Date Posted: 07-16-12

"The Security Fiasco of the Olympic Games 2012"

          Seven years ago 7th June 2005 it was decided London would host the Olympic Games 2012 and last night
security firm G.4.S. accepted full responsibility for a security fiasco making mistakes which meant they have failed in
providing the 10,000 staff for Olympic venues they promised so instead an extra 3.500 service personnel were
summoned at the 11th hour to plug gaps in the Olympic security operation and so the firm responsible for organising
the security of the games initially now stand to lose £50 million on the deal. This meaning a total of 17,000 servicemen
and women will be actively involved in security operations including 11,800 soldiers, 2,600 sailors and marines and
2,600 airmen. They will be responsible for the security of more than 30 sporting venues but also non sporting ones
including the surrounding hotels and car parks.

             The police will need to deploy several hundred extra officers to do work which was supposed to have been
done by G.4.S. security personnel so guarding venue entrances and checking spectator's bags and other personal
belongings and with just two weeks until the opening of the games the police secretly fearing it being a little late in the
day for this re - organisation installation. G.4.S. claiming to still being able to provide 13,800 security guards which will
include 3,300 teenagers recruited through a specail training scheme but admitting to date just 4,000 have been
trained! A further 9,000 still being trained and vetted but the police not confident that even if their training and vetting
is completed they will arrive for duty.

               It has also come to light many of those being recruited by the security firm are foreign nationals and many
with a poor knowledge of the English language but hiring the cheap, inexperienced labour staff an efffort to keep costs
to a minimum, one witness himself a retired police officer accepted a position of Security Manager in April but resigned
it after two days saying only one in ten of those he was to train could speak English and classes overflowing by up to
80 people. Trained guards have reported that they still have not received their official schedules, uniforms or training
on the X-ray machines, mistakes have also been made so they've been told to report to venues hundreds of miles
from where they live, been posted rotas meant for other recruits and offered to work on shifts having failed the G.4.S.
vetting system! Dozens of candidates have been removed from training when discovered they having no legal right to
work in the United Kingdom, held past crimminal convictions or were awaiting trial for their personal involvement in
serious crimes!

" Hello,

       The above precis is extermely disturbing and I agree with Prime Minister David Cameron that G.4.S. ought to be
punished for this complete shambles of something they were in control of organising. The police are apparently keeping
a diplomatic silence about things but it can only be imagined therefore as to their opinion of the security mess that has
resulted placing a private security firm in sole charge of such an enormous operation, clearly not impressed at all! It is
both frightening and disturbing that such mammoth mistakes have been made and most especially somewhat ironically
employing would be crimminals to ensure upon security  measures being taken at the venue and being responsible for
speactors and partcipants personal well being and safety!

      I have always sensed there being problems around the games but not even I imagined them beginning before they
even started! I now would strongly urge people going to them to be extremely security conscious themselves and
perhaps actually far safer to watch the games on the televison and not risk being involved in riots and mayhem that I
strongly suspect being on the agenda of happening. Those in charge of security will certainly have their work cut out for

         With love from,                                           
                                  Diana xx

July 13th 2012      

Harry’s relationship with Zimbabwean Chelsy Davy has certainly been a turbulent one but it seems now that they are  
rekindling their on /off romance and one thing is clear the couple remain enormously attracted to one another and have
never really fallen out of love! Sensibly both of them are keeping things pretty low - key, meeting at private parties and
friends houses and neither of them talk about these meetings but both insisting that they are not officially getting back
together, the relationship between them being a lot more casual?

Chelsy is training to be a solicitor at top law firm Allan & Overy and like Harry has had romances but similarly like his,
all have failed and the most recent reported to have done so due to her being in contact with Harry who makes no secret
of the fact he still holds a torch for her. Chelsy wrestles with the idea of life in the royals as this holds no appeal to her,
her focus being on making a success of her own career.

I fully appreciate and understand Chelsy's hesitancy in this respect, and particulary I imagine whilst Harry is still
involved with his military training, but never the less ultimately I have always said and will always say Chelsy is the one
for my youngest. He comes alive and is smitten around her and a woman knows! He has Chelsy's heart ...but see for
yourselves in a recent photograph taken of them together!

                            I feel sure that things will be alright for these two!
                                                         With love from,
                                                                               Diana xx  

What Was Lost Has Been Found!

Diana, Princess of Wales’s long-lost record collection, from her teen years,
was returned to her sons.This week the Mail on Sunday gave William and
Harry, 19 of their mother’s lovingly signed albums rescued from public
auction. Here they chart their remarkable journey from car-boot sale to
their rightful home – as Diana’s old schoolfriend recalls their music-obsessed
teenage years.

Of all the members of the Royal Family, Princess Diana was the only one known for her love of pop music, the Daily
Mail reported. Diana often spoke of Canadian songwriter Bryan Adams as being her favourite singer and Duran Duran
as her favourite group. Diana was said to have danced in front of her mirror at Kensington Palace listening to their hit
‘Girls On Film’ on her Sony Walkman.

The image of her at Live Aid in 1985 delightedly accepting a bunch of petrol station-bought flowers from organiser Bob
Geldof is one of the most reproduced from the day. Diana’s love of music and dance stemmed from her days at
boarding school, when she would buy new releases to play to her school friends – and sign the covers to stop them
being ghosted away to a different dormitory.

