Histories and Mysteries continued....

 The Queen in the Diana Years

       I have been drawn to reading a new book "Elizabeth .. The Queen" about H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. It is  
written by Sally Bedell Smith and part of the book details her significance throughout the Diana Years.

        From the very beginning of the courtship of H.R.H. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer
the press hounded Diana from morning until night, pursuing her every day as she left her west London flat driving to
work as a children's helper at a kindergarten in  Pimlico, West London. The media interest was constant until in
January 1981 the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles's father, wrote to his eldest son giving him an ultimatum; either
marry Diana or let her go but decide in consideration of her reputation. Charles decided and the engagement was
publicly announced on February 24th 1981 though the proposal made at Windsor Castle on February 6th. Charles
telling later that the letter placed pressure upon him and that it had been a relationship encouraged by his
grandmother, the Queen Mother and her Lady of the bedchamber and close friend, Diana's maternal grandmother,
Lady Ruth Fermoy! Diana was seen as having the perfect criteria for becoming his wife and future Queen, noble
origins and being a virgin in spite of their thirteen year age gap.

       The royals all wrongly assumed the innocent 19 year old would be easily manipulated into doing
things their way and submit to the demands that royal life entailed effortlessly. Diana was actually very much her own
person, also as known now she was very insecure and consequently a victim of mood swings. The relationship
between future bride and bridegroom was in problems before the wedding of July 29th 1981. Soon after their
engagement Diana's moodiness intensified and Diana was taken to visit a psychologist as Charles had become
exasperated and did not know what to do for her or the best way to pacify her. It is known Diana herself wanted to
cancel the wedding but as her sisters said "Too late Duch; (her family nick-name and shortened form of the title
Duchess) your name is on the tea towels".The excitement over the coming wedding was intense.

     The latter part of the royal honeymoon spent at Balmoral having primarily cruised the Mediterranean aboard the
Royal Yacht Britannia. Diana making clear how much she disliked Balmoral, life at the castle and adhering to the rules
of protocol and tradition which the family is steeped in and accustomed to abiding by. Diana was suffering from the
eating disorder later exposed as being bulimia and on the cruise had become aware that her fiancee was more
interested in his books than her. She was also aware that he was calling Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles, who Diana nick
- named "The Rotweiller", and who became the royal mistress and is now his second wife.  She is due to be his
Queen and is officially titled H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall.

        The Queen could not understand or relate to Diana as someone who was one moment empathetic and the next
egocentric as the Queen herself is apparently not self-absorbed at all and not interested in people who are.  She  is
not inclined to interfere in the lives of family members. Diana also became pregnant whilst on the honeymoon which
made her even more edgy. Interest in Diana diminished somewhat early 1982 with the beginning of the Falklands War
as a result of the April 2nd invasion by the Argentinian forces of the British Colony. Argentina surrendered on 14th
June 1982. On June 21st Diana gave birth to her husband's immediate heir Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and the
whole nation celebrated the news with the royals as they had the royal wedding of 1981. Christened on August 4th
Diana had sunk into post-natal depression and was indulging in her secretive bulimic binges and vehemently
accusing Charles of seeing Camilla. During this period Diana also self-harmed as her erratic behaviour increased,
this was something Charles did not share with the Queen was happening but he again took Diana to see a
psychologist and she underwent therapy with two different professionals but gave up sessions after three months.

           The public unaware of this as they were of the misery of the marriage. By the time the couple's second son
was born Prince Henry Charles Edward David on September 15th 1984, though he'd be known as Harry; Diana had
emotionally "Closed down" on her husband but ironically was feeling much better in herself than when William had
been born. Diana was able to juggle motherhood with keeping up with her public duties and encompassing a fitness
regime. Charles tried but failed to not show his personal resentment as his glamorous wife gained the people's
adulation and attention whenever, wherever they undertook public engagements together. The Queen herself having
issued an official statement saying she could not be more pleased with her daughter-in-laws activities in the country
and abroad. Consequently Diana had easily become exceptionally effective, particularly with the people rejected by
society for one reason or another, having a natural warmth and empathy with them that the rest of the royals lacked.
Little did they know at the time that she had first hand experience of feeling neglected and rejected by her own
husband as well as to a degree the royals!

