his public duties will be seen to increase following his being invested into Scotland's
Order of the Thistle and today he also inherits £10 million from his mother's financial estate but in
keeping with being the guy who likes to be known as simply "William"; Flight Lieutenant Wales is
choosing to spend today his birthday at work at R.A.F. Valley so at home in North Wales with Catherine!

William is very much "The People's Prince" and this has pleased his Mother so much, she is thrilled both
her boys are so caring and compassionate, understanding and empathise so strongly with people and
show their personal support to them as she said she so hoped for in the Panorama Interview in 1995.

 " I take them around homelessness projects, I've taken William and Harry to people dying of
A.I.D.S.- albeit I told them it was cancer - I've taken the children to all sorts of areas where I'm not sure
anyone of that age in this family have been before. They have a knowledge - they may never use it
but the seed is there and I hope it will grow because knowledge is power.   I want them to have an
understanding of people's emotions, people's insecurities, people's distress and people's hopes and
dreams! I would like a Monarchy that has more contact with its people!"

  William, as your Mother's personal voice channel, I feel with authority I can say you have, so to as
Harry has, proven being the greatest living legacy to her unforgettable memory. As you both say she
being "
Quite simply the best Mum ever!"  I know for her  you both were, are and will remain quite
literally her world.

  I  respect it is something perhaps spooky, very difficult, maybe even impossible, to believe that
Diana Speaks but your Mother believed in the After - Life when alive on earth, she had an amazing gift
of intuition and was in her work Spiritually guided so of course Diana still speaks as your mother never
made promises she didn't keep and said of herself in life (and ironically speaking in the third person
during that same Panorama Interview)
"She won't go quietly!"

Have a wonderful day with Catherine and Lupo and here's wishing you always and ever only the
very best in everything!

God bless you!      Andrew Russell- Davis