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      Rumour has it that the Middleton's, so Carole and Michael, are entertained by the Royals to please William
specifically as it is known that they tend to largely ignore family in - laws generally. Certainly the Spencers never spent
much time with them socially! William is extremely close to Catherine's parents, calling her father Mike and
occasionally Dad. The Middletons are a close knit family unit so including Pippa and James, Catherine's siblings, and
William very much appreciates the normality of family life lived by them and glad to be a part of that.

        I wouldn't imagine the Middleton's feeling they're missing out on much as it's all rather staid, stiff and stuffy and
there is a feeling of standing on ceremony because of who the host and hostess of such gatherings are which is why I
can appreciate the enormity of relief it must be for William to visit and dine with his wife's family, that and the fact
they are a family!

        This something William and Harry missed out on experiencing in the same way, certainly emotionally, their
parents barely speaking to each other or sniping at one another privately, publicly keeping up appearances. It must
have been a positively dreadful experience for both of our children so upon reflection boarding school education was a
Godsend for them.  I'm quite sure they thought so anyway.

          Spending time with the Middleton's and learning to embrace, as opposed to scorn, middle class values I am sure is
proving an inspiring and educational experience for William who seems intent anyway of making sure his private life
now is one a lot more stable than his early life  was for his sake and that of his wife and their children. I was determined
as best I could to show the boys life outside royal walls being the rebel I was, insisting my children were born in
hospital and breastfeeding them and then of course refusing to being separated from William who came on the first
tour of Australia with his father and I. William seems to enjoy being as "Normal", or perhaps "Ordinary" is a more
suitable word, as his position allows him to be and a similar story with Harry.

             William and Catherine have dispensed with a large staff.  Catherine liking to shop and cook for her husband and
after their baby is born, as opposed to employing a nanny, Catherine deciding to return to her parents for the first few
weeks for support. advice and hands on assistance.Something doting parents Carole and Michael will be so looking
forward to doing. Conversely it is known that Her Majesty and H.R.H. Prince Philip were largely absentee parents
involved in touring or other official duties, Charles often left in the care of his grandmother, the late H.M. Queen
Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

                  Here quoted from an article:

The Queen has never been a demonstrative mother and indeed disapproves of those who are which has had a
profound effect on her four children, especially Charles. Her iron self-control was easily interpreted as coldness by
her son. It is telling that one of Prince Charles’s former private secretaries once told the author Graham Turner: ‘If
the Queen had spent less time with those idiotic [government] boxes and taken being a wife and mother more
seriously, it would have been far better. ‘Yes, she can handle Prime Ministers very well, but can she handle her
eldest son? Which is more important? If the Queen had taken half as much trouble about the rearing of her children
as she has about the breeding of her horses, the Royal Family wouldn’t be in such a mess now.’  

William saying himself about the Middletons:

William himself summed up  his feelings for his future in-laws when he and Catherine gave an interview once they
became engaged:

‘Catherine’s got a very, very close family,’ he said enthusiastically. ‘Mike and Carole have been really loving and
caring and really fun. They have been really welcoming towards me so I’ve felt really a part of the family.’

At  St. Andrew's William enjoyed time there in just being another undergraduate student, it was something he relished
in being and the media banned from hounding him. He met Catherine, being drawn to her openess and directness, and
now enjoys the non-formality that time spent with she and her family brings to him. I am quite sure it would have been
a relationship discouraged happening by both the Queen Mother and the late H.R.H. Princess Margaret who would
have viewed him marrying below his station as similarly Charles and Camilla did not marry whilst they were alive!

Her Majesty, a shrewd character, would also have seen from the start that William had chosen to be his wife someone
the people liked, a beneficial asset therefore for the royal family; though initially the feeling was that she wasn't good
enough for him certainly in the medias eyes. However Catherine, now the wife of the Duke of Cambridge, has
successfully proved herself globally to being 'The People's Duchess' and from the start I have personally always sensed
her being the perfect wife and compliment for William and, having done so as seen on my personal site,  will continue
to support her knowing she will be an excellent mother to my first grandchild and any subsequent grandchildren the
couple have."

          With love from,
                                      Diana xx

Max Clifford and Diana, Princess of  Wales ..

