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    Chapter 5

    I can honestly say that between late 1997 until 2003 nothing much was happening out of the

    ordinary in my life and it is one of extremes so when it is in dull phase, it is extremely

    dull, you can trust me on this as I am the one who survives the experience of survival as

    opposed to living life. I was working at Russell & Bromley and again being consulted for

    "Cheng" and Diana readings periodically but certainly not on a regular basis. I was still

    set against exploiting the lady by publicising the fact I channeled her but I remember

    composing a poem in her memory for Vivienne Parry who was then a columnist for the now

    defunct Sunday newspaper "News of the World"and later a trustee of the Diana, Princess

    of Wales Memorial Fund.

    Readers having been requested to write poems in the lady's memory for Vivienne's personal

    column. I received a personally written reply from Mrs. Parry saying that my poem would

    not be published in the paper but was so good that she had kept it for herself. In the

    same letter which I have today still, telling me how much of a personal influence Diana

    had been in her own life and in fact how many of her closest friends were people that she

    had met through her friendship with Diana. Diana became most closely aligned with a group

    called Birthright becoming one of its  patrons and through this connection they had met and

    worked together for 12 years. It is an organization that functions as the appeal department of

    the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Its mission is dedicated to fund raising for

    the support into research of the common problems of unborn children, including occurrences

    such as stillbirths, infant deaths and the complications of infertility.

    Otherwise my life was pretty uneventful, being one of extremes, it quite literally is a

    life that swings dramatically from one polarity to another and I have learned to expect

    the unexpected always! So as I say from 1998 - 2003 nothing much happened other than the

    fact to attend two friends marriage, I returned to Lohr am Main in Unterfranken in 2000 for the

    marriage of the sister I never had, Tracy, to Ulli who had befriended me back in 1996 when I had

    initially lived there. This time around however I fully embraced the beautiful town and appreciated its natural

    beauty and somewhere that now ironically is home in my heart since living there again but alone

    from 2007 - 2010 and making friends there and most especially someone who helped me heal emotionally and

    to learn to trust again,  vielen dank fur alles  Alexander heute und immer!  . I very nearly upstaged them in that

    week having my 2nd D.V.T. and in hospital in Lohr am Main but released the day before their wedding, thank


    I am jumping the gun so must return to the era in London between 1998 - 2003. During these years I

    did attend the "Trisha Show" numerous times as an audience member and there was one show featuring

    celebrity entertainers and I met the one who was known to impersonate Diana and a lovely woman who

    explained that since Diana's death she had been approached to continue but refused thinking it totally

    inappropriate and I appreciated her for this mark of personal respect to someone she had admired

    and during her life had provided her with a living. I kept my channeling Diana secret from her as I do

    from many as not all are open to even begin believing in the phenomena of it for various reasons,

    these will be spoken about later by me.

    In 2000 having seen Prince William defend his Mother's memory saying how hurt he and his

    younger brother Prince Harry were by the contents of a book " Shadows of a Princess"

    written by her former personal secretary Patrick Jephson I wrote to William at St.James

    Palace. Truth to tell I wrote to him informing him about the fact that I channeled his

    Mother; not at that time knowing  beginning 5 years later I could be seen doing so on

    the You Tube, have her personal website on the net been heard channeling her on New York

    radio, attended 3 seminars in Ohio publicly channeling her and channeled her on a movie

    which is banned in the U.K. ahead of it's being publicly released. A film dealing with

    the events happening in Paris in August 1997 and its repercussions directed by Keith

    Allen and funded by Dodi's father, Mohamed al-Fayed.The same film that has been shelved

    indefinitely for legal reasons; how very suspect and convenient! Also though my letter

    included a personally channeled one from Mother to her eldest son thanking him for his

    public support of her. It being channeled I do not remember the full content of the letter

    but I should not, Diana's messages were for him and not for me!

