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Princess Diana dressed as a man and was smuggled into a gay bar
by Queen star Freddie Mercury and comic Kenny Everett.

Fun-loving Di was decked out in camp gear like the Village People for the

TV’s busty Cleo Rocos, who went with the People’s Princess, said Di looked
like a male model and added: “She loved it.”


Well suited ... Princess Diana in
tux                                                                                                                              tux at posh do in the 80s            


The Village People

Indeed, disguised Di was delighted when she was served in the bar without being recognised.

She bought a wine and a beer while wearing a camouflage army jacket, black leather cap and aviator sunglasses.

Pal Rocos — who starred in the Kenny Everett Television Show — said: “When we walked in, we felt she would be

discovered at any minute. But people just seemed to blank her. She sort of disappeared. She loved it.”

Di, keen to escape her stuffy royal life, was a fan of gay funny man Everett and had earlier met him and Rocos for

lunch in London’s posh Kensington.

They swigged peach and champagne cocktails and swapped gossip before going to Kenny’s penthouse.

Kenny had been due to meet that evening with Queen singer and neighbour Freddie Mercury — but instead he rang

him  to call him over immediately. to call him over immediately.

'Let the girl have fun' ... Queen star Freddie Mercury

The foursome spent the afternoon downing more champagne in front of TV reruns of US comedy The Golden Girls

with the sound turned down.  They improvised the characters’ voices — “but with a much naughtier storyline”.

   Telly joker ... late comic Kenny Everett                                        Bar story ... pal Cleo Rocos

Di put on what Everett had planned to wear and the four caught a cab.

Rocos says in her new book The Power of Positive Drinking: “She did look like a beautiful young man. She was always

a very fit girl, so they might have thought, ‘There’s a nice young man with pert buttocks’.”

They got “through the leather throngs and thongs” to the bar before leaving 20 minutes later.

Next day Di had the clothes returned with a note ending: “We must do it again!”

The night out is thought to have taken place in 1988, when her marriage to Prince Charles was already on the rocks.

I Want To Break Free singer Freddie died of Aids-related pneumonia aged 45 in 1991, and Everett from an Aids

related illness aged 50 in 1995. Diana died aged 36 in a 1997 Paris car crash.

Gay night out ... bar where Di went with pals.

Date Posted 04-13-13

                                                                                                                                            Highgrove House

"Hello Everyone,

                   Andrew has been busy researching again and has found some pretty informative stuff to write about though I
have decided to compose this precis, adding my commentary as I think it is valid to do so. This precis concerns Wendy
Berry who was our "Housekeeper" at Highgrove from 1985 - 1992 and so consequently witnessed first hand the
disintegration of the marriage.  Staff are trusted to not gossip much less tell tales in books and there was a High Court
Injunction against the publication of her personal memoirs so instead of defying this
the book
"A Housekeepers Diary" was one published in the U.S.A.  Prince Charles
aware of this fact deciding not to prosecute her which I commend him on doing as
in my opinion her book is a very honest one though it destroys the fantasy of the
fairy tale.

                    I feel since this is my personal site that it ought to be mentioned as it
brings to light facts that assist in putting the pieces of a rather complicated jigsaw
together-- it dots the i's! I appreciate very much that it acknowledges I was not only
the "Princess Act". As Wendy says I was pretty mercurial in character and people
did not always quite know where they stood with me, how I might react to them being
a moody creature; a typically Cancerian trait I have to say with both sexes! I could be
positively beastly to staff members, not surprising that I invited many resignations as
well known I could easily freeze people out of my social circuit and so make life for
employees extremely uncomfortable, as well as being the caring and compassionate
Diana publicised.

                 Now recently Andrew was speaking on the telephone to Tony who some of you will see is a "Diana Disciple" as I
affectionately call those who have followed my sites, this site as well as the original one, and he said to Andrew that he
felt he could say anything to him but was always wary of speaking to Diana as never knowing quite what a reception he
would receive as saying channeled through Andrew I have a sense of authority that Andrew doesn't! He will giggle when
he reads what Wendy has had to say but, and here is my point and one that needs to be made:

                              Let us suppose for a moment that Andrew is a marvellous trickster which means of course he has conned
people who knew me personally in life that he channels me and that they have spoken to an imposter which is laughable
in itself but for the sake of argument; as I say, let us imagine he is a con artist. Wouldn't it be likely if he chose to mimic
me that he would choose to impersonate the "Princess Act",  so the media based and largely media created character as
opposed to the real "Me"? In which case Tony's comment about wondering if I might rebuke him for something he says
or worse tear him off a strip would not have been one made as I would be someone all sweetness and light who would be
instantly accepting and appreciative, understanding and embracing anything said at all! So thank you Tony for knowing
you speak to the real Diana and to you Wendy, who I am sorry had to live with her at close quarters, for confirming it! I
am genuinely extremely grateful to you both.

