Date posted:  12-04-12

"Hello Everyone,

                   Andrew and I have just seen one of the D.V.D.'s in a series about the life and times of Her Majesty and this part
spoken about by me entitled "The Diana Years" and was especially presented in the British newspaper "The Sunday
Telegraph". I am extremely humbled by the fact that in its conclusion it said that perhaps the greatest legacy left by me
and my 17 years as a member of the Royal Family being the fact that following my death they have re - invented
themselves and consequently became popular again when initially of course the knives were out for them over the
manner in which they were seen to behave following my death in Paris in 1997. It will be remembered that they
remained at Balmoral in Scotland which looked as if they didn't care or appreciate the people's grief as they called for
their Queen to return to London to be with her people in the English capital city.

                    However it noted wisely, I have to say, by a palace adviser that for the first time in her reign Her Majesty put
family before duty and was determined as their grandmother to shield and protect my two boys as much as she could
and help them to slowly come to terms with their enormous personal loss quietly and privately as opposed to being with
her subjects; as in London what could she have done as important as nurture her grandsons so a very valid point made
by him. I now fully appreciate why William and Harry are so genuinely fond of her though in contrast it said during the
film that our rapport with each other was not a close one which is true but I now am willing to accept more my fault than
hers as things I did like the Panorama Interview of 1995 were going to ruffle feathers naturally which at the time had in
truth been my intention to do as I did feel so let down by them.

                      The problem was Her Majesty and I did things very differently. I wore my heart on my sleeve and she kept
her emotions private. I was hands on with people whilst her manner of contact and communication was from a
respectful distance to them so consequently I became more popular with the people naturally and this is why as I say I
am indeed so glad to see the Royals become more in touch and as the film says today we are not seeing a new Queen,
witnessed being the same Queen, but one who is behaving in a manner befitting of a changing society so much more
informal with people on engagements, even inviting of the press to hear conversations engaged in by her with people
met during them.

                         It noted that Her Majesty sat on the fence too long regarding the
problems in the Royal Marriage and by the time that she got off it the damage was
all done and it was too late and impossible to rectify or reconcile in any way. The
only practical solution was to do as she did and order us to divorce as following
both of our public interviews during which both of us admitted adultery there was
really no other alternative as the marriage had so clearly irretrievably broken down,
and though unofficially separated, that official divorce the only viable option in order
for the Monarchy to retain any dignity at all. Upon reflection, though it was not
something I wanted personally, I see upon reflection how it was the only sensible solution
to the problem which had increasingly escalated to the point of mockery in the Media.

                          Two well known Royal Biographers Penny Junor and Irene Seward, also Editor of Majesty magazine,
provided their personal input throughout with Penny saying that Charles knew he was making a mistake the day he
married me, even before it, but was not brave enough to admit it to a public who had fallen in love with me long before
July 29th 1981. Irene saying that on her last meeting with me I had told her there was a time when Charles and I had
genuinely loved each other and that there were mutual letters of endearment written to each other locked away to
verify this fact so very much a conflict of opinion voiced by them.  So what do I have to say... well of course we loved
each other initially, though I think perhaps I was in love with Charles which was the difference and that he was in love
with someone else who he now is married to of course but that he had accepted the fact that at the time certainly Camilla
married herself then to Andrew Parker - Bowles and a non virgin was not therefore a viable contender to be his wife.
The fact I wanted Irene to know this and to understand on our last meeting, which would have been in 1997 being very
poignant, was the fact that when I died Charles and I had reconciled our differences and were friends!"

                                                                          With love from,

                                                                                               Diana xx

The bracelet was Diana's most precious possession amongst her jewelry collection, because she said it reminded her
of all the good times in her marriage, the greatest legacy of the union being their sons; her special boys William and
Harry! It was given to her by Prince Charles, who gave her a different charm each year during the first ten years of
their marriage.

The charms included gold W + H initials to mark William and Harry's births,
a pair of ballet shoes, a tennis racket, a gold apple, a polo cap, a miniature
St Paul's Cathedral, a gold teddy bear to signify Diana's love of soft toys,
and a gold wombat, a reference to William's nickname used by both his parents.

                                                         Diana on her 36th and last birthday in 1997 attending the "100th Birthday
                                                         Celebration Of The Tate Gallery" In London and ironically in one hand
                                                         holding a heart shaped balloon gifted to her and in the other flowers and
                                                         that same year a month later the Queen of Hearts would be remembered by
                                                         numerous bouquets outside both Buckingham Palace and Kensington
                                                         Palace in London, England and Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

Date posted:  12-04-12

Exciting News

"Hello Everyone!

