Date Posted 02-03-13

                                                   Prince Harry arrived with comrades on a regular personnel flight

Prince Harry, the first member of the Royal Family to take part in combat since his uncle the Duke of York fought in
the Falklands, has returned to the U.K. safe this week from the front lines in Afghanistan and says he is "longing" to
spend some time with his family  following his 20-week deployment in Afghanistan serving as Captain Wales, as he is
known, in 662 Squadron, 3 Regiment, Army Air Corps.

He said he had enjoyed "blue sky" and "a bit of comedy" during a period of decompression at a base in Cyprus where
he enjoyed a few beers away from the alcohol free base of Camp Bastion in Helmand Province.

Speaking at RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire, he said he was hoping to "take on more royal stuff" in 2013. He has
said he had shot at Taliban insurgents while an Apache helicopter co-pilot gunner.

Asked about the pregnancy of his sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, he told journalists: "I'm longing to see my
brother and sister-in-law, as with any of the soldiers who've just come off the plane after four-and-half months away
from their family members."

"I really am longing to catch up with people behind closed doors - you guys aren't invited."

The prince, who served in his first tour of Afghanistan in 2007/2008, said he was "really proud of the guys, the whole
squadron and obviously everybody else out there".

"Everything seems to be going the right direction - it's very different from when I was last out there."

Of the rest of the year, he said "the Army will have an idea, I presume, and what that is I will do".

The prince, who will be on leave for four or five weeks, said he hoped to "pay some more attention to the charities"
that he supports

On newspaper headlines earlier in the week suggesting he had killed Taliban insurgents, he said: "You get asked to
do things that you would expect to do wearing this uniform, We fire when we have to, take a life to save a life, but
essentially we're more of a deterrent than anything else."  - that's as simple as that, really."

Harry admitted he had "let my family down" when he was pictured naked in a Las Vegas hotel room last year. He said
it was "probably a classic example of me probably being too much Army and not enough prince but  he added: "At the
end of the day I was in a private area and there should have been a certain amount of privacy that one should expect."

 " Hello,

                Along with all his family I truly celebrate the safe homecoming of my Harry, such a welcome relief to see him
well but of course also thinking of the families who are not so fortunate to welcome the safe return of their loved ones,
the tragedy of war I'm afraid and there is no sensitive way of saying it but in serving in the military forces you quite
literally take your chances, it's part of the job.

               I am glad to see that he mentions the Las Vegas fiasco last year so has learned from that the need for discretion
but also he makes a very valid point about the fact his privacy ought to be respected but of course realising it won't be as
this comes with his other job of being a Prince and consequently in the public eye. I am glad though to see that he
intends to balance things out a bit with a focus on majesty as opposed to military and particularly to be actively
involved in his charity work as I have always sensed being so will bring him personally enormous personal satisfaction
appealing to his great sensitivity beneath the uniform he so proudly wears supporting his country and his comrades out
in the battle zones with him!"

                                        With love from,

                                                                  Diana xx

" I'm happy to see you home again safe and well Harry, my darling, so now enjoy a well deserved rest and family
catch-up with everyone and have fun but not too much wine, women and song, at least not in the cameras eye anyway"

                       With bundles of love and kisses from,
                                                                              Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Date Posted 02-03-13

"Hello Everyone,

     I have just watched a documentary "What's next for Harry?"-- as if I'd miss that!--- and so here is a summary of this
which was pretty telling and my adding my comments naturally.

     It made an initial point of saying that it is not the easiest of positions to be the brother of a future King as naturally
the focus of attention will be on the elder. I always, as their Mummy, treated my boys equally. People have unfairly
suggested I had a greater rapport with William, this was not true! Harry was my
baby, but that bit older I was able to share more with William who being older was
affected more by certain events than Harry and I knew by explaining things to Wills
that he would be able to illustrate them better to his younger brother than anyone
knowing the genuine closeness of their bond, something gaining public attention, the
defining moment when they were seen supporting each other publicly following my
coffin in London on September 6th 1997.

     In an interview with them both William saying that Harry is a Free - Spirit, as I have done. Like Mother, like son, and
so not being in the limelight as such; though Harry of course having often made headlines himself and often for all the
wrong reasons as seen anyway will be the last person resentful of his elder brother's public position and correspondingly
intrusive publicity. Both my boys are in truth resentful of the media but accepting of it being something that will remain
prominent in both their lives though Harry telling that their Papa advises his sons to not read the newspaper headlines
as it is often rubbish. Harry made a point in denying stories that he and his sister - in - law rival each other, saying he is
so looking forward to being an Uncle to Catherine and William's baby ( babies ) it being believed Catherine is carrying
one child but again Harry annoyed that the media forced the announcement of her pregnancy before the couple were
ideally prepared and ready to do so.

