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The Succession To The Crown Bill has become the Succession To The Crown Act 2013 today (It was published on 13
December 2012) after Her Majesty The Queen gave her Royal Assent to the bill which will now allow women equal
rights for succession to the throne, among other necessary changes to the laws of succession.

Some of the key changes this new piece of legislation brings about include:

•Females now have equal rights to succeed to the throne under what is now Absolute Primogeniture. Previously,
females could only succeed if they had no brothers under the rules of Male Preference Primogeniture. Now, a female
cannot be displaced in the line of succession by a younger brother. This applies retrospectively only from those born
after 28 October 2011. The current line of succession won’t change as part of this law.

•A member of the Royal Family can now marry a Roman Catholic and not be excluded for the line of succession to the
throne. This law does apply retrospectively and members of the Royal Family who have married Roman Catholics will
be restored to the line of succession.

•Descendants of George II no longer require the permission of The Queen to marry. This law was amended because
there are so many descendants of George II who are no longer closely connected to the Monarch and people were
marrying and not being aware that their marriage was actually automatically annulled because they didn’t seek
permission (because they didn’t know).

•The first six people in line to the throne must seek the permission of The Queen to marry now. If they fail to obtain
permission, they are excluded from succeeding to the throne.

This new act now means that should the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have a baby girl this July, the baby could
not later be displaced by the birth of a brother, meaning the first child of the Duke and Duchess will definitely be King
or Queen of this country one day.

Although the act is now law, the clauses come into effect once the Lord President decides (which’ll be when the other
realms have passed laws on succession).


                                                               English Crown Jewels

" Hello Everyone,

                      I am so deeply, personally touched by this that I wanted, no actually I needed, to share this with you all. I
have said that Charles and I were friends when I died and at his personal insistence he brought me home from Paris.
Hopefully this article serves to prove that we had indeed become friends and so had a mutual love and affection for one
another which we'd not had, latterly anyway, in our marriage.

                       My boys often comment about Mummy publicly and now seeing Charles has done so moves me enormously
as previously I have said that albeit channeled through Andrew I need the support of my boys of course and Charles,
ideally, to prove that Diana Speaks

                        I realise of course that I will need to provide for them undeniable and evidential proof that it is me speaking
as I have done previously for both Penny Thornton and Andrew Morton and I've got that. It is a marvellous realisation
for me to know that when it is presented to them that they will all be ready and indeed willing to believe it and I am sure
comforted by the fact I'm still around them!"

                            With love from,
                                                 Diana xx

H.R.H. Prince of Wales speaks of Diana, Princess of Wales
(November 23, 2000)

With kind words and a warm handshake, Prince Charles invoked
the memory of Princess Diana yesterday in a place that was so
close to her heart.

Visiting the London Lighthouse, which cares for victims of HIV and Aids,
Charles met Michael Edwards, who was photographed with Diana when
she last visited the centre in October 1996.

He famously told her on her departure: 'Remember, Ma'am, you are a
princess and I'm an old queen.' She burst out laughing and replied:
'Don't worry, I won't forget.'

Although they were not to meet again, Charles took up her mantle yesterday. 'Coming here has reminded me of all
the work that Diana did before she died,' he said as he opened a children's wing at the centre.

As his audience of patients, staff, visitors and showbusiness patrons, including Ewan MacGregor, Spice Girl Mel B
and Gaby Roslin, broke into spontaneous applause, the Prince went on: 'I am sure she would be very pleased to
know that I was here today.'

His moving tribute to Diana, which will have been particularly welcomed by William and Harry, was especially
significant because he had only mentioned her name in public twice before since her death - and the other occasions
were more than three years ago.

Yesterday he was aware as never before that he was on 'her territory' and that it would have been unthinkable to
have ignored her contribution.

It showed that despite his now very open relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, Diana's influence on his life remains.

An aide said: 'His remarks were totally unscripted, but he always knew that going to The Lighthouse would be an
emotional experience. He spoke from the heart because he had been so moved by the warm and enthusiastic
reception he was given.'

Mr Edwards, 55-year-old HIV victim and a receptionist at the centre, was there to show off new reflexology treatments
which are part of a complementary therapy programme.

The Prince said he was immensely encouraged to see it. 'For years I have been battling away to try to get a more
integrated approach to health care in this country,' said Charles. 'I feel it would be a much more effective way of
helping people with the difficulties in their lives.'

Afterwards Mr Edwards said: 'He was very warm. It is amazing he is here. I honestly thought he was going to be a lot
more formal but he was so easy to talk to. He makes you feel totally relaxed. It was as good as a visit by the Princess.

'Her visits were fantastic because her genuine compassion and warmth made a lot of difference.'

It has become increasingly noticeable on visits to everyone from hospital patients to flood victims that Charles is
anxious to show the sort of common touch that was his late wife's trademark.

Elsewhere he has kept Diana's memory alive in other ways. He encourages William and Harry to talk of their mother
and has filled their rooms at Highgrove and St James's with mementoes of her.

Yesterday at The Lighthouse there were shades of Diana all around as Charles cuddled a three-month-old boy called
Ryan, whose mother is HIV positive.

He did his best to make friends with a two-year-old called James, helping him with his crayons, and drawing him a
picture of a cat before playing with other youngsters in the new £150,000 children's centre in Ladbroke Grove, West

The Lighthouse was one of Diana's most visited places. She would often drop in unannounced to chat to HIV and Aids
sufferers and their families because she was aware that no-one else was championing their cause.

The Prince said yesterday: 'This building is about living with HIV rather than dying with Aids. I hope it will become a
beacon for those trying to provide services in other parts of the world.'

'Prince Charles's mention of Diana's work here was a brave acknowledgement well done,' said one of the charity's
directors, Grainne Morby.

'It is symbolically very significant that Charles is being seen to take on Diana's legacy.

Date Posted 05-09-13


After 911 attack in New York City the C.I.A. confiscated all C.C.TV. camera footage, it has never been seen since.
During the 7/7/'05 ..London bombings all C.CTV cameras at the subway stations, on the buses and in the surrounding
areas were not functioning due to an alleged power cut. Similarly none were operational on 31st August 1997 in Paris,

A conspiracy theory alleges that Diana was assassinated because she discovered that the royals were involved in
illegal arms deals and were sanctioning huge illegal arms sales via British Envoy H.R.H. Prince Andrew .. Duke of York

H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh and an unnamed employee alleged to have planned Diana's death for months as the Duke
feared that she had gained criminal information about him. This revelation about him given to Canadian Investigative
journalist and writer Ian Halperin from an actual royal member wishing to remain anonymous. The person saying ..

Diana had secret information about illegal arms issues involving top members of the royals. News that if she spoke
about would cause the biggest scandal the U.K. has ever known. Diana had stuff on H.M. Queen, H.R.H. Duke of
Edinburgh and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales that publicly known about would have resulted in the royals being
abolished forever.

One can only imagine what might be happening behind royal doors for these kind of revelations to surface if they are

Coincidence?  We think not!