Date Poted: 07-09-12

"Hello Everyone
                      Tonight  ( July 2nd)  on the T.V. channel B.B.C.2. Andrew is watching a factual documentary "7/7/One Day
in London" that is extremely harrowing viewing both for him and myself naturally, for those of you willing to allow
yourselves to become broader minded about this being real. He sits here in a mix of emotions; on the one hand deep
sadness as the stories being told are devastatingly poignant and sad but also extremely angry at the fact these people
might not have died or have been injured, including losing limbs, had a broader minded attitude been one expressed
by the person he/I spoke to warning of the bombs in London four days prior to them happening.
                       This incident happening is one spoken of by me in detail on my site because it is important that the fact a
warning was given is known though I do appreciate of little consolation -- in fact of no consolation at all actually-- to
those mourning the loss of their family members in the bombings which cost 52 lives and resulted in over 700 people
being injured.
                        It is heartbreaking hearing the deeply painful testimonies of relatives who lost their parents, daughters
and sons and seeing that their loss still emotionally affects them so powerfully. The tragedy being all the more tragic
because everyone killed was healthy, just going to work on the underground trains and buses involved, regular
commuters undertaking the journeys they'd grown accustomed to doing daily. Moments before reading the morning
paper, listening to their I-Pods, wondering what the working day would hold, what would they eat for lunch, what
would they cook for supper. Perhaps looking forward to meeting their boy or girlfriend that same evening or just
going home again to their wives, husbands and children. It seemed a regular morning like any other. It proves random
decisions can change futures and that life is quite literally here today and gone tomorrow. Thus it does make sense to
make the most of every moment you have and that if it's  a difficult time for you to always remember that tomorrow is
another day and if you are one of those lucky to see it, to treasure that!
                        Survivors are speaking of the surge of human kindness and help that came to the fore with people even
injured offering words of comfort to those more seriously hurt. Others have spoken about how fortunate they were to
have been running for the buses and trains and missing them, even oversleeping so being late for work. Many people
speaking on this programme are speaking for the first time as until now it has been too raw for them to have done so.
                        A mother who lost her daughter describing how she hates the expression "Time to move on" as she says
you don't move on, you have no choice but to learn to adapt from one circumstance, one situation to another, you
operate but you still have the deep hole in your heart. Another mother does not want counselling to help her in her
grief for her son as she says that this, in her opinion, will mean she letting go of him and also that her anger at its
happening is also strengthening her.  This woman who says she is no artist paints in vivid colours.
                       One survivor descrbing the incident happening saying it was the brightest white light in front of his face
and then everything seemed like a black and white horror movie with screams of desperation all around him and the
only colour being that of red-- being the blood of victims of the blast on the underground train in which he was
travelling. I will not illustrate every way in which relatives are coping as people have imaginations to use themselves I
am sure but clothes are being treasured, rooms left as they were and albums of letters, cards all powerful memories for
them to cling to and to cherish.
                            It is interesting that on the 6/7/2005 the announcement was made that London would hold the
Olympics 2012 and on the 7/7/2005 the bombings in London exploded! The programme making clear initially there
was major confusion as to exactly what had happened and where. As I say it is documented, and I would imagine for
security purposes taped, that a  phone call was made by Andrew to the Daily Express warning of this happening four
days before it did. At the time Andrew living in Sweden gave his full address and name and clearly his home line
telephone number would have been noted. This communication not the normal kind of call a news desk would receive,
though of course crank calls I am sure are made but does the caller then identify themselves and speak at length to a
news desk journalist and then an editor?
                             Perhaps if Andrew had spoken to the Editor Andrew Spedding himself more notice might possibly have
been paid to the call but Andrew is
my Voice Channel and as such is obligated to impart messages from me and so it
was I who spoke to Mr. Spedding giving the warning. I had asked to whom I was speaking and being told by him the
Resident Psychiatrist of the Daily Express! There were other expressions, expletives, of language expressed by him as
the warning was  being given; so clearly no serious note of it was going to be taken! Whilst I appreciate that it might
have been a "Hoax Call", there was and always is the chance it wasn't and notice ought to have been paid to this fact as
this call tragically proved!
                             This is why people ought to think seriously about broadening their minds and in this case what harm
would it have done for a small warning to be printed on the front cover of the newspaper? I do not mean a front
headline naturally but something like "This might have been a hoax call, it might not have been and therefore we at the
Daily Express advise people to be more security conscious, to be more alert commuting etc particularly this week":
some kind of advance warning but instead it was a warning ignored and I verbally insulted!
                                I often wonder as Andrew does, how Mr. Spedding reflects now upon the call and if he is or has been
needing to see a psychiatrist as I told him he would never forget the call and quoting the words of my brother in his
eulogy to me in describing ironically enough the newspapers and their proprietors,  he'd have blood on his hands
ignoring it!
                            7/7/2005 is for many a date that will never be forgotten by people all over the world as those killed in
the London Bombings were not all British. An event of such magnitude is one forever remembered as similarly "911"
of course is. Poignant illustrations of the violent and frightening place the world currently is today, so one which
hopefully the powerful winds of change seen already to be blowing will ultimately transform and rising from the ashes
of tragedy will be the torch of triumph! Something which those sacrificed played no small part in creating happening
and for this reason therefore stand to be remembered throughout world history!
No words I might say or statement I might make will ease the enormity of the pain of personal loss experienced by
those  grieving over their loved ones but what I can say with hand on heart is that no martyr ever dies in vain!"
          My fondest thoughts and deepest condolences to you all.

