Date Posted 09-25-12

The French magazine "Closer" has been fined for publishing the topless photographs of Catherine,the Duchess of
Cambridge and ordered not to distribute the magazine, initially publishing them in print or online, a French court ruled
today 18th September 2012.

The court ordered the magazine to hand over the original photos to the Royals within 24 hours of the ruling and to
pay them 2,000 euros (about $2,600).The magazine must pay a further 10,000 Euros a day if it is late in handing
over the photos.

A French prosecutor opened a preliminary criminal investigation into the incident, the Nanterre prosecutor's office,
which will determine whether the photographer responsible for them ought to be prosecuted.

Catherine and William "Welcome the injunction that's been granted. The Duke of Cambridge has made clear that he
will do all he can to protect his wife even if this necessitates taking legal procedures in the future. The couple always
believed the law was broken and that they were entitled to their privacy," the palace said. French law provides for
"draconian sanctions" to protect against invasions of privacy including orders to take magazines off shelves and the
imposition of serious fines.

Separately, the board of a newspaper that published the topless photos is conducting an internal investigation. The
board of the Irish Daily Star was considering shutting down the newspaper but decided to await the investigation
results, which are expected in a few weeks. Meanwhile the Irish Daily Star editor Michael O' Kane has been
suspended while an internal investigation is carried out into the publication of the photographs. No British newspaper
has printed the pictures.

No British newspaper printed the photographs but Italian magazine " Chi" which like " Closer" is a part of former Italian
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Mondadori media group which printed a special edition featuring more than 20
pages of the photographs.

" Hello again,

                I share the joy Catherine and Wills must be feeling as well as their personal sense of relief and Wills has made it
very clear now by action that he is determined to protect his wife and inspired to doing so as he has said not wanting her
to become the media victim that I, his Mother, often found myself being. Admittedly though I was not above personally
manipulating the media in my own interests in ways that Catherine has not and hopefully will not have the same need to
do, being fully supported by her loving and devoted husband beside her."

                        With love from,
                                                Diana xx

" Hello Everyone,
               Memories of me being evoked it seems illustrated by these images though I have to say in my opinion Catherine
has the edge on me looking so demure. Jimmy Choo having now met her saying he has been thrilled and she reminds
him so much of me being a beautiful person making her external beauty natural which is very sweet of him to say.
William must be so very proud of his wife as she really is so 'people popular' which is wonderful to witness and in her
own right and not because she is the wife of my eldest son. I always loved her knowing she was the one for him!

               I am so glad he has vowed to protect her over the long lens photographs taken of her topless on a private
holiday in Viscount Linley's chateau in France and insensitively published in the French magazine "Closer" saying "I
don't want what happened to my Mother happening to my wife!" It is so unfair of people to pry on other people in the
Media spotlight in which they do not caring how much it hurts those pursued by them but knowingly not oblivious to
the collateral damage such actions cause so something that I fully support the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in doing
deciding to take legal action for a breach of their privacy. It is somewhat ironic that it is a French magazine involved
and that the photographs were indeed taken in France! Rosa Monckton has tweeted that on my last holiday with her
just prior to rejoining Dodi for what would become our last summer how I told her "It's a hunt Rosa" and she witnessing
first hand the press in 5 boats, 10 helicopters and 250 journalists so I will leave you to imagine if you can the sheer
pressure this puts the victim and I use this word deliberately under, it is not fun, not fun at all!

                 My boys lives will always be under the spotlight because of who they are but particularly because they are my
boys and this is something they both fully realise and have no choice but to accept but please let us hope that in the
future the scrutiny of them is not something that serves to publicly humiliate and hurt them as I urge those who feel the
urgency to do so might stop and ponder on the fact that they have suffered enough already in having lost me which they
make no secret of and allow them respite from cruel and merciless intrusiveness into their private lives which they like
everyone are entitled to enjoy off duty."

                 With love from,
                                    Diana xx

                The Duchess of Cambridge feels personally "Violated" as she finds herself the involuntary subject of
controversy following the publication in a French Magazine of photographs taken of her topless on a private holiday
with her husband. A strongly worded palace statement released reads:

"Their Royal Highnesses have been hugely saddened to learn that a French publication and a photograph have
invaded their privacy in such a grotesque and totally unjustifiable manner. The incident is reminiscent of the worst
excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales and all the more upsetting to the
Duke and Duchess for being so. Their Royal Highnesses have every expectation of privacy in the remote house. It is
unthinkable that anyone should take such photographs, let alone publish them. Officials acting on behalf of their
Royal Highnesses are consulting with lawyers to consider what options may be available for them to take."

