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                                                                       December 30th 2012  by Will Stewart

RUSSIAN intelligence agents in France had become suspicious of the sudden arrival of three senior MI6 officers in
Paris before Princess Diana’s death, a new book claims.  Author Gennady Sokolov argues that she was killed in “a
distinctly English murder” contracted out by the British spies.  In the book, to be published in Moscow next year, he will
say the most likely scenario is that a microchip was planted in her car enabling its steering and brakes to be disabled
on a signal from an operative who joined the chasing paparazzi.

" It has been made known that the Mercedes -Benz used by us that night was one stolen earlier in the year in Paris and
retrieved but minus it's electronics so these all needed replacing so it's quite plausible therefore that it was
reconditioned deliberately then though this of course would have intimated that months later it would be the vehicle
used which seems incredibly bizarre as unaware I would be involved with Dodi and much less so be in Paris with him. It
suggests however that the intended target was not me as the car being one used by the al - Fayed family in the city.
Interestingly enough the car used by us that night and not Mohamed's personal bullet proof Mercedes - Benz, also in the
same underground garage in Paris."

He claims: “There will never be documents about it. Never. Those responsible must all have been liquidated. The
traces have also gone. Some of the witnesses disappeared in the strangest manner.”

"This I can totally believe as I having been told myself on a call made to me in London "Accidents happen" and why I
am sure James Andanson was found in his burned out car locked from the outside with two bullets through his head in a
forest outside Paris, imperative of there being no surviving witnesses."

Sokolov, who has many contacts in the Russian secret services, said the MI6 officers had arrived and stayed
incognito. “Normally when players of such rank are in the country the host intelligence services are aware about it.
Here DST (French counter intelligence) had no idea."

"This I am not sure about, meaning the French Secret Service, at least the Highest Ranking members not being aware of
M.I.6. presence in Paris, especially if the next fact is true that Russian Foreign Intelligence did!"

“Our people were following them. After all, they were leading faces of British intelligence. Whatever people say about
our guys from Yasenevo (headquarters of Russian foreign intelligence, the SVR) they know their rivals very well.”

Sokolov claimed he had met Russian operatives who were involved in seeking to establish the role of the senior
British agents in France.

The presence of MI6 figures was known to the Scotland Yard inquiry into Diana’s death headed by former
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens.

"An absolute certainty!"

An inquest returned a verdict of unlawful killing, blaming the drunken driving of Ritz hotel security boss Henri Paul and
pursuing paparazzi photographers for the fatal crash in the Alma tunnel in August, 1997.

" An unlawful killing intimates murder, doesn't it? A killing against the law seems suggested by this verdict"

The security services have always denied any involvement in the Princess’s death.

"No surprises there then .. too intelligent to do otherwise!"

Sokolov’s claims echo some of the views of Mohamed al-Fayed whose son Dodi, Diana’s lover, also died in the crash.
The author’s dossier on the Princess’s death was passed to the former Harrods owner before the inquest, though he
never had any contact with the tycoon, he said.

In an article in the Komsoloskaya Pravda newspaper, Sokolov said he had identified “at least three dozen absurdities”
which point to foul play and a sophisticated cover-up. “Diana became a real threat to the Windsors,” he said. “There
was a strong rumour she was pregnant and I think that it was not a coincidence that her body was mummified an hour
before it was sent to London. After that it would be impossible to identify if she was pregnant.”

" I have categorically denied pregnancy for viable reasons. I was far too shrewd to sabotage my own publicity, damage
my reputation with the people who's support I depended upon. Already being shot at, being a strategist, I would not be
inclined to supply bullets for the powerful ammunition being used against me by my enemies and of course hurt and
upset William and Harry by acting so carelessly and thoughtlessly. Adding coming from a broken home myself and then
sadly unable to stop this history repeating itself for my boys, would I then make them suffer even more humiliation and
embarrassment to them? Quite apart from the fact that I would not have been an unmarried mother to any child of
mine which is why I used protection naturally!"

Date Posted 01-31-13

 Most people have heard of Piers Morgan, either loved or hated, but a guy who cannot easily be ignored and who
edited two national British newspapers for eleven years before he reached the age of 40 years. His reporters on the
two papers, the now defunct News of the World and the Daily Mirror broke some amazing scoops which included
Captain James Hewitt's affair with Diana, Princess of Wales, and her romance with Dodi Fayed. Stories that increased
sales of the papers phenomenally and dominated the T.V. news headlines for days. Piers privately shared lunch with
Diana and then aged 13 years old William, served by Paul Burrell. Piers more recently seen interviewed by the films
Director Keith Allan saying in his opinion it having been murder in Paris. He most recently on British T.V. seen
conducting a number of interviews with various celebrities on the show called Piers Morgan's Life Stories. I watched
them all and he certainly allowed them to speak out which was refreshing as clearly relaxed with him, they opened up
and viewers got a glimpse of the person as opposed to the persona. I actually sense Diana herself might well have
agreed to an interview with him.

