Date Posted: 01-13-13

"Today, January 9th, is the birthday of the lady who won my eldest boy's heart, so someone pretty special!


Happy Birthday Catherine!

                   I am so glad you are recovering from your spell in hospital and all good wishes for your speedy recovery. I
remember the horrible time I had with ordinary morning sickness so can only imagine the dreadful time you must have
experienced but no doubt soothed and comforted by your loving and devoted husband and lovely to hear you spent the
day quietly together.  Make the most of quietly as if the baby, or babies, are anything like my two, a time you should
both treasure.  William you will learn first hand what Mummy and Papa had to contend with but a part of parenthood, of
course, and like me  I know he wouldn't have missed it for the world!

           It's official too, as Her Majesty has decreed it,  if the baby is a girl, even in the case of twins the first born, that she
will be titled "Her Royal Highness" and "Princess." A decision officially reached on December 31st 2012 but how lovely
publicly announced today, what an amazing birthday gift!

                                   The exact language published in the London Gazette:

"The Queen has been pleased by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm dated 31 December 2012 to declare
that all the children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales should have and enjoy the style, title and attribute of royal
highness with the titular dignity of Prince or Princess prefixed to their Christian names or with such other titles of

        I have made no secret of the fact I love you very, very much and I know we'd have been very close as you were
always as I knew the woman for William, perfect for him as indeed you both continuously show both publicly and
privately how naturally you compliment each other.

        My having seen the reception you both receive, as well as of course read about, and the way you are so warmly
accepted and liked so much by everyone you meet all over the world, it is right to say you make a good team, in fact the
best! I can never ever thank you enough for healing Will's broken heart Catherine and I so hope that Harry eventually
finds the perfect woman for him. If she is anything like you, he will be equally fortunate and this is all a Mother could
wish for; to see and to know her boys are happy! You are now about to make William a Daddy, which is the icing on the

                                     With lots and lots of love from,
                                                                                   Diana xx

" Hello,

       "Today, as seen, Catherine and William visited the National Portrait
Gallery in London to view the first commissioned official  portrait of the
new H.R.H. Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently Catherine is very happy
with the result, impressed with the artwork - a head and shoulders shot
of herself in an emerald-green pussy-bow necked dress. She told the
artist Paul Emsley, a British artist known for his hyper-realistic portrayal
of his subjects and though from Scotland has found his work gaining the
greatest recognition  in South Africa, she thought the painting was

      Catherine attended two sittings for him and he used a collection
of photographs to inspire the creation which she wanted to illustrate
her natural self and not her regal one. It  has met with mixed reviews
from Art Critics who have called it boring and the kind of image
expected to be seen in department store windows.

           Personally I appreciate it being natural but it makes Catherine
look older and less attractive than she actually is, but this is only my
opinion. It is good to see that she is clearly feeling better and relieved
her diary is empty and she unlikely to be being seen publicly again for the moment as the mother to be puts her personal
health and well being before duty, which no doubt is a decision fully supported and encouraged by William as it is by
me; Fairy - Grandmother to be!"
                           With love from,
                                              Diana xx