                It is the first time in modern history that a British Royal is set to sue through the courts in France for breach
of privacy but William is reported to being livid and Catherine herself angry, upset and disgusted at the photographs
taken at Chateau d' Autet in Provence, France where the couple were staying whilst preparing to undertake their
current tour of South East Asia and the South Pacific where at the British High Commission in Malaysia they learned
of the publication of them in the magazine.

                Ingrid Seward; Editor of Majesty Magazine asking "How could Catherine be so daft?" We expect her as a
future Queen to use more common sense, young and beautiful and eager to get tanned in the sun, never to put
herself in a position where she loses her dignity in a country with the most ruthless paparazzi in the world especially.
This is something only two people could have stopped from happening, the Duke and Duchess themselves. Admitting
to sounding harsh saying that William ought to have advised his wife with his long experience of the foreign press and
particularly in light of his Mother's experiences what might happen and the consequential embarrassment for her.

              What is questionable is again the fact that those who are employed to protect the couple failed in their duty
to do so as similarly the case with Harry in his suite in the hotel in Las Vegas.

         Ken Wharfe who at one time personal detective for and who guarded Diana, Princess of Wales saying:

"The concern is that their security team apparently did not liase with French Police and security. If a photographer
can poke a lens through some greenery and take these type of pictures then a gunman with a high powered weapon
and telescopic sight could have done far worse. That is really shocking! How this area was not checked out by their
security people is unbelievable, these shots were taken from a public road for God's sake. There should have been
an exclusion zone put around the place in which they were staying."

           Also it has emerged that in Afghanistan Camp Bastion in the Helmand Province of the country where Harry,
Diana's youngest son is now based has been attacked deliberately by the Taliban. Insurgents armed with rocket
propelled grenades and assault rifles stormed the heavily - fortified British H.Q. in a deadly assault in the aviation
area. A Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid saying " We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do
whatever they can to eliminate him!" In this recent attack at the huge base in the middle of the desert shared by the
British with U.S. Estonian, Danish and Afghan troops there were two U.S. Marines killed and several other troops
injured. Harry was at the camp but nowhere near where the attack took place.

                                                                      Baby Fever

                                  I have just watched a Royal Documentary called " William and Kate - Baby Fever"
                                  Like Diana I will not call Catherine Kate, as it is not the name she was officially
                        christened with and initially reportedly is disliked by her as Diana disliked being called Di,
                         as the media similarly christened her!

 I like these documentaries as they interview people who are close to the royals and so know their real personalities
and I am very encouraged in this documentary in hearing about William, the Duke of Cambridge's character. Having
been informed that he is aware of this site, his mother's personal site that it would seem therefore that he approves of
it or I am sure he would have acted in a manner to show he didn't! As well as being told of his awareness of it from a
source who knows him, I also wrote to him personally advising him that I channeled his mother in 2000 and advised
him of the site when the original " Diana Speaks" was created. The documentary made very clear that William does
not welcome media pressure or external pressures at all, he is very much his own man with a really stubborn streak;
something I would say inherited from his Mother who he reminds me of so much when he is delivering public
speeches, even his manner is so mirror like of her and as everyone knows he is her image made masculine.

The documentary telling that William will not be told what to do by anyone or do anything he does not want to do,
unless I suppose something obligatory; he decided by example when he would marry and he has made very clear by
his instructing lawyers to act on his behalf regarding his wife's interests that he will react immediately to anyone or
anything that he considers violates his family and chase them down with a vengeance. Catherine his wife proving also
that she is no shrinking violet but a blooming flower with a will of steel able to continue performing as a formidable
team with her husband in spite of being personally hurt by the publication of private photographs of her, Catherine a
native Capricorn behaved as the Monarch would have liked her to have done, publicly not allowing herself to be
shaken which consequently has impressed people and I am sure most of all William!  

Catherine's personal tenderness is likewise so reminiscent of Diana, Princess of Wales as recently shown by her
when whilst with her husband visiting a hospice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on their recent tour of South East Asia and
the South Pacific and meeting a young boy about to be 15 years old and signing a birthday card to him, he with a
short time to live and she telling him how handsome he was making him beam with pride! The couple very involved
with charity work and both embracing teamwork with each other but in a much closer and more emotionally loving way
than was ever seen by William's parents. The couple clearly adoring children as much as children warm to them, not
surprising that this documentary was all about their own children to be! This has been a subject given greater
intensity of interest since on this same tour William said he would like to be the father of two children and ideally a boy
and a girl!

