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Diana's Death: Police Passed New Information

Scotland Yard is assessing new information on the death of Princess Diana to determine whether
it is credible.

Princess Diana at a ceremony for the return of the Royal Hampshire Regiment from the Gulf War in 1991

 Princess Diana died in a car accident in Paris in 1997

New information that alleges Princess Diana was murdered has been passed to Scotland Yard through military
sources, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The information, thought to include the allegation that the Princess of Wales, Dodi al Fayed and their driver were killed
by a member of the British military, will be assessed by officers from the Specialist Crime and Operations Command.

It was passed to the police by the former parents-in-law of a former soldier, according to Sky sources.

Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed leaving the
                                                                                                      Ritz Hotel on August 31, 1997


The deaths of the Princess Diana and Mr al Fayed in Paris in 1997 were investigated and examined during a 90-day
inquest led by Lord Justice Scott Baker at the Royal Court of Justice in 2007.

On April 7, 2008, the jury concluded their verdict as "unlawful killing, grossly negligent driving of the following vehicles
and of the Mercedes".

The Metropolitan Police added the assessment was not a re-investigation and does not come under Operation Paget -
the inquiry led by Lord Stevens into conspiracy theories surrounding Princess Diana and Mr al Fayed's deaths.

The wreckage of the Mercedes the pair
 were travelling in when it crashed.

After the inquest, the Metropolitan Police said it had spent £8m on services arising from it and the Operation Paget
investigation from 2004 to 2006.

Former Met Police commissioner Lord Stevens published his report in December 2006, rejecting claims that Princess
Diana and Mr al Fayed had been murdered.

Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said: "We understand this information includes an allegation that Princess
Diana and Dodi al Fayed and the driver of their car were killed by a member of the British military.

"The information we're told was passed to Scotland Yard quite recently. It also includes, we understand, references to
something known as Diana's diary.

"These are very early days, the information has just come in, and Scotland Yard is adamant in saying that this is not a
reopening of its investigation from 2004 when it spent three years looking into the circumstances of the Princess'

"But it is taking the information seriously and it is considering and it is possible that a new investigation may open."

Diana, Mr. al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul died after the Mercedes crashed in a Paris tunnel on August 31, 1997.

Also please note Page 15 in Factual Precis Section where there is featured an interesting article in view of the content
of this one!

"Hello Everyone!

             This morning I am making headlines again, featured on the front page of today's Times newspapand the Sunday
Express and I am happy about that and also relieved as almost approaching now 16 years since I died in the incident in
Paris, clearly a mystery that isn't going to go away until it is satisfactorily solved which to date it hasn't been!
             The articles concern this and the new claims of my having been assassinated there along with Dodi and of course
Henri Paul. Now of course there are those who are trying desperately to verify the fact the incident happened due to a
drunken driver, my boys and my friends know differently of course; I would not be driven anywhere  by anyone drunk
and in the Ritz Dodi, Trevor Rees Jones our bodyguard and the only survivor as well as myself were speaking with Henri
Paul just before we all left via the staff entrance at the back of the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Not any one of us detecting or
suspecting his being drunk and of course had he have been so, we would have done!  Also were it to have been another
road traffic accident, it would not still be headline news now, rather a documented historic tragedy and that would be
that but it isn't and so of course wasn't!

             My boys, Charles and Mohamed I am sure will be watching these current developments with great interest as well
as other family members though they for different reasons, I would imagine anyway. Right from the beginning there
were one too many inconsistencies with the incident which immediately sent out alarm signals that all was not as it
initially appeared to be and these to be found documented here on my site but by example the fact the tunnel was
chemically cleaned and opened to traffic again just hours after it happening remembering who I was of course; mother
of a future King and that initially the paparazzi being blamed before this being switched to Henri Paul who dead himself
served as being a marvellous scape goat as not able to defend himself or submit evidence in his defense of the accusation
against him!

