There are two things that Diana has said on her spoken pod casts and in former precis that are reflected in these tidbits
found on the net.  She has always maintained that William will not want to be King and that he and Catherine will,
despite their earlier break-up, get back together and end up together. Seems the Lady does indeed know a few things!

Here comes the bride?

I can reveal Catharine is at the heart of a new palace strategy for the royal
family. I have been told the couple, both 27, have reached "an understanding"
that their eight-year relationship WILL end in marriage.

It is no longer a question of if but when?

The plan is that by the time the Queen celebrates her historic Diamond Jubilee
in 2012 Catharine will be on the palace balcony at her side as a fully-fledged

Well-placed sources say that while marriage is a "done deal" it is not expected
until 2011 at the earliest. This explains why Catharine is not bothered by
teasing nicknames like "Waity Katie" and remains so cool!

Catharine is secure in the knowledge that the secret pact has already been made and the palace blueprint for the
future, creating our next Prince and Princess of Wales, is already firmly in place.

William is a deep thinker, not brash and impulsive like his younger brother. He takes his role as future King and face
of the royal family very seriously. He is a strong character with a powerful will and doesn't suffer fools gladly.

Insiders say he and his key advisers - including the man he trusts above all others, his father Prince Charles - have a
route map to the altar in place with Catharine, the girl he has dated since they fell in love as students at St Andrews
University, at its heart.

Those in the know say one of William's foremost concerns is protecting Catharine. One senior figure said: "He knows
that as soon as an announcement is made their lives will never be the same again."

Another strand of this carefully crafted strategy focuses on brothers William and Harry. And THAT is the part that
effectively rules out a wedding in 2010.

First Clarence House is determined - with dad Charles's approval - to develop and establish "the boys" as a winning
"double act". In the short term the princes will focus on their military careers, but next year they will do more in the
outside world together - including foreign trips, public engagements and TV interviews.

The royals hope the princes will give the monarchy a fresher, younger, more relevant feel. Both appreciate that this is
a watershed for the royal family and that they have key roles to play in shaping its future.

William also has at least two big tours lined up on his own next year representating the Queen in Australia and South

The palace thinking behind this is that he has to be recognised as an individual working royal in his own right - before
his personality is engulfed by "Kate-mania", just as his father's was swamped by the Diana phenomenon.

Courtiers and William himself know that any early announcement will spark a celebrity hurricane, turning Catharine
into a global superstar before he has been able to establish himself as an independent stand-alone royal on the national
and international stages.

The palace are desperate to avoid a repeat of Di-mania. This will dictate official confirmation of the marriage date.
One impeccable source said: "It is now accepted among senior members of the family that William and Catharine
WILL marry. They are totally committed to each other.

" The timing is very important. It would have to be wrong to force the situation before William is established in his
own right.

"In the future it is hoped that Catharine will pay a supporting role, rather as the Duchess of Cornwall has for the Prince
of Wales."

This is, of course, wishful thinking. Everyone knows that, once out of the bag, the marriage story will have legs of its
own. It will run and run.

The only double act the world will care about is Catharine and William.


Prince William refuses to be King

October 18, 2001 Star Magazine

All the elite in the government and the royal houses of western Europe belong to secret organisations (Bilderberg,
illuminati, masonary). Like in criminal sects, the rule of these organisations is total obedience or death.

In the case of Diana, the very same people who murdered the mother of William, are demanding him to play the role
of King. Today William couldn't continue any longer this most horrible game!

In an interview with the Star Magazine, "Prince William has stunned his father H.R.H. Charles, Prince of Wales by
vowing he'll never be king -- because he can't forgive the royal family for the way they mistreated his
beloved Mummy,  "Diana, Princess of Wales."
It seems that the love between parents and children is stronger than TOTAL evil.   Will William pay with his life for
this ?


(Date Posted:22/09/2005 00:30:11)

Diana and her brother Charles, the Hon. Earl Spencer, were not emotionally close in adulthood. They saw each other a
total of fifty times from her marriage in 1981 until her death in 1997.  Diana visiting his home in Cape Town, South
Africa in March of the 1997 but communication between them was strained, which makes his emotional speech
commending her at "Westminster Abbey " and her funeral of September 6th 1997 a publicity stunt of such hypocrisy.

All who really knew Diana including close family members knew the truth too but to the majority of mourners who
didn't, it sounded a sincere and loving tribute and was greeted with a standing ovation and applause! Something
always remembered by those in attendance either being physically present in the abbey itself or spectators of it
massed in Hyde Park, London seeing it on a specially erected film screen or watching it on television in the U.K.and by
satellite all over the world. The truth of their relationship being so very different.

On her wedding day Diana had proudly worn the "Spencer Family " tiara, a family heirloom which she treasured
personally as although not liking to wear tiaras as finding the result was usually a headache and being uncomfortable,
she liked the simplicity of it's design and elegance but following the loss of her official "H.R.H." title and hurting her
even more, it was requested that she return it to the family by her brother which, as upset as she was by this, Diana of
course did.