My death mentioned as another source of my boys distrust of the media, which as I learned are fickle and as would be
expected are intent on promoting a story and if that involves and even means embellishing and exaggerating the truth so
be it which is why I gained many journalists respect seen to be a pretty professional spin doctor myself. Having friends
amongst them I know exactly what I am saying.  Piers Morgan has called me "a little minx" as he knew I called all the
shots and was famous enough and important enough to the newspapers to get away with it if they wanted more
exclusives from me, ensuring readership which they depended upon, and they played by my rules! My first meeting him
saying sarcastically .. " Mr. Morgan, the man who knows me so well" The newspaper headlines never the less being read,
absorbed and believed by those reading them so consequently judging anyone in the public eye, so good P.R. an
invaluable necessity.

   Harry speaking about headlines like those recently of his indiscretion in Las Vegas saying publicity being an
inevitability with Twitter, Face book and mobile 'phones all having cameras, a fact of life to remain keenly aware of
though adding people should be allowed a private life but appreciative that in the public eye this liberty and freedom
something often denied from happening. Harry spoke openly of having to switch his roles from being soldier to Prince
to private person but in his military uniform gains the anonymity he most values and thrives upon so feels very
comfortable serving alongside his comrades as he has recently in his deployment to Afghanistan.

     Ken Wharfe, once my personal detective, saying he first met Harry in his khaki soldiers outfit wanting to be a soldier
so military was always of more importance to him than Monarchy; he graduating from Sandhurst in 2006 and deployed
initially to Afghanistan in 2007 though only that time for 77 days as a blackout was breached by the media and so for his
safety and that of his comrades had to return home. Something which upset him greatly as in his opinion for him army
comes first. In speaking about his recent four months in Afghanistan Harry interviewed saying that he loves playing
with his X box play station  enjoying using his thumbs on the handset which is something he does when serving in an
Apache helicopter and deploying missiles and rockets the machines carry having been trained for three years, as the
position is one of enormous responsibility requiring that the rules of engagement are taught in a programme costing the
military three million pounds per pilot.

Harry's trainer interviewed saying that Harry has displayed outstanding operating skills and has all the traits necessary
for a successful Apache pilot and asked to tell of a 'Harry moment' he remembers telling how in France they were
landing at Le Touquet airport en route to somewhere or other and a massive entourage was there to greet the British
Prince. An official greeting Harry, but not recognising him, asked him where the Prince was and Harry winking at his
trainer told the official "Oh he's coming in on the next plane" and he and his trainer took off again leaving the officials
waiting to welcome the Prince who would never arrive.. he having already left!

Harry now makes a point of saying that he hopes to be more involved with his role as a member of royalty this year and
made very apparent just how supportive he is of his grandmother and will be of  William, indispensable I would imagine
though he joked often William, as all older brothers do, often ignores his advice but conceded he put it into his back
pocket! I love their friendly jibing of each other, it's a joy to see and hear! Their destinies determining them to being
very different characters with diverse agendas but their natural closeness equally determining they will remain
inseparable and supportive of each other, their brotherly connection being likened to that of Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

 Harry also intends to become even more involved with his charity work as that of "Sentebale" one founded by him with
Prince Seesio of Lesotho, Africa where Harry is a hands on helper with the children this charity supports- children
orphaned, their parents having died of A.I.D.S. and often they themselves suffering from the condition. Harry knows, as
William does, that given his position any public appearance he makes at a fund raising will generate interest and bring
publicity to that event and the charity or cause involved which will be of tremendous benefit to it so something he is
very happy to do, both boys are, and something I obviously encourage and I am so pleased they gain as much pleasure
from doing so as I did. Now they having formed the Royal Foundation in which Catherine is also involved and manages
and which co-ordinates that charity work.

   Harry gives enormous energy to helping people and absolute lasting impact to them in his personal and hands on
manner with them and children so warm to him which is why he will make an excellent uncle and one day a wonderful
father to his own children. Speaking of which the documentary spoke of his being the world's most eligible bachelor and
that his love life often is a headline splash and mentioning his much publicised relationship with Chelsy Davy who I
always hoped would be his wife, seeing her as being as fine a compliment to him as Catherine has proven herself being to
Wills and still nurse the hope she might be but as Harry sensibly says settling down is not something you just jump into
doing and marriage to him is not a position wanted by everyone he is emotionally involved with and I sensed he still
holds a very bright torch for Chelsy

    My wish for him is that he finds love and happiness and a sense of deep personal satisfaction in all that he does and
knowing that he would make an excellent Army officer and somewhat relieve him from the pressure of his being a
Prince; so consequently that much more of a pleasurable and personally satisfactory position for him to find himself in,
my personally now accepting this as I have always said he being an action man and someone who in his own words says
he works hard and plays hard!"