           The headline is detailing claims that I was murdered by someone with connections with the S.A.S. which is
something written about on my site years ago in 2007 on page 15 of the Factual Precis; exactly that in fact! So on my
personal site new news is indeed old news which is as it ought to be in the sense that in life as a way shower in life, I ought
to be one step ahead of the game now particularly which of course I am! I have said the truth about Paris will ultimately
be exposed and so it will when the time is right for this to happen and I do not mean time dictated by a clock or calendar,
I am speaking of energetic timing naturally which cannot be determined when, it just happens but this means that it
cannot be something likewise prepared for so cannot be ultimately anyway covered up! The saying the "Cat's out of the
bag" comes to mind!

         This recent explosive allegation that the elite unit was involved and has been covered up emerges during the
second court martial of S.A.S. sniper Sergeant Danny Nightingale, it being alleged another soldier known only as "N"
and a flatmate of Mr. Nightingale having boasted that the S.A.S. were behind my death! Scotland Yard taking these
claims seriously having received the information from Royal Military Police contained within a seven page letter from
the parents of soldier "N"'s wife to the regiment's commanding officer before the court martial and this letter reportedly
known about since September 11th 2011. In which case if this is proven being so, we have another immediate cover up
exposed anyway.

          Scotland Yard having confirmed that it now having received this information has started what is called a scoping
exercise to determine its credibility. A royal spokesman has said there will be on official comment made by either of my
boys and that's alright as I know neither of them being stupid will have their own private and personal opinions of things
and there being no necessity for these to being exposed publicly, certainly not at the moment anyway and perhaps
better that they are not actually but I did say of myself she won't go quietly in life some people will remember!"

          Thank you for listening to me,
                  With love from,
                                      Diana xx

Date Posted 08-26-13

Sunday 18 August 2013 UK

Diana letter: were the SAS involved in her death?

Exclusive: As police investigate claims that the British military may have been involved in the death of Princess Diana,
Channel 4 News has seen the letter in question.

The letter, written in 2011 by the parents-in-law of an unidentified SAS soldier known only as Soldier N, includes a
claim that the SAS may have been involved with  the death of Princess Diana.

Channel 4 News has seen the letter in connection with the second court martial of another SAS soldier, sniper Sgt Danny
Nightingale who was found guilty of illegally possessing a gun and ammunition.

The focus of the letter is about the man who went on to be Sgt Danny Nightingale's housemate and who was also one of
the Service Prosecuting Authority’s (SPA) key witnesses at the Nightingale court martial, Soldier N.

It ho arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up - extract from letter about Soldier N

It's understood, during the trial the letter was handed to the SPA and sections which mentioned names or identifying
details were redacted before it was released to the court.

In the letter, the parents-in-law of Soldier N begged the commanding officer of the SAS to intervene as Soldier N was
allegedly threatening to kill them and intimidate their daughter.

The parents-in-law also wrote about the circumstances surrounding Princess Diana's death, saying:

"He also told her [the daughter] that it was the XXX who arranged Princess Diana’s death and that has been covered up.
"So what do my daughter and I stand against his threats?"

A box for 'private jobs'

The author of the letter also writes how Soldier N had threatened their daughter saying he could make her "disappear"
and warned her of the existence of a box that some of the members of the SAS used for "private jobs".
letter states:

"They put in the box the name, address and details of what they want done and then one of them who wants to earn extra
money takes the details out of the box and does that job."

They then ask the commanding officer if the names and contact details of their family are in the box.

The seven-page hand-written letter also makes reference to another member of the SAS who allegedly shot his wife and
family. It states: "He reminded my daughter of a man ... who had matrimonial trouble and he went home and shot her
and the family."

It alleges that Soldier N had admitted to the family that he had killed women and children during his time in the SAS:

"He insists on telling us about his killing escapades whilst working in his job. How he has killed women and children and
a priest, whose big toe kept on wiggling although he was dead."

Soldier N recently completed a two-year term in military prison after admitting to keeping a Glock pistol, a grenade and
ammunition at his home. The letter references numerous occasions when he had military equipment at his home.