Max Clifford the well known publicist was intermittently involved in Diana's life from the late 1980's until her death in
1997. He being regularly asked by the media to comment publicly about her. He also was sought privately for advice
by Diana and especially when she was the new to the firm so he suggested that she integrate with the people as
opposed to other royals who maintained a distance from them, to hold a baby as opposed to shaking an adult's hand.

He like other men was susceptible to Diana's beauty and charm but he also was upset for her as he saw that she had
married as she'd hoped her Prince Charming but learned her role was to provide an heir and if possible a spare and
attend official royal functions but otherwise remain in the background which Diana was not prepared to do.

In 1984 Max was called by James Hewitt for advice about a clandestine relationship he was having with a V.I.P. and
they met privately to discuss the various rumours about Hewitt's relationship with Diana; Hewitt had needed someone
trustworthy to talk about it with and had been recommended to speak candidly to the publicist.

He told Max how he had first met Diana in 1981 in the month of June so before the Royal Wedding the following
month; meeting at a Polo match in Tidworth, Hampshire, he then a captain in the Life Guards. He and Charles on
opposing teams, Charles playing for the Navy, he for the Army in the Rundle Cup. He and Diana instantly soon
becoming friends. James saying he could tell at the time Diana was very much in love with her fiance 'H.R.H.The
Prince of Wales' He said it was soon after the July 29th wedding that the dynamics of the relationship changed as
Diana realised Charles did not love her and desperately wanted him to. Diana called James needing a shoulder to
cry on! This brought them closer.

Hewitt telling Clifford that their affair began shortly after William was born on June 21st 1982 and that she'd called
him when again she'd fallen pregnant with Harry born September 15th 1984. In their relationship he saying they met
at K.P., Highgrove and at his mother's house in Devon. Following Diana becoming pregnant it seemed respectful he
said for them to stop conducting a full sexual relationship. Diana calling him was thrilled with the wonderful, absolutely
lovely and happy news about the new baby boy. Diana and James resumed their affair shortly after he was born.
James was anxious that he did not want anything exposed about their relationship and requested Max's help telling
Max that a few royal footmen knew about it, some ladies in waiting and  the police who guarded K.P.

Max told James to keep quiet about it as so long as it was not confirmed by either he or Diana, it was only
speculation. At this time James felt that so in love with each other that  Diana would leave Charles for him but this
confidence wasn't to last as by the end of 1985 he realised he was never going to have her. He admitting he was
jealous that she still loved Charles though knowing he didn't love her and his relationship with the then Mrs.Camilla
Parker - Bowles now his second wife H.R.H. Duchess of Cornwall had been and was still ongoing. ( Diana saying
Charles called Camilla whilst on their honeymoon, Camilla having been a girlfriend before Diana came on the scene! )

Hewitt saying he was though increasingly involved in Diana's life seeing a lot of both young princes and they all
getting along really well together. He and Diana alone spending as much time as they could in the Devon countryside
and though reported to not liking horse riding and countryside pursuits, he saying that  they went horse riding
together and she always seemed very happy and content. Max and James in constant contact, Max informed James
about any new rumours that were circulating and warning him of them being on the increase suggesting the captain
ought to present himself as the princes riding instructor explaining his keeping company with them and their mother.
In actuality he gave them a couple of lessons but this was a solution that did take the pressure off the couple. Due to
her diary being busier their rendezvous were left up to Diana to organise. He said their relationship faltered when he
and his regiment were sent to Germany as Diana  felt he was abandoning her which he wasn't, he had no choice.

James was asked by Andrew Morton for assistance in writing his book Diana; Her True Story and upon Max's advice
decided against doing so, the book detailing in its pages the loveless royal marriage becoming a global bestseller.
Soon after this he was sent to serve in Afghanistan and he and Diana regularly corresponded with each other, when
he returned to the U.K. they reunited but he felt because Diana had feared he would be killed in action. Their
relationship not the same as her feeling of his abandonment of her by his going to Germany still apparent saying
their relationship ended abruptly in 1992 when Diana refused to take his calls. Even their relationship over, the
rumours and gossip about them continued unabated. Max Clifford advising him to deny that he and Diana had been
any more than platonic friends and that they had met when Prince Harry was a toddler, advice which initially James
Hewitt took.