          Privately by 1985 the royal couple were unofficially separated with Charles operating from Highgrove, their
country home in Gloucestershire and close to the marital home of Camilla and Andrew Parker - Bowles,
and Diana being based from Apartments 8 & 9, the couples London home within Kensington Palace. Diana involved
with Captain James Hewitt of the Life Guards. A relationship ended by Diana in 1991. Charles, as Diana had
suspected, was seeing Camilla who always had an open marriage with her husband Andrew. Well known a
womaniser, Andrew had a liason with Charles's sister Anne, H.R.H. The Princess Royal so there was no shame in
indulging in infidelity, alternatively monogamy being an alien concept! At this time though there were rumours of the
royal couple sleeping in separate rooms on the royal tours, nothing confirmed though so not something the Media
were yet breaking news about. In 1987 sensing the tension between the couple they were summoned to see the
Queen at Buckingham Palace before touring West Germany and told to pull themselves together, to get on with the
job in hand and for a brief period both were seen to be doing so...but only for outward appearances. Behind royal
doors nothing changed, they were disastrously mis-matched. The couple playing a game of charades which their staff
were caught up in, so by example as Diana drove out of one entrance to Highgrove having visited usually on
weekends so the boys saw their father as they were based with Diana in London, Camilla would drive in through
another entrance as she was lady of the manor and it was where she and Charles often entertained friends of theirs
with Camilla playing hostess! If Diana in London entertained a gentleman friend, he  would often be driven through
Kensington Palace gates with a blanket over him to avoid being seen by security and the Queen's younger sister and
other members of Royalty being neighbours, these nocturnal visits depended upon discretion even in regards to her
staff. Her butler Paul Burrell privy to them as she called him her rock and trusted him to keep her secrets, some now
exposed in print whilst others he has vowed to take to his grave with him.

           In 1992 Diana knowing she was a magnet for both public and press attention utilised this
powerful weapon against Charles as the couple were competing against one another now, the War of the Wales was
being fought both publicly and privately. During the Royal Tour of India Diana deliberately posed alone in front of the
romantic Taj Mahal, actually a mausoleum built by an Indian Prince in memory of his beautiful princess who had died.
Diana's unspoken message being the marriage between she and Charles was on the rocks! On June 7th in the
Sunday Times were published the first two excerpts from the Andrew Morton book "Diana, Her True Story" which was
an expose of many secrets in vivid detail of Diana's horrific experience being Charles wife and as she saw it being the
Prisoner of Wales!  It was suspected Diana herself had been involved with the book personally, though this something
initially Diana denied.In being believed a condemnation of the book was sanctioned by the Press Complaints
Commission. Shortly afterwards it was revealed Diana had been involved but the Queen was desperate for the
marriage to sustain for two main reasons; her grandsons William and Harry but also wanting to avoid any
constitutional repercussions that might result for a divorced heir to the throne. On June 14th a further two excerpts
were printed in the same newspaper and two days later Charles and Diana met the Queen and her husband the Duke
of Edinburgh at Windsor Castle where separation and divorce were subjects addressed but the couple encouraged to
stay together, work through their problems for the sake of the Monarchy, their children, the country and its people.
Their message ultimately fell on deaf ears with Diana as it became evident to her that duty was more important to
them than love as the reason to make the marriage work!