Clearly no pregnancy was going to be likely in the year of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, far too busy a time of
royal duties as well as William's commitments to being an Air, Sea, Rescue pilot but 2013 seems a probable one to
consider with the couple likely to be moving to their London base, a  newly designed large apartment complex at
Kensington Palace so leaving their idyllic and more private life currently enjoyed by them living in their farmhouse in
Anglesey, North Wales where William is based with the R.A.F. Ideally a career that no doubt William would pursue for
a much longer duration but he is the 2nd in line to the throne and his royal duties are now set to increase as the
Duke of Edinburgh, William's grandfather who has suffered serious health scares recently winds down some of his
duties, unsurprisingly for a man in his 90's!

This documentary telling that usually a royal birth happens within 2 years of a Royal Marriage as it is an obligation to
provide an heir and ideally a spare to ensure the continuation of the Monarchy but until recently an amendment made
to the British Constitution meaning that if the first born is a girl, she will be a future Queen of England and likely to
have a dynastic name like Victoria, Elizabeth like the Queen, William's Grandmother and also Catherine's second
name or even perhaps Diana. I would very strongly suppose if not the first christian name of a daughter born to the
couple, it would be her second. Royal popularity has soared since the Royal Wedding of April 29th 2011 and
throughout this years Diamond Jubilee Celebrations but clearly Catherine and William are the Posh and Becks of  
Royalty, the stars and a media storm of interest is guaranteed when it is confirmed Catherine is pregnant and since
the couple are friends of David and Victoria Beckham with four children of their own, they might well become God
parents to the royal baby or babies. Likewise I am sure time spent with naughty Uncle Harry, William's brother would
be enjoyable for the royal son or daughter and he loving children himself thrilled to be a God Father. This decision
though will be for the parents to make.

The Monarchy is modernising so slimming down and therefore more duties are being given to the leading members to
carry out which is more cost effective and sets a good example of economising to the people of a nation currently in a
financial recession but it's shining stars globally are without doubt the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The former
Catherine Middleton being a commoner from a close knit family from the English county of Berkshire is amazing
everyone as she has taken embracing her new royal position in her stride and remained true to herself in spite of her
elevated social status which initially might well have seemed somewhat daunting for her though William always is
there beside her now, supporting her as he always has been from the start of her transition into royal life and sensibly
letting her have a taste of it before officially becoming engaged and even living together as friends so knowing each
other so well before their marriage. William's Grandmother the Queen has served being an exceptional mentor for
him, their relationship a close one as when his parent's marriage was falling apart and particularly after his mother's
death in 1997, he was able to go to her for comfort but also to learn about what his regal position really means and
he has said her knowledge and experience imparted to him by her, he finds invaluable. As well as her influence
though, it is most definitely their Mother's that has shaped both William and his younger brother Harry to being the
grounded men they are today as Diana was insistent that their childhoods would not be sheltered ones, they'd see for
themselves life outside royal walls and took them to hospitals and homeless shelters, theme parks and McDonalds
and other places. Diana was determined though that their childhood would be one as normal as possible under the
circumstances with a sense of real perspectives, seeing they were privileged in comparison to other children but also
to seeing they were keenly aware of their future roles as Royal Princes and so understanding matters of tradition and
protocol. After Diana died Charles their father and privately a very hands on father, though publicly not so
demonstrative of this as their mother continuing to encourage them to live their lives as they wished to within reason
but not lives solely immersed in tradition. Both sons retain a close emotional bond with their father H.R.H. The Prince
of Wales who himself was not afforded the same amount of personal freedom growing up and also a childhood spent
much of the time with a nanny and Governess or at boarding school, not with his parents.

Everyone knows the boys were quite literally Diana's world, she missed them so much when they were at boarding
school, often escaping out of the U.K. and the lonely times in apartment 8 & 9 at Kensington Palace her London
home following  the royal separation and later divorce, Diana missing their boisterous laughter around the place so
finding it easier to be away from the memories of this as well as of her failure of a marriage. Diana clearly would have
adored both her son's children and it is expected that Catherine's mother Carole and Catherine's father Michael who
William apparently jokingly calls "Dad" will be involved in the child's upbringing. William apparently warming to the
naturalness and closeness of the Middleton family finding it endearing appreciating the Middleton's are very family

 William is charming to the press and the media in general but actually loathes them remembering the love - hate
relationship endured with them by his mother and by the paparazzi particularly so as seen protecting Catherine from
them as well as because she is his wife, I would imagine in tribute to his mother as older he would have certainly
done, so for sure his children will be given "Daddy's" complete protection and trusting very few people, someone who
is trusted in William's closest circle is his father who will be an invaluable sounding board for William to speak to about
his offspring's upbringing as well as being able to offer anecdotes of his own childhood. Being Modern Royals as
Diana broke with tradition insisting that the Royal Tour of Australia and New Zealand of 1982 would include taking first
son William on or she would not go herself and she got her way, I would think that Catherine and William will break
with many traditions in bringing up their child / children. The documentary suggesting this also so instead of being
born in a private hospital, the child / children born in an N.H.S. hospital.

