Chapter 3

    As bizarre as it seemed Frank was convinced he had spoken with the Spirit of Diana

    the day after her funeral and was emotionally moved by this fact and being a Virgo so

    conservative and a person of discretion chose who he told the news to carefully but never

    the less soon people were asking to speak to Diana. Those who had experienced "Cheng"

    readings being particularly interested and it soon became clear that "Cheng" was the

    Guide to connect with for matters relating to everything but personal relationships when

    Diana was a lot softer in her approach and in her answers and again I can give an example

    when a guy who wrestles with his sexuality asked Diana "Diana will I be a father ?" Diana

    saying  "Living one lifestyle is indeed a possibility but equally another lifestyle

    of interest to you isn't one that naturally welcomes children does it ?" He replied in

    agreement with the lady but to my knowledge intended remaining living the more globally

    acceptable lifestyle even childless.

    I honestly cannot remember specifics happening after the initial channeling of Diana

    other than as I have said people would still consult me for readings but receive two,

    one from "Cheng" and one from Diana. I will say at this point incidentally my own

    personal principle is to give readings "Free of any charge" as I did not study to become

    a Psychic Medium so no fees were incurred to me, it is a "Gift", something blessed or

    given to me so I have never felt comfortable in charging for a "Gift", it negates for me

    the meaning of the word "Gift". I do not give someone a present and then charge them for

    it which is what I would feel I would be doing in charging a fee for channeling "Cheng"

    and "Diana" for people requesting a reading. I saying this making no judgement on those

    who do so, this book is one of my truth and it therefore is illustrating my way and pure

    and simply that.

    So to continue I kept my promise and returned to the same cafe in Gran Canaria hoping to see the German

    guy to give him back his collection of the Sun newspap'ers but the barman told me that

    he never showed his face again. Needless to say I am now the proud owner of a collection

    of collectable papers that I had never been intent on collecting. Adding to an extensive

    collection of priceless Diana Memorabilia including a book signed by Diana with a personal

    message to someone from the lady and found in a Charity shop together with inside a

    programme of the Royal Wedding of 1981 in immaculate condition. The book clearly an

    indication of Diana's naughty sense of humour! In my will my full collection of books left

    to her sons Princes William and Harry as I feel they will treasure them as I do as many

    written before they were born and when babies.

    Some people might wonder whether I actually ever met Diana in person and the answer to

    this is yes and again the lady has informed me that this connection is when it was

    decided that I would channel her, though at the time clearly something neither of us could or would

    have imagined happening.

    I cannot remember the exact date but it was in 1992 when I was working for the exclusive chain of

    Footwear stores, the family firm of "Russell & Bromley" and was based in the Knightsbridge branch

    which is situated a few yards away from Harrods. Personal service was something of great importance.

    If a customer wanted a particular style of shoe but we did not have the size in the store, other branches

    would be called to locate it and the salesman dispatched to collect the shoes for his customer by bus or taxi

    depending upon the urgency. The customer most usually aristocracy or a film or stage celebrity often had

    a tight schedule to meet which would determine this. Anyway that day I was sent to the Kensington High Street

    branch and took the bus. I collected the shoes from there and was heading back to my branch and not looking

    where I was going stepped off the pavement had I but realised in front of the long road leading to Kensington

    Palace beside the hotel there.

    Shock ! A speeding car careered to an immediate halt just stopping short of knocking me

    down, a silver Ford Sierra and I remember suddenly unexpectedly both the drivers door

    opening and the door of the front passenger side. At the time I.R.A. attacks being

    prevalent I remember wondering what was happening but then I couldn't believe my eyes as

    I recognised the driver of the car  .. there staring right into my eyes were the bluest

    of blue ones belonging to H.R.H. Princess of Wales looking less like a princess than can

    be imagined.

