Date posted: 1-02-13

" Hello Everyone,

              I have been busy doing my homework, as I was known for doing of course, and intend upon making some points
rather clear to people-- points that might have been missed, as it would be hoped by certain parties particularly would
be, but as I was termed (albeit incorrectly)  I was anything but in my varied involvements a "Loose - Cannon". What is
true though is that either deliberately or inadvertently I courted controversy so why change the habit of a lifetime and
therefore disappoint people? This said I have futher to say as 2012 ends and we approach the beginning of 2013 the
year ( I sense anyway
) of an amazing awakening happening globally.

                 In life I said I was a problem and wouldn't go quietly and latterly causing friction and fear in two camps, these
being that of the Monarchy and Establishment,  entertaining personal involvement with an Egyptian Muslim which it
was seen was developing seriously and worry that I might even become pregnant by him? As reckless as I might have
been though my primary consideration would have been my boys and secondly my own personal reputation making
this something I would not have considered, certainly before marriage anyway. I might have been a rebel but I had a
sense of personal dignity!  After the divorce I had found so much personal support forthcoming, I would have hardly
sabotaged this which to have become pregnant would most certainly have done that and played right into the enemies
hands. No, I do not mean Charles. He travelling to Paris to bring me home to our children proving this fact.

              My being with Dodi I would have thought assisted Charles greatly on an emotional level certainly in
relinquishing a part of the guilt he perhaps felt being with Camilla, knowing I too had found happiness with someone and
naturally my boys witnessing themselves; Mummy and Papa laughing again! The problem being my man was the eldest
son of Mohamed al -Fayed, also known as the British Establishments Enemy No.1 This adding to my sense of
mischievousness naturally!

                Our relationship was of course successfully prevented from developing, provoking being a cause of
embarrassment to the Royals in Paris in 1997, and rather conveniently I being stopped in my tracks continuing with my
personal involvement in the Land Mine Campaign. I  having witnessed first hand in both Bosnia and Angola the
complete devastation they caused was determined to seeing them outlawed. This not making me a welcomed and
popular figure with both the British Government and the U.S. Senate as providing a lucrative business for both as I
documented whilst involved in my work. Much has been spoken about by me and there is no practical sense in
repetition but there is I feel a desperate need to put all of the jigsaw pieces together.

                  Andrew met Andrew Morton a journalist to whom I was going to channel to but this never happened because
Andrew off the record asked Andrew Morton what he thought happened in Paris and he said "It was an accident!".   I
then, of course, refused to speak so that interview never happened.  A journalist he took the overall journalist's
opinions and journalists are relied upon to tell the public what is happening and in regards to Paris to therefore
encourage it to being seen as an accident. Journalists will support the Establishment as they are a part of the
Establishment, they have bosses who have proprietors to answer to and they are after knighthoods so are apt to being
corrupt and this fact being now exposed more and more so it timely now for me to speak out when there is concrete
evidence to support me in what I am saying, which until very recently there hasn't been. The Media cited the verdict
before the official inquest was concluded and the verdict reported as being an unlawful killing resulting from first a
group of paparazzi and when this failed the result of a drunken driver, but actually the verdict given being unlawful
killing contributed to by vehicles following the Mercedes - Benz but not involving paparazzi. This being due to the fact
witnesses in Paris saw us followed in the car by motorcyclists but all paparazzi members accounted for, none ever
interviewed having been arrested initially and subsequently released and none taking the witness stand at the official
inquest. However  the question remaining:  who were on the motorcycles? After all it being agreed they responsible for
manslaughter, their identities have never been something explored much less brought to justice! Similarly the S.A.M.U.
ambulance crew never identified and subsequent delays getting me to the hospital not ever explained.

                 Similarly highly significant witnesses never called to testify including the top French medical examiners even
though it was determined the blood said to be belonging to our chauffeur for the evening, Henri - Paul, having obviously
been supplanted with an other's for reasons examined and detailed on my site previously. The amount of carbon
monoxide found prevalent in his body in keeping with someone inhaling fumes from an exhaust pipe of a car; so a
probable suicide and rendering them quite incapable of driving!  One would have thought since I had somewhat
predicted my death word for word in a letter written to my butler Paul Burrell that when it happened my ex-husband
having been spoken of by me in that letter might have been called to provide a testimony in his defence but never was.
Also then what needs to be considered is the  inquest being held in the Royal Court of Justice in London and presided
over by a Judge and councillors swearing allegiance to the Monarch-- rather implausible any of the Royals would be
called to trial to submit evidence to protect themselves so consequently of course none were!

              Also of course did I infer Charles by the comment? On the surface I did especially mentioning with me out of the
way he would be free to marry Tiggy, so not Camilla? I had said there were three of us in the marriage when asked if I
saw his involvement with Camilla played a part in the marriage breaking, I made no mention of Tiggy! Likewise in the
same interview, so the Panorama one of course, it was understood when I questioned as to whether or not the
limitations of being King were ones he could cope with thought to be my questioning his ability to rule, remembering
that the Monarch does not rule but that the government does so making no sense at all had I have meant this. However
married to me still at the time, albeit officially separated and so our living separate lives, never the less as King he would
have had to have faced losing his mistress and in his words she was nonnegotiable!  Immediately therefore a limitation
handed to him and I wasn't sure he would cope with that not knowing I would die, and as he has done he able to marry
her. Therefore in mentioning my husband I might as easily have been inferring the "men in grey", as I called them, who
hold the real power! If you do your homework you will perhaps discover who I mean and other secrets and exposures
which is why my personal site is one so interesting to examine in depth!