                                          With love from,

                                                                 Diana xx

P.s.  Perhaps a few giggles will do no harm?

Date Posted 02-17-13

"Hello Everyone,
                                  I am so happy naturally that Harry is home again safe and sound and thrilled that he has announced
that he is about to fly out to Lesotho, Africa. Next month will see him returning there to oversee organised projects for
orphans and vulnerable children that the charity that he co-founded with Prince Seesio of Lesotho, called "Sentebale"
meaning "Forget Me Not", is supporting. The charity named by them in memory of their mothers which is the most
wonderful personal tribute from them both.

                                   Harry first visited Lesotho during his gap year and met Seesio and together decided to form the
charity in 2006. Harry was personally deeply shocked to learn that life expectancy in the small mountainous country is
just 41 years old and in a population of 1.8 million people, it is believed 500,000 children are orphaned by their parents
dying from A.I.D.S.  As people will remember, I am sure,  something that struck a deep chord with me too.  I am so
proud and touched by Harry's personal involvement, he's such a special boy! I know I ought to say man but to a mother
her children are always her children-- in my case having been blessed with two joys. So even grown up and a brave
soldier and William married and soon to be a father himself, they will always be Mummy's boys!"
                                  With love from,
                                                     Diana xx

Date Posted 03-05-13

Prince Harry visits Lesotho

The 28-year-old prince visited the small kingdom of Lesotho last week to see the work of his charity, Sentebale. Harry
co-founded Sentebale, which works to help vulnerable children, with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho in honour of their late

Prince Harry speaking at the Sentebale Gala dinner at the Summer Place in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa on
Wednesday 27th February 2013 launched a major new fundraising project for his charity Sentebale, which is
co-founded with Lesotho's Prince Seeiso."

The royal hopes to raise £2.5 million to build the Mamohato Centre, which will expand the charity's service of providing
psychological care and peer mentoring for children and young people with HIV/Aids. Speaking about the naming of the
new centre Harry said: "It seems only right that it should be named after His Majesty (of Lesotho) and Prince Seeiso's
mother, Queen Mamohato Bereng Seeiso."She was so loved as the mother of the nation. I hope she would be proud
of what we are trying to achieve in her name. "I hope that my mother will be proud, too. Maybe, just maybe, they are
together somewhere up there, with blue prints and sketches already mapped out. I can only hope we put the swings in
the right place."

It will be built on the sacred land of Thabu-Bosiu in Lesotho, known to many as the birthplace of the nation.

Prince Harry's Speech

"Talking about HIV and understanding it isn't dangerous. Denying it, or not knowing about it, definitely is," Harry said in
his speech. "This boosts confidence and self-reliance, leading to marked and measurable improvement in quality of
life. As a consequence, we are now seeing many of these children begin to fulfill their ambitions and realise dreams
that once seemed completely impossible."

"Our aim and hope is that we can influence a decline in the transmission of HIV and increase life expectancy, in a
unique way for Lesotho: by addressing the psychological and social needs of the next generation, which is so
important," he continued, later adding, "The future of this very small and beautiful country, and its magnificent people,
could and should be very bright."

        "Hello Everyone
                         I  have always said that Harry is in character more Spencer than Windsor, like Mother, like son he is the
rebel but he is like his elder brother William in being genuinely interested in having a direct personal involvement in
charity work. I am immensely proud of both my boys naturally and Harry's opening sentence in his personal speech
reminds me so much of something I said "People with A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. are not danagerous to know, so you can give
them a hug, heaven knows they need it"

                         I also do notice both my boys in their speeches and comments often mention they hope Mummy is proud of
them and what they are doing and I am convinced that they are all too aware I am but very touched that they make a
point of saying they hope so as like me they also might well understand and appreciate the value in reading between the

                         I know that they are both aware of my site for reasons I will not disclose as well as one I will and that is that
Andrew has not hidden the fact from them, he having written to them directly about its existence and I know a letter like
that would have been one that would have needed to have been noted by their personal secretaries and would have been
one brought to their attention. I do appreciate though certainly at the moment anyway the need for them to practice the
arts of tact and diplomacy professionally with regards to this for all too obvious reasons."