   Now I have found a book penned by him called "The Insider - The Private Diaries of a Scandalous Decade" and so
here I have decided to illustrate the private meeting that Piers had with Diana and 13 year old William at her home of
Apartments 8&9 at Kensington Palace.
                                                                Andrew Russell - Davis

Piers was invited for lunch there on May 16th 1996 and he waited for her having arrived ten minutes early and been
taken to the sitting room by Paul Burrell and noted the many picture frames of her beloved boys being prominent.
Diana's magazines lay on the table from Vogue to Hello and her newspapers and disappointingly top of the pile being
the Daily Mail. Now known the newspaper that her journalist confidante Richard Kay wrote for and is now the papers
Royal Correspondent.

"I'm sorry to have kept you Piers - I hope Paul has been looking after you alright" said Diana greeting her guest and
then asked " Would you mind awfully if William joins us for lunch? Only he's on an exit from Eton and I just thought
that given you are a bit younger than most editors, it might be good for both of you to get to know
each other"

"I'm sorry that would be terribly inconvenient"  Piers responded sternly. Diana blushed slightly and responded "Yes of
course, I'm so sorry" apologising as Piers burst out laughing saying:

"Yes ma'am I think I can stretch to allowing the future King to join me for lunch" but before he did Diana wanted a
private chat and asked how's circulation?

Bloody rampant Piers thought as Diana nestled on the sofa radiated a surprisingly high degree of sexual allure.

"Oh very healthy ma'am, thanks to you" Piers answered as Diana laughed a tad insincerely.

They discussed her mate Fergie, ex-Duchess of York; Sarah Ferguson

"Can't you go a bit easier on her?" Diana pleaded with genuine sincerity in those extraordinarily big, expressively
deep blue eyes

" Well she's her own worst enemy" Piers said and quoted that mornings front headline of how the papers reporting
her being $4million in debt, she flew on Concorde

"I know, I know" sighed Diana adding "But she means well, she has a big heart and it's not easy for her."

Diana and Piers discussed the merits of Fergie and of Diana herself emigrating away from the media firestorm with
Diana saying " Yes but to where? I've thought about it often but somebody would find me wherever I went". Piers then
saw a flash of real sadness in her face, a desperation almost to have her anonymity back but knowing it had gone
forever and he asked her what it was like being Diana?

"Oh God, let's face it, even I have had enough of Diana now - and I am Diana" the answer came as she screeched
with laughter and Piers saw her chameleon side. Able to switch from misery to hilarity. Diana saying "It's been
ridiculous recently just one thing after another but I can't stop the press writing about me can I? You are hardly going
to say " Oh okay then, we'll leave you alone but I would like a good break" " I meet a lot of ordinary people and they
are always so kind to me. They shout things like " Eh Di, I know what you're going through luv" and I laugh and think
"If only you really knew. He's worrying about his allotment or whatever and I've got things like the future of the
monarchy on my mind"

William then joined them and asked Diana if she had seen the portrait of the Queen in the previous days papers " Her
hands looked like she'd been in the garden all day, they were all big and dirty" he laughed. Diana giggled instinctively
then stopped herself saying " William, please don't say that"

"Sorry Mummy but it's true Granny did look really funny" William answered

Granny, how odd it sounded to Piers as Paul Burrell poured the wine but not for an indignant William who said " Can I
have some wine Mummy?"

"No William, whatever are you thinking?" responded Diana

"But Mummy, I drink it all the time"

"Erm, no you don't actually and well, you can't have any" said his mother

"Yes I can" William replied with a mischievous but determined grin and he did. So a small but interesting piece of
power-play to observe Piers thought. William knows what he wants and Diana's a soft touch with her boys and she
drank water. Also the meal simple; salmon mousse, chicken and vegetables, ice cream and coffee and Piers seeing
Diana eat all hers thought if she has an eating disorder she hides it very well.

The conversation then switched to discussing a recent televising of the comic show that ridicules headlines called
"Have I got news for you?"

"Oh Mummy it was hilarious" laughed William. "They had a photo of Mrs. Parker - Bowles and a horse's head and
asked what the difference was, the answer, there wasn't any!" Diana exploded into laughter.

Then the conversation centred on the hottest photo then and Charles and Camilla being the big one Piers said,
adding then Diana and her new man and William and his first girlfriend. Piers knowing the big stories for the
newspapers are the exposures of the subjects of those headlines most personal lives thinking for that moment that he
was actually the enemy but they were all getting on so well and gaining a better understanding of each other. The
luncheon was becoming a series of headlines that could not be published but Piers joked they'd wait for a book he
penned and Diana stared at him asking if he was carrying a tape recorder and assuring her that he wasn't, he asked
her if she was and they both laughed. Piers was amazed he was able to talk to Diana about anything and came to
realise that William was very aware of his mother's private world including the men who from time to time figured in it.