                 Since the incident happening in 1997, H.R.H. Prince of Wales having married Camilla now H.R.H. Duchess of
Cornwall, and my being successfully airbrushed from Regal History.  William though determined to making me
unforgettable presenting Catherine with my former engagement ring and they marrying in Westminster Abbey where he
attended my funeral service and now Catherine pregnant, a granddaughter quite possibly having Diana as one of her
                                        With love to you all from,
                                                                        Diana xx                       

Date posted 1-03-13


" Hello Everyone,

                    As this year comes to a close I am inclined to speak about Andrew and the reason being because of all the
years of his life to date the year of 2012 has certainly been the most prolific and formative of the man who channels me
privately and soon publicly. It will indeed take a very strong and fearless, yes brave man, to do so as initially anyway
opposition will be prolific naturally. I do not mean people's opinions, I am referring to bodies and institutions that will
deliberately seek to discredit him, to mock and insult him, by any means necessary in their own interests. In my
drawing attention to this, it is therefore documented before happening so fore-warned is fore-armed as they say.

                       Andrew had a lot of growing up to do and was pretty much subjected to a crash course in maturity which has
been accomplished successfully, so much like I had to do when I found myself in danger of drowning within the royals,
having to sink or swim, and I swam. The maturity I speak of is of the inner self, learning to love yourself being the secret
to its attainment and like me before it happened he didn't even much like himself but now stands tall and proud of who
he is in his own right and able therefore to defend himself against all opposition. One of the things he has needed to do is
to conquer his fears, the greatest of which for him was emotional rejection and most recently something he has been
subjected to happening but which he has not for the first time in his life gone to pieces over but has accepted in calmness
and acceptance of the person concerned decision to reject him and consequently has himself grown immensely having
done so. A message was imparted from Source, or as Rose calls the all powerful energy "Dude", to him through Rose in
early 2011 soon after his arrival in England from Germany.   Here it is below in its entirety revealed for the first time as
a proof of what was fundamentally necessary for him to achieve personally before his work with me could begin
                   What is made clearly apparent within its context is the fact that Andrew does not have free will but also notice
who's mission the Diana Work really is as this ought to determine how it is destined to being successful and gives an
indication that Andrew's being chosen for it makes him rather special in his own right as well as illustrating the fact that
it was not just me who chose him for it actually but why he needed to be prepared to take the full responsibility of it
upon his shoulders. I am satisfied personally that he is now ready to do so and fully confident to speak through him.

[another of Andrew's friends with connection to Source]  will note I am sure that the Diana Work
has always been likened to a ship launching so this message will resonate with him and his guidance imparted from
[one of Tony's spiritual contacts from the other realm]  and further confirming their unique bond being one
extending from Spirit to Earth and vice verse. The nautical connection making sense in that once launched a steady
course will be steered on a global voyage of enlightenment and wonder, the likes of which the world has never seen
before and set to awaken people of all nationalities in powerful and profound ways as it will be time"

                                         With love and thanks to you all for supporting us both loyally, for believing and trusting in us
                                                                                   From, Diana xx

What is to become of Andy now back in the U.K. ?

The man who does not believe he may traverse the woods in safety is one who will fear every shadow within the path.
The man who steps boldly into the unknown wood will not fins himself startled by even the deepest shadows. It is for
him a cleansing of his fears and his need for certainty that he has grown adopted to. The settling of his mind into
regimented furrows of what should be is softened so that he may see the furrows that are not plowed in equity. He will
be aided but the forms of aid will not be seen beforehand for he is to walk entirely on the knowing that has been given
and on faith that I am ever with him. His limited mindset that I might be found only in certain mindsets or within certain
physical spaces will be challenged and it is to be so for he will be of necessity to hear my voice at all moments as he is
led to do my will. He is to be as the ship which has no guide other than the sun and its luminaries. He will find another
to aid him but it is for now for him to walk alone into the deeper woods and fear not while letting me guide him.

So no hint of where he is to go?

The will of many will be to aid him but there are those who are chosen. In this he must allow me to lead him and so the
greater test of faith is that no prior knowledge will be given and he must not allow his fears to overcome him for it is in
this will be the last of the cleansing.

What of Diana? Does her work get put to the side because of Andy's economic problems? Is that fair?

There will not be need of one who cannot perform the dance without fear of falling. Thus it is with her that both must
go forward and without fear into the forest. The fears of the man are as well the fears of the woman and so each shall
find a growth if they are to assess what it is they fear most. It is in hand and they shall not perish. This is not for their
demise but for their arising that this is done. Only once they have arisen from the abyss of fears then they will see
they are whole and were not yet ready for the mantle of my mission until they could rely on self and my gentle leads to
the next moment. This is all to be given at this time!

[Rose's note: This session was given after Andrew lost his home in Germany and had arrived back into London and
had nowhere to go. He was bouncing around, living with various friends for short time frames, and was virtually
homeless. We were both concerned over his fate and safety for he was about to be totally homeless. True to Source's
(Dude's) words he was rescued by yet another friend and was able to find a room to live in. He did not perish and
learned some lessons about walking through fear and having faith!]