                                                              With love from,
                                                                                      Diana xx

Date Posted 03-08-13

PRINCE Harry has taken another step to promote his mother's legacy by becoming patron of land mine
clearance charity Halo Trust's 25th anniversary appeal.
By: Richard Palmer
Published: Thu, March 7, 2013

Prince Harry's latest trip took him to Lesotho The third-in-line to the throne, who visited mine fields in Mozambique in
2010, will also become patron of a Rugby Football Union drive to get more state secondary schools playing rugby
union. His involvement in the two initiatives takes his number of patronages to 12.

After his latest trip to Lesotho to work with those ravaged by A.I.D.S. and disabilities, his decision to support the issue
of land mine clearance, clearly etched in the public's mind as one of Princess Diana's great but at the time politically
controversial achievements, reinforces the message that he dearly wants to continue her work. Harry, 28 years old,
has had a longstanding connection with the Halo Trust. He visited mine fields in Tete Province, Mozambique, in 2010
where he met amputees, and saw for himself the devastating impact that land mines have on some of the poorest
people in mine-affected communities.

During his trip to Mozambique he was shown the painstaking process of humanitarian de-mining. Prince Harry will
support the RFU in its ambition for 750 more schools to be self-sufficient rugby playing schools He has also had a
long association with the RFU after training as a rugby coach but today agreed to become patron of the RFU All
Schools Programme. All Schools is an RFU initiative to get more secondary state schools playing rugby union. There
are currently around 1,500 state secondary schools playing rugby union in the UK.. As patron, Prince Harry will
support the RFU in its ambition for 750 more schools to be self-sufficient rugby playing schools by the Rugby World
Cup 2019 and to encourage new players to join local clubs. The scheme aims to do this  by linking a school to a local
club and by providing resource and support, such as kit, equipment and coaching opportunities.

 " Hello again,

                           I am again deeply touched that Harry is making it so obviously apparent he wants to follow my example
and do all he can to see that my work continues.  I am thrilled by this prospect which I have every confidence in being
globally successful as clearly Harry himself strongly believes and will do all he can to make probable.

                           I said on my site that given the choice I was sure that my younger son would certainly prefer being
missionary to majesty and particularly in the continent of Africa, one both of my boys absolutely adore. Wills
proposing to Catherine there of course as well as where Her Majesty learned that she at 25 years old had indeed become
Monarch following the death of her father King George VI in 1952. A name he chose for himself having been known
when the Duke of York as "Bertie" for his christened name of Albert. It being his elder brother Edward VIII's abdication
from the throne meaning his becoming King and so ultimately his eldest daughter becoming Queen. So Africa has
certainly great significance with the royals as it had particularly for me in 1997 with the Landmine Campaign and my
supporting the Halo Trust and seeing the work of Mike Whitlam and the Red Cross which impressed me immensely.

                            It is wonderful that Harry has taken a personal and responsible role within that same trust himself having
also recently attended a school for deaf children also in Africa, so very much seen to be a young man with intently
humane interests in his heart and at the forefront of his agenda which for anyone whoever they might be is something
worthy of applause and recognition but Harry can also be a highly instrumental figure being someone who has and can
use great influence to benefit the causes he supports; a worthy asset for them to have fighting their corner. I certainly
had every intention of continuing with my charity work had fate not intervened as dramatically as it did preventing me
from doing so. I am therefore enormously proud that one of my children resolves to continue it for me but not
forgetting of course that William is determined in his way and this including supporting and being Patron of charities I
supported and was Patron of; in making sure that he does his bit in seeing a progression is made with them. I really as I
have said could not have wished for a greater legacy could I!

                            I do feel it fitting now to say that I personally hope that Andrew is connected with my boys in the future so
that I might be able to speak to them directly about things face to face as indeed through Andrew I have already done
with people who knew me in life and to be able therefore to offer my boys any advice and guidance they might need with
their charitable concerns being somewhat of an old hand at it as it were; so hopefully something they in the not too
distant future will consider doing. Both of them knowing that with their Mummy, they could always expect the
unexpected from her so speaking with them through an intermediary will not come as too much of a shock to them
naturally and William particularly able to discern an imposter from a mile off even better than I could and that's saying

             "Well done Harry! Mummy is so grateful and proud of you and wishes you all the luck in the world!"

                                                             With love from,

                                                                    Diana xx

I am also personally touched by Mr. Palmer calling me Princess Diana.
What next, Harry?