                          Wendy makes a point of stating that Charles and I were two people each possessing singularly admirable
qualities and capable of great affection but found it impossible to live together. Being very candid saying that the
atmosphere between us could often be cut with a knife, always a tension between us though usually, initially anyway, we
managed to sustain civility with each other in company. Latterly though it was clear we couldn't bear to be in each
other's company which is why before August 31st 1997 I am so glad that we became friends. His personal insistence of
flying to Paris to being me home for the last time was evidential proof of this because as I say it was his personal
intention to do and not one that others encouraged! I will be honest and say that Wendy when speaking of my relations
with the royals makes a point of saying that there was an absence of real affection with Her Majesty.

                           If one looks at the manner in which Her Majesty has conducted her life putting duty and tradition before
everything and compare this with my behaviour, it is quite understandable as to why there would have been. My
conduct would neither have impressed or endeared me to her! Charles making a telling comment "I'm not going to be
the first Prince of Wales without a mistress!" Marital infidelity is not an unknown commodity in the ranks of the British
Gentry, conversely it is, dare I say, expected or certainly not surprising. I however was not going to sit back silently and
let it happen, as I proved what's good for the goose is good for the gander which is not a philosophy shared with the
current Monarch.  So her ideals and mine were very different seen by the fact that up until the Panorama Interview I
was much closer to and understood by another royal rebel-- her younger sister the late H.R.H. Princess Margare,t or
Margot, as I affectionately called her.

                         What I am pleased to see is that Wendy makes clear I was not involved in a relationship with my very dear
friend and personal detective Barry Mannakee. I have always denied this myself of course but it is wonderful to know
that Wendy who saw us together, so heard the gossip I am quite sure, was always of the opinion that we had a very close
friendship but no more than that. It is well known that Barry died in a mysterious road accident as pillion passenger on a
motorcycle and I always maintaining that he was bumped off! Wendy speaks so warmly of the gregarious, fun loving
man he was and who was very popular with all the staff but that he and I were scrutinised and rumoured to be
conducting an affair and he seen as being too familiar with me by most significantly Colin Trimming my husband's
personal protection officer. Everything being noted and recorded then reported, so any gesture or comment made-- as I
might have said to him "What would I do without you?"-- misinterpreted which ultimately resulted in his being given
other duties and no longer being my personal detective, suddenly his position replaced and I had to accept the fact.

                     Wendy saying how when I was crying that he would give me the hug and personal reassurance that I needed,
that I depended on him and I trusted him but as my personal detective I needed to as he was entrusted with my life after
all. I love the fact she says I flirted outrageously with him and quotes an example when I appeared all dressed up for an
evening function and saying to him

"Do I look alright?"

Barry responding " Sensational, as you know you do"

As he then leads me to the car saying " I could quite fancy you myself "

I responding " But you do already, don't you!",  typically coquettish.

                        It is written how the then Mrs. Camiilla Parker-Bowles was a frequent visitor to Highgrove both before and
during our marriage, though her nocturnal visits initially only known by detectives who needed to be privy to
everything for the sake of security measures. It never the less was convenient that she lived with her then husband
Andrew so close to Highgrove. Theirs was an open marriage and he often staying in his barracks or their London home.
My time there usually resulting in my leaving to return to London in tears having engaged in another slanging match
with Charles and he ,for the sake of appearances to the staff, kissing me on the cheek hoping I felt better soon, so
another invented migraine or something. However the times there were not all drama and upset!

                         Saturdays being the Boy's day with Papa, his taking them with him to the farm or Mummy taking them
shopping in nearby Tetbury. He was most certainly not the distant father, we both adored the boys, and he made their
time at Highgrove magical, which is why today it can be clearly seen the strong emotional bond the three of them share.
Something I am most grateful for as Charles so obviously excelled as a single parent at an enormously difficult time for
them all as well as subsequently as the years passed. We have boys to be proud of and we both are; very much so! I am
not proud of the fact I often used the boys to score points against him so all dressed up to go and see Papa play polo
telling them I'd made alternative arrangements and rather than staging a showdown, Charles would concede to fitting in
with my plans and they'd miss out or he'd be looking forward to having an evening meal with them, to discover that
they'd already eaten with me and were in bed and asleep.

                         There was always the fact too that invariably of the two of us,  though he being a future King, it was me who
made the headlines and this coupled with the fact when out in public the crowds tended to welcome me being with them
than him is damaging to a man's pride and ego as would be expected if it happens continuously and such was the War of
the Wales.  I for example took Harry to see Papa play polo, the next days papers full of pictures of mother and son but
none of him and seeing this one breakfast time my saying:

"Look darling at these pictures of me and your son, well aren't they good?"

"Quite the little glamour model aren't you!" Charles responding

                                      So in conclusion, as I say, important to bring to people's attention that whilst Charles, even with his
temper tantrums as someone liking to getting his own way, he is noted as being the fairer of us both to staff members
and I being someone equally hard to be around because of my fluctuating mood swings. Amazing Andrew copes; either I
have matured and mellowed or he has an amazingly thick shell!"

                        Take care with love from,
                                                              Diana xx

Date Posted 04-13-13


HIV was a cause close to Princess Diana's heart. She really empathised with people living with HIV and did a lot to
raise awareness and challenge the stigma associated with HIV, particularly in the early days of the UK epidemic.

NAT was one of Diana's favourite charities and she supported us for many years. She was Patron of NAT from 1991
until her untimely death in 1997 - and by that time we were one of only six charities she formally supported.

Why HIV?

When HIV first emerged there was great fear and panic and people with HIV were often rejected by friends and family,
and ostracised by society. Princess Diana was drawn to people she felt were not treated fairly and did not receive the
support they deserved. She understood that people living with HIV were desperately in need of understanding and
support and that is why HIV was a cause she supported so passionately.

She knew that her public profile meant any cause she supported would receive enormous public attention and
recognition. For this reason, she chose to support causes which were not considered popular and glamorous – as she
knew it was these causes she could make a major difference to.

Making a difference

Princess Diana worked tirelessly both in front of the cameras and behind the scenes to support people living with HIV
and to change society's attitude to HIV – whether visiting HIV positive people in hospital, opening wards, attending
conferences and events or supporting fund raising initiatives.

Princess Diana's commitment and dedication to raising the profile of HIV helped challenge the stigma of the virus. She
often publicly wore a red ribbon and was the first prominent public figure in the UK to be pictured holding the hand of a
person with AIDS in his hospital bed. This iconic image was seen by millions all over the world and had an amazing
effect in challenging attitudes towards people living with HIV and breaking down stigma and misconceptions.

On World AIDS Day in 1993 and 1994 Princess Diana organised a Concert for Hope at Wembley Arena to raise
awareness of HIV and money for NAT. Artists who performed at these special event included Take That, George
Michael, Mick Hucknall, k.d Lang and David Bowie.

Charisma and compassion

Princess Diana had a very personal touch. She was at ease meeting people from any background, regardless of
whether they were ill or in a hospice. People warmed to Princess Diana’s energy for life and heartfelt empathy. Part of
her appeal was her charisma and natural compassion – she could empathise with people’s pain and experiences and
she touched the lives of many people with HIV who she had contact with.

Princess Diana's tragic and untimely death was a significant blow in the fight against HIV in the UK. Without her
dedicated and high profile support for the cause, HIV has lost a lot of its public profile and support – and no-one has
stepped into her shoes in terms of championing the rights of HIV positive people and keeping HIV in the UK in the
media spotlight.

NAT continues Princess Diana's legacy in the UK by working to increase HIV awareness and understanding, to end
HIV-related stigma and discrimination and to make tackling HIV in the UK a priority for both the government and the

Recognising how important HIV and NAT were to their mother, Prince William and Prince Harry chose NAT as one of
the small number of charities to benefit from the Concert for Diana held in 2007, 10 years after her death. Currently it
is estimated that one in seven Gay men are H.I.V. positive status.

  " I remember not being encouraged to support people with A.I.D.S. and the H.I.V. Virus within the royals, being told
by one member "Diana dear couldn't you involve yourself with something a little nicer?"

       I am so glad that my doing my bit was appreciated, someone in the headlines had to do something.  As I remember at
the time those with the illness being called "Victims" and the publicity all very damning and much of what was feared
born out of ignorance so by example touching someone with the conditions meant a risk of immediate infection.
Consequently, of course, those people with it finding themselves shunned and ostracised not only by the public at large
but more tragically by members of their own families and their friends.

            My well publicised handshake with a nurse with the illness proved that touching and hugging people with it was
not dangerous at all and a simple gesture like that was all that was needed to dispel people's fears and now of course with
all the drugs available the conditions are not life threatening, to the contrary in fact many people in all walks of life live
very busy lives. so much so in fact that their personal health status is not apparent at all so tremendous progress has
been made and continues to be so.

               I am as I have said deeply touched that Harry has continued my work in this sphere and have every confidence
will involve himself more as like me he is inspired by the optimism of people with the conditions and their personal
determination to live their lives to the fullest extent possible for them to do!"

                      With love from,

                                            Diana xx