Miss Catherine Middleton's choice of wedding gown worn by her upon her marriage to Prince William, the Duke of
Cambridge has proven to be a mega hit with the world's public. From the late Alexander McQueen's fashion house,
designed by one of his prominent designers Sarah Burton and a design influenced by Catherine herself, it was one
well received by those involved in the fashion industry. The intricate lace applique bodice and sleeves of the gown
mirror those on the wedding dress worn by North American actress Grace Kelly when she became La Princesse
Grace de Monaco upon her 1956 marriage to Prince Ranier 111 of the principality on the French Riviera.

The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress worn by her on April 29th 2011 was a work of art incorporating individual
flowers cut from lace and hand -engineered onto ivory silk tulle to create a unique design illustrating the
rose, thistle, daffodil and shamrock, the national flowers of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland respectively.  
Matching hand made shoes were designed by the same fashion house and made of ivory duchesse satin with lace

At an exhibition illustrating the "Role of British Design" at Buckingham Palace the wedding dress was the centre
showpiece and clearly the star attraction and was displayed with the diamond earrings given to her by her parents
and the Cartier "Halo" tiara borrowed from the Queen for the day. The exhibition lasting 73 days last year meant £ 10
million was made in ticket sales Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress has made £10 million in ticket sales as the
star attraction of a Buckingham Palace exhibition.

"Hello Everyone,
        The dress certainly could not be faulted for it's style and sophistication so becoming of Catherine who always looks
so amazing! It really is no surprise to me at all that she is the No1. Royal Cover - Girl and something I am sure William is
very proud of as in this respect his stunning wife is following in his mother's footsteps, which I am sure gives him a
reason to smile!"
                          With love from,
                                              Diana xx    

17th July 2012

"Hello Everyone              

        I feel I ought to say something seeing this feature so hot on the heels of a current Australian woman's magazine
showing on their front cover an intrusive photograph of William and Catherine strolling the sands of a secluded island
in the Seychelles on their honeymoon which has surprised and upset them.

        Now womans magazine Marie - Claire the current South African issue features Catherine on their front cover
wearing a fashion creation by South African designer Clive Rundle, well known Catherine favours wearing and
successfully promoting British designers!

         The magazine admitting the image being one created by their art department featuring Catherine's head and hands
added to the body of a fashion model.  

          This is clearly exploitation and I would think that William and Catherine might consider taking some kind of legal
advice and if necessary action if it continues though this will be their decision to make.

           I am concerned where their image might appear next, having new addition to the family being Lupo I do hope not
advertsing dog food. Before people wonder if I am jealous having been cover - girl, no not at all but where is respect for
the couple who are after all significant members of royalty?

          A clue is given in the magazine that it is not Catherine on their front cover as it reads  'Fashion's new royal icon
wears SA's best local designers ... Of course she doesn't but she should."

                                                       With love from,
                                                                          Diana xx



Date Posted: 07-25-12

Prince Harry now a fully qualified co-pilot and gunner on Apache helicopters and the winner of a prize won for his
shooting skills having completed 18 months of rigorous training. The third in line to the British throne has as an award
a polished 30-milimetre round from an Apache canon, mounted on a stand. This was presented to him at the dinner at
Wattisham Air Station in Suffolk, eastern England, where he has been training and also having trained in the U.S.A. at
bases in Arizona and California. A captain in the Army Air Corps has always declared his wanting to return to combat
in Afghanistan where in 2008 he was withdrawn from on his first tour of duty there inn 2008 when a media blackout on
him was broken so his cover immediately exposed making his remaining there too dangerous for him to do.

A recent report being Harry is considering moving to the USA to continue his military career. He has told friends he
wants to live in California after his training there last summer and hopes to land a role as a consultant or “Top Gun”
style training technician for the Naval Air Facility El Centro.Harry 27, who  has been preparing to return to Afghanistan
but security issues make it difficult for him to be treated as a “normal soldier”. Harry knows he is a major terrorist
target and that, due to security considerations, his military career may be short. but he wants to continue to make use
of the training and combat skills he has gained.

Instructors awarded him the highest honour of “best front seat pilot” last year after completing the US course. A role at
El Centro and at Gila Bend Auxiliary Air Force Base in Arizona would give him the chance to do that in a secure
environment. Harry would also welcome the social life he has already tasted in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. He has A-
list friends in Hollywood, such as Gordon Ramsay, David Beckham and Sir Elton John.

