Date Posted: 08-24-12

Approaching the Anniversary of the death of Diana, Princess of Wales on August 31st 1997, it now is an incredible 15
years since that dreadful news shocked the world and still today is an unforgettable event in Global history as the
legend of Diana remains very much alive as icons like she, Marilyn and Elvis do! To commemorate this O.K. magazine
has published an article comparing the People's Princess with the People's Duchess! The former Catherine Middleton
and now wife of Diana's eldest son Prince William, now the Duke of Cambridge.

Like Diana, Catherine has easily resonated with the people though initially unlike Diana was thought unsuitable for
William, too middle - class, not good enough, given the label lazy and cruelly called "Waitey - Katie". People looking at
this site will see that Diana was not of this thinking, being William's adoring Mother, she knew her eldest son was
smitten but he was wary of commitment because of seeing his parents farce of a marriage acted out in the public eye;
he and though younger, his brother Harry knowing the private reality as opposed to the publicised fantasy. William
needing to be sure so as not to repeat history that Catherine was truly the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his
life with and clearly he chose wisely as it is all too obvious how much in love with each other this couple are. Their
body language speaks volumes and is not something that can be faked successfully! Sensibly both first became
friends, Diana and Charles met 13 times before H.R.H. The Prince of Wales proposed to Lady Diana Spencer so they
barely knew each other and he loved another woman, the former Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles who later became his
unofficial mistress and is now his second wife H.R.H. The Duchess of Cornwall.  William wanted Catherine to
experience what life was like for him within the Firm as the royals call themselv es before proposing to her but in doing
so then commemorating their engagement gifting her with the stunning engagement ring worn by his Mother and so
uniting the women energetically.

Diana has intimated that she does not wish to see either of her sons follow their father's example in marriage! William
himself has said he is glad the foundation of his marriage to Catherine is deep friendship and I make him right on this
point, it is a solid bond, how often do friends divorce! Though very different women what unites Diana and Catherine
is that they both breathe fresh air into the old school, traditionalised, Royal Family programmed to act within the
bounds of protocol and duty, being much more open to the public at large, much more real and less regal appearing
regularly in magazine and newspaper articles though Catherine is given much more respect by the media than Diana
was so a lesson has been learned here regarding, respecting someone's privacy and especially when they are off
duty. I would think William has had more than a hand in dictating this to be so witnessing first hand just how intrusive a
camera lens was in his mother's life.

Diana, following the royal separation and later divorce, never stayed hidden behind the walls of Kensington Palace
her London home of Apartments 8&9. With no security around her, a cap pulled down over her face venturing out
shopping for food in local stores in Kensington High street and stopping at local cafes for refreshment and even
treating her boys to McDonalds, working out at the Harbour Club or the Soho Gym in Earls Court, she even ventured
to visit Gay clubs in London disguised in a hat and false moustache .. a princess amongst queens and being Gay
myself I can say this! How I would have loved to have been in a club one such night, I am amazed nobody has come
forward with stories to tell, chivalry isn't dead it seems!

Catherine is very much following in Diana's footsteps in so far as being with the people, she similarly interacts and
involves herself with us, stopping to greet and meet, flashing a warm and natural smile and making physical contact.
Diana became the People's Princess because of her natural affinity with the people whatever age, colour or creed
and not just in the U.K. but all over the world. In her words in spite of her own troubles, she felt compelled to carry out
her engagements and not let the people down, later saying that they did not realise it at the time but were extremely
helpful in getting her through some of her darkest moments in their support of her. Diana making a difference in the
people's lives and they though not aware of it healing her.

