Chapter  4

    On arrival there were things to be organised, somewhere to live and work and I was lucky

    in securing both almost immediately. I soon had a very nice studio apartment and was

    again working for "Russell & Bromley" in the Mondaine Branch in London's

    plush Bond Street. In my time with the company working in the branches at Marble Arch,

    Knightsbridge, Kings Road, Chelsea and Bond Street having started in the 1980's in

    the Ealing Broadway Branch when I began channeling "Cheng". During my time working

    in Bond street I served in the ladies department so was fortunate enough to meet

    Lynsey de Paul the songstress who had been my female idol as a teenager and

    I was in my element helping female customers choose shoes to match their outfits

    and hats for by example the opening day at Ascot. I met so many famous people working

    for the company including royalty from different nations as I had done working

    in the late 1970's at the Savoy Hotel in the Strand. It was interesting getting a

    glimpse of them off duty so to speak, certainly the case in their hotel rooms anyway.

    Some people might recall in 1977 in London to appear at the London Palladium Bing

    Crosby stayed at the Savoy. From there going to Spain where he died having

    finished a game of his favourite sport; golf. One of his sons Harry who starred

    in the film Friday 13th stayed with his Dad at the hotel and he and I got along

    well and I found myself in their Riverside Suite, suites overlooking the River

    Thames as opposed to the less pricey suites on Courtside looking over the inner

    sanctum of the hotel and drinking a cola with him and Bing one evening having

    finished my work shift. One of the last people to see the legendary Bing Crosby

    alive and off camera relaxing with his son from his second marriage and named after him.

    Anyway to continue though Diana herself had purchased shoes and handbags from "Russell and

    Bromley" the lady had not done so whilst I was around but one day and again I cannot

    recall the day though it can be verified, I was working on the ground level floor of

    Mondaine when I saw Paul Burrell her ex butler and sometime confidante walk past.

    I didn't even ask my Manager's permission, I just raced after him and called "Mr. Burrell"

    Paul Burrell turned around smiling and I told him that I channeled Diana and showed him

    the personal talisman I made and always carry with me honouring her memory and he said to

    me "There isn't a day when I don't think of the Princess" with tears in his soft blue eyes.

    Clearly this lady meant so much to him, something undeniable from his reaction.

    He then told me that today was a wonderful day as he was coming from a meeting with the

    "Princess Diana Memorial Fund" and he could assure me that Diana was to be publicly

    remembered and that day it had been decided by a commemorative fountain as being a

    Cancerian; a water sign and honouring the fact swimming was something so loved by her.

    Diana first thing in the morning would swim the length of the pool at Buckingham Palace

    numerous times before getting on with her day ahead. It had not yet been decided what

    the design of it would be or who would design it.

    In my opinion the fountain design could have been

    a lot more attractive for sure ! I still feel there ought to

    be a statue of her perhaps with children or with her adored boys, this would be so great

    to see but that's just my opinion.

    I did not speak much if at all as I recall about my channeling Diana, though friends

    outside my work knew as Diana was consulted for readings. I never tried to exploit

    the lady for publicity so never approached anyone in the Media about it at the time

    until one day at a friend's I was glancing through one of Karen's weekly women magazines.

    I saw an article by a woman claiming to channel Diana and who was to be published every

    week with channeled messages from the lady but reading this one and remembering what

    Diana said about witnessing her own funeral even through my eyes, I clearly knew this

    woman was a fraud and had to do something constructive about it. The message given was

    commenting on Sir Elton John's re - vamped version of the song attributed by him and

    Berni Taupin to her memory "Candle in the Wind '97". I cannot remember the exact phrase

    quoted but something like "It's a very pretty song and I like it a lot!" I immediately

    asked Diana what she thought of it and the message I got was "A lovely musical tribute

    from a very dear and much loved friend"

    This message sat right with me so I immediately wrote off to the editors of the magazine

    and quoted it to them making it known that the woman who claimed to channel Diana was a

    fraud. I heard no response to my own communication to them but the following week

    looked at the new edition of the magazine and a note inside read words to the effect

    of; the series of Messages from Diana beyond the grave having been cancelled. I was so

    relieved and grateful as no doubt Diana was. Any readings given by Diana through me

    were kept low key and confined to friends and friends of friends though "Cheng"

    readings still being given too. In truth these were gravitated towards more by people

    as they are even now today. Perhaps one reason being that it is easier to assimilate

    messages given from an entity unknown and unrecognisable to them than to imagine Diana,

    Princess of Wales is speaking directly to them, something a little harder to credit

    believing is happening maybe? Alternatively "Cheng" and Diana are quite different

    energetically which might in fact be the sole reason for it happening.
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