Date Posted 05-13-13

Wild about Harry!

Prince Harry in the U.S.A. to promote his favourite charities


                                                                                                                      Harry chatting with a wounded soldier @
                                                                                                                           Reed National Medical Center
May 9, Thursday
Washington D.C.

After arriving in the afternoon, he will tour an exhibition by the HALO Trust on Capitol Hill. Harry recently became a
patron of HALO, one of his mother's favorite charitable organizations. One of his escorts for this tour will be Cindy
McCain, wife of Arizona senator John McCain. In the evening, HRH will attend a dinner honoring HALO’s 25th
anniversary at the home of Sir Peter Westmacott, Britain’s U.S. ambassador. Prince Harry will give a speech at the

May 10, Friday
Washington D.C.

In the morning, Harry will visit Arlington National Ceremony. He will visit the graves of soldiers lost in the Iraq and
Afghanistan wars as well as lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown solider.

After the cemetery visit, he will head to Walter Reed hospital to visit with rehabilitating soldiers. He will also be given a
demo of prosthetics in development as well as the CAREN simulator.

(He is expected to wear a dress uniform while visiting the national cemetery (perhaps the dark blue?). Maybe we’ll see
him in fatigues at Walter Reed.


After his military visits in D.C., Harry will fly to Denver where he will attend a reception hosted by HM’s Consul-General
to Colorado, Beverley Simpson. Olympic gold medallists from Colorado could be in attendance (e.g. Missy Franklin.)

May 11, Saturday
Colorado Springs

Prince Harry will start his day at the Wounded Warrior Games by meeting with members of the British Armed Forces
team. This is the first time the British have competed in these games.

After meeting with British athletes, Harry will have a reception with U.S. participants. The Prince will attend the games’
opening ceremony at 12:45 p.m. This ceremony is by invitation only. He will then attend Sitting Volleyball competition.
View the full Warrior Games schedules. He will spend the evening of the 11th privately with members of the British

May 12, Sunday
Colorado Springs

Harry will watch the cycling competition of the games at the US Air Force Academy. This is the only event open to the

May 13, Monday

Travel day.

May 14, Tuesday
New Jersey

Prince Harry will visit some of the areas hit by last year's Superstorm Sandy to see rebuilding efforts. He will also meet
with emergency service providers.

New York

Harry will travel to NYC to promote Britain's GREAT campaign. He will meet with representatives from business, both
US and UK, and see product demonstrations. We are promised a double-decker bus. Perhaps some New Yorker will
tag it or stick one of those "OBEY" stickers on it while it's at the curb.

He will then travel to a "socially and economically challenged" part of the city (Marcy Projects?) to play some baseball
with kids. This is the Royal Foundation part of the trip and ties in with the Coach Core Intiative the toothsome
threesome launched last year. Most important bit about this stop is baseball.
His trip to Money-Making Manhattan wraps up with a dinner/reception hosted by the American Friends of The Royal
Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.

May 15, Wednesday
Greenwich, Connecticut

Finally, Prince Harry ends his conquering of the colonies by participating in the fourth annual Sentebale cup which will
happen at the Greenwich Polo Club. It is sponsored by the fancy whiskey makers Royal Salute.

      I did say I believed that Harry would take charitable concerns very seriously and becoming increasingly involved in
promoting them and so this is wonderful for me to see is happening. He is a "People's Prince" and people warm to him
naturally as he so easily integrates with everyone he meets as easily as I did and this is a Gift and one clearly that he
recognises he has and uses productively and successfully!"

                With love from,
                                     Diana xx

"Well done Harry, Mummy's right with you smiling!"
      With lots and lots of love and hugs galore xxxxxxxxx

Harry's visit to Washington DC a resounding success meeting America's First Lady Michelle Obama at the White
House where the handsome Prince wowed the ladies attending Mother's Day celebrations, honouring Military mothers
and meeting children of Military personnel. His tour taking him to Denver, Colorado Springs, New York, New Jersey
and Connecticut. During it he will highlight the work of the Halo Trust which his mother Diana, Princess of Wales
keenly supported personally involving herself with the land mine clearance charity. Harry will highlight their work on
Capitol Hill, attend the Warrior Games, a Paralympic-style event for those injured in combat, and play a bit of polo for
his own charity, Sentebale.

In New Jersey he accompanies the governor, Chris Christie, on a visit to a community that was hit hard by Hurricane
Sandy, which last year killed almost 300 people. Harry's private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, has said the
prince will fulfil his duties in "his inimitable style". Chris Christie has been assuring local radio phone-in listeners: "He
wants to come and see the destruction himself, first hand. He wants to be helpful.

In keeping with the show of frugality now necessary to prevent a PR brouhaha, the prince is travelling on commercial
flights and with a comparatively meagre entourage of five.  Frivolity aside, this is seen as a major tour by St James
Palace. Harry is described by Lowther-Pinkerton, an ex-SAS officer, as "a soldier's soldier", and one of the main
themes he has chosen to highlight is that of "wounded warriors". There will be a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington
national cemetery, and he will pay his respects at the graves of those lost in recent conflicts, predominantly in Iraq
and Afghanistan.

The visit has primarily been organised around Harry's personal wish to visit the Warrior Games, now in their fourth
year at the headquarters and national training centre of the US Olympic team in Colorado Springs. For the first time,
there will be a team competing from the British armed forces.

The prince has been much in the public eye recently. Last week saw him fulfilling the "joshing sibling" role alongside
his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, and his pregnant sister-in-law, during a magic wand lesson on the Making of
Harry Potter tour at the Warner Bros Studio in Leavesden, Hertfordshire. The day before, the uncle-in-waiting had
obliged delighted photographers by changing a nappy on a doll at the Nottingham headquarters of Headway, a
charity which helps people with brain injuries. Finishers crossing the line at the London marathon found him handing
out medals. Recently he announced his intention to join a team of wounded servicemen and women in the Walking
with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge in November.