"He has been frightening my daughter by bringing guns into the home. Laying them out in a row on the lounge carpet
and saying lets invite friends round because he wants to show people. She found a gun in the under stairs cupboard. He
had a gun in his car and in his bedside cabinet... we have been told by him that he is allowed to do this because of the job
he does."

The letter has now been handed to the Metropolitan Police.

The allegations if true, ask some serious questions of Soldier N's mental state of health. He allegedly hid from a
motorbike which was driving down the road because "he thought someone was after him".

The parents-in-law said: "We have said for sometime that this man is not presenting with normal behaviour and yet we
were told he is fine. No doubt he is good at his job but he can't switch off and he brings the job home and treats us all
very badly. There are times when we have been petrified."

They then request the help of the army, stating: "You have trained him and as such I feel that the army should step in
and take some responsibility here."

Scotland Yard said: "The Metropolitan Police Service is scoping information that has recently been received in relation
to the deaths and assessing its relevance and credibility.

"The assessment will be carried out by officers from the specialist crime and operations command. This is not a re-
investigation and does not come under Operation Paget."

The Ministry of Defence said it was not commenting and it was now a matter for civilian authorities.

A 2008 Inquest jury returned an unlawful killing verdict on the death of Princess Diana and Dodi al Fayed.

Channel 4 News does not know the identity of Soldier N and we cannot independently verify of the allegations of his

19th August 2013  Daily Express  


Scotland Yard was last night under pressure to reopen the inquiry into the
deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed after claims they were killed by
the S.A.S. Sources close to Dodi's father Mohamed al-Fayed say a full-scale
investigation is needed into allegations to remove any suspicion of an
establishment cover-up. Detectives are examining a letter describing how
an S.A.S.sniper boasted to his wife that the famous Army unit "arranged
Princess Diana's death". A claim made in the letter on September 11 2011
but one only handed to Scotland Yard in the past few weeks.

Mr. al-Fayed former owner of Harrods, has always maintained that the couple were murdered on the orders of the
British Establishment which launched a massive cover-up to hide the truth. Yesterday the tycoon saying nothing as he
and his family waited to hear Scotland Yard's opinion of the letter's contents. Scotland Yard now scoping the informaton
for its relevance and credibility. The assessment will be carried out by officers from the 'Specialist Crime and
Operations Command'.

Tormented by fears of assassination, Diana appears to have predicted her own death during a confidential meeting with
the late Lord Mischon in 1995. The lawyer later wrote an aide-memoire of the conversation. Part of it says ..
Inline image 1
"Efforts would be made if not to get rid of her ( be it by some accident in her car, such as pre-prepared break failure or
whatever?) .. at least to see she was so injured or damaged as to be declared unbalanced".

People who saw Diana and Dodi in the weeks before they died spoke of them as a couple who were ' So much in love'.
Dodi said to have bought an engagement ring shortly before their deaths.

Diana's comment ..

"Hello Everyone,

                I am very tempted to notify the Daily Express of the Factual Precis on page 15 of my site but I also remember
the same newspaper that ignored my warning them of the London bombings so will not do so. The point is that evidence
does exist to support this latest claim and sooner or later I would imagine will therefore be uncovered.

                 The point being once again I am making headlines which clearly illustrates the interest in me something very
much alive and that gives me enormous confidence that when the time is right and Diana Speaks that she will find herself
recognised and it being appreciated on a global scale that she meant what she said, when she said "She won't go quietly";
perhaps "She won't go" being even more appropriate; unfortunately for some!

                   Tony also brought to Andrew's attention that now he is fighting fit, everything seems to have begun rolling just
as of course we were assured it would by a Source who cannot and therefore should not be underestimated. Andrew
speaking to me this morning said how sorry he was that my boys should need to be reading all of this in the sense of their
memories being awakened in such a shocking way but I have assured him that both adult and wise men now that they
will be as keen to know the real truth as anyone, indeed more so in fact!"

                               With love from,
                                                  Diana xx

German Article from Page 15 re S.A.S.

