Chapter 6

    At this point of the book people might be wondering if all of this is real as indeed my

    father had in 1995. I am sure he had wanted a chip off the old block in a son,

    something denied him. He a university graduate of Corpus Christi University in

    Cambridge was highly intelligent, an intellectual and I was of a disappointment to him

    having found that even attending Dulwich College Preparatory School proving too

    educative and demanding for me. I would have been better suited to attending a Theatrical

    school like the Italia Conti catering for creative pupils not academic ones. Anyway

    neither of my parents embracing Spiritualism at all so very suspicious of at that time

    "Cheng". My father in 1995 and a man who in typical Virgo fashion spoke bluntly and to

    the point about things told me "Andrew I have cancer, so if you have a connection with

    "Cheng" .. ask "Cheng" Am I going to die of the condition?

    That night in my apartment in London I asked "Cheng" who told me the condition was

    terminal and my father would not live much longer, six months at most. Next day I

    returned to him and he asked me what "Cheng" had said and I lied."Cheng" told me your

    condition is serious but that in spite of being very ill you will recover!" My father

    calmly listened and then said "If "Cheng" had told me I was going to die, I would believe

    in "Cheng" and more importantly in you but now I no longer believe in either of you as

    on my diagnosis I have been told my condition in terminal and I will be lucky to live

    beyond another six months." I couldn't then very well turn around and say that had been

    the message I received could I but alternatively not the easiest thing to tell your

    father "Sorry you'll be dead in six months!" My reason for telling this is a simple one,

    I learned never to doctor or worse to invent messages from Spirit. Until he died though

    our relationship had not been a close one since I was about 14 yrs old when I had been

    the one to expose his having a Mistress and sent him packing from the family home to her

    door; a greater distance evolved so that from that day up until the day before he died,

    he didn't want to see me. The day before he died I held his hand and told him "Dad I love

    you", he could not speak but clenched my hand and cried. The next morning he was released

    from pain, God bless him.

    Now to continue with the story in 2005. I suddenly had a message in my head from Diana

    which was go to your P.C. and I will channel my book to you. The book is one to be heard

    spoken on her personal website for those interested. I advise being her Voice Channel,

    the voice is not a carbon copy as male vocal chords are different to female ones but

    those who knew Diana personally in life and who have heard me channel her have been

    left in no doubt at all as to who the speaker is which is all the authenticity I

    personally need to confirm and positively affirm its reality. The book entitled "She Won't

    Go Quietly"(The Uncensored Diana) is a fascinating read as it speaks about happenings

    and events in her life as only Diana herself could tell them so not always as the Media

    and publicists would have us believe and so that it is not surreal it finishes at the point of her

    last holiday with Dodi Fayed in the summer of 1997. The book was exactly like "Cheng's" book

    before it channeled to me in a week cover to cover. Once written I wondered what to do with it having

    no idea at all other than the fact I still had no intention on publicly exploiting the lady as others have

    done but knowing it needed to be something available for people to read as it is Diana the person

    speaking and not "Diana,Princess of Wales" who was in contrast a largely media based, media created

    character to gain people popularity which proved to being something indisputably successful achieved

    by her in her native United Kingdom and all over the world. Even now today 14 years after her death,

    Diana making news headlines and the most famous woman of the 21st Century. A globally recognised

    iconic legend in the company of Elvis and Marilyn and known as being "The People's Princess".

    Interestingly enough Marilyn and Diana's stories bearing great similarity.

    Both born on the 1st day of a month, Marilyn June 1st 1926 and Diana July 1st 1961, to

    unfortunate childhoods emotionally scarring them lending them to being personally

    insecure. Marilyn becoming a Queen of the screen and Diana becoming the Queen in

    People's  hearts. Diana being Lady Diana Spencer marrying H.R.H. Prince Charles,

    Prince of Wales and in one of her films "The Prince and the Showgirl, filmed in London, Marilyn playing a

    London Chorus girl Elsie who almost marries the ruler of an imagined kingdom. They both

    in spite of being stunning and capturing global male attention failed in securing for themselves

    emotionally lasting happiness, both forming disastrous marriages. Diana's greatest joy being her

    boys William and Harry, Marilyn's greatest regret being that she was unable to successfully conceive.

    Marilyn's much publicised affairs with both President John F. Kennedy and his brother the Attorney

    General Robert (Bobby) Kennedy bringing scandal to the Senate as Diana's publicised affair with

    Dodi the eldest son of British Establishments Enemy No.1. Mohamed al - Fayed brought embarrassment

    to them and to the Royals themselves! Marilyn and Diana prior to their deaths dating foreign suitors,

    Marilyn with Mexican playwright Jose Balanos and Diana with Egyptian Dodi Fayed and both died at the

    same age of 36 yrs old. Both deaths also remaining in many people's opinions a mystery and both

    dying when it seemed that they were personally happy in their lives. Each of them remembered by

    the same song composed by Sir Elton John and written by Berni Taupin "Candle in the Wind".