He would also be able to earn millions for his family charity. Many millionaires would throw vast sums to have the
Prince attend parties and host fundraising events. Last year Catherine and Prince William; now the Duke and
Duchess of Cambridge made £1.1million from a six-hour appearance at the Santa Barbara Polo Club.

A Royal source said: “Harry cannot go on lengthy tours of duty, he is too much of a target and threat for other

“The bases in the USA would love to have him as a consultant or instructor. It would make sense too from a protection
point of view."

The royal couple Catherine and William - who married in April 2011 - helped to generate the staggering amount after
celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Billy Zane paid thousands to rub shoulders with the pair during an
afternoon at the Santa Barbara Polo Club in California last July.

A total of £1.1 million was raised during the event and just under £1 million has gone towards a UK charitable
foundation set up by William and his brother Harry, with the remainder of the money going to the polo club’s training
centre, which runs events for local underprivileged children.

Ambassador Glen Holden, a trustee of the club who helped to set up the event, told the Sunday Express newspaper: ‘’
I am extremely proud of what we did. It was a wonderful event, we were proud to have the royal couple at the club and
for them to do such work for a good cause and raise such goodwill for the United Kingdom and the United States of
America.‘’Everyone that interacted with the Duke and Duchess thought they were so thoughtful, caring and
welcoming, they did a marvellous job and these charities are charities that Americans are very much in favour

Santa Barbara Polo Club organisers - who expected to raise around £420,000 from the charity day - are now hoping
William or Harry will return to make the event a ‘’biannual or regular’’ feature. Co-organiser Geannie Sheller said:
‘’That is something we would like to see. It has been talked about.’’

" Hello Everyone,

                         I am enormously proud of the couple who make such a fine team who are so clearly emotionally as well as
practically supportive of each other.  I do understand and appreciate the commentaries all made about William having
the qualities ideal for the makings of a good and popular King naturally with Catherine, a people popular Queen, by his
side.   I always have felt the same thing about him but never the less I hope it is a mapped out destiny that he does not
have to follow, so perhaps certain revelations give him the power to refuse doing so if the Monarchy survives at all. My
reasons for this being first and foremost that the position will rob them both of their personal privacy which they both
value so much out of the limelight and so too for this reason glad that Charles stands to inherit the throne first! Quite
apart from the fact it is a postion which forcibly dictates pretty much the behaviour of the Monarch, so denying them a
free choice in things having to adhere to duty and protocol which could well prove suffocating for he and his wife. Both
of them born in an era when things generally were not quite so disciplined and routinely organised so the limitations
imposed upon them therefore much more difficult for them to adapt to and to adopt!

                          I also want to make one point clear--I am aware of the film biopic currently being made about me and
apparently detailing my romance with Pakistani Heart Surgeon Hasnat Khan prior to my relationship with Dodi. Many
people think I entertained a relationship with Dodi to make Hasnat jealous but Hasnat's family whilst fond of me would
never have accepted him marrying me even if he had wanted to, and he didn't, as he knew married to the most famous
woman in the world as I was at that time might seriously jeapordise the career he was dedicated and devoted to. The
Khan's being a strict Muslim family I was considered the worst possible contender for marriage to him by them being a
white woman so not of any cast, a non-virgin and the divorced mother of two children!

                            Would Dodi and I have married? The answer to this being firstly he continued to fight against his cocaine
addiction though he was not as addicted as he had been prior to our being together but certainly I'd not have exposed
either of my boys to this problem quite so close to home and the playboy life style would stop. However both of us
related to each other so well on many levels including having experienced difficult childhoods with one parent missing
so we understood and empathised with how one another felt about things which is a vital ingredient necessary in any
serious relationship. Also of course Mohamed was going to play a prominent role in the construction of various
hospices so a project Dodi and I would have been very personally involved in helping to make successful!

                              I did ideally want another child, preferably a daughter, but that child one who would have been brought
up with both parents  united in a stable relationship so therefore have been emotionallly secure and not been
alternatively the offspring of an unmarried Mother which would have been extremely embarrassing for my boys and
illustrated my having no self - pride, dignity and respect for myself or them and the global position I still held in being
their Mother."

                                  Thank you for listening to me,
                                                                                     Diana xx
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge helped to
raise more than £1 million in just six hours
during their US tour last year.
Prince Ranier and Princess Grace