Duke of Kent's rendezvous with Rudolph Hess, Deputy of Hitler.

  Rudolph Hess was deputy to the Fuhrer and so the immediate successor of Adolf Hitler should Hitler be killed. On
the eve of the war with the Soviet Union Hess flew to the U.K., landing in Scotland. His aim was to negotiate a peace
deal with the U.K. It can be assumed that this trip was made in full knowledge of Hitler, with Hess acting as his
personal envoy. It can also be more than possible that Hess would be trying to negotiate with a royal family member
whilst the Prime Minister of the time Winston Churchill; later knighted and made a "Sir" by the current Monarch, was
an impassioned critic of the German leader who was actually an Austrian by birth. Churchill held disgust for Nazi
Germany seeing the Third Reich regime as a scourge on the face of Europe and determined to defeat it. He
informed of the negotiation plan completely opposed to it and instructed the moment Rudolph Hess set foot on
British soil the army arrest and imprison him. Why would such a negotiation be something Hitler encouraged
happening? To avoid conflict with a nation, its being an island so proving more difficult to conquer with simultaneous
eastern and western fronts thus an enormous drain on his military arsenal. He settling on Continental Europe as the
limit of his imperialist ambitions!

In an attempt to undermine Churchill, the Duke of Kent, who was part of the establishment keen to make a Peace
Treaty with Hitler, collected Hess in Scotland with intentions to fly him to neutral Sweden where the neogtiation terms
would be discussed.  However the aircraft supposedly carrying as its passenger Rudolf Hess crashed with most
everyone aboard killed, including himself and the Duke of York; with only one survivor! Why would the royal family
be wanting to negotiate? They viewed the Nazi threat as being much less of one than the threat from the Soviet
Union. They thought that if they were able to influence Hitler to concentrating all of his efforts on the Eastern Front
that he'd stand a greater success in defeating Stalin's empire and this then meaning that both the German and
Soviets would be severely weakened with a power and territorial vacuum in Western Europe ready to be exploited by
the British.

In 2003 a T.V. documentary programme called " The Queen's Lost Uncle", shown on Channel 4, presented the fact
that certain unspecified documents revealed that Prince George, Duke of Kent, had been due to have a meeting
with Rudolph Hess which was part of a plot to trick the Nazi's into believing that he and other senior influential figures
were conspiring to overthrow Churchill. A plan that ended with the air crash but if Rudolph Hess was a passenger on
the aircraft and was killed in the incident; who then was imprisoned in Spandau Prison in Berlin, Germany's capital
city and died, or as some people think, was murdered in there? There is a strong theory it was an imposter who also
stood trial at Nuremburg and was convicted of being instrumentally involved in war crimes. For at the trials when
faced with Hess on the stand Hermann Goering saying, "Hess? Which Hess? The Hess you have here? Our Hess?
Your Hess?"   Were this elaborate plan true, and counter-plan true, it certainly might have been possible to conceal
it amidst the euphoria of the Allies war victory and people anticipating an optimistic future now that World War II had