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Wilkommen Haus Windsor!

    In life when Diana was gifted with a Mercedes coupe from the German manufacturing company which she loved,
there was public uproar that she was driving a foreign car and promoting a foreign car company and especially a
German one! Diana joking when eventually under pressure she returned the gift saying there was not such an outcry
over her marrying a German husband!

    Looking into history, the Royal Name Windsor was adopted on 17th July 1917 when King George V who had
ascended the throne seven years earlier with the surname Saxe-Coburg-Gotha relinquished all Teutonic connections
to distance all German roots since Germany was the enemy, the detested Keiser Wilhelm II being the King's first
cousin, both grandsons of Queen Victoria so all very embarrassing. Names of principle members of the royals were
changed so, George's consort Queen Mary had been Princess Mary of Teck and so her brother was transformed
from being Prince of Teck to the Marquess of Cambridge and the family Battenburg became Mountbatten.

     The ruling house before Windsor had been the Haus Hanover since Queen Anne the last of the Stuart Monarchs
died. Conversely Diana's family connected to the ruling Stuart line. However Queen Anne dying since Parliament
passed a law that no Roman Catholic could accede the throne, the crown passed to he who would otherwise have
been 52nd in line, George Guelph, the Elector of the small German state of Hanover. George I reigned 1714 -1727
and German by birth showed little interest in England, never mastered English and spent most of his time in his native
Hanover where he died and was buried. The primary Monarch to be born in England was George III who reigned 1760
- 1820. Never the less proud of their German origins the Hanoverians made a point of marrying members of other
German Royal Families as Queen Victoria reigning 1837 - 1901 as a princess did marrying Prince Albert of
Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Hanoverians were not simply foreigners imposing themselves as being British but until
Victoria was crowned, the King of England was also the ruler of Hanover. (The Hanoverian rules of succession
forbade a woman from being ruler so when Victoria became Queen, her uncle the Duke of Cumberland took the
throne of Hanover) However Victoria and Albert chose to live at Balmoral because the surrounding landscape
reminded them of Germany and they conversed with each other privately in German. All of the children of George V
and Queen Mary were bi-lingual speaking both languages and as late as in the late 1930's the future Edward VIII
declaring " I have not one drop of blood in my veins which is not German" .. remember the first World War against
Germany being fought 1914 - 1918, this a powerful and rebellious statement from a future Monarch. It was on the
ascension of Queen Victoria's son Edward VII in 1901 that the royal house became Saxe-Coburg-Gotha but he was
the only Monarch to rule under this surname.

           Thought to be that the name Wndsor was adopted because of the 1st World War but this not so as it was
instated in 1917 and that war began in 1914 so had been being fought three years prior to the switch. The reason
being due to the Russian Revolution which dramatically had ended the ruling by Tsar Nicholas II, his abdicating in
March 1917 so he and his family then still living, executed with his family a Little over a year later; It was a shocking
event happening and one worrying for all Royal Families. The republicans were anti-German, unleashed by the war
and were intent on turning the people against the Monarchy so George had no option but to deny his Teutonic roots.
Ironically when the war began he held the honorary rank of Field Marshal in the German Army and was Godfather to
one of the Kaiser's sons. Similarly the Kaiser had to be removed from being a Knight of the Garter and his personal
banner removed from St. George's Chapel, Windsor and in Germany he often being criticised by his German people
for being too English in his manner.

Was Dodi the intended victim in Paris 1997?

               Officially the cause of the incident ultimately claiming the lives of Diana, Dodi and their chauffeur that night
Henri-Paul being drunken driving but something widely dismissed as a cover-up with evidence to support this all
documented in the Factual Precis area of the site. All manner of conspiracy theories have subsequently been
suggested, again written about in the Factual Precis area. As well as the fact Diana was involving herself in political
situations like the Landmine Campaign and making powerful waves, another theory being her marriage to a Muslim
would have been unthinkable to the Royal Family and the British Establishment. Prince Philip was strongly opposed to
the relationships development and ironically on the Sunday morning of the 31st August 1997, so the exact day Diana
and Dodi died the newspaper the Sunday Mirror had already gone to press with a story based on information from an
unnamed friend of the royals describing the Duke of Edinburgh's views on the matter.

"He's been banging on about his contempt for Dodi and how he is an unacceptable step - father to William and Harry.
Diana has been told in no uncertain terms about the consequences should she continue the relationship with the
Fayed boy. Options include exile!"