Unlike Diana, Catherine's initiation into the Firm was not as daunting, Catherine has said she has William to thank for
this, nervous meeting Charles and the Queen. William's grandmother and his father both so warm and welcoming to
her. Royal rules have relaxed so by example behind closed doors Catherine does not need to curtsy to senior blood
royals and Catherine herself has insisted that she and her husband live a much more down-to-earth lifestyle and at
this time are based in a small five room, whitewashed farmhouse in Anglesey, North Wales where William works as an
Air, Sea Rescue pilot and Catherine often seen with Lupo their puppy jogging along the beach or shopping in the
local supermarket and she cooks for her husband, with a cleaner to help in the house and two security guards in the
grounds of the house, this is the extent of their staff which is what they want. In London and living in Kensington
Palace like Diana did, Catherine will shop locally, walk Lupo in the park and have lunch with friends in the Kings Road,

Like Diana, who Catherine has said is an inspiration and someone she'd have liked to have met, she loves her public
duties and particularly enjoys meeting and mixing with children and is drawn to sickly children in hospices and
hospitals where her presence makes a difference. Patron of the "Treehouse" a children's hospice, Catherine making
a short speech there saying " I have seen again that the "Treehouse" is all about family and fun. For many this is a
home from home - a lifeline enabling families to live as normally as possible during a very precious period of time".
Like her husband and Diana his Mother before him did, Catherine supports the homeless charity which William is
patron of "Centrepoint" but as William has made clear Catherine is her own person and is not a replacement of Diana
and so whilst following in Diana's footsteps in certain respects will ultimately follow her own path.

                               In 2010 Prince Harry Diana's younger son spoke about his caring mother visiting a hospital in  
                               Barbados when asked if he was conscious in taking after her saying " I don't know if I can
                               follow in her footsteps but William and I always try to achieve what she achieved in the short
                               space of time that she did. Like Mother, like sons, like Father, like sons. Both she and our
                               father but especially her I suppose had that motherly touch to young children". Similarly Harry
                               spoke so warmly for he and his elder brother at Diana's Memorial Service held at the Guards
                               Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London in 2007 saying in a speech he personally composed      
                               himself "She was our guardian, friend and protector, she never once allowed her unfaltering
                               love for us to go unspoken or undemonstrated. She will always be remembered for her
                               amazing public work but behind the Media glare; to us, just two loving children, she was quite
    simply the best Mother in the world! We would say that wouldn't we but we miss her. Put simply she made us
    and so many people happy. May this be the way she is remembered!"

William speaking about the Concert For Diana at Wembley stadium, an event organised by he and his brother Harry
to commemorate their Mother's birthday of July 1st 2007 saying " We wanted something that would really bring her
whole spirit - her joy of life and everything that we thought she stood for, a concert of this magnitude balanced with
the service will be a wonderful way to remember her."  A key reason for the concert was to encourage people to
remember their Mother in a positive light instead of criticism of her. We want this year to go by and for people to
remember all those good things she did. After ten years there's been a rumbling of people bringing up the bad and
over time people seems to forget all the amazing things she did and what an amazing person she was! She did
everything because she felt it was right and it was what she wanted to do. She didn't go by what she thought the best
thing was to do or be told to do something, she would do it from the heart and fully immerse herself into it and she
cared, she cared massively. We were left in no doubt that we were the most important thing in her life and then after
that there was every one else, there were all her charities and everything like that. To me, that's a really good
philosophy - she just loved caring for people and she loved helping!"

William and Harry saying that they missed their Mother but they learned to deal with their sense of loss but had been
so lucky to have had her as their Mother and that not a day went by when they didn't think of her and miss her
influence because she was a massive example to both of them and Harry adding that she was a happy, fun, bubbly
person who cared for so many people and someone much missed by all not just he and William and that was all that
needed to be said.

                                                                                                Andrew Russell - Davis

" Hello,

I have said for the longest time that I would so love to speak to my boys as well as now of course Catherine but that can
only happen if one of them steps forward to do so and I therefore have no control of that happening but that doesn't
stop me from hoping that it does as reuniting with them would be pretty amazing!"

             With love from,
                                     Diana xx

Spencer House was recognised as one of the most ambitious aristocratic town
houses and was one of the grandest London town houses ever built in London
and remains the city’s only great 18th-century private palace to survive intact.
Situated in the heart of St James’s, Spencer House is a short distance from
St James’s Palace, Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Westminster.
The Spencer family were to remain in the house until 1895, when it was let
out to the first of a series of tenants.

Date Posted: 08-25-12

Harry on Holiday-- A hairy situation

                                                             The Royal Family are furious over the Prince Harry naked photo fiasco but
                                                              their anger isn't  directed solely  at Harry, they are equally angry at
                                                              Harry's  minders and personal security team. Apparently the story being
                                                              Harry was with two male friends drinking in Harry's private suite at the
                                                              Las Vegas Encore Wynn Hotel where the photographs were taken and
                                                              then decided to invite some girls to join them.