William and Harry attending preparatory schools as opposed to being privately tutored it is still believed that the
education will be at well respected schools like Eton attended by William and Harry or Marlborough College by
Catherine, needing to be schools suitable for the necessary security responsible for shadowing the child / children.
Although babies designer clothes are available from names like Ralph Lauren and Kenzo, it is not thought either
William or Catherine will buy into dressing their baby like a celebrity kid as the child will be one gaining global
attention whatever he or she are wearing and it is thought the couple would view this as senseless extravagance
since a baby grows quickly and it also thought that were their children to be of the same gender, Catherine would
insist on garments being shared as they were grown out of. Before the birth it is imagined that Catherine who always
favours British designers herself might pick a personal favourite like Alexander McQueen's; Sarah Burton who
designed her wedding dress to design a wardrobe for her expectancy period or that she will favour high street
maternity wear but one thing being guaranteed, Catherine; the Duchess of Cambridge will make a fashion statement
in her choice of apparel and the garments set to sell out within a short time of her being seen modelling them. Some
have criticised her dress sense remarking it being a little drab and frumpy and to the contrary I would say stylish and
classic, following in the footsteps of  Diana, Princess of Wales, but in her own individual style!

One of the greatest tributes Singapore can bestow upon someone is to name a variety of their National Flower; the
Orchid in honour of that person. William and Catherine on their nine day tour of South - East Asia and the South
Pacific were honoured in this manner as they saw  the newly named "Vanda WilliamCatherine" orchid in the Botanical
Gardens where they were also shown the White Orchid which is called "Diana, Princess of Wales". (Shown above)

Diana had been told about the very special commemoration made to her by its creation and had been due to fly to
Singapore to see it for herself but died in Paris 2 weeks prior to the arranged private visit to the island. The orchid
having since been named "Dendrobium Memoria Princess Diana" and was finally given the royal seal of approval by
Diana's eldest son William who said "It's beautiful!"

The couple staying at the World famous "Raffles Hotel" for their three day stay before flying on to the Federation of
Malaysia and the capital city Kuala Lumpur as guests of the King; the "Yang di-Pertuan Agong" and where they will
also meet Jimmy Choo at an afternoon tea at the High Commission and both will sample a special tea blended to
commemorate the Silver Jubilee. Jimmy Choo famously designed Diana's favourite shoes, seen worn by her in the
stunning short blue dress worn by her to the Swan Lake ballet in London in 1997 just weeks before her death, Diana
had the same shoe in other shades. After Malaysia the couple will travel to the nearby Island of Borneo and by
helicopter from the capital city of Brunei they will journey deep into the natural rain forest in the Danum Valley and
here they will witness seeing Orangutans in their natural habitat.

From Borneo William and Catherine will journey to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific to enjoy an outdoor feast
at the Governor General's residence and will arrive by traditional war canoe to a five star private island resort with
many bungalows surrounded by landscaped lawns and palm trees and finally on to the fourth smallest country in the
world called "Tuvalu" which was last visited by the current Monarch and her husband in 1982. On these islands Her
Majesty the Queen remains regarded as Head of State.

Date Posted: 11-12-12

Tatler is the Society Magazine in the United Kingdom and their Man of
the Year for 2012 is Prince Harry and in this months magazine they
have said this about him and offered a selection of images of him
including these ....

"He's the coolest royal by a country mile. The one you'd most like to
do tequila slammers with, who also happens to be completely dreamy and
brave enough to fly attack helicopters in Afghanistan. He might be a
little bit of a hell-raiser, known for occasional acts of
high-spirited buffoonery, but he's fun, hot and the most charismatic
royal we've had in ages. In celebration of his face gracing our
wonderful new issue, we've put together a whole glorious gallery of
him. To Prince Harry - Tatler's Man of the Year!"

"Hello Everyone,
What a lovely tribute to Harry, I am enormously
proud and touched and finding it wanted to share it with you all. I am
sure Harry himself will be very flattered by it!"
With love from,
Diana xx