"My darling Harry,

  Mummy is so very proud of you as are Papa, William and Catherine, Granny and Grandpa and everyone I would
imagine. I was known as being somewhat of a "Peace-Maker" but I am of course fully, personally supportive of your
decision to being so brave in such a highly volatile terrain with your comrades and friends who I know mean so much to
you. I have always said you are the Action Man though so often I wish you weren't but I remember even as a little boy
you loved playing in your soldiers outfit so not being surprising to me that a military career fulfills you.

 So powerfully illustrative of your many sides, the soldier, the humanitarian, the wild rebel and the nurturer of children
who warm to you as naturally as you do to them, all of which combined makes you the formidable character you are with
an amazing personality and so very personable. I know it is difficult being "Solo" but Harry perhaps the wisest situation
for you whilst you serve your country anyway as strong emotional ties to a steady girlfriend and particularly to a wife and
children of your own would indeed make following your military career that much harder for you on a personal level.
There will be time enough for you to find the one and be a devoted, reliable and responsible boyfriend, husband and

   My darling I am wishing you a very Happy Birthday and especially safety and success in all of your missions before
returning safely with your friends and comrades back home again to be with everyone who loves you the most as you
need no reminding I do and I always will. I am with you Harry always!"

With all my love, hugs galore and bundles of kisses my darling,

                                                                                                        Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

September 8th 2012             

             Captain Wales as Harry is known is now back in Afghanistan based at Camp Bastion in the notorious Helmand
Province of the country and serving with 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment Army Air Corps for four months as a Co-Pilot
gunner in Apache Helicopters in the war against the Taliban. A war which to date has cost the U.K. 426 military lives
since the operation began in 2001. He will command missions, navigate and fire its weapons using the pilot's helmet
control system. A small green screen is positioned in front of the pilot's right eye displaying airspeed, altitude, target
range, weapons choice and G-Forces. This "Look and Shoot" facility uses sensors on the helmet to enable the pilot to
attack any target he sees!
                Harry's presence there is likely to entice the Taliban to up their game in efforts to kill or maim him to land
themselves a massive propaganda coup. Harry recently having been the subject of other headlines now merits all of
our thoughts and prayers along with his comrades and all military serving personnel who serve on the front lines. Nick
named the "Party-Prince" due to his wilder side this is Harry's second time in Afghanistan, initially there on a tour of duty
in 2008 deployed with the Household Cavalry as a Forward Air Controller directing bombing attacks against insurgents
but then his secret cover was blown on foreign websites and he was called back to the U.K.

                Personally very disappointed at this happening, Harry was determined to return and has retrained as an
Apache Helicopter pilot and was top of his training classes now in a dangerous and demanding role having been
redeployed. In March 2012 Harry himself saying ...

                " I've served my country, I enjoyed it because I was with my friends and you know everyone has a part to
play. All these people talking these stories ..Oh he's been trained as an Apache Pilot but he's never going to see active
service, he's never going to be in the front line; these people live in a ridiculous world to even think that. You can't train
people and not put them into the role they need to play. I want to serve my country!"

                 Upon his arrival at Camp Bastion Harry was greeted by Captain Jock Gordon the Commander of The Joint
Aviation Group which provides Helicopter Support to Coalition and Afghan forces in south - west Afghanistan and he
has said ..

                 " Captain Harry Wales with his previous experience as a Forward Air Controller of Operations will be a useful

Handsome Harry!