On arrival the girls were not requested to submit their cell phones which was absurd and especially knowing the
rebellious, wild side of Diana's younger son as well documented by her and illustrated by his behaviour. As the party
progressed and no doubt the booze flowed and inhibitions lessened several of the girls started taking photographs
using their phones and one of Harry's minders apparently told them lackadaisically not to take photographs.

It has come to light though that the minders were themselves more intent on enjoying the party than protecting the
Prince's interests and following more booze the clothes of the party goers came off with more photographs being
taken in plain view of the secuity team and handlers who did nothing acting like a bunch of amateurs. Apparently the
next day Harry chasing bikini beaus at the Encore Beach Club of the Hotel Wynn where the scandalous photos were

" Hello Everyone,

                   In keeping with this being my personal site as his Mother; in life I would have not have been impressed by this
manner of behaviour and would have told Harry so and this being my personal site therefore I do so here now and say
as I would to him " For heaven's sake Harry if you are going to behave badly then do so privately!" though privately
we'd have in truth most probably had a good giggle about it as well.

                    On a serious note though this manner of behaviour by him will I am sure not impress Chelsy at all and seems
to send a message to her that, as sad as he might be and I have no doubt at all that he is, he has accepted that she has
made her decision regarding their relationship and it is final. This being so Harry is naturally a free agent and is not
cheating on anyone but his lesson in this is to be discreet and to be wary of trusting people as someone clearly took the
photos and then made sure they were presented to T.M.Z. who first published them. As for his security the, in my
opinion, did not do their job as the girls most certainly ought to have had to surrender their cell phones. It is incidents
like this that can lead to blackmail and worse so something that clearly needs addressing.

                      To conclude on a lighter note .. it seems with or without clothes my younger son is certainly fit which makes
me proud!"

                                                          With love from,
                                                                                Diana xx

The nude photographs of Prince Harry in his suite at the Las Vegas hotel are front page headlines in all of the
U.K. newspapers today reporting that as would be expected his father H.R.H. Prince Charles is not impressed by his
younger sons antics reported to have told him to lie low and concentrate on his Military and Royal duties as he
prepares for action in Afghanistan as an Apache helicopter pilot. He is not to be seen leaving night clubs, and
particularly drunk, so is playing the role of protective father figure. Harry is himself extremely embarrassed about the
whole fiasco.

Harry's close circle of friends are usually discreet but this episode illustrates the opposite, there are fears more
scandalous photographs might circulate on the net and sensitive information has already been posted on facebook
apparently them thinking that it is all a laugh so forgetting the fact their friend is a grandson of the current Monarch
and himself in the position of third in line to the British throne.

The security minders present clearly not stopping the photographs from being taken by the six girls invited to join
Harry and his friends in his private suite at the hotel though Scotland Yard, who are responsible for royal protection,
said the officers on duty were not drunk or incompetent in their duty. Perhaps as the drink flowed Harry and his
friends ignored any suggestions made by them in this case as they are after all only employees, this would account
for their seemingly neglecting their duties. However it has emerged that his security members acted more like mates of
his even joining him in a jacuzzi.

Palace courtiers have contacted lawyers to stop the photographs being published in the U.K. or shown on television
though todays Sun newspapers front page clearly shows they have been unsuccessful! Harry continues with his
military training at R.A.F. Wattisham next week and is not expected to receive disciplinary action taken against him
from the Ministry of Defence but is expected to be spoken to about his behaviour.

I have found a very interesting reply from a reader in the people's comments section which rather compliments
Diana's message channeled to me in regards to the photographs and on the one hand seeing he needs to be aware
of who he is and therefore be careful in the way he conducts himself but on the other appreciating that as Diana has
often said; neither of her boys asked to be royals, they had no choice and they themselves like to be treated as
normal young guys. Harry always the rebel as Diana has also said more Spencer than Windsor so a wild card but let
us also remember he is soon to be in a war zone involved in highly dangerous missions and has also realised his
relationship with Chelsy, the girl who stole his heart seems to have really ended. Only human needs perhaps to let his
hair down! It is sad those who took the photographs betrayed him with them to the media, something his Mother would
also appreciate and understand how this would be making him feel. It will hurt! He might sometimes be a bad boy
which is a part of his charm and attraction but like his elder brother William; Harry is a good guy!