             As a result of the book, the royals all empathised with Charles as seeing Diana's actions as
having been treacherous. The Queen saw through Diana's manipulative tactics but realised there are two sides to
every story and no smoke without fire. The Queen consulted the Archbishop of Canterbury for his advice on the
situation and he told her bluntly that the personalities of the couple being so different, the estrangement between
them was too deep for anyone to make a difference. Their tour of Korea which Diana had initially refused to go on
but had been persuaded to do so by the Queen had been the finale, the media terming the couple "The Glums". It
became clear that neither of them could bear being anywhere near each other. On December 9th 1992 Prime Minister
John Major formally made the announcement before the House of Commons that their Royal Highnesses the Prince
and Princess of Wales would be legally separating adding that there were no plans for divorce and their constitutional
positions being unaffected. Early in 1993 the Queen had to contend with the Camillagate Tapes being released which
were basically taped suggestive conversation between Prince Charles and his mistress but proving that Diana's
suspicions of her husband's personal involvement with Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles were substantiated by cold, hard
evidence. Thus exposure of further personal embarrassment for the Queen. Diana meanwhile was seen devoting
herself to a number of charities concerned with A.I.D.S. / H.I.V., Alcoholism as well as services for the mentally and
physically handicapped, so by Diana's personal involvement in them helping to make a difference to those causes
supported by her.

            At the end of the year Diana making her famous "Time and Space" speech in which she announced she was
retiring from public life to give focus to her children and a personal life that had been lacking and hoping the media
would allow her the opportunity to do so and not be as intrusive in her private life as they had proved themselves to
being. Diana had again been duplicitous in this; as in a deliberate effort to upstage her husband and other royal
members Diana had kept in close liason with journalist and now Royal Correspondent for the Daily Mail newspaper
Richard Kay, telling him where she'd be for a photograph and corresponding story on every engagement attended by
her.  The following year, June 29th 1994,a documentary lasting over two hours was televised with journalist Jonathan
Dimbleby interviewing Charles. Amongst its objectives was the intention to counteract the negative character portrayal
of H.R.H. The Prince of  Wales as depicted in the Andrew Morton book and the documentary covered many subjects.
Then Charles was asked if he had  been persistently unfaithful to Diana from the start of their
marriage and he responding that he had been faithful and honourable to his wife until their marriage became
irretrievably broken down, they having both tried.

                It was now clear that Camilla had been his mistress and though he gained some public
sympathy as his candid admission was seen as one made remorsefully as opposed to callously, his public admission
of adultery greatly embarrassed the Queen as she and the Duke of Edinburgh had advised their eldest son and
immediate heir to the throne to avoid any frank discussion of private and personal matters, advice he had blatantly
and publicly disregarded and this offended her personally as it violated her code of discretion. Worse was to follow a
book by the same journalist and serialised in the Sunday Times.  In it Charles exposed his life and his mother being
described by him as a remote figure in his unhappy childhood and his father as being overbearing and insensitive,
descriptions upsetting both his parents. The truth hurts and the Queen and her husband had handed the
responsibility of their son's welfare to nurturing nannies and for Charles namely Mabel Anderson. The Queen loved
her children but her royal duties took precedence over any maternal instincts and the distance between Charles and
his father is one stemming from his childhood that has never been any different as father and son are complete
opposites. "Charles is a romantic and I'm a pragmatist" the Duke of Edinburgh quoted as saying. As a victim of
bullying at Gordonstoun the boarding school in Scotland he attended for five years, he later said of it's having been
his "Prison Sentence".   Charles wrote to his parents of the hell he was enduring and pleading with them to remove
him from there and his father's response to this being that he would find strength in adversity!