As William and Catherine prepare for parenthood in July – they are not expected to undertake any official foreign
tours this year – Harry has stepped up to his constitutional role as the "spare to the heir", and taken on the action
man mantle the palace has designed for him. So yes, expect to see him playing baseball, in what is described as an
"economically and socially challenged" part of Manhattan, as part of the Royal Foundation's successful Coach Core
programme launched by the Duke, the Duchess and himself last year.

On a more formal note, he will meet the great and the good at receptions in Washington and Denver hosted by the
Foreign and Commonwealth Office. A handshake with President Barack Obama, though not impossible, seems
unlikely: press secretary Jay Carney told the White House press corps he had "no meetings to announce" between
the two.

One of his missions in New York will be to support the British Government's GREAT campaign, launched by David
Cameron in the city two years ago to showcase some of Britain's export successes. Certainly, both the government
and the palace will be counting on the "Harry factor" to make the tour a success. Indeed, his laddish exploits seem
only to have enhanced his popular appeal.

Harry with Prince Seesio of Lesotho,
co-founders of the charity Sentebele.

                           Two Princes caring for a child.

The first stop of his action packed trip was Washington DC as he attended an anti-land mine photography exhibition
staged by the HALO Trust, a charity which was very close to the heart of his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.

The 28-year-old Harry, as Patron of their 25th Anniversary Appeal, officially launched their land mine exhibition at the
Russell Senate Office building. The British group works across Asia, Africa and the Americas to help clear land mines
in war-torn countries.  After his tour, Harry is due at a reception and dinner in honour of the charity's 25th anniversary
at the British Embassy where he will meet senior politicians, ambassadors and philanthropists. He is expected speech
at the evening event which takes place at the home of Sir Peter Westmacott, Britain's US ambassador, according to

The prince will thank them for the support that the USA's government and individuals have given to humanitarian mine
clearance over the many years since his mother tirelessly helped to draw the world's attention to the shocking legacy
of land mines.

Harry became Patron of the charity in March 2013. He has had a long-standing association with the organisation
having visited Mozambique in 2010 and seeing the devastating impact that land mines have on communities for

The hands-on royal met amputees and witnessed the demining process taking place as well as detonating several
mines himself.

"Prince Harry takes a keen and active interest in HALO's work and is delighted to support the charity in its 25th year,"
a St James’s Palace spokesperson said.

                             "If a picture could paint a thousand words...and Harry proves it can !"

10th May 2013

A HUSH fell over Arlington National Cemetery in Washington as Prince Harry laid a floral tribute at the grave of former
US president John F Kennedy, who was assassinated almost 50 years ago.

Wearing his Household Cavalry’s Blues and Royals No 1 dress uniform and the light blue beret of the Army Air Corps,
the 28-year-old knelt on one knee as he placed the blooms on a tombstone, which lies next to an eternal flame.

He then stood to attention, bowed his head and paused for a moment in quiet reflection.

Harry also laid a wreath at the cemetery’s Section 60 – where US troops who have been killed in recent conflicts such
as Iraq and Afghanistan are buried.

A hand-written card on the wreath read: “To my comrades in arms of the United States of America, who have paid the
ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom, Captain Harry Wales.”

Speaking earlier at a tea party for anti-landmine charity the HALO Trust, the Prince said his mother Diana, Princess of
Wales, would be “proud” of him for supporting the cause she had “believed in passionately”.

" Hello Everyone,

       Whilst I cannot be sure Harry has seen my site recently, though I know both he and William are aware of it, I have
that information on very good authority; I do note that in his recent speech he says I would be proud of him as I am of
course and have said so on my site but usually he is a little more reticent saying things like " I hope my Mother would be
proud" so here therefore I sense a lot more confidence in him and he carries on my work for me now and I have
complete confidence will continue to do so; this is indeed just the beginning!"

               With love from,

                                      Diana xx

Posted 07-06-13

Prince Harry has qualified as an Apache helicopter commander, the Ministry of Defence has announced.

The qualification marks the culmination of three years of training, and means he can now take overall control of the
helicopter on missions..

Earlier this year, the 28-year-old completed a five-month tour of Afghanistan as a co-pilot gunner.

During his deployment in Helmand the prince shared flying duties and took control of the weapons of the two-man

And he revealed that he had fired on the enemy, saying: "Take a life to save a life.

"If there's people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we'll take them out of the game, I suppose."

His first tour was cut short in 2008 after 10 weeks because a media blackout was broken. He was removed from
Afghanistan in case he became a target.

To pass his latest qualification the Prince - who goes by the name Capt Wales in the army - conducted months of
training before completing a "gruelling" six-hour flying assessment which required him to fly over the UK and conduct
a simulated low level attack, the MoD said.

A Kensington Palace spokesman confirmed that the prince "will continue with normal duties as an Apache pilot based
at Wattisham Airfield".

He was awarded a prize for best co-pilot gunner when he first qualified as an Apache pilot in February 2012.

Prince Harry's Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Tom de la Rue said: ''This is a tremendous achievement for
Captain Wales who passed with flying colours.

''I am delighted that his new status as a qualified Apache Aircraft Commander and Co-Pilot Gunner places him at the
very top of his profession.''

   " Harry my darling I am enormously proud that you have achieved such a degree of success in a vocation that you
personally feel comfortable to be in though not altogether surprised remembering as a little boy it was your ambition to
be a soldier and rather like me when you set your heart on achieving something, you will do all that you can to achieve
whatever that might be successfully! Be safe!"

  With lots and lots of love and bundles of hugs from,

                               Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx