Date Posted 02-13-13

"Hello Everyone,

            People who knew me in life know that I always did my homework about things so spoke out with authority about
matters of concern to me and in this message I intend to bring varying things to people's attention which can be
checked up on, qualified-- most things anyway. The suppositions I make will in time be confirmed. I have confidence in
this which is why I am comfortable to address them here.

             I'm pleased to see that much of what I have said about myself in After Life interviews with Rose
is confirmed via varying sources so by example the fact "Shy Di" was never me
confirmed by Ken Lennox, a photographer for the tabloid the "Daily Star" and
photographic side kick to James Whitaker when he worked for the same newspaper,
so before James becoming Royal Correspondent. There is a tribute to James by me in
the tribute area of my site. Ken saying I was never shy, coy or silly; this fantasy came
about because I used to invariably lower my head when photographers were around
but when they'd gone he witnessed how I would chat and laugh about them trying to
catch me, what they- the media- were saying about me so speaking about the early
days when they were trailing me constantly; making a nuisance of themselves, so
hungry for a story, desperate for a headline about the girlfriend of
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales.

               I was so underestimated by them all, later earning their respect as a professional spin - doctor my self but
initially too I was playing the game knowing exactly what I was doing flirting outrageously with the press men but my
charms equally as effective on women of the press, so yes I admit I enjoyed being the centre of attention. I though
finding it all rather absurd and funny actually which isn't so odd for a 19 year old girl and teachers helper and nanny to
do after all.  I coped with it all happening by not taking it seriously or else it would have overwhelmed me! I also knew
the power they held both positively and alternatively negatively as I said in the Panorama Interview "The higher they
place you, the bigger the drop!" and my objective was to make a good impression naturally and to keep their interest
which of course I did very successfully up until 1997, though even now continue to do so but admittedly not quite with
so much regularity naturally!

               Am I shocking people dispelling myths about myself? If so that's good as I would hate people to having been
given the wrong impression! Ken Lennox remembering how seeing him about to bed down for the night in his car
outside the flat in Colherne Court I extended an invitation to him for a cup of cocoa and in the hallway seeing all us girls
in our night apparel ( How shy was Di? ) he laughed.  I asked him if he was laughing seeing us all dressed ready for bed
and he saying to me that no, he thought I was going to invite him in and my saying to him, "And then having a detailed
description of my flat in the next days papers; do you think I'm stupid Mr. Lennox?"    I was always expert at media
relations and played the game.

 Then the official engagement announced and I was trapped in an environment so alien to
me. I have spoken of having found I couldn't bear the isolation I found imposed upon me at                                      Clarence
Clarence House where I initially went to live, then the Queen Mother's London residence  and                                         and
now London home of Charles and his wife. I then moved to Buckingham Palace and it is so            
odd there, well in all the residences! Servants must walk along the borders of the carpets in the                                              
corridors as only royal feet permitted to walk down the middle of them and staff scurrying out  
of sight if sensing Her Majesty or a member of the family approaching as the best servants         
perform their best duties unseen! If a meeting cannot be avoided then protocol instructs that   
the servant stops walking, stands to attention with their back against the wall and bows silently  
as the family member passes them. All immediate family members at Buckingham Palace
have their own separate apartments and staff so the sense of isolation is incredible and  
communicate with each other by note; so if the Duke of Edinburgh wants to dine with his wife, he writes asking her and
his request personally delivered by a page and then waits for Her Majesty's response which someone will deliver on her
behalf. Thank goodness Catherine and William do not abide by such customs!

              I personally found it all so suffocating, no privacy either as always a footman or someone around.  I so longed
for the normality of life back with the girls but it was a door closed to a past and one that would never open again for me
as now I was in a sense public property, destined to lose the enjoyment and luxury of anonymity! I am sure people are
seeing now that I could never really fit in with the family; the non-starter seen as; it all being so opposed to the manner
in which I was accustomed to conducting myself.  I was willing to make compromises when  absolutely necessary but
they'd never succeed in changing me to the extent of moulding me into becoming someone completely acceptable to
them and losing my sense of personal identity! This is why I made the comment " I had to learn to sink or swim and had
to learn that pretty fast and I swam".

               Now people must see why I am so personally grateful that Charles has allowed William and Harry to find their
own paths, though stepped in to guide them but not dictated to them and imposed restrictions upon them for the sake
of maintaining tradition, protocol and duty. Had he have done so neither would be the characters they are who in just
being their natural selves easily draw people to them. Consequently, of course, they are both a real asset to the family,
in fact I have to say they are the ones keeping the majority of people, certainly the younger generations anyway,
interested in the royals. This something that Catherine likewise has promoted to happening; proving herself to being so
approachable and openly friendly so the perfect compliment to her husband Wills as I have said. Also William was not
married to someone else when he took his vows to her which Charles, in his heart anyway, was when we married.  His
having been pressured by his father to hurry up and find a suitable woman to become his wife and mother of his heir(s),
as his mistress was herself married and the mother of two children. Ironic our honeymoon began at Broadlands, the
house used by them for many of their secret rendezvous, so somewhere full of memories of his mistress and someone
he maintained connection with during the honeymoon even aboard the Royal Yacht Britannia. Consequently, in truth,
passion was missing which says it all, at least it did to his virgin bride. The highlight for me was mixing with the crew
which on reflection is rather sad, isn't it. To cap it all the remainder of our honeymoon spent at Balmoral with his
family, so too regimented dinners, organised picnics and adhering to all the customary rules, regulations and
formalities abided by them. Same story at Kensington Palace-- very little happening in the manner of neighbourly
connections, all having their own staff, never extending invitations to dine with each other so I depended on people
outside the family to befriend me and support me; people I could speak openly to and trust with my secrets  as opposed
to acting out a role within the royals that I as H.R.H. Princess of Wales had been expected to do!

                I have also things to say about Paris which ought to be thought about. There was one survivor of the incident,
bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones who had been a member of the Parachute Regiment and served with the forces in
Northern Ireland. He also served in the Royal Military Police and with such a background would himself not have
avoided coming into contact with secret service members and of course the fact he did survive proving the car was not
travelling at the speed it's reported as doing as this having been the case there would have been highly unlikely any
survivors at all!  How convenient that those who died both had personal connections with Dodi as Henri Paul and he
were close friends remembering he was Deputy Chief of Security at the Ritz Hotel in Paris and not his personal

                People might also remember I spoke to Daily Express editor Andrew Spedding four days before the London
bombings of July 7th 2005 warning of them happening. A warning ignored in spite of Andrew, my channel, giving his
address in Sweden as the call would indicate his home number.  Now admittedly perhaps not the best idea of mine for
me to speak to a cynical journalist but it was not the identity of the messenger that was important but the message
itself!  Now it seems that new details have emerged regarding the bombings that indicate they might have been
orchestrated by the British Secret Services to gain greater support for the war in Iraq. There exists apparently
evidential proof that the bombs were placed under the tube trains involved and not detonated from inside them at all.
Special access to the London Underground System would have been necessary in this case to position them, so not  
permission granted to the suicide bombers whose personal identification documents were apparently found in pristine
condition amongst the wreckage which is very odd unless planted there after the incident happening by M.I.5. It also
reported that the British Government announced that the suicide bombers had travelled to London from Luton on a
train that was actually cancelled! The C.C.T.V. cameras on the bus involved non-operative and Israeli Finance Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu decided to cancel his journey through one of the areas bombed that morning. So, did M.I.5.
forewarn the Israel Secret Service Mossad about the bombings?

                                 Only, as I say, thoughts. Dare I say it-- conspiracy theories-- but I found it very odd that the Chief
Editor was more concerned in expressing himself rudely to me and Andrew, who also spoke to him, than taking the
slightest notice of a warning which consequently  ignored subsequently resulted in the death of 56 people!"
                              Thank you for listening to me, with love from,
                                                                                               Diana xx


 [Some of the people who lost their lives in the
                                                London bombings of 7 July 2005.]

Date posted 02-17-13

                                                     Speaking of press intrusion....

             Intrusive photographs having been taken and already published in the Italian gossip magazine "Chi".
Photographs taken, it is believed, from a photographer aboard a boat using a long lens of  Catherine and William,
Catherine in a bikini and the couple oblivious to them being taken; seen relaxed and happy arm in arm strolling
across the sands of the tropical beach on the privately owned Caribbean island of Mustique where they together with
Catherine's parents and her brother and sister are currently taking a short holiday before the full stages of
Catherine's pregnancy begins. The couple expecting their first child ( children ) later this year, it is also a trip of
convalescence for Catherine suffering with the pregnancy.

            These photographs appearing just five months after the scandal of other compromising images taken in the
South of France released by the world media and which resulted in the French paparazzo being taken to court by the
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. "Chi" magazine printed a 26 page spread of photographs of Catherine topless in
the South of France in the privacy as assumed of Viscount Linley's home there.  Reports are stressing that these
photos will not be bought or published by the British media as those in France were not either but are likely to be
fetching up to the sum of  £250,000 from Media elsewhere in Europe and in the United States of America.

             The island offers high security accommodation to any high-profile guests and comprises of 100 luxury villas,
72 of which are on an exclusive rental programme and a small hotel. The villa William and Catherine are staying in
reported to costing $25,000  weekly. Though the inland Security patrol constantly, clearly they failed to prevent this
invasion of their privacy, so the photographer responsible from being successful in their job. It is not believed the
couple will take legal action against the magazine as Italian law favours freedom of speech above privacy laws.

              The tone the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have now set with the British Media certainly is that there are
two sides to them,  their public life where the paparazzi are permitted to film and photograph them but they also
expect the British media to now allow them privacy respecting their private and personal life. If the media oblige the
privacy request, it seems they’re rewarded with photo shoots and public engagements but as the
French version of the magazine "Closer" found out in late 2011, if you fail to take heed, standby for the wrath of the

               Catherine and William have visited the island six years in a row and it is where Viscount Linley's mother; the
Queen's younger sister, the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret Rose once owned a villa she cherished and called "Les
Jolies Eaux and built on a 10 acre plot given to her as a wedding gift by the first owner of the island Colin Tennant,
the island now owned by business magnate Hans Neumann. This villa sold by Viscount Linley following his Mother's
death is now one available for renting  Villa Home of the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret Rose  The villa  stayed in by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

  A beach on the island of Mustique in the Caribbean

                                                                                                               The "Aurora" villa on the island of Mustique,
                                                                                                                the holiday villa of William and Catherine

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