Diana's body as everyone knows is buried at "Althorp House," the Spencer Family seat, a "Palladian Style" ten
bedroom mansion and home to her brother and his family. It is viable financially for him as he opens the house and it's
grounds yearly to admirers of his late sister to visit the stable area which now houses an exhibition honouring her
memory. On display such things as cards she sent her father for his birthday as a little girl, toys that amused her,
school reports, a school uniform and of course with other outfits not auctioned at the "Christies Sale" in New York,
and the Royal Wedding Dress.  Film shows of Diana both in childhood in private family movies and stepping in and out
of limousines as a royal princess are constantly on screen and there is also the souvenir gift shop where china
ornaments and pictures of the late princess can be purchased besides other memorabilia emblazoned with the name "
Althorp " on them.

In the grounds a temple dedicated to her symbolised by a cross and her name and an image of her in Wedgewood
styling adjacent to plaques with the words of the eulogy of brother to sister said that sad September day in 1997.
Across from the temple is the ornamental lake and on it the island where Diana lies buried, a more isolated spot
difficult to imagine and especially for someone who thrived on contact and communication with people all her life and
he of course has control of who in her family can visit her and when...her boys knowing the bad blood between
brother and sister do not visit their mother's grave.

In his eulogy promising that the princes he'd protect from a life immersed in duty and tradition and yet he has hardly
seen them and as has been made clear to him, with their mother dead, they are Windsors needing no Spencer family
protection or influence. Neither are they encouraged in the care-free pursuits they both enjoyed with her but instead
persuaded to enjoy the customary traditional pursuits of playing polo, hunting, shooting and fishing, all of which held
little interest for Diana and which she'd tried to dissuade them from involvement in.

In death Diana is given permission by him to be somewhere in life he refused her the same right. In 1996 Diana had
asked her brother if she could move to the "Garden House " on the estates grounds, ( larger than the principality of
Monaco situated on the French Riviera where Dodi and she chose his ring for her in the summer of 1997 )as she
wanted somewhere to retreat without the memories of her marriage and out of London where her life was made
miserable by the constant media and paparazzi intrusions and she knew that on the family estate there would be a
greater degree of personal privacy.

Initially this was something that was agreed on by brother and sister but later, and upsetting Diana greatly, it was
suddenly something refused by him. They argued over this and following their argument on April 4th 1996, a letter
from him was delivered to her London home, "Kensington Palace". The letter was a vile attack of her, making
reference to her Bulimia and generally insulting her cruelly and maliciously and written by he who perhaps guilt
ridden only a year later penned such eloquence in his eulogy to her at her funeral! In his letter to her in 1996 making
statements as follows ..............."After years of neglect on both sides, our relationship is the weakest I have with any of
my sisters" ...... "Perhaps you have the time to notice that we seldom speak."........."I long ago accepted that I was a
peripheral part of your life and that no longer saddens me. Indeed it's easier for me and my family to be in that
position as I view the consternation and hurt your fickle friendship has caused so many "............ "I fear for you. I
know how manipulation and deceit are parts of the illness "........ "I pray that you are getting appropriate and
sympathetic treatment for your mental problems" ............ "I'm sorry I've decided the "Garden House" isn't a possible
move now. There are many reasons, most of which include the police and press interference which would inevitably
follow.".........."I will always be here for you, your loving brother, albeit one who has to read Richard Kay ( In the Daily
Mail ) to learn that you are coming to  Althorp!"

The eulogy given by him at her funeral in part reading ......."Diana was the very essence of compassion, of duty, of
style, of beauty. All over the world she was a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world a standard bearer for the
rights of the truly downtrodden, a very British girl who transcended nationality. Someone who with a natural nobility,
who was classless and who proved in the last year that she needed no royal title to continue to generate her particular
brand of magic." .........................This is indeed food for thought !

Diana may not have been the easiest of characters to get along with all the time ...but knowing the life that she'd had
and the effect of everything on her, it might have proved a lot more helpful if she'd had her own family backing and
supporting her which as this shows she didn't and why she felt so welcomed and appreciated by Mohamed,his wife
Heini and all the Fayed family and how this lack of love and care displayed so coldly and brutally only strengthened
her resolve to be emotionally close and adoring to her immediate family, her two boys " William "and " Harry ".

NOTE:   A message to Earl Spencer was recently sent on September 8th 2009 ( The channeling beginning on
September 7th 1997, the day after Diana's funeral that year ) to him advising him of this website and informing him
that unlike the persona the public were shown, Diana does not pull her punches on anything seeing no point in doing
so and therefore repeating history ! Alternatively being much more open and honest about things.

Diana, as channeled to me, coming to realise that perhaps her brother was determined to give her the sanctuary in
death that he denied her in life as not believing in life after life to the same extent as the lady, feeling guilty perhaps
imagining that had she lived at the Gatehouse on the family estate, the events of Summer 1997 might not have
happened .  The summer might as easily have been spent by her at Althorp with her boys, but his guilt is
unwarranted as everything happening for a reason...he was meant to deny her the country retreat she had sought as
karma likewise dictated it's being her  written destiny to die in Paris in 1997.  In sending correspondence to her
brother, keeping a promise made to him by her in life; that if she died before him, she'd find a means of
communicating to him, which hopefully he appreciates has now been done !