Date Poted: 08-01-12


"...... One of the most important subjects to research if we are to understand how Diana was killed, is the power and
potential of mind control. I'll give some examples. In the 1980s the best part of 30 scientists working in top secret
projects, mostly computer programmers, died in very strange and unexplained circumstances. Marconi was the major
company involved, but there were others like Plessey and British Aerospace. In 1986 Vimal Dajibhai, who was working
for Marconi Underwater Systems, drove from London to Bristol, a city with which he had no connection, and threw
himself off the famous suspension bridge there. A few months before, Arshad Sharif, a computer programmer with
Marconi Defence Systems, also drove from London to Bristol and hanged himself.

Why Bristol? It is a former Knights Templar port and its name has evolved from Barati, the Phoenician goddess. It just
so happens that an elite unit of British Intelligence called the Committee of 26 is based there and they use the runway
at the British Aerospace complex to fly British and foreign agents in and out of the country. I was called once, from
what sounded like a plane, by a guy claiming to represent the CIA. He said he was flying into the British Aerospace
runway to sort me out. "The Company (CIA) are not happy," he said. Oh, I thought, I am sorry, I do hope they cheer
up soon. I drove over to meet him just to check it out, but he didn't show. He was probably a guy who needed help, or
perhaps they were seeing how I would react to threats. Either way, they got the airport right. In that period in the
1980s, not only in Bristol, there were strange deaths galore of people at the cutting edge of development in the
'defence' industries.

What possesses a man to get into his car, drive more than two hours to the Bristol Suspension Bridge, and jump off?
This may seem a long way from the Diana assassination, but it's not. I'm talking about mind control. A CIA scientist
told me that he was put through forms of mind control to stop him recalling his knowledge once a project was
completed. I'll give you an example of mind control in a situation very similar to the one in Paris. David Sands was a
highly skilled scientist working in a very sensitive area of defence, but at 37 he was talking about leaving the industry
and changing his lifestyle. He was happily married with two small children, a son aged six and a three year old
daughter. Sands and his wife had just returned from an enjoyable holiday in Venice when he died in mysterious
circumstances. Although they are not so mysterious if you understand mind control. He worked for Easams who, in
turn, were operating contracts for the Ministry of Defence.

It appears that while Sands and his wife were in Venice, the company was visited by members of the elite British
police unit, the Special Branch. Then, on Saturday, March 28th 1987, David Sands told his wife he was going out to
refuel the car, but he didn't return for six hours. No-one has any idea where he was, but I think I do. His wife, Anna,
called the police and constable John Hiscock was at the house when Sands returned at 10.20pm. Asked the obvious
question : "Where have you been?", he said that he had been driving and thinking. His wife said that it was out of
character for him to be away for so long and she didn't think he realised how long he had been out. He seemed
confused, but happy, she said. Two days later, on Monday, March 30th, he climbed into his excellently maintained
Austin Maestro and began his regular journey from his home in Itchen Abbas, near Winchester, to Easams at
Camberley in Surrey.

His wife said that there was nothing unusual about his demeanour or behaviour and driving conditions were good. But
about 30 minutes into the journey when David Sands was driving along the A303 at Popham, near Basingstoke, he
suddenly did a U-turn across the dual carriageway and headed at high speed in the opposite direction to his
destination. Turning onto a slip road at about 80 miles an hour, Sands then drove his car straight into a disused cafe
building killing himself in an explosion of flame. There were no skid marks. He had not even tried to stop. It is so clear
that during the time he was missing, his mind was being programmed and all it took was a trigger word, sign, sound or
action, and the programming was activated. At that point he would have switched from his normal self to a man
focused only on driving into the cafe building and blowing himself away. The subconscious programming overpowers
the conscious mind and robot replaces human.

That, I am convinced, is what happened to Henri Paul in Paris. Sands went missing for six hours before he drove into
the cafe. Paul was missing for three hours before he drove into the 13th pillar in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. This is
what I suggest happened in Paris. The Brotherhood networks were working through many people and agencies to
ensure that Diana was in Paris that night because, at its foundation, the plan was to perform a specific Satanic ritual
and the timing, circumstances and the place of death had to be arranged in intricate detail. Diana was under Al
Fayed's security web for much of the time leading up to the crash and all of the time in those last few days. Her
conversations were heard and monitored throughout by the Al Fayed bugging system. During his missing hours,
Henri Paul,the asset of French and British Intelligence, was being programmed for his role, or perhaps the final
touches were being put to programming already installed.