         I am thrilled to hear the news that Catherine and William are now prospective first time parents, naturally, knowing
they will make wonderful ones. They saying even upon their engagement that they were intent on having a family,
though sensibly not immediately having enjoyed each other's company without any distraction first, and now willing to
share that with a baby or perhaps twins?

          Their child, even if a girl, will someday become Queen even if a brother follows her due to the law being changed
permitting this as until now a male child has always taken precedence of position in the line of succession. This has
meant all 16 realms that Her Majesty is Queen of  have needed to agree to this happening which they have done but
necessitates some of these countries altering their constitutions which of course leaves them open to being asked to
make other amendments. Catherine and Will's child will be third in line to the throne and Her Majesty's third great -
grandchild and this announcement quite simply, I am sure for her, the perfect ending to the year of her Diamond
Jubilee! For many people though something  they have been waiting for with even a documentary dedicated to Baby -
Fever and the Royal Couple being televised here in England recently so headlines providing a very definite feel good

           My very best wishes are with the mother and father to be but most especially healing love with the " Duchess of
Cambridge" who was admitted this afternoon to King Edward VII Hospital in Central London with "Hyperemesis
Gravidarum" which is a form of severe morning sickness. This condition has initiated the announcement of the
pregnancy of about 2 months being made as most usually this would not have become news until Catherine was at least
12 weeks pregnant. As the pregnancy is in its very early stages. Catherine is expected to stay in hospital for several days
and will then require a period of rest and recuperation and I do sincerely hope, without needing to its having to be
something insisted upon, that the Media respects privacy for the couple appreciating that once again they will be global
                          With love to you all from,
                                                              Diana xx

    Interestingly enough Diana mentioned perhaps Catherine and William will be the parents of twins and then doing
my homework I found this information that the current condition that Catherine is being hospitalised for is a potentially
dangerous type of morning sickness which tends to be more common among women pregnant for the first time, and in
multiple pregnancies. One more often experienced by women expecting twins! In this case the first baby delivered
would become third in line to the throne.

   It is now being speculated that the time of William serving as an Air, Sea Rescue pilot might be limited and he
instead becoming a member of the Household Cavalry in London to be closer to his wife as it is strongly thought that
throughout her pregnancy the Duchess of Cambridge will want to be closer to her own family members and particularly
her Mother so not miles away in Anglesey, North Wales where the Royal couple currently live. The Middleton's live in
the county of Berkshire, where Catherine and her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, were visiting them when
Catherine became ill and it was decided she ought to go to hospital.

    In early 2013 it is expected that Catherine and William will move into their London home, the newly renovated
Apartment 1a at Kensington Palace previously the residence of the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret, the Queen's
younger sister. William and Harry growing up with their parents Diana and Charles in Apartments 8&9 which after the
official royal separation and divorce of the couple remained the London home of Diana, Princess of Wales. It is
presumed that, since Catherine and William having toured South - East Asia and been busy with Royal Duties,
Catherine's public appearances will be somewhat scaled down now that she is the expectant mother to be.

      I reckon it is great news as this couple are clearly so genuinely happy together, being loving, caring and devoted
parents, this being the icing on the cake for them, so wishing them both well and many, many congratulations on this
wonderful news. 13 was always Diana's unlucky number but seems she due to be becoming a Spiritual Fairy
Grandmother for the first time in 2013 that the energy of the number transforms to becoming a lucky one for the lady!
                                                                                                                     Andrew Russell - Davis

Date posted: 12/09/12

           Latest news regarding Catherine's newly announced pregnancy being, though staying in the Marylebone
hospital a few more days,  is that she feeling much better. Experts are now predicting that she is carrying twins as
Diana intimated in her initial message of Congratulations to the couple. If so it will be a first as looking back through
William's extensive family tree, there are virtually no twins and a similar story consulting Catherine's ancestry. Though
whatever sex their offspring might be, I sense a daughter would be wonderful as it is something he knows his Mummy
wanted herself, blessed already with her cherished boys! Though Godparents are not decided, more than a likely
contender for Godmother will be Pippa, Catherine's younger sister as they have always been close.