He then decided to tell his story but asked Max if there was a way he could do so but remain anonymous and told the
story was too big and detailed for this to be possible and was warned that he would be seen as a complete rat and
particularly by Diana in doing so. He decided to do so and Max Clifford thought he was making the wrong decision to
press on with it and personally did not want any involvement in it. Hewitt did not listen to Clifford and agreed to
cooperate with writer Anna Pasternak and the book about their relationship called 'Princess in Love" published in
1994 and something that he later regretted doing. The book provoked a substantial amount of publicity, Diana
quoted as saying she being "absolutely devastated" by the kiss n' tell book and Hewitt's becoming known worldwide
as a 'Love rat' as Max had warned him about happening.

In her Panorama Interview of 1995 Diana spoke openly about as she saw it Hewitt letting her down, being asked if
she'd been unfaithful in her marriage speaking about Hewitt saying "Yes she adored him, yes she was in love with
him". This adding substantial fire to hisbeing viewed as a complete 'Cad'. Diana had asked Max Clifford if he thought
that her conducting the Panorama interview with Martin Bashir was a good idea as something she should do and he
saying to her that the pluses could outweigh the minuses.

Hewitt has not seen Prince William or Prince Harry for many years and of the rumours about his being Harry's father,
something he has always continued to strongly deny. Whilst Harry has the same red hair, this being the natural
Spencer family hair colouring as seen by her eldest sister Sarah!  Diana dying her hair blonde as like his youngest
son Harry, Prince Charles being a gentleman who prefers blondes! Speaking about Diana's other significant
relationships Max Clifford says that Diana never had a relationship with Will Carling, theirs a purely platonic
friendship but that she did love Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan but that their relationship was realistically one
that was never going to work out for either of them!

Max tells that he does not know if the rumours of Diana being engaged to her boyfriend Dodi Fayed were true but
insiders seeing the couple telling him that they were very much in love, they beginning a relationship in the summer
of 1997 and he knowing Diana was pleased that it was one upsetting the royals who due to her global popularity saw
her as being a thorn in their side anyway. He similarly has no firm viewpoint that he tells as to whether Diana and
Dodi were murdered in Paris in August 1997 but says that Diana was genuinely afraid the palace were out to get her!

( I personally find this choice of expression an interesting one as seen on my site when Diana was asked by me what
her last thoughts were in the car that night of August 31st 1997 being channeled to me the statement "They've got

Andrew Russell - Davis May 5th 2013    

What some would have you believe:


What Diana knows:

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Max Clifford was charged with 11 offences linked to seven girls aged from 14 yrs to 19yrs between 1966 and 1985
and will appear at Westminster’s Magistrates Court on May 28 and vows to answer the charges against him and
answer to the evidence in public and clear his name.

MaxClifford now aged 70 yrs has been representing celebrities for more than 40 years when as a young man he
represented the likes of Frank Sinatra, Joe Cocker and Marvin Gaye.

In the UK, his profile at times outshone that of his stars as their careers faded and his went on to represent another
generation of super stars, one of the latest being Simon Cowell.

When a number of celebrities began being questioned by police last year, Clifford publicly warned the Jimmy Saville
saga could turn into a “witch hunt” and “dozens” of celebrities were fearful of things that may have happened in the
1960s coming back to haunt them.

He said many of his friends and clients had innocently posed next to Saville, an icon entertainer as host of a string of
hit TV shows including Top of the Pops, over those years and could now be indirectly implicated. Clifford himself was
then arrested.

"Hello Everyone,

              I have given this serious thought and consideration so whilst I am aware that Mr. Clifford is due to appear in
Westminsters Magistrates Court on May 28th 2013 answering to evidence submitted supporting charges against him
regarding sexual offences he stands accused of committing in the 1960's I felt this had no bearing on the precis
detailing his business association with James Hewitt in the 1980's.

                   I felt it was important to be presented on my personal site; one that deals with fact not fiction in regards
to significant people and events happening in that life lived by me as 'Diana,Princess of Wales'.

                   I wish to make it known regarding the accusations against Mr. Clifford that I am impartial, so expressing no
personal opinion about them at all!"

                   Thank you for listening to me,