                   If the Source of the headline is accurate it seems safe to determine that Philip seems to be aware that
Diana and Dodi planned to marry. Mohamed al - Fayed has said that when Diana stayed with his family in St. Tropez,
the South of France the month before her death she expressed her fears of the enemies she had made within the
British Establishment who might try to kill her. With his immense financial resources Mohamed discovering following
Diana and his eldest son's deaths in Paris in 1997 that an M.I.6 team was in the French capital city that fateful
weekend. The identities of some of the pack of paparazzi outside the Ritz Hotel have never been identified but are
strongly suggested to have been monitoring the couples movements and important new information has come to
surface from a woman who chooses to remain anonymous.

                      The woman telling she was with a Saudi Arabian diplomat in London at his apartment on the night of
the deaths and that at 10pm, so 11pm Paris time on August 30th he took a brief call speaking in Arabic. He then put
the 'phone down and said to the woman "They are going to kill Dodi" An hour and a half later the fatal event had
happened! What seems to back up this theory is that it is much more likely that Dodi be assassinated than Diana.
Killing Diana leading to serious repercussions, killing Dodi avoiding these but securing the result desired, their
embarrassing relationship destroyed. Diana always convinced that her one time Private Detective Sergeant Barry
Mannakee was killed by M.I.5., James Hewitt has also stepped forward to say he was warned off his relationship with
Diana several times, some being just "Friendly Warnings" and others "Fairly Sinister" even he says told that he might
meet the same end as Barry Mannakee if he persisted! All this information suggesting it was not Diana but her suitors
who were in danger and Dodi would have known therefore he was a potential target. This would explain several
oddities in the days before the incident with Trevor Rees - Jones saying Dodi was acting strangely and having been
employed as a member of Mohamed al Fayed's security staff in London as so too colleague Alexander Wingfield; had
both been assigned for the couple's protection throughout their cruise his body - guard Trevor would have known
Dodi's usual behavioural patterns.

                         Trevor Rees Jones saying Dodi having become every security man's nightmare with constant sudden
changes of plan so he and his colleague could not organise routine precautions such as calling a restaurant in
advance to co-ordinate the couples arrival to allow minimum of opportunity for the paparazzi to hound them. Dodi
becoming increasingly nervous and mistrustful of people around him. What was most unusual was the fact Dodi
withheld information from his security men, even the decision to fly to Paris from Sardinia left them with no time to
liaise with the control centre in London or the security team at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. However it was a different story
with the security team in Paris and particularly Henri - Paul whom Dodi had known personally many years. The same
evening of the event Trevor Rees Jones told the couple would be " Going out to a restaurant" but not given it's name
or location. This idea later abandoned as the " Chez Benoit", Diana's favourite in the capital city was besieged by
waiting paparazzi so the couple instead dined at the Ritz Hotel. It was then decided by Dodi that he and Diana would
leave in a car from the back of the hotel, Dodi having been advised to remain in the hotel suite that night by his
father; whilst the two cars they had arrived in would leave from the front of the hotel as a decoy. Dodi requested Henri
- Paul officially Deputy Head of Security at the Ritz Hotel drive them both as opposed to any of the Ritz chauffeurs all
on standby. Dodi initially not wanting any bodyguard with them, after an argument with Trevor reluctantly agreeing to
his accompanying them on the short trip back to his apartment close to the Champs Elysee.

                             It seems as opposed to keeping those people who might protect the couple most from the intrusive
paparazzi, Dodi was intent on dismissing them making clear the only person he personally trusted was Henri-Paul.
Dodi was unusually jumpy and Diana has channeled to me the atmosphere in the car was tense, bordering on panic
which Dodi might be expected to being fearing his being aware he was on the British Establishment's hit list. Might this
be the reason Henri-Paul took the indirect route to the apartment? It would be standing procedure for avoiding a
possible ambush but not for evading the paparazzi who would be outside the apartment waiting to pounce anyway! A
glance at the map of Paris shows they might well have been headed to the other al - Fayed property in the city, the
Villa Windsor in the Bois de Boulogne attempting to shake off pursuers and explaining why security men were not told
of this, even the unscheduled decision to fly to Paris before directly to London which had been the plan possibly
intentional to destroy any plans that had been made to kill them. It even said Henri-Paul was driving at speed but
might he not do so in his anxiousness to distance the couple from the paparazzi who might not be as intimated by
Diana channeling; "In the night don't all motorcyclists look the same?"
Why, really, the difficulty in getting this film to a global market?
The "unlawful killing" made these two resting spots for Diana and Dodi a necessity.
Did the simple wave in the scene on the left have any bearing on the scene on the right?
Was the manner of strife between B.P. and K.P. considered and examined?
Was the inquest, held at the Court of Justice above, as thorough
and all encompassing as it needed to be?
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