              Charles always struggled with his father's demands and expectations receiving more criticism from him than
praise deepening his personal insecurity and to this day both minimize the opportunity of conflict between them
arising by communicating to each other by letter. The only daughter is favourite as they are so alike! In November
1995 on the 14th, so intentionally on her husband's birthday, Diana informed officials at Buckingham Palace that she
would be appearing soon on the B.B.C. Public Affairs programme "Panorama" but having kept the truth from her
private secretary and press secretary that the fifty - five minute interview had already been secretly recorded in her
home at Kensington Palace. It was televised on November 20th on the 48th Wedding Anniversary of the Queen and
the Duke of Edinburgh. It was a superb performance with all the questions and answers rehearsed but acted out so
naturally! It was a blast that shocked even people in the media with its consistent revelations being spoken about by
her in depth and detail, so her affair with Captain James Hewitt, the nightmare not fairy tale marriage to Charles, the
damaging role Camilla played in it from the start and the fact the royals themselves had decided from the beginning
that she, Diana, was a non - starter and unstable! Also Diana was, it seemed to all, questioning her estranged
husband's ability to reign as His Majesty King Charles III. Was she? More likely knowing he had his mistress in the
wings, in his position as King having to either admit to her existence or dump her for at the time Diana not knowing
two years later she'd be dead and eight years later he'd marry Camilla. As King he'll be Head of the Church of
England which does not recognise divorce and he divorced and married to a divorcee which is why
the couple married in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall which the Queen felt inappropriate she attend but later
afterwards she and the Duke of Edinburgh both at the "Service of Prayer and Dedication" held in St. George's
Chapel, Windsor.

                  On December 20th 1995 the Queen personally wrote to the couple urging them to officially
divorce as since they had been separated over two years Charles could file for uncontested divorce if Diana complied
to this. Initially not wanting a divorce, finally Diana concurred with this happening on February 28th 1996 and
volunteered to relinquish her official H.R.H. title which was not initially felt necessary for her to do but then
Diana took the story of the meeting to Richard Kay saying that the Queen and Charles had pressured her to losing
her title! This was not true! The conditions imposed upon Diana in the divorce settlement being that she would remain
with the London home of the apartment within Kensington Palace, Charles when in London would live in St. James
Palace. Diana would conduct her charity work separately from the royal family and would need to secure permission
from the Queen and the Foreign Office for any overseas travel in connection with her work. The state apartments at
St. James Palace would be available to her for entertaining and she could use royal transport for her official
engagements. Also noted that she would still be regarded as a member of the royal family and whenever attending
state or national occasions that she would rank as an H.R.H. The divorce settlement figure being $18 million and in
excess of $395,000 annually for office expenses and thereafter Diana be known as "Diana, Princess of Wales" so
effectively being robbed of the H.R.H. title and becoming a semi-royal being Mother of a future heir and spare! On
August 28th 1996 the decree nisi was granted, the official divorce of Diana and Charles declared absolute to the
enormous relief of the royals who had presumed Diana would quietly disappear.

        However Diana had every intention of staying in the spotlight and she forged a strategic alliance with newly
elected leader of the Labour Party, Tony Blair. On May Ist 1997 Tony Blair became Prime Minister as the Labour
Party won the General Election in a landslide. After the divorce Diana was said to re-invent herself but was the same
person but freed from the constraints of being a royal; able to dress and behave as she wanted to do. Diana's
wardrobe housed shorter and more revealing dresses which complimented Diana's amazing figure having conquered
her eating disorder;looking stunning! Diana was seen educating her boys as she had said she would during the
Panorama interview of 1995 taking them with her to hospices, homeless shelters exposing them to real life outside the
confines of royal walls so they gained a first hand knowledge of people's  emotions, insecurities,distresses and hopes
and dreams and it can be seen today by their involvement in charitable causes and with great people skills that these
are legacies their Mother has left them with and ones they uphold and personally, actively proudly continue
promoting. Diana herself also became involved with the Red Cross and travelled to Bosnia, Eastern Europe and
Angola, Africa exposing the scourge of land mines and being a public voice for those maimed and killed by them,
bringing the focus of attention globally to something happening that was not hugely known about but which proved