    Diana was clearly returning home with her personal bodyguard, it might have

    been Ken Wharfe from enjoying her favourite sport after swimming as she was dressed in

    tennis skirt and tee shirt with a pink cardigan bare legged with trainers and white

    socks and in her hair her sun glasses. Dressed like this Diana I can truthfully say was

    a stunner and so amazingly tall, iconic almost. I am short a mere 5'7" but Diana was

    like a giantess of beauty and had such personal presence. Nobody meeting her will ever

    forget doing so I'm sure! No words were exchanged between us as having looked at me, so

    checking I was alright and relieved I was I am sure imagining the scandalous headlines

    had I not have been. I presume for security reasons Diana then swopped places with her

    bodyguard, so he was seen to be driving her and not her at the wheel, got back into the

    car giggling and gesturing to me pointing to herself mouthing still giggling and nodding

    "Yes it is me!". The car then sped away down the long private road to Kensington Palace.

    Now at the time it was a public secret that the Royal Marriage was in trouble, I certainly

    had no idea though in "Cheng" readings even without asking the question, I kept being

    given the message of Camilla being more than good friend of Charles .. messages I assumed

    that were my imagination working overtime as even though at that time Cheng would speak

    and advise about personal relationships they seemed too far fetched for me to trust

    in believing as there was no substantial evidence to support them. Messages like

    "Triangle situation with Diana, Camilla and Charles, personal decision need to be made

    soon" Imagine getting these messages and then suddenly being faced with one of the people

    they concerned. I missed it at the time but it has since been explained to me that this

    was a sign of proof to me that the messages I was receiving were not figments of my

    imagination. Had I followed Diana's life more closely I might have also realised that

    the lady had great interest in Astrology and the New Age Phenomena generally, it being

    well known Diana consulted respected astrologers Penny Thornton and Debbie Frank amongst

    others and in 1997 personally visiting Rita Rogers with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed before

    their final holiday together.

    I have often wondered why whilst in front of her when I so easily could have done I had

    not said something like "Diana is your marriage okay?" True she might have smiled sweetly

    and said something like "Fine thanks" but knowing now of her interests I think much more

    likely she'd have asked why I was curious, I would have told her about the "Cheng" messages and

    chances are "Cheng" would have illustrated things too bluntly and explicitly for the lady to deny them being real,

    knowing and living the truth hidden behind the public smokescreen. Diana someone who in her own words

    always did her homework and was thorough would have checked on my credentials, seen if I had any

    connections at all with the Media or any source which might have given me access to privy information and

    finding I hadn't would have had no choice but to know the "Cheng" readings given to her were accurate and I am

    pretty sure would have consulted "Cheng" regularly after that. I have asked Diana why I didn't do so and

    been told "Andrew if you had it would quite possibly have altered the course of history, certainly mine anyway!" It

    doesn't take Einstein to confirm or affirm this theory does it as "Cheng" would not have held anything back from

    the lady that's for sure. Anyway I didn't say anything and Diana met her destined fate in the French capital

    city 5 years later.

    As Diana has told me:

    "Eyes are the mirror of the soul so we made eye to eye contact but were not permitted

    verbal communication but our necessary connection was immediate".   

    I returned to my customer and having served her then told my story. I remember the reaction...

    " And I'm the Queen of Sheba" and who could blame people as "Sarah - Jane" told the story.

    A joke in the store being the three salesman all working in the ladies department were

    Gay, I suppose we dare not be risked assisting in the Men's department. Anyway Clifford

    christened himself "Clitty" and Philip "Phyllis" and I "Miss Sarah - Jane" and ironically

    the names of both Diana's surviving elder sisters though not at the time due to this

    connection at all. Goodness alone knows why, only Clifford himself.

    So with that necessary background information I return us to Gran Canaria and 1997.

    I have said life pretty much was involved with working, I was a waiter in a cafe and

    being consulted in private life for "Cheng and Diana" readings and then "Cheng"

    gave me a reading in November 1997 which changed the course of my destiny:

    "You will soon be leaving island, you have a Gift for the world not confined to one

    island, it is selfish not to share this as you must and you will!"