Diana's ritual death was arranged from the very top of the Brotherhood and, by comparison, people like Al Fayed are
small and powerless nonentities, pawns in the game they do not fully understand. The Mercedes which was brought
to the rear entrance of the Ritz had been stolen some weeks earlier - before the Diana - Dodi relationship began -
and when it was recovered it underwent extensive repairs. It had been standing outside the exclusive Taillevent
restaurant when the driver's door was flung open and the chauffeur pulled out by three Arabic - speaking men with
hand guns. The vehicle was missing for two weeks and when it was found the wheels were missing, the door ripped
off, and the electronic system and equipment controlling the braking system had gone. Al Fayed, as we have seen,
controlled the company, Etoile Limousines, which supplied the vehicle. No wonder the French Authorities turned down
the offer by experts from Mercedes to examine the car after the crash.

When Henri Paul came back on duty that night he seemed his normal self to most observers. The programming was
deep within his psyche waiting to be activated. He may well have had a couple of alcoholic drinks in the Ritz bar, but
his intake aand demeanour did not correspond with the later medical report. Claims that he was an alcoholic also do
not match with the examination of his liver. But if, as I suggest, Henri Paul was a mind-controlled 'multiple' he could
have been drunk in one compartment of his mind and not in another. I have heard from recovering 'multiples' who
have experienced this. Someone close to Paul that night, his handler, was switching his compartments. In this way he
could have had a considerable level of alcohol in his blood while, in some compartments, he would have been
unaffected by it.

The same with the carbon monoxide. Just before or just after the Mercedes pulled away from theRitz, Henri Paul was
given the trigger which activated the programming. It could have been a a sound, a sign, a colour or more likely a
word or a sentence. With Paul's subconscious programming now overwhelming his conscious mind, he sped away to
the Place de la Concorde and down the dual carriageway to the Pont de l'Alma. Rees-Jones put his seat belt on, but
apparently did not alert Diana and Dodi to the danger. Thus they stayed unbelted. As Paul entered the Pont de
l'Alma tunnel at an estimated 80 miles an hour (some reports say slower), he braked fiercely, scraped the right hand
wall of the tunnel, and then aimed the car at the 13th pillar. It is the 13th pillar that gives it away.

The Brotherhood throughout history has had such an obsession with the number 13 that to believe that this was a
coincidence is taking chance to the level of fantasy. There must be 30 pillars in that tunnel and the car hit the 13th
because it was meant to. Diana had an aversion to the number 13 and she would not allow a 13th lot in her dress
auction at Christies the June before she died. If, as some witnesses have suggested, the crash was caused by the
Mercedes hitting a white Fiat Uno or by a motorcyclist flashing a powerful light into Paul's eyes from a motorcycle,
there is no way he could be sure of hitting the 13th pillar. But a person with a deeply programmed subconscious
would be able to put the car right on the button, even at speed. Mark Phillips was the man who helped to
deprogramme Cathy O'Brien when she was a mind controlled slave of the CIA.

He has worked in these fields for much of his adult life and after I reached my conclusions about the events in Paris, I
rang him to ask if it would be possible to mind-control Henri Paul to pick out that pillar at speed. Mark was in no doubt.
"Yes, Yes," he said, "More than yes, absolutely yes." He pointed out that the subconscious works much more quickly
than the conscious mind and to the subconscious 80 miles an hour would actually be quite slow compared with its
ability to think and to react.

If the speed was considerably slower as some reports suggest, it would have been even easier. "There are many
techniques they could have used to programme his mind during those three hours that he was missing," Mark said.
The number of ways they could have caused the crash; another vehicle, an explosive device, stun weapons, etc.,
etc., would fill a book, and any of them is possible on the face of it. But not if they wanted to be sure of hitting the 13th
pillar, which they did. To do that, they needed a driver with a programmed subconscious......."

David Icke