           Diana called for them being banned which happened very soon after her death. Her involvement in this
humanitarian cause also trod heavily on political toes as genocide was a lucrative business for both the U.K. and U.S.
A. Nations responsible for the manufacture and sales of these powerful weapons of destruction. Genocide proving a
lucrative business with Angola having the largest number of amputees in the world. Diana well known for doing her
homework, becoming well-read on issues that she was supporting and publicly witnessed representing as an
Ambassador like figure. Diana had approached Mr. Blair in regards to becoming offically an Ambassador in one
capacity or another knowing the publicity she gained and sensing this could be used positively, productively and
constructively in beneficial ways for the United Kingdom, an idea that was rejected by the Queen when it had been
one suggested to her. Diana was compiling a personal dossier on all she was learning from her involvement with the
land mine cause, no doubt having the intention of speaking out about it publicly as she had already done both in the
U.S.A and U.K. upon her initial involvement in the cause! Her death prevented this from happening so those, and
there are many, who do not believe the car crash in Paris was an accident do wonder, as it was timed so
conveniently, whether it was due to her personal involvement with an Arab man and the fear that there would be a
Muslim connected to the throne if she and Dodi had a child or was it that in her albeit humanitarian capacity Diana
was personally involving herself powerfully in varying political and so too ultimately controversial issues, situations
and circumstances and being seen and heard gaining global interest, immediate respect and support?

                    In Diana's emotional life her search for personal happiness centred on two men, both
Muslim and both as different as chalk and cheese. Primarily her suitor being Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan
who was well respected professionally and dedicated to his patients who warmed to him personally. Diana came to
know him as her "Mr. Wonderful" but the relationship which it was rumoured might have resulted in marriage was
doomed as he a strict Muslim his family, though liking Diana, were opposed to this event happening as Diana was
completely unsuitable as a Muslim wife in their opinion. She being  European so not of their caste, a single Mother of
two children and divorced! Diana was heart broken as the relationship ended with Hasnat a private man not being
welcoming of life lived in a goldfish bowl which might have jeopardised his career. Then in mid - July Diana met the
last man in her life: Dodi Fayed, the eldest son  of highly successful business magnate Egyptian born Mohamed al -
Fayed who amongst other things owned London's most prestigious department store "Harrods" in the exclusive
Knightsbridge area of the cosmopolitan capital city. In spite of this Mohamed continuously being denied British
citizenship and passport by the U.K. government. He having been a friend of her father's and her step - mother,
Countess Raine Spencer, had been sitting on Harrods committee, Mohamed knew Diana, a regular shopper in the
store but he also a generous benefactor of causes supported by her and both sharing the fact of being considered
as outsiders and sharing the same enemies so able to resonate and empathise with each other easily.

                  Diana was invited by Mohamed to holiday with her boys with his family at his ten acre compound in St.
Tropez, on the French Riviera which Diana with William and Harry did and during this holiday Diana met Mohamed's
eldest son from  his first marriage; Dodi Fayed. Dodi seen in one light to be spoiled and irresponsible with a taste for
cocaine and glamorous women and fast cars; a playboy yet alternatively seen by others like personal friend actor
Tony Curtis as being one of the kindest, sweetest and most sensitive and generous guys imaginable. Dodi showered
Diana with gifts of extreme extravagance which included an $11,000 Gold Cartier Panther watch and trips on his
father's new yacht,the"Jonikal".  Their second journey aboard they were alone. This time cruising the Mediterranean,
the two princes were in Balmoral, Scotland with their father and his family members. It was an idyllic time for Diana but
for both she and Dodi what would be their last summer alive!