    Frank was witness to this reading and he knowing how much I loved Gran Canaria was as

    shocked as I was but had learnt "Cheng" does not mince her words so told me that I must

    be leaving then. Now you have to think here I was on an island earning a waiter's wage

    and with no savings and with no inclination to call Mama in the U.K. to ask her to send

    me funds to assist me in leaving as I called it and named after the Madonna song

    "La Isla Bonita". I paid little attention to the message as it was not one I wanted

    to think about. So the following afternoon I went to the cafe as usual to work and the

    whole establishment was closed, nobody in sight. Confused I returned home wondering what

    had happened? That evening I ventured out to the bars in the Yumbo Centrum. On the

    way met Steve the chef who told me Barry the Boss had bolted, tax evasion or something but

    I was jobless and it was out of season so prospects did not look good. Steve told me he

    was alright as being a chef he had another job lined up. I asked him what he thought I

    could do and he said with it being winter all he could think was to give me an air ticket

    to London that Barry who had shared an apartment with him had not used. What ? Steve

    handed me the ticket which he had intended to try to sell as Barry had purchased two,

    one taking him directly home to Birmingham and the other a spare to London which he had

    bought first before finding the direct flight available. I took the ticket wondering so

    now what considering what "Cheng" had said and the flight a one way ticket leaving when

    8am next morning so would need to be at the airport by 6am if I was to take it and it now

    being 10pm at night. I thanked Steve as this was an expensive freebie!

    Returning to the apartment Frank looked at the ticket and at me and said "Andy Cheng told

    you yesterday, now no work and no money, I have two words to say to you F.... OFF!" Smiling

    at me as he knew it was the very last thing I wanted to do but what choice did I have and

    it was a dangerous one but an opportunity none the less. It meant my flying illegally under

    an assumed name, falsifying some one's identity. I had no choice and trusted since "Cheng"

    had given me the message 24hours earlier that I would be protected. I went to the airport

    and if anyone has seen the film "Midnight Express" when Brad Davis the actor in the leading

    role is seen at the airport in Turkey sweating like a pig carrying cocaine, operating

    illegally, this was me in the queue waiting to have my passport and ticket checked and

    receive my boarding pass. Thank God I spoke Spanish is all I can say as I chatted to

    the pretty Canarian lady at the desk in Spanish "Hoy es mucho calor verdad, no me gusta

    Inglaterra, me gusta mucho mas Gran Canaria pero a momento Yo tengo muchas problemas

    en Londres entonces  es necessario yo fue a Londres ahora pero yo regressa aqui muy pronto  ... phew !

    (Breathing an immense sigh of relief having scaled the first hurdle) .. muchas gracias ciao y que buena

    suerte en todas cosas" ...Rough translation of the speech which served as my salvation ..."It's hot today,

    I do not like England but love Gran Canaria but there are problems in London so I must leave now

    but I will return very soon, much better for me here .. Thank you very much, Ciao and the best of luck in

    everything!"   I would doubt many passengers let rip verbally as I had done to deliberately

    distract her from paying attention to my false documents and I do remember her smiling

    and congratulating me on speaking Spanish with a good accent. I am told when I speak

    Spanish, I speak it with an Italian lilt but not a British one.

    Okay so suitcase taken for boarding now I had to get rid of the incriminating evidence and headed for

    the gents toilet and flushed the ticket in Barry's name down the toilet and headed for the boarding

    gate with passport and boarding pass. Got through and headed for the B.A. flight to  Gatwick.

    I sat on the plane still sweating and scared out of my wits and was not relaxed until we were safely

    airborne. Here I was heading back to the U.K. wondering what was the next chapter going to

    unfold as being ?

    This being the second time in my life that speaking Spanish protected me. The first having been in 1981

    when the school "El Centro Britanico de Ingles" in Caracas where I was teaching at was besieged by four

    armed robbers. I had thought the noise outside my classroom was students so had rushed out into the

    hall and shouted to the young guy I saw "Que te pasa contigo?" ("what's the matter with you?").

    I found myself next lying on top of two other teachers already prostrate on the ground. The thieves

    robbed the safe and took jewelry from the other teachers but not me in spite of wearing a gold chain

    and my wedding ring. "Venezuelano Estudiante" was all that was said as they looked at me, smiled and left.

    Pauline, a fellow teacher,  then told me that they thought I was a Venezuelan student which is why the robber

    who had planted a colt 45 gun in my chest had not fired it and none of them had taken my gold and money.