    Imagine first of all the amount of post he and Harry will receive, then think of the

    controversial content and perhaps then be amazed I was replied to and not as it might be

    assumed ignored. I have the letter personally ink signed by William's P.A. at the time

    which detailed that Prince William wishes to thank you personally for writing to him and

    for all the things said about Diana, Princess of Wales. The P.A. adding that she knew

    how personally touched he had been from the correspondence to him. In my letter I told

    him that in the event of it becoming known I channeled Diana that I did not want him to

    think that I was jumping on any kind of band wagon which is why it was important he be

    informed about it. I have since written to him at Clarence House informing him of the

    website which is FREE for anyone to visit and no membership is needed. It is found here and very different other Diana Sites on the net in its content!

    William will though be aware of my name in connection with the channeling as the letter

    channeled to him from his Mother in 2000 is unique!

    In 2001 with a French friend Nico I went to the French capital city of France; Paris,

    it always having been my favourite city since first visiting it in the 1970's with my

    parents. I lay a single white rose, my personal tribute to "Diana, Princess of Wales"

    at the tunnel at Pont de L'Alma where in 1997 the lady together with her companion Dodi

    Fayed and their chauffeur that evening Henri-Paul died, they at the scene and Diana hours

    later in the Parisian hospital. "Le Monde" the French newspaper had a reporter there since it was

    August 31st 2001 and although I did not mention my personal connection with Diana, I spoke about

    her to them for that evening's news bulletin. Ironically in August 1997 Diana having given her last

    ever interview to the very same French newspaper. It was a very emotionally moving experience to

    be standing there and I had a surreal moment. I had been standing on the centre island in the middle

    of the busy road system operating there and stared into the tunnel. Remembering it was mid - afternoon

    and was shocked. Inside the fluorescent lights were gone, it was dark inside and all I saw was the image

    of a crashed car with blue flashing emergency lights inside it and thought for a moment an accident had

    happened inside it. I determine the Diana event being an incident not accident! I called Nico over and he

    crossed the road, stared inside and for a moment saw the same imagery so I was not imagining it, I had a

    witness but then we both realised it was a sunny afternoon and the tunnel was lit again normally and

    we had to make out way to the safety of the other side of the road or risk winding up being road traffic

    accident victims ourselves.

    In 2002 whilst working at Russell & Bromley I suffered my first D.V.T.( Deep Vein Thrombosis)

    having subsequently had three more and consequently being on the drug Warfarin lifelong.

    This happening marked the end of my days of employment out of the blue and missing a

    wonderful rapport with a great group of colleagues met throughout my years with the

    company but most notably Portuguese Emelia, a very special lady. What was I just saying

    about the unexpected? So life changed! Following this great dental work became imperative

    meaning a complete mouth clear out but today sporting dentures from L.A. in the company of

    a number of Hollywood names and no more excruciating tooth ache!

    Then on the morning of January 17th 2003 I went to see my Mama in her apartment not to

    stay long as she was getting ready to go out with friends for lunch. The next morning the

    police were at my door, my Mama had been found dead in the kitchen of her apartment,

    Mama was 72 years old and by all accounts a very fit woman still driving but secretly

    fearing going blind as she had told me weeks before in tears. Thanks be to God that

    Mama was spared this indignity as it would have been the end of her independence,

    something so personally invaluable to her. I couldn't believe the news but identified

    her body lying peacefully on the kitchen floor still in her driving jacket and with her

    car keys on the kitchen table. A necessary subsequent autopsy revealing her death was

    one of natural causes. Mama had asked me for a 2003 calender with large numerals for

    Christmas 2002 and a gift I had refused to buy her as it was something too cheap and

    something as it resulted destined that the lady would have no need for.

    A week after her funeral I was going shopping locally when lucky for me right outside

    my Doctor's surgery I suffered a Multiple Pulmonary Embolism, able to cross the road

    to enter the surgery, I soon found myself in an emergency ambulance heading for the

    local hospital with as I was told the maximum of ten minutes to live. This was all

    so surreal. I was fortunate in survival but decided that all things considered and

    a solo artist with no emotional ties that as a "Free - Spirt" I could as well sing

    a duet for one abroad as in the U.K. and left for a new life in Malmo, Sweden where

    Ratko a very special friend lives and someone I met in 1996 whilst living in Gran Canaria

    and kept contact with. I lived in Sweden from 2003 - 2007 having a lovely apartment and

    one four years earlier had pointed up to saying if I ever lived in Sweden, the home

    country of my favourite band since 1974 ABBA, that I would live in that apartment.

