"Hello Everyone.


  I think most people would agree the world is in dire straits and not solely on an economical level, though this too
just to compound things, but that human attitudes also are in need of serious adjustment. I have drawn attention in
my Christmas Message to the fact that man's lost his sense of Faith and Belief to a great extent; so his not allowing for
miracles by example to be something believed in by him.
           The perfect example of this being a dead Princess talking but I don't do dead so I am indeed very much alive
and aware of things happening, more so now actually then when earthbound but due to a mixture of man's cynicism
and fear am prevented in my tracks from progressing at the moment certainly. Hopefully this will alter as until it
does I am rendered utterly helpless to assist in implementing very necessary changes ultimately affecting in man's
            I can tell you all now the world is on self - destruct and this seen by the attitude displayed by its youthful
population, quite literally "Tomorrows World" and heaven help us all if its evolution is something left in their hands
as clearly at the moment anyway if so it will be one dependent for survival on violence and aggression as displayed
by the behavioural patterns displayed by them. I am making a generalisation, admittedly there are exceptions to this
mind - set, but ratio wise seemingly a minority group by comparison.
           Andrew, Rose and I, as well as others, have contacted various sources in the Media as well as my personally
penning notes to my eldest son, my brother, Peter Settelen, Max Clifford as well as numerous others to advise them
that " She didn't go quietly "  only to be ignored by them all; although my boys personal secretary having the
common decency to reply representing William for which I was personally most grateful.  
            Fear naturally plays into the ignorance being displayed by the Media certainly as liking to build people up and
then to knock them down is their predominant kick, what people pay to read about; scandal sells and always will!
What greater story could there be of a non-political vein than a man claiming to channel the late " Diana, Princess of
Wales " ? Would people read such articles ? Yes naturally, this made apparent by my still making front page
headlines and almost always mentioned in articles pertaining to my boys. Most recently in one illustrating William's
sleeping rough on London's streets.  
            Fear of what then? Fear of it's being the reality it is, pure and simply that! Were it not something believed or at
the least something albeit hidden of course  seriously given consideration, Andrew's name would have been ridiculed
in some postscript somewhere and it isn't except curiously enough on homage sites to me on the net, pretty ironic
don't you think?
              I have it on very good authority   (Remember that one ?) that a certain  publications legal department who
have been presented with the fact have deliberately been forced to ignore it for fear of litigation being brought upon
themselves in running with it and so by whom you might ask? Big Brother is watching,  meaning those who ultimately
control them and decide what can and what cannot be publicised in the mainstream. Had my death simply been
another road traffic statistic as hoped you all believe I am quite sure the subject matter would not be quite so
sensitive and with a need to deliberately block from mainstream exposure. In visiting my site the reasons for my
death something made abundantly clear in studying the information recorded here, fact not fiction! Nobody
involved in my work is a fantasist and neither up to exploiting me for personal financial gain or they'd not have been
selected for their involvement.
              Whilst the intent remains to silence me, people literally get away with murder, ultimately of course the truth
will prevail but perhaps when certain people involved are themselves dead; things at present shrouded in darkness
will come to light and justice a  result as opposed to judgement cast, as things currently stand.
               What benefit might it be; my being believed in and to be speaking through Andrew I suppose you might
wonder ?
             Well in the first instance proving the reality of there indeed being life after death, so something with
immediate controversy amongst certain powerful Religious Doctrines in questioning with authority many of their
belief systems implemented over centuries; necessitating a call for serious debate upon them; albeit I would imagine
initially un-welcomed, but necessary.
          The profound knowledge gained leading people to know their loved ones, family and friends, even pets, have
not deserted them and can be communicated with directly which will be tremendously personally healing to many
though of course affecting certain Mediums consulted by people to gain this knowledge. This illustrating perfectly
how a greater belief in self and in ones own gifts and abilities would become somewhat enhanced. Dependence upon
self as opposed to a reliance upon other so immediately inner strength gained.  
          On another level my being able to advise people on things which would transform man's current conception of
things so by example advise him on the cure for cancer and other such terminal illnesses in many cases so helping
and healing, similar to my exposure of A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. victims being victims of man's ignorance to the conditions
more than the illnesses themselves back in the 1980's!                                                   
           I would have the information at my disposal to advise upon global affairs which ultimately affect everyone at
one level or another and finally assist man in his own personal evolution in his Belief and Faith in its reality. Are
these illustrations not powerful enough in themselves to lend it to being something given serious consideration ?
          Were it to be fake or illusionary Andrew, Rose, Lynne, Anne, Antony, Tony, Adrian and others who believe
would, I am quite sure, have long since given up the ghost but instead are pioneers in their own right of spreading the
word just as prophets and seers before them have been seen to have done and with equal opposition confronting
them but resilient and retaining that personal Belief and Faith for themselves against all odds!"

                  Thank you for listening to me,
                                                                Diana xx


(Below is a note received concerning this statement made by Diana. She
requested that it be added here. )

Hello Diana,

Many thanks for alerting me to this new message from you.

It is indeed fear which prevents those who knew you in life acknowledging your communications to them. Fear
of ridicule, fear of the forces which caused the crash in Paris being turned towards them. The more influential
these people are the more difficult it is for them to acknowledge the reality of your communications, as you
yourself found it necessary to hide the fact during your life as Princess Diana that you consulted psychics and
mediums. This is something a lot of people keep to themselves, let alone people in prominent positions.

I would hope, however, that some of these people would at least contact you privately thru Andrew, as indeed
William did via his personal secretary that time. Nevertheless it is probably not easy for them to even do this, as
certainly your boys' every word, every letter, every email is monitored and vetted by someone.

The powers that be are running scared that this thing will burst wide open and are trying to keep the lid on it, as
with the suppressing of the film by Keith Allen, financed my Mohamed al-Fayed. They have certainly told the
media to ignore you.

It is also hard for people in general to believe that a dead Princess, well known around the world, is
communicating thru a single voice channel. The obvious reaction is to dismiss it as a hoax or the work of a
crank. However those who knew you in life must know it is you, if they have listened to the pod casts, etc. At
least they, and the Establishment/media generally, have not publicly denied it is you, and accused Andrew of
faking your voice.

So perhaps this is the most positive thing about their silence. The last thing the powers-that-be want is 'Diana
Hoax' spread all over the tabloids, because then millions would start listening to the pod casts on the Internet
and deciding for themselves.

Diana, there are many voice messages from Spirits on the Internet. Direct Voice recordings by mediums like the
late Leslie Flint and also the living David Thompson. Some of these are also famous people like Queen Alexandra,
Amy Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Mahatma Gandhi and Quentin Crisp. The world is, I'm afraid, very skeptical of
such things. But yours is the most persistent set of communications, and the most relevant to the modern world

The others tell us what the afterlife is like, and preach a message of peace, love and brotherhood. Yours are much
more specific in relation to our world. This makes them positively dangerous, and dangerous for certain people to

I hope and pray for eventual success in spreading the knowledge that you are still around and that millions will
listen and take heed, to you and the other voices from beyond that barrier we know as death, for there is so much
wisdom there. We can only trust in Source and Spirit that this will be the case when the time and conditions are


(Diana also asked that these video be placed on her site and I thought it would be nice
to finish this page off with a musical tribute to her.)