Date Posted:30/07/2007 10:53:53)

Diana Assassinated in Paris?   WIESBADEN, Deutschland /October 9th 1997

The cover story in the German illustrated weekly "Das Neue" of this date strongly hinted "Diana, Princess of Wales
was deliberately assassinated in Paris, France, August 31st 1997. The core of the story is an exclusive interview
with "Glyn Jones", a former member of the elite military unit that observed Diana from 1985 to 1989, on orders
from the MI-5.

After introducing the theme with a hint that Martine Monteil, the head of the Paris police investigation team, is
looking into the case as an assassination case, and that the MI-5 is a suspect, "Das Neue"asks Glyn Jones about his
1985 -1989 mission. He relates that he was with the "Royal Marines", then, and was operating upon directives
coming from MI-5.

"The job of his team  was not to spy on members of the Royal Family. Foreign agencies warned the MI-5 at that
time, that there was a threat to Diana. That is why she was surveilled.  That implied: We would have had to kill her,
if we were not able to prevent an abduction. The main objective of the team was to protect the Royal House, and a
future King, Diana's eldest son Prince William and the Anglican Church. All of that was threatened by Diana's bad
conduct", Glyn Jones said.

When "Das Neue"asked, whether the driver being accused of being drunk Henri -Paul, didn't play a role in the
incident, Glyn Jones said: "Yes, in the end, it was a reason !"

Why did this accident occur, in the first place? Why is the French police not able to identify those two men, that
stood on the bridge above the tunnel, who were firing shots on the car ?

"Two shots were fired on the tires ! So far, this has not been made public. They are trying to cover it up." Glyn
Jones said and that traces of the shots would not necessarily be found, because " this depends on the angle at which
the bullet hits -- this can hardly be checked, if the tire is ripped into pieces ! "This, at least, is how it is done in anti-
terror measures in Northern Ireland, when any outside implication is to be covered up."

Glyn Jones said that it is not French sloppiness which prevents a real investigation in Paris, but that it rather implies
that "the French secret service is collaborating with the British secret service ! "There are close contacts... It would
not be in the interest of the French government to let such things get out to the public."

The interview was accompanied with an explanation how the sniper attack on the car could have occurred. First of
all, the British SAS is equipped with a special gun, the "Five-Seven" which is produced by the French firm, FN
Herstal. This is an ultra light weapon, which works like a "heavy gun," however, because its ammunition can cut
through steel and bullet-proof vests, from 200 meters away. The special bullets, which have a weight of only 2
grams each, leave no visible tracks in the target.

Weapons expert "Bernard Sacrez" explained to Das Neue that "with this weapon, you can slice the tires of a car as if
you used a razor blade. No tracks of the shot can be located, because the two-gram bullet disassembles completely,

"Mohamed al - Fayed's security team included 8 former SAS agents, by the way, the "Das Neue"report said. Dodi's
bodyguard Alexander Wingfield was one of them, and he switched shift with Trevor Rees-Jones (the body-guard
that survived) that night. Glyn Jones said it looks like an orchestration, because the drivers also switched shifts that

The Official Lies Exposed

Date Posted:30/07/2007 09:44:58)

Here documented are some of the most amazing lies, uncovered by the investigative tea!

1. "The speedometer proved Henri -Paul was driving at a recklessly fast speed." Virtually all news accounts in the
immediate hours after the crash reported that the speedometer of the Mercedes had been frozen at over 180
kilometers per hour, when the first rescue workers and witnesses arrived on the scene. This "evidence" was used to
establish that Henri -Paul was speeding recklessly at the time the crash occurred. After the so-called post-mortem
results were leaked, purporting that Henri -Paul had been drunk and high on prescription drugs, much of the world
media pronounced the case a cut-and-dried instance of drunk driving. In fact, the investigative team has confirmed
that the speedometer of the Mercedes was at zero! This is consistent with claims by the car's manufacturer, Daimler
Benz, that whenever a Mercedes 280-S is in an accident, even a crash at reasonably slow speed, the speedometer
will freeze at zero. It is no wonder that the French authorities rejected Daimler Benz's offer to send a team of safety
engineers to France to assist in the crash investigation.