                              With love from,
                                                      Diana xx

Date Posted: 07-09-12

July 3rd 2012                    

               The £2.5 million film documentary "Unlawful Killing", produced by polemicist Victor Lewis-Smith and
narrated by actor Keith Allen and financed by Mohammed al - Fayed set out to challenge the result of the formal
inquest into the deaths of his eldest son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales his romantic companion. Scheduled
plans to release the film in the U.S.A. to coincide with the 15th anniversary on August 31st 2012 have been

                  The film panned by critics when shown at the Cannes Film Festival last year  claimed the event in Paris
was not a car accident but alternatively a deliberate political assassination and was examining in depth and detail
the following subsequent major cover - up of this plot and one involving H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh and the
British Establishment as well as the U.S. Senate, the British and U.S. secret services and the French police.

                    Lawyers having previously warned the production contained 87 contentious assertions which would
have had to be cut before the film could be screened in Britain. This proved impossible so alternatively it was due to
being released elsewhere.

                       Negotiations with a U.S. distribution company concluded with an agreement to screen it but the deal
hinged on the filmmakers securing special insurance indemnification for the distributors covering the territories of
the UK and France.There was a specific form of insurance needed by U.S. distributors "Allied Stars" to cover them
for their U.K.and French offices which proved being impossible to secure.

             " Hello Everyone!

                 Above is a link detailing that apparently the film which Andrew was secretly flown into London and filmed
channeling me directly to camera has been shelved indefinitely. I am neither disturbed or worried by this as I actually
believe that it will be released at the perfect time but this clearly is not the time when secret influential and powerful
forces remain in control of things! I have recently said that my work will continue successfully albeit in a somewhat
different vein but certain specific houses of cards need to be seen to fall first. Clearly therefore for the film to have
been released at this time would not have been the appropriate one.
                 Also of course my return is not something which was soley reliant upon a film being released, it might have
proven useful as back - up material but was certainly was not dependent upon it being so in order for me to achieve
ultimate success in my objective!
                 Andrew can be seen channeling me on the You Tube by example, has channeled me in seminars in the U.S.A.
as well as done so on a couple of radio shows there and as has contacted the Media on both sides of the Atlantic. My
personal website is extremely factually informative about a number of things, as mine would be expected to be
                  In life I was warned off my personal involvement with the landmine issue but this did not deter me and in fact
stubborn as I was succeeded alternatively in making me more determined to be engaged in that involvement leading
me to being called a "Loose Cannon". However quite to the contrary I only involved myself in causes that I knew I
could assist productively so by bringing the focus of global media attention upon them.
                  It also is a strategy, which if anythng, might succeed in raising people's curiosity as to why it has been
dramatically withdrawn so serve an extremely useful purpose as human nature is naturally curious and what does it  
say that the "powers that be" are determining must not be heard? Finally Mohamed is a businees man and funding it
and at a cost of £ 2 million not a business venture therefore I would imagine, knowing the character he would be,
willing to give up on lightly.
                 I would say that this is far from the final episode in connection with "Unlawful Killing" and I have always
thought this as the concluding verdict given to the event happening in the French capital city on August 31st 1997
being a rather curiious one as isn't any killing unlawful?"

                                                               With love from,
                                                                                       Diana xx

As to why the afterlife evidence is censored, there are three main vested interests in doing so:

Tony Pappard  July 3rd 2012

1. The atheistic, scientific Establishment. If the afterlife were proven to all and sundry all research grants would be
lost as orthodox science has been on the wrong track since Albert Einstein, who himself admitted his theories may
have been wrong on his 70th birthday. All science would have to go back to pre-Einstein days, and orthodox
scientists are terrified of this. All research done in last 100 years or so would be largely wasted. All scientific
textbooks would have to be re-written. This is also the reason scientists with alternative theories to the Big Bang, etc.
are ostracized and can't get their theories published in scientfic journals.The ironic thing is, of course, Quantum
Physics back-up the afterlife by proving Mind is separate from the brain and must have preceded the creation of all
matter. Consequently Einstein disliked Quantum Physics since they disproved his theories. Yet still orthodox
scientists stubbornly refuse to admit they are wrong about the afterlife and other matters. However more and more
scientists and medical doctors are coming out on the Internet and elsewhere with alternative theories and evidence
of the afterlife. Orthodox science, like organized religion, is in danger of collapsing dramatically as the foundations
for both are so shaky. Direct evidence of the afterlife threatens both.

2. Organized religion only admits the afterlife on strictly conditional terms. You have to believe in Jesus Christ as
your personal Savior, or follow the strict sharia law of Islam, or be an orthodox Jew, etc. to attain entry to Heaven.
Otherwise you'll be condemned to etenal damnation in Hell. This is the lie organized religion has been preaching for

3. The political Establishments want organized religion to control their populations. They use organized religion to do
this. Be satisfied with your lot and you'll get your reward in Heaven. Also they use religion to justify wars and other
things - at one time even slavery and the subjugation of women. If people knew the truth about the afterlife, that we
are all responsible for our actions and will have to face the karmic consequences (good or bad), then the
population would become uncontrollable. Nobody would fight wars for a start under any circumstances, since people
would know they'd have to suffer for what they inflicted on the 'enemy'.
"In April 1987 I influenced the people's perceptions of A.I.D.S. and
H.I.V. at the opening of an especially built ward for sufferers of the
related conditions at the London Middlesex Hospital. Photographed
by the press not wearing gloves and shaking hands with people
suffering from the medical conditions so proving that it was not
something caught by touching a sufferer of them. The Media had been
calling A.I.D.S. victims were indeed victims but of the ignorance of
people regarding them as opposed to the conditions themselves."
"A rare image of Dodi and I in the south of France during our
last summer of 1997."
"An image of me, in Bosnia involved with the landmine
campaign, together with my boys who though both invloved
with the military remain very much humanitarians at heart."