                The paparazzi were consistently taking photos of the couple so clearly in love though this something
disputed by some who suggest it being a summer-fling to arouse Hasnat's jealousy and nothing more yet at the same
time then also suggesting Diana might have been pregnant with Dodi's baby! This then intimating Diana throwing
caution to the wind with regards to her public reputation and willfully inviting a negative press upon herself and
sabotaging her own standing with the people. Diana was far too astute and shrewd to ever think of doing so; knowing
that without the royals support, she depended on the peoples and having an illegitimate child not good for her global
image and personal reputation with the people but also totally thoughtless and inconsiderate to her boys! It was said
neither of her boys were impressed by her exhibitionist type behaviour cavorting in the sun with Dodi but remember
they were staying with their father and their grandparents, the Queen and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh,
neither impressed by or well disposed towards Diana. Even as the outsider, the semi- royal who courted publicity and
threatened them gaining global press attention in a manner in which they were not able to compete. It was also
apparent that Dodi had with her accompanying him purchased a ring from an Engagement Selection "Dit Moi oUI"
which translates to "Tell Me Yes" in the Repossi Jewellers in Monte Carlo, Monaco and reported to have collected it
from the Repossi shop in Paris on August 30th 1997. Diana was being called a loose cannon by Nicholas Soames,a
member of the British Establishment and good friend of Prince Charles, he who had said that she was talking
"Psychobabble" during the 1995 Panorama Interview which ultimately proved being so damagingly accurate and
precise. Now Diana was being viewed as being a serious threat, a real danger, a complete liability!

                    In the early hours of August 31st 1997 Diana and Dodi and their chauffeur all died in
the French capital city of Paris where Diana and Dodi had flown the day before as the romantic conclusion  for their
first holiday together and rumoured to having become engaged; as the result of a reported car crash in the tunnel
beneath the Pont de L'Alma. The royals informed at Balmoral of the incident, the Queen alternated between consoling
her two grandsons and together with royal advisers organising the funeral of their mother, initially wanting a quiet,
private affair but it was pointed out by H.R.H. Prince Charles that the people would never accept this, his having
flown to Paris with Diana'sisters Sarah and Jane to collect his ex wife's body and bring her home one last time for
burial. The untimely death of Diana was seen by Tony Blair and his top aides as being a global event like no other
and a fast moving crisis for the royal family. By the time he spoke with the Queen, Buckingham Palace had released
a terse statement " The Queen and the Prince of Wales are deeply shocked and distressed by this terrible news". The
Queen telling her Prime Minister that she had no intentions of saying anything more about the deaths in Paris. Tony
Blair saw her as being philosophical, anxious for the two young Princes, William aged 15yrs and Harry 13yrs but also
professional and practical. The Prime Minister informed her that he would be saying a few words of his own before
attending church in his constituency and she raised no objection to this and as suggested by a respected business
aide of his, in his personal eulogy to Diana; she was christened "The People's Princess". His speech was intended to
placate a devastated people shocked by the tragedy and unimpressed that their Queen was not with them in the
capital city grieving with them but his speech succeeded in stiring up public feeling of animosity towards the most
senior royal members. The Queen herself with her husband, the boys and their father as well as other family
members went to Craithie Church the morning of Sunday August 31st but no mention of Diana's name throughout the
morning service but this customary in the Church of Scotland where the souls of the departed are not prayed for
because God has discharged them. The press however saw things differently criticising the Queen for taking Diana's
boys to church within hours of having heard of her death and insulting her by the omittance of her being mentioned in
the service. After the service the royals vanished from the public eye and the glare of publicity cameras, the Queen
believing sensibly that her two grandsons would be better off staying in the Scottish highlands than travelling to
England and being in London where the people's grief would only serve to compound their own and so already
devastating enough!
                        On arrival back in England of Diana's body, in recognition of Diana having been a
royal, her coffin was draped by an adaptation of the Queen's personal Royal Standard, the heraldic banner in red,
gold and blue. All the royal funerals have been pre-planned and have code names, the Queen's being London
Bridge, Tay Bridge for the Queen Mother, by examples, but there were no plans for Diana's as technically she was no
longer a member of the family or the Firm as they call themselves. This shortened from what King George VI. the
Queen's father had christened the royals;"Royal Firm". A unique funeral for a unique person was organised and one
which combined elements of the traditional and the modern. The service being conducted at Westminster Abbey
where on November 20th 1947 the Queen married the Duke of Edinburgh or Prince Philip as he is less formally
known. He having been consort to his wife and bearing the title Duke bestowed upon him a few days before their
marriage by her father the King, the Queen officially gave him the more elevated position of making him a Prince of
the United Kingdom on February 22nd 1957. Westminster Abbey also being where in 2011 Diana and Charles's
eldest son H.R.H. Prince William married commoner Catherine Middleton who he met while both were students
studying at the university of St. Andrew's in Scotland, both now known publicly as the Duke and Duchess of
Cambridge. Like his Mother and his younger brother Harry; extremely popular with the people!  Neither brother liking
to use their official H.R.H. titles, often called by their christian names and Catherine christened "Kate" by the media.