                                                          Andrew Russell - Davis

August 23, 2012        Manuel Ortega Beltran

                 I think Harry is down to earth and just like his mother. Diana is probably laughing at him right now. Harry is
just a young guy without prejudices, must be terrible to belong to that society where, you cannot live your own life! Too
much rules! We are in the year 2012 and we get horrified to see that a young man strips among friends in a party.
Where are you living people! Please stop hypocricy! Live life! Bravo Harry, enjoy your life!

Date Posted: 08-26-12

The Las Vegas photographs of Prince Harry are causing another uproar here in the U.K. so this has perhaps been an
incident necessary to be the catalyst for the current exposure of the fact that whilst the photographs were banned
from publication here from Berlin to Bombay they have been front page headlines. The fact they were not featured in
yesterdays papers illustrates the impact privacy laws have here in the U.K.though Irish newspapers that sell in the U.
K. did publicise them. No injunction has been successfully obtained yet by the Palace to protect Prince Harry.

The majority of British Newspapers have signed up to the Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice and the P.C.
C. offers individuals protection in situations where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. These photographs
first appeared on the entertainment website T.M.Z. and because people have Internet access news stories, and in this
case pictures that might be banned from publication, are read and seen. It was wrong that the photographs were
made publicly available as they are an invasion of Harry's privacy but now out in the public domain worldwide, it is
strange that they are banned within the U.K. press highlighting the odd privacy law and the manner in which it
operates here.

In the U.K. the print media is often placed in an awkward position where stories that would gain great readership and
can accessed on line are denied publication fear of inviting an imposed injunction being presented to them or
alternatively the threat of a privacy action being taken. Anonymize injunctions granted by British Courts are regularly
used by celebrities and sports stars to keep their affairs secret whilst upholding their wholesome public image. It is
disturbing to know that British politicians can use these privacy laws to protect their interests and secrets to retain
their public image but a fact that if these pictures of a royal prince of the realm can be banned from publication by the
press here, the same ruling must surely apply to a politician or established and influential business leader.

Gagging of the media was very apparent with the royal scandal of Edward VIII's affair with the married North American
Wallis Simpson which though common knowledge in Fleet Street was unreported. The press agreed to a Palace
request to keep the story hidden to avoid a constitutional crisis though globally the news made headlines. Whether or
not this incident reaches the British Courts remains to be seen but it is unlikely an injunction will be imposed to
prevent further publication of photographs which have already been seen and are available to be seen on the
Internet, injunctions are granted to make sure something private remains private so in this instance Prince Harry will
need to rely upon the U.K. press respecting his privacy but they under no legal obligation to do so.

Throughout this site is information regarding the incident in Paris of August 31st 1997 which was gleaned from foreign
press who were a lot more informative as this being Diana's personal site and Diana in life being a stickler for detail it
was necessary to determine as accurate as possible information being illustrated amongst its pages. Similarly
"Prediction Magazine" was approached in regards to conducting an interview with Diana being channeled directly as
she has been to personal friends of hers in life who have privately verified the authenticity of the channeling being
Diana but having professional and personal reputations to protect not publicly saying so, similarly the magazine which
promotes subject matters such as the reality of the After Life were unable to take advantage of the offer made to them
as their legal department explained that the matter was far too sensitive and were they to do so, they would invite all
manner of legal complications upon themselves and similarly "D" notices, something explained in detail on the site, are
imposed on any communications made to the media in connection with the channeling so consequently are no longer
approached for this reason. Perhaps inadvertently thanks to Harry, Diana's youngest son all this is about to change
and he therefore the catalyst to people being made globally aware that his mother, Diana Speaks!

                                                                                              Andrew Russell - Davis


A friend of Prince Harry's has hit out at the person who outed naked pictures of our favourite British royal.