    Now that very same apartment was mine,a brand newly decorated and designed interior

    and again one becoming available to buy the very same same day I was home hunting

    having initially on arrival stayed with Ratko in his apartment just a street away.

    I know people will find these kind of circumstances pretty hard to believe but

    in my life such miracles are something I have grown accustomed to happening. My own

    life saved more times than I can count in all kinds of ways and all unique and in truth

    for someone often with a death - wish not always something I am grateful for but who am I

    to determine when it is time for me to stop playing the game of life, proven by the fact

    even the three times I have taken a personal gambling chance in doing so myself resulting

    in failing in my personal intention. A greater game player seems to hold all the winning


    Ratko aware of my connection with Diana and Cheng as so too his lovely sisters Bibi,

    Branka and Stanka, such a wonderful and warm family from Montenegro originally but

    having emigrated and lived in Sweden for many years now. My readings confined to

    being for them so again something kept pretty low key. In Sweden Ratko introduced

    me to Rudi from Romania who desperately wanted to live in Sweden. I was alone

    in the country and welcomed a companion. Rudi is straight but we really hit it

    off and after a struggle in 2004 with all legal papers in order Rudi was able to

    join me and share my apartment. He was great to have around, we had a lot of laughs

    and travelled extensively to and from Romania by car which meant travelling through

    Eastern European countries Hungary and Czechoslovakia as well as beginning initially

    by driving across the bridge in Malmo connecting directly to neighbouring Denmark

    and there catching the ferry to Germany. Rudi was aware of my Spiritual connections

    but again something not made too much of. Like anything accustomed to, something taken

    for granted pretty much. In 2005, Rudi staying in Romania with his family, his Mother

    Jenni and step father Jimmi; with Ratko I went on the Caribbean Christmas Cruise

    aboard pride of the Cunard fleet the Queen Mary 2 and first time ever in my life

    saw New York, Diana's favourite city. There just two days where we took the ship,

    there was not time sadly as I had hoped to do for me to visit Ground Zero but I can

    see the appeal of this city though it is not one I would choose to live in. Much less

    so now having lived in Lohr am Main, Unterfranken, Deutschland and considering myself

    a country boy, no world city holds any appeal for me these days though for beauty Paris

    remains top of my list! Seeing the Big Apple though all lit up at night  standing on the

    luxury liners deck remains an amazing and unforgettable sight etched in my memory.

    The cruise was a wonderful experience visiting the islands in the West Indies and

    having my birthday aboard at sea. I am a natural globe - trotter, nothing excites

    me quite as much as travelling and I am very lucky to have travelled as much as I


    Normally not finding foreign languages too difficult to pick up the basics of, both

    Swedish and Romanian had me stumped but in Sweden posing no problem as the Swedes

    are proficient in the English language. They seem to me to be even more determined

    and disciplined than the German nationals as a race and perfectionists. It being

    no surprise to me to hear people in the Music industry by example commend ABBA

    on their musical professionalism including their diction in singing in English,

    Spanish, German and French as well as naturally Swedish. Not many artists gain

    such a proficiency but as I say I would expect this to be something achieved by

    a Swedish band. Rudi and I went around Europe visiting Tracy and Ulli in Lohr am Main,

    Germany and friends in Madrid, Spain where my honeymoon with Bertha had been in 1981

    and Paris, France to again lay my single white rose at Pont de L'Alma in the capital

    city. Life otherwise pretty much continued as normal until one night when I was sat

    in the inside balcony of my apartment in 2005 when a momentous event was about to

    happen, another life changing experience in the eventful chapters of mine!