                 The Queen had agreed to the funeral procession being made longer to give a greater access to the
crowds and the placing of giant video screens in Hyde Park to televise the funeral service inside the Abbey but she
firmly resolved to not return to London intent on dealing with the family tragedy privately. It soon became evident that
Diana's shocking and sudden death, and now something with valid reasons steeped in controversy-- many believing
to it being her organised assassination, had triggered an unprecedented display of mass grieving by mourners who
poured into London by one estimate at a rate of 6,000 people per hour. Flowers were heaped with other gifts outside
the gates of Buckingham and Kensington Palaces and likewise Balmoral itself and Althorp the Spencer Family seat.
Within four days of the Parisian incident, some three quarters of a million people had stood in line to sign the official
condolence books that had multiplied from four to thirty-four. The people angry with the press initially for hounding
Diana to her death which had been  the suggestion from Charles, Earl Spencer, Diana's brother from his home in
South Africa in a statement on hearing the news. This before the blame was given to Henri Paul the chauffeur for
drunken driving. The people's anger was increased in the capital city of London as the flagpole above Buckingham
Palace was empty and tradition was that it always was when the Queen wasn't in residence, when she was there the
Royal Standard flown. Now the people called for a flag to be flown at half-staff to honour Diana and it was suggested
to the Queen to fly the Union Jack at half-staff and though initially against this happening, ultimately the Queen
agreeing that once she had left the palace to attend the funeral on September 6th, that the Royal Standard would be
lowered and replaced by the Union Jack flag  being flown at half-staff as other Union Jacks were already being
respectfully flown on buildings all over London. The funeral television audience estimated to being 31 million in Great
Britain and 2.5 billion worldwide. The best selling song ever being "Candle in the Wind'97 written by Berni Taupin and
Diana's friend Sir Elton John who in spite of his very personal grief over the loss of his friend, performed the song
dedicated to Diana's memory during the service in the Abbey and vowed to never perform it again and to date has
not done so. It a re-write of the original song "Candle in the Wind"written by the same duo and sung by him dedicated
to movie screen legend, "Marilyn Monroe".

                                                                                                                            Marilyn Monroe meets the Queen.

                           The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh and immediate close family members arriving
from Scotland for the funeral the day before so for the first time in her reign, the Queen putting family before
duty.In response to newspapers, screaming out headlines like "Where is our Queen?" "Show us you care" a personal
statement was duly delivered by the palace press secretary saying "The royal family have been hurt by suggestions
that they are indifferent to the country's sorrow. Diana's sons miss her deeply and wish to be in the quiet haven of
Balmoral coming to terms with their loss as they prepare themselves for the public ordeal of mourning their Mother
with the nation." Preceding her return, the Queen's other sons, Prince Andrew; Duke of York and Prince Edward;
Earl of Wessex, travelled to London first to test the people's reception and found it to being peaceful, the opposite
kind of reaction had been one feared. On arrival in London the Queen made a speech live from Buckingham Palace
from the Chinese Dining Room facing an open window with the crowds outside as a backdrop. In the speech
honouring Diana, the Queen emphasising that "We have all been trying to help William and Harry come to terms with
the devastating loss that they and the rest of us have suffered" The speech drawing attention to the fact that the
Queen understood the need to adapt to changing times which since 1997 the royals have done. The Queen said in
her speech "I for one believe there are lessons to be drawn from her life and from the extraordinary and moving
reaction to her death. I share in your determination to cherish her memory".   Prior to her leaving for Westminster
Abbey on September 6th the funeral cortege headed down Constitutional Hill from Kensington Palace towards
Buckingham Palace and the Queen led the family through the gates to stand close to the crowds. As the gun carriage
passed them, the Queen, who does not bow to anyone, spontaneously bowed her head to Diana's coffin in an
unexpected act of respect for the woman who has been titled "Queen of Hearts", "England's Rose" and "The People's
Princess" and is herself an unforgettable legend!  