Harry's close mate Arthur Landon has described whoever shopped the snaps of Harry partying in Las Vegas to TMZ
as "despicable", and assured the press that his true friends would never do such a thing.

He told the Daily Telegraph: "I obviously think it is really despicable that someone would accept Prince Harry's
hospitality and then take these pictures.

"I know it has put a real dampener on everybody who was on that holiday. Some people have been hinting that it was
one of his friends who took the pictures. But that is absolutely not true. None of his friends would ever do that. We are
really careful.

"I wasn't in that hotel room so I don't know if one of those girls took the pictures, although I was there on the holiday.

"I think a lot of people have been left really disgusted to think that someone would have gone into Harry's hotel room,
taken those pictures and then released them to the world."

(Rose's note:  Due to Andrew's computer being out of commission I received this correspondence from a dear friend
who was in contact with Andrew and took the dictation of it via phone.)

Rose: This is for the site as dictated by Andrew and Diana. My own comment is that the Diana Fountain, though very
popular with tourists, Londoners and children especially, has no conspicuous or fitting memorial to Diana. No statue,  
and contrary to what Andrew had thought, not even an engraved stone with her name in gold lettering. Only quite
inconspicuous posters on the two entrance gates with a photo of Diana saying it is the Diana Fountain, which many
people could miss. The whole enclosure cries out for a nice and fitting statue of Diana in the center depicting her
doing humanitarian work. ~~Tony

September 1st:

As Diana's channel I was disappointed that on 31st August 2012 no newspaper I saw remembered Diana who died
this date 15 years ago.

On September 1st, 2012 journalist for the Daily Mail, Amanda Platell, did however pen a precis which I felt even more
disturbing called "The Firm Has Won, Diana Has Been Erased From History". The article detailing that as she walked
through Hyde Park she was stopped by a group of young Japanese tourists who asked her where the Diana memorial
was. Amanda told them that they had just passed it, the fountain that looks like an industrial storm-drain. The tourists
were so shocked at the lack of respect that our famous princess should be dishonored in this manner. Also this week
a PR agent Mark Borkowski noted that The Firm has sidelined Diana as part of a slick rebranding exercise. The
emphasis being on the young royals Katherine, William and Harry, Diana consequently quietly airbrushed out. Fifteen
years later there is still no fitting memorial to the woman who dragged the Royal Family into the 21st Century and
made it fit for purpose for a new age. Diana was not perfect but she achieved much in her short life against incredible
resistance and little support from her husband. Diana didn't modernize the Royal Family, she humanized it through
her work with AIDS and HIV sufferers, the homeless, the forgotten and the landmine victims.

Imagine how alive today Diana would have been supporting the Para-olympics, championing all the international
athletes maimed by land mines and supportive particularly of the eight members of Para-olympics GB, victims of
roadside bombs in Afghanistan.

Diana's boys have tried hard to keep their mother's memory alive organizing the Concert For Diana five years ago
and Harry's AIDS charity being called Sentebale meaning 'forget-me-not' and Katherine wearing Diana's ring
presented to her by William upon their engagement. The reality now though being the Establishment has won, Diana
remembered by her immediate family and the millions who loved her but has been otherwise successfully airbrushed
from history.

I personally just have to say what a clever strategy to use the people popularity of Diana's boys and Catherine to
dilute the memory of Diana and how ironic as not something William, Harry or Catherine are in control of happening
themselves. If alternatively the only royal news headliners were Charles and Camilla a strategy that would fail.

Andrew Russell-Davis

Hallo everyone,  

My feeling is a little bit different to Andrew's as personally I am relieved that the anniversary of my death did not make
news. On this day in 1997 my boys lost their mummy, they will always remember that day and need, therefore, no
reminding of it as those others who choose to remember me don't either. It is far kinder to my boys particularly that the
day therefore passes concentrating on new news not old news.

When the appropriate time arrives and it is globally recognized, respected and accepted that Diana Speaks then, of
course, it will be fitting for me to be a headliner once again which my boys will face, but hopefully anyway, with a sense
of joy and happiness as opposed to grief and sadness.

With love from Diana.
The guardsman to the right of the Queen royally displays
what a Scotsman wears under his kilt.