Yet, her teenage record collection is more eclectic than might be guessed, and all the more intriguing as a result. A
remarkable cache of 19 vinyl LPs owned by Diana during her mid to late teens offer a fascinating insight into a period
in which her adult personality was emerging and her future contained countless different possibilities. Discovered at a
car boot sale eight years ago and put up for auction, they are deeply personal treasures, which is why The Mail on
Sunday decided to step in by buying them and returning them to their rightful place – with her sons, William and Harry.

They have been well received. The Princes’ spokesman said: “They are very grateful to The Mail on Sunday for
retrieving the records and returning them. They were a cherished part of their late mother’s possessions, music being
a critical part of her enjoyment of life.” One woman who can vouch for that is Lucy Coats, who shared a dormitory with
the future princess at West Heath boarding school in Sevenoaks, Kent, and went on to be a guest at Diana’s wedding
to Prince Charles in 1981.

“Diana was always listening to music. She was always dancing – she was brilliant at it. She had a lot of albums and she
used to sign them all ‘Diana’ so they wouldn’t be pinched. We had to label everything at West Heath,” Coats said.

“Being teenagers, we had pop music on all the time. We loved the Eagles and Paul Simon and we played Annie’s Song
by John Denver over and over again."

“Some of the stuff we liked back then makes me feel a bit ill now – Mandy by Barry Manilow, Sailing by Rod Stewart
and Terry Jacks’s Seasons In The Sun."

“Diana also enjoyed classical music, especially pieces she played on the piano and soundtracks to her beloved
ballets. She just loved music and had quite wide- ranging tastes. When I hear the songs from that era I always think of
her,” she added.

Some of her choices are fairly middle-of-the-road: the reassuringly clean-cut John Denver and the Eagles but there
are surprises, too, not least Bob Dylan’s 1976 live album Hard Rain, which – like all Dylan’s work – is brimming with
deep personal reflection, cinematic imagery and biblical references.

The collection suggests a very different side to the lightweight Diana of popular perception and hints that the teenager
whose childhood was blighted by her parents’ acrimonious split was receptive to music that tackled the
disappointments of love and relationships, as well as the usual teenage romantic dreams. The musical breadth of the
records is a reminder that while Diana was often painted as the polar opposite of Prince Charles – the fun-loving
populist to his serious, classical music-appreciating intellectual – in fact, she was a far more thoughtful person than
she is often given credit for.

June 30th 2012

A leading lawyer believes a plan to "sabotage" Britain's Princess Diana's life went wrong and led to her death.

Michael Mansfield QC claims there was an operation to end her relationship with lover Dodi Fayed and stop her from
criticising the British government over arms sales, which accidentally resulted in her death when her car crashed in a
Parisian tunnel while being chased by paparazzi in 1997.

Michael - who represented Dodi's father Mohamed al Fayed at a previous inquest into Diana's death - said: "I don't
believe anyone wanted to see her dead. I think there was a plan to sabotage the relationship and alter her life, to try to
stop her activities but this plan went very badly and ended with her death."

Mohamed has long held the view that the death of Diana and his son was a conspiracy involving a number of highly
placed members of the British government.

He also refused to accept the official verdict of the inquest into their deaths, which concluded that the couple had been
unlawfully killed, blaming the negligent driving of their chauffeur Henri Paul and the paparazzi photographers chasing
them on motorbikes.

Mansfield supports his view, adding "I believe the relationship between Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed displeased
the authorities.

"In spite of all the work Mohamed al Fayed did for children and hospitals, he was persona non grata in Britain.

"As far as Diana was concerned, she had given interviews attacking the Royal Family for the way they treated her, but
I think what most annoyed the authorities was that Diana became very actively involved in the campaign against land

"The UK arms sales industry is huge, it's one of the biggest three in the world. The investigation into Diana's death
showed she was preparing to denounce British complicity in the sale of weapons to countries that do not respect
human rights."


Date Posted: 07-22-12

Newest Update on Olympic Happenings

Border Control staff at London's Heathrow Airport are striking on the eve of the Olympic opening ceremony and have
threatened futher industrial action throughout the games over issues including the governments plans to cut 8,500
jobs, the threat of compulsory redundancies in the passport office in Newport, South Wales, a 1% pay rise cap
following a two-year wage freeze, privatisation of services, and alleged victimisation of union representatives. and
more industrial action threatened throughout the games themselves means the world's attention is and will be on
London. It expected to being the busiest day of the year at the airport expecting 126,000 passengers, 19,000 more
than the numbers normally expected. It is sure to add to the chaos already exposed with the shambles of security
organsation for the games. It is the worst possible day for the strike to take place as it will ensure the reputation of the
games is damaged so the marketing of the U.K. holding the event consequently suffering as a result incuring much
embarrassment to the nation globally!

                   It now exposed that the government were aware three weeks ago of the security firm G.4.S. having
problems as it is claimed by the bodies responsible for the airport strike that they have been trying to make their
dissatisfaction known to the governement for the past 18 months and having been ignored chosen to act though
denying that it is timed to deliberately disrupt the Olympic Games 2012 though clearly it is precisely that!
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