2. Diana was trapped in the back seat." For weeks, the French authorities justified the long delay in getting Diana to
a hospital with claims that the rear compartment of the car had been crushed, and it required a lengthy effort by
French firemen and rescue workers to pry her body loose from the back seat. Eventually, after a number of early
eyewitnesses inside the tunnel came forward, the French government was forced to retract the story, and admit that
the rear compartment had not been damaged in the crash. The rear door open as seen in images allowing a French
Doctor to place oxygen mask over Diana's face!

3. "The Mercedes was a faster, armored vehicle". Initial media reports, provided by the French authorities, had
identified the Mercedes carrying Diana and Dodi Fayed as the much faster 600 model. Early reports also claimed
that the car was armored. In fact, the Mercedes 280-S, a four-cylinder car incapable of reaching high speeds
quickly, had been called up from a pool of cars usually available to the Ritz Hotel just hours before the fateful ride,
one mysteriously stolen in Paris earlier the same year having been the only car available to use. The investigative
team learned that the French police have established that the missing Fiat Uno is a turbo model manufactured
between 1984 and 1987. This Fiat has a higher acceleration rate than the Mercedes 280-S, and a higher top speed.
This means that the Fiat was capable of passing and cutting off the Mercedes, and accelerating to avert serious
damage in a collision.

4. "Henri -Paul had goaded the paparazzi, 'You won't catch me tonight.'" Early media coverage, based on leaks from
the French government, reported that, as Henri - Paul was leaving the Ritz Hotel, he had taunted the paparazzi,
shouting, "You won't catch me tonight." In fact Henri -Paul at no time had any contact with any of the paparazzi.
The Mercedes left the Ritz Hotel from a rear exit and there was never any communication between him and the
paparazzi who were waiting for the couple outside the front of the hotel which is why the decoy car idea had proved
necessary. The purpose of this fairy tale was to further the idea that Henri -Paul was drunk and "out of control"
shortly before the crash. CCTV footage, taken from cameras at the Ritz Hotel and from adjacent buildings, fully
confirm the investigative teams account of events as does a video in the hotel showing balancing on one leg whilst
tying the shoelace of a shoe on his other foot.

5. "There are no photographs of the chase." All along the route that the Mercedes took, from the Ritz Hotel, along
the Voie Georges Pompidou, to the entrance to the Pont de L 'Alma tunnel, there are both outside CCTV cameras,
and special radar-activated cameras installed by the French police.

If, at any time, the Mercedes or the cars and motorcycles chasing after it had gone beyond the speed limit, the radar
cameras should have automatically snapped pictures. These pictures should have provided the police with a time-
sequence account of the final moment's before the crash. The French authorities have systematically claimed -
through press leaks, and in response to queries by the families of the deceased - that no such pictures exist.

We are to believe that every one of the cameras was either broken or out of film. Yet, other drivers, who were
passing along the Voie Georges Pompidou shortly before the Mercedes chase, were indeed later contacted by
French police and told that there were photographs showing that they were speeding. Incredibly, the French
authorities also continue to insist that none of the outside CCTV cameras on any of the buildings along the route
show anything relevant to the crash probe.

6. "The paparazzi were nowhere near Henri -Paul's car at the point of the crash". Some accounts, based on French
government leaks, claimed that the nearest paparazzi were 400 meters behind the Mercedes 280-S at the point the
crash took place. This lie, aimed at pinning the entire blame for the crash on "the speeding drunk driver Henri -
Paul," is discredited by the testimony of known witnesses  and a half-dozen other eyewitnesses who have requested
to remain anonymous !

7. Henri -Paul was not qualified to drive the Mercedes". Henri - Paul had received specialty driver training from
Daimler Benz in Germany. Contrary to some French press claims, Henri -Paul was not required to have any kind of
special driver's license, in order to drive the Mercedes 280-S. The cumulative effect of these falsehoods, each
traced back to French government sources, to date, has been a ruthless cover-up on the part of the French in
cohoots with who ?? - those who clearly together have a great deal to hide!