During his editorship of the News of the World the paper having broken the stories about Will Carling, Oliver Hoare
and James Hewitt so Piers having special interest in these but so did Diana. Diana still raging about Julia Carling
milking the media stories for all they were worth, Diana saying she'd not seen Will since June 1995. William saying he
kept a photo of Julia on his dartboard at Eton. Diana speaking of her having adored James Hewitt as she'd said in the
Panorama Interview but knew he was selling stories to the newspapers.

Diana's relationship with the paparazzi, obviously a complex one, Diana professed to hate them " I know most of the
paparazzi and their number plates They think I am stupid but I know where they are, I've had ten years practice and
would support an anti-stalking bill tomorrow" she told Piers as she took him to the window and showed him the various
cars, vans and motorcycles outside. When he asked her why she didn't leave by one of the ten more discreet exits
and Diana exposed her contrary side telling him " I want to go out of the front of my home like anyone else, why
should I change my life for them?" and Piers told her to make her life easier.

William then showed he was equally upset by the constant prying lenses saying " Why do they have to chase my
mother around so much - why, it's unfair to her?"

Piers found himself torn between genuine concern for the son protecting his mum so gallantly and a sense of
foreboding that one day it would be him and not his mother chased so aggressively and how to explain to a 13 year
old boy that his mother sells papers so is a valuable commodity to photographers and editors. Piers asked Diana
about the Panorama Interview " Did she have regrets doing it?"

" I have no regrets, I wanted to do it to put my side over. There has been so much rubbish said and written that it was
time people knew the truth but I won't do it again, once is enough, I have done what I set out to do!"

Piers saying he'd been in contact with Diana's mother and Diana saying "Crikey, that's dangerous, she's a feisty
woman, isn't she?"

William giggled "Granny's great fun after a few gin and tonics"

"Shhh William" Diana said, giggling too. " My mother's been a tremendous source of support for me, she never talks
publicly, she's just there for me"

"What about William's other granny?" asked Piers

"I have enormous respect for the Queen, she has been so supportive you know, people don't see that side of her but
I do all the time, she's an amazing person"

"Has she been good over the divorce" Piers asked

" Yes very, I just want it over now, so I can get on with my life. I'm worried about the attacks I will get afterwards" Diana

" What attacks?" asked Piers

" I just worry people will try and knock me down once I am out on my own"

To Piers this seemed paranoid as people adored her. He asked William if he was enjoying Eton and William saying he
was and Piers asking if the press bothered him and William saying

"Not the British press actually. Though the European media can be quite annoying. They sit on the riverbank
watching me rowing with their cameras waiting for me to fall in! There are photographers everywhere if I go out,
normally loads of Japanese tourists taking pictures and all saying " Where's Prince William, when I'm standing right
next to them!"

" How are the other boys with you?"

" Very nice, though a boy was expelled this week for taking ecstasy and snuff. Drugs are everywhere and I think
they're stupid and I am never tempted"

" Does Matron take any?" Diana laughed

" No Mummy, it gives her hallucinations!"

"What, like imagining you're going to be King?" Piers said and both William and Diana giggled

"Is it true you' ve got Pamela Anderson posters on your bedroom wall?" Piers asked William

" No, and neither Cindy Crawford, though they did come to tea at the palace and were very nice" William answered

William having been photographed the previous week at a party at the Hammersmith Palais and being mobbed by
girls and Piers asked him if he'd had fun and William telling him that the press had said that he was snogging all the
girls but he wasn't. Diana laughed saying " One said you stuck your tongue down her throat William. Did you?"

"No, I did not Mummy. Please, it's embarrassing, I won't go to any more public parties, it was crazy, people wouldn't
leave me alone" said William

Diana laughed again saying "All the girls love a nice Prince"

Piers then turned to more serious matters asking Diana if she felt Charles would become King one day. Diana
responding that she thought that he thought so but thinking that he'd be happier living in Tuscany or Provence in
France in all honesty and then Piers asking Diana how she was in herself as he'd been told that she'd stopped seeing
therapists and Diana saying

" I have yes. I stopped when I realised they needed more therapy than I did. I feel stronger now but I am under so
much pressure all of the time. People don't know what it's like being in the public eye, they really don't."

Then the luncheon of two hours was over and Diana took Piers downstairs instructing him not to say too much about
the lunch to the Royal Correspondent  James Whitaker but to throw him a morsel every six months to drive him mad.
Then Diana darted over to Pier's excited driver and as she shook his hand touching his tie saying " Oooh what a nice
tie - is it from Tie Rack?" The driver saying it was and he never washed it again. Diana and Piers shook hands and he
sat in the car and as it sped away from the palace, he  frantically began scribbling notes of a meeting he never
wanted to forget.
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