        The condition that Catherine has means likely future hospital visits as she will need to be monitored for
dehydration so remain in London and not return with her husband to North Wales where he is duty bound to spend
the next nine months serving as an Air, Sea, Rescue pilot and based at R.A.F. Valley in order to maintain his flying
hours which were interrupted with his duties regarding the Diamond Jubillee Celebrations including his successful
recent tour with Catherine of South East Asia and the Pacific. For this reason he was due to scale down the extent of
his public engagements to concentrate on his career that as a team member he is passionate about. Now he has
been granted compassionate leave to be with his wife and loves time spent with his parents-in-law, Carole and Michael
Middleton and relishes involvement within the stability and security of the happy family so including Catherine's
siblings Pippa and James, something he craved to personally experience but never did with his parents.

         Traces of asbestos found in Apartment 1a, it is now likely that the Wales family will not be able to move into the
newly renovated property within Kensington Palace until mid to late 2013.  It seems likely they'll retain their current
home of the two bedroom Nottingham Cottage within the grounds of the palace.

         Carole will want to give guidance to her daughter as a new Mother but will be aware of the demands that the
Royals will insist upon which she will need to accomodate but knows William will defend she and Michael's right to have
their say and having him as their champion making a real and powerful difference as since the Royal Wedding they
have found themselves traditionally frozen out by the Windsors. However, Carole and Michael Middleton's first
grandchild, and even if twins-- the first born one, is set to being a future Monarch!

Date posted: 12/09/12

      Catherine came out of hospital yesterday and is recuperating with William at their London home within the
grounds of Kensington Palace. Speaking for the first time publicly yesterday about the news that he is to be a
grandfather, William's father H.R.H. The Prince of Wales saying "I'm thrilled - marvellous". "It's a very nice thought to
becoming a grandfather in my old age, I can say so"

      Two Australian Media reporters one impersonating the Queen called the hospital asking to be connected to her
daughter-in-law and tragically the nurse who took the call and connected it in her role as duty nurse because there
was no receptionist manning the switchboard at the time of the call has been found dead in the nurses residence
close to the hospital.  46 yr. old Nurse Jacintha Saldanha whose partner and two sons live in Bristol issued a
statement "We as a family are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Jacintha." Lord Glenarthur, the hospital's
chairman, added: "This is a tragic event. Jacintha was a first-class nurse who cared diligently for hundreds of patients
during her time with us, well respected and popular with her colleagues."

     The radio prank, which was pre-recorded and vetted by lawyers from the radio station before it was broadcast,
was picked up by media worldwide and was acutely embarrassing for the hospital. Now owners of the Sydney radio
station said last night that the two presenters were "deeply shocked" at the nurse's death and had agreed to stop
broadcasting until further notice. Catherine and William sent a message that they are "deeply saddened" by Ms.
Saldanha's death. A spokesman at St James's Palace said: "Their Royal Highnesses were looked after so wonderfully
well at all times by everybody at King Edward VII's Hospital, and their thoughts and prayers are with Jacintha
Saldanha's family, friends and colleagues at this very sad time."

    Last night H.R.H. Prince Charles and H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall attended the Sun newspaper's Military Awards
Ceremony in London during which he made an emotional speech saying how he really understands the heartache of
families when loved ones are on active service. Speaking of Harry, saying affectionately, "The younger one is at the
moment in Afghanistan, fortunately he rings me every now and then as you do worry all the time"   and in a jokey
manner in regards to Harry's publicised antics saying that if he ever needs to find out what fun loving Apache
Helicopter co-pilot Harry is up to, he simply has to check the front pages of the papers! He told how he really
appreciates the extraordinary resilience and the unbelievable support provided by the families who remind their loved
ones that they are there for them despite what they are having to put up with and he paid tribute to the" unending,
relentless courage" of the British forces in Afghanistan. " When you think what they are doing, it is truly remarkable!"

23rd December 2012

           Jacintha Saldanha, aged 46 yrs, is the nurse who committed suicide days after answering a hoax phone call
from two Australian D.J.'s Mel Craig and Michael Christian about the Duchess of Cornwall.They pretending to be H.M.
The Queen and H.R.H. Prince of Wales.  Ms. Saldanha had attempted suicide twice before, having been rushed into
hospital last winter and surviving an overdose, nine days later apparently trying again jumping from a building. The
nurse as a result had been prescribed antidepressants having spent several days in intensive care before receiving
psychiatric treatment. Mrs. Saldanha was discovered hanged by a scarf at her living quarters close to the hospital in
Paddington where Catherine was a patient recently. The journalists responsible for the hoax call, which was broadcast
in Australia and made world headlines, have both been full of remorse never imagining a joke would result in such
devastating and tragic circumstances.

         What amazes me is the fact that, while clearly mentally unstable, the nurse was given the responsibillty of
continuing with her nursing duties at the King Edward VII Hospital in central London in spite of being diagnosed
severely depressive!