Chapter 2

    As I have said no love lost between the U.K. and I in spite of my being born in London though

    the Sun newspaper was one printed on the island and therefore in candid detail illustrating

    everything known about the events happening in Paris just after midnight on August 31st

    1997.  I still did not break  my habit of not buying the English newspaper and and besides

    which it was tragic enough the lady had died and I did not feel moved to read all the

    details in print. As the week went on I began to wish I had as curiosity got me but a guy who

    likes routine and order, I didn't want to start reading a chapter in the middle of a series which is

    what the paper became, most pages purely dedicated to what happened that fateful morning.

    Anyway on the 5th September 1997 I was in a coffee shop in the Yumbo Centrum and got

    speaking with a German guy who finding I was English asked me if I had seen the papers

    and I told him no but I wish I had shown a keener interest as not speaking Spanish

    profficiently " Yo hablo Espanol sufficiente para defenderme " - I speak it enough to

    be understood; so had missed the full details on the Spanish news programmes. Surprisingly

    he then produced all the Sun newspapers of that week on the table and told me that

    I could borrow them but please he trusted me to return them to him on the 7th September

    the day after the funeral. I couldn't believe it, that this complete stranger would be so

    generous and I faithfully assured him that I would. I took them home with me to the

    apartment and read them cover to cover and at the time bought into  what it was being

    reported as having been, a dreadful accident ! Like everyone and as now is happening as

    I write this with tears blinding my eyes as I did so. On the 7th September it was already arranged

    that "Cheng" would be giving Frank a personal reading,  respecting that the 6th September was Diana's Day.

    Frank and Antonio couldn't believe that on the morning of the 6th September 1997

    before 11am when the funeral service from London was being televised that I no longer

    wore the black uniform they had grown accustomed to seeing me in but donned shorts

    and tee shirt and told them I was going to the beach. Even I surprised myself with

    this decision and soon I was about the only person on the beach in the bright sunshine

    crying looking out across the Atlantic Ocean wondering what was happening in London.

    To this day I have only ever been able to watch brief moments of that day. I did not

    return to the apartment until the late afternoon where Antonio and Frank sat red eyed

    watching televised documentaries about Diana's life, something again I could not stay

    to join them in watching, they must have thought me as an Englishman so cold and callous

    but I headed out to the bars again dressed in the black uniform and that night along

    with those who were in the bars which were few compared to normal cried.

    The morning of 7th September 1997 the day that changed my life arrived. Firstly I got

    all the Sun newspapers and headed to the bar to meet the German guy to give him back

    his prized collection but he was not there. I waited an hour after the time we had

    arranged to meet and having lived with Thomas and since having lived in Germany,

    ironically Lohr am Main, Unterfranken alone for 4 years und jetzt Ich spreche ein

    bisien Deutsch, enough to live there and to be understood anyway; I know though that

    Germans are by nature punctual and disciplined so was surprised he did not turn up so

    after my third cafe con leche I left telling the barman that if he turned up to tell him

    I had been waiting and would return the next morning. I then had the appointment to

    keep with Frank so returned to the apartment for his "Cheng" reading.

    Being a voice channel Spirit directly communicate through me but so I am not unaware of the

    communication happening so not in trance as the communication is given, I am given to write

    the message though in a language I cannot understand. The joy of this being that anyone's

    personal reading cannot be read and understood by anyone else and much like regular

    conversation when the communications are given they are not able to be repeated but the

    listener is so intent on hearing their message it is not one missed but my point being I cannot

    recall the message given except for a few moments after the communication but Frank's I will never

    in my life forget and nor ever will he I am sure. So prepared for "Cheng" the communication began but .......

    " Hello "

    Frank and I immediately mystified as "Cheng" as would be expected has an oriental accent,

    this voice was very clearly an educated English one.

    "You are not Cheng, who are you ?" I said

    "I'm Diana" came the reply.

    Goosebumps were felt by Frank and I and he said

    "Andy I cannot believe this, I see the funeral of Diana yesterday and now she's in

    my apartment can I ask her something please?"

    "Of course you may Frank what is it?"

    "Diana where is my Mother right now"

    " Your Mother is very happy in her rose garden Frank"

    Frank immediately burst into tears hearing this and explained that his Mother had always

    lived in an apartment in the island's capital city of Las Palmas and had a window box

    but her dream was always to have a rose garden and he was so happy that in heaven she

    had this now! As you can imagine a very intense and emotional moment. Strangely enough

    neither of us asked her what had happened in Paris, we were both so shocked at her

    communication but I did ask her why she was communicating through me and she said.

    "You Andrew helped guide me home which is why on the balcony you were compelled to

    stare into the starlit tropical sky and also why you couldn't watch my funeral yesterday,

    it's not something I would be expected to do even through your eyes is it ?"

    I will be honest and say that I cannot truthfully recall what exactly happened next

    only that it was all so surreal but both Frank and I had been afforded for us both

    sufficent evidential credibility to know that as bizarre as it was, it was real.

    Having been blessed to channel "Cheng" perhaps I ought not to have been so shocked that

    Diana would be given to channel messages through me but I was and to this day I still

    remain so.

    At this point it is time perhaps to explain a little more about "Cheng". I was

    living in Ealing, West London when I was suddenly drawn to an interest in exploring

    the Ancient Chinese Art of Divination the I - Ching and it was shortly after this

    interest was awakened in me that one night while just doodling on paper the writing

    I spoke of first came through my pen with "Cheng" introducing herself to me."Cheng"

    is a Female Goddess though some people oddly enough sense a masculine energy with

    "Cheng" whilst others like myself a female one though a strong woman who speaks in

    black and white .. it is or it isn't, not ever it might be or it could be! "Cheng"

    is nothing if blunt and direct and I always tell people, "Cheng" will tell it as it

    is and not how you might like to see it so if you are prepared to accept the truth,

    "Cheng" will speak but do not hold me Andrew responsible for the answer you receive.

    The miracle of "Cheng" readings is that the question asked is not asked out loud but

    in the person's head so I cannot personally influence the answer received and often

    do not know the subject matter enquired about as it it personal to the questioner,

    not my business! I am merely the Middle - man or as I tell people the operator putting

    the call through. I can recall one message "Cheng" gave a friend of a friend who had

    asked if having another child was a good idea ? "Cheng" answered " Having a child will

    not solve the problems in your marriage and having that child you will be likely to

    resent that child for being the reason you stay together and the only reason, is that

    fair on the child ?" The woman's unhappy and personally destructive marriage ended in

    divorce within months of the reading being given to her. A the time of the reading the

    woman had clearly understood this matter of fact message and thanked "Cheng" for her

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