" Hello,

     Nothing happening by chance this article has come to Andrew's attention.  I personally am making no comment but
allowing people to make their own decisions but my personal site being one that I determine illustrates truth is often
stranger than fiction so thought this being an appropriate one to include. It also shows that, hopefully anyway, with
sufficient proof of the fact being presented so enough to silence critics that I will find myself supported when once
again Diana speaks!"

                     With love from,

                                         Diana xx

H.M. Queen thought Princess Diana was very damaged .

Royal pal Lady Georgina Kennard spilled the beans and said Her Majesty found Di impossible .

Readers still hold Diana dear to their hearts and believe discussing her in this way will do the Queen s popularity no


PRINCESS DIANA may have had a traumatic childhood but Lady Kennard insinuating the Queen believed her to be
damaged is cruel and hurtful to Princes William and Harry.

I am sure these two young men can live with the fact their mum and gran were incompatible, but let them remember
their mother for the beautiful, caring person she was.

Lady Kennard s harsh remarks are way out of order.


Wishaw, N Lanarkshire

I AM very angry. We are all aware of Diana s perceived shortcomings and still loved her for them.

Any respect I had built up for the Queen has now vanished with this latest error of judgment.

What about the feelings of Diana s boys — her grandsons? People should be questioning why she would let her
friend speak ill of the dead on TV.



Henfield, West Sussex

THE public loved Diana. Her Majesty should realise it was her son who made her behave impossibly.

She was in love with him and only retaliated after finding out about Camilla and realising she was being used to carry
on the line.



Mellton Mowbray, Leics

IT may be the Queen s Golden Jubilee year but she should be very careful with her unwelcome comments about
Diana. I believe this is a strategy to get Camilla accepted into the Royal Family.

People have still not forgotten or forgiven the royals — Charles in particular — for their treatment of Diana. She was
dearly loved by so many and we will never forget her.



Purley, Surrey

YOUR parents splitting up isn t very nice but Diana looked pretty normal to me until she married Prince Charles and
joined the Royal Family. Then the damage was done!

If the royals think attacking Diana will endear them to us, then they really have lost the plot.



Gillingham, Kent

MAYBE Diana was damaged but it could not have helped that her husband had a mistress all through their marriage.

It is sad that a damaged girl who needed love and understanding was only shown scorn by her husband s family,
which undoubtedly contributed to her fragile mental state.




LET Diana rest in peace. She was the most popular, caring person in the world and I miss her terribly.



Rainham, Essex

THE Royal Family have just been through two bereavements. Now they can look forward to the Golden Jubilee

Diana was a remarkable woman who loved her children and did a great deal of good charity work.

She should not now have her reputation muddied. She s not the first and won t be the last to choose the wrong

Let her truly rest in peace — and let the royals put the past behind them and look forward to some happy months of



Woodbridge, Suffolk

JUST when I was beginning to mellow towards the Queen since Princess Diana s death there comes this statement
from Lady Kennard. It was tactless and uncalled for.

After all, Diana was not too damaged to provide Her Majesty with two wonderful heirs to the throne.



Ramsgate, Kent

THE Queen s advisers have made a monumental mistake by allowing Lady Kennard to speak of the Queen s
thoughts about Diana.

This interview will prove very damaging. Diana remains, as always, "The People s Princess".