July 1st 2012

"Happy Birthday Diana, Queen of Hearts!"

Remembering you especially today on the Anniversary of your Birthday Diana!

It is both an honour and a privilege to be your Voice - Channel and something I personally am greatly humbled by.

My wish is that the personal confidence you have in me, in bestowing such a Gift upon me, is that the opportunity to
prove myself worthy of it being presented soon

Your memory and your legend remain unforgettable and you, Diana, someone unique and irreplaceable!

With great respect, love and affection always

                                                        Andrew Russell - Davis

I too remember this as being a day of significance to the world since it is your day of
birth. To quote someone (can't remember who) you came, you saw, and you
conquered. Oh yes, many would say, "Not so!"  but you conquered
so throughly that it had to be that you were eradicated so that status quo could be
resumed by certain powerful forces.

While we are today remembering the day of your birth, Diana, we are also waiting
anxiously for the day we can celebrate the uncovering of the reasons, the ways and
means, of the day of your death. You left some embedded legacies of your
presence while here on earth and the most poignant being your two grounded (and
gorgeous) sons who have done you proud. So yes, you came and conquered, and I
am thankful that it is so.

My love to you,  

A bit of wicked humor to celebrate the wicked humor Diana so loved:


  Thank you very much everyone for remembering me on my Birthday and especially Lynne, Louise,
Anne and Annette for your lovely greetings.

 Andrew is rather annoyed today that in the papers no mention of me at all but as I have told him people
have moved on, now embracing Catherine and William and the future as opposed to embracing nostalgia
of the past. However what has caused consternation with people is the video which I am posting which is
one filmed for the "Chengdu Association for Cultural Exchange with Foreign Countries". Apparently what
I see as harmelss fun having offended people but ironically statements resulting such as "Only WE are
allowed to ridicule our Monarchy!"


With love to you all from,
                         Diana xx


 Images from Diana's life

Date Posted: 07-01-12

" Hello Everyone!
                 I am quite amazed at all the current developments happening in the world because many have been drawn
attention to on my site before happening, spoken about by example in the After - Life interviews with Rose Campbell.
What exactly am I speaking about when I say this?
                 Well, the fact that part of the new world's evolution coming into fruition and not conversely the New World
Order being established which will not prove successful at all as people are being awakened to the fact that they have
been controlled and so less likely to be so now and in the future-- making it necessary for old systems and dynamics to
fail which they are prominently doing and affecting every one at one level or another. Rose was told so in other words
was guided with the inspirational knowledge as was Lynne similarly, that the financial sector needed to collapse which is
precisely what is happening now at an alarming rate.
                 I have spoken of corruptions, deceptions, secrets all being exposed and have always said not just about events
happening in Paris in 1997 but other events prior to this monumental cover - up being officially uncovered. What is
continuously happening now other significant corruptions exposed preceding this one being so, in order that the real
truth about it, so the fact not the fiction, is believed, known and one which will naturally have tremendous and powerful
repercussions in extremely influential and powerful areas, even perhaps changing the course of history and something
quite unstoppable from happening!
                  As noted on my site of course the fact, and not the fiction being already something that people are in the
majority certainly more inclined to believe, but at the present time blue print proof  being necessary, evidential proof
needing to be presented. It exists so therefore will be shown sooner as opposed to later... but not quite yet as other
houses of cards need to fall first! Patience is a virtue!
                   It can clearly be seen that even the weather front has dramatically altered suddenly globally, that nations
living under dictatorships are rebelling wanting instead to live in a more democratic society. As I say an awakening is
happening and of course it is not an easy time at all, quite the opposite in fact, as enormous challenges are presenting
themselves. I have spoken about there being a fear of violence in connection with the coming Olympic games and even
before starting, a young man murdered in exactly the location of the stadium itself and on a lesser note Andrew told his
health would miraculously be cured and recently precisely what has happened!
                   So therefore I have complete confidence that my work will continue albeit in a slightly different vein naturally
though no less powerfully so or as supported. In my life I was somewhat of a way - shower and stand to be so again which
is why in life I was given to say about myself "She Won't Go Quietly". I never involved myself with projects or causes
that I couldn't in some small way be of assistance to and help in whatever way I could so therefore to be successful in my
work now continuing necessitated my paying the ultimate price to be able to do so. It would hardly, with such a personal
sacrifice needing to be made by me in order to ultimately prove successful, be one destined therefore to fail, would it? I
described myself in life as being a "Messenger" and that description is one as valid now as it was then!"

                                      With love from,
                                                          Diana xx