    The original versions lyrics rewritten and it's orchestration altered for "Diana, Princess of Wales"

    from the original. Both Diana and Marilyn remaining globally irreplaceable long after their deaths,

    eternal flames forever lit and destined to illuminate brightly in people's memories as only true

    legends are capable of doing, remaining truly unforgettable and always will be media headliners!

    So anyway here I was with something amazing and unique but at a loss as how to market it

    not as I say wishing to rely on the usual channels. Well I went to the Google search

    engine and typed in Penny Thornton. Penny having been Diana's initial personal Astrologer

    introduced to her by the then H.R.H. Duchess of York married to the Duke, the Queen's

    second son H.R.H. Prince Andrew. Sarah Ferguson and he divorcing as have both the

    Monarch's younger sister, her eldest son and her only daughter. I saw to my surprise

    Penny's private telephone number, even Penny shocked by this revelation and it has

    since been erased. I will not forget how nervous I was making the call but decided

    to do so that Sunday afternoon.

    "Hello Penny, you do not know me but I am Andrew Russell Davis and I channel Diana,

    Princess of Wales"

    Penny saying something like "Do you? I see.Well, can I speak to her please ?"

    Penny then asked Diana at what time she was born and Diana told her ...

    "Oh Penny I told you in your lounge when you were doing my chart that you had the wrong

    time, I was born at 2pm in time for the Men's Tennis match at Wimbledon !"

    Penny immediately confirmed this being so as opposed to the official time which is oddly

    7.45pm on the evening of July 1st 1961. An interview given to "Hello Magazine" many years

    later by the Honourable Frances Shand - Kydd Diana's late mother shortly before her death

    confirming this when she spoke of her baby girl being born whilst cricket was being

    played outside that sunny afternoon. It is very odd how the evening birth time retains

    being the one most documented. Her Mother being the best authority on her youngest

    daughter's birth I would have thought!

    Penny has had this to say regarding the time of Diana's birth and how astrologically

    it moulded the character of who she was. Penny saying the chart of Princess Diana throws

    up an interesting issue. Many astrologers are using the wrong chart, one that gives

    Sagittarius rising. In fact, Diana has Libra rising because she was born at 2 pm not,

    as officially stated in 1980, 7 45 pm. There are many aspects of Diana's chart that

    leap out at you but I think it is enough to say that she was everything her horoscope

    portrayed her to be: she had the grace of Libra rising, the care and compassion of sun

    in Cancer and the self-destruction of Mars conjunct Pluto, she called herself the People's

    Princess and she was, like all of us, a mix of the good, the bad and the unfortunate!

    Penny immediately sensed it being Diana speaking with her albeit channeled through me and

    asked me if it was possible for me to fly to England to meet her, I was welcome to stay

    in her house. Can you imagine how personally elated I felt for two specific and prominent reasons.

    The first being that any question I might have secretly felt about whether my connection with Diana was

    real or not, as even for me it was still all pretty amazing; was immediately dispelled by Penny's reaction

    as secondly Penny was an authority to take serious note of having been Diana's personal astrologer so

    I was given every reason to pinch myself on two counts. Now here is where I might offend all but those who

    knew Diana but this is an example of what makes her so appealing to me; Diana was human so with all the

    faults as well as virtues that come with that. Penny lost face with the Astrological Society of Great Britain

    because of a comment made by Diana to the press. Diana it seemed was annoyed that Penny who wrote

    for a newspaper had let it be known Diana had consulted her for guidance and help. Diana was asked if

    she had heard of Penny Thornton and had replied something like "I think I met her once!" Now do

    remember the global interest in Diana was such that anything the lady said or did

    made headline news, later doing so after the Royal separation and subsequent divorce;

    so even devoid of her regal title and an unofficial member of Royalty losing none of her

    public popularity in fact to the contrary gaining the sympathy vote from many disenchanted

    in finding the future King had kept a mistress figure throughout his marriage to her.

    Diana receiving even more extensive people popularity as a consequence of this scandalous


    So I flew to London and was met at the airport by Penny and we instantly hugged with no

    reservation but immediate warmth of a connection, I really believe it was Diana embracing

    Penny as it was timely for a reconciliation which had not happened in life as Diana was

    proficient in blowing people out who did not agree with her or please her and this

    extending to even her own Mother latterly, neither were on speaking terms when Diana

    died. This is why her First Channeled message on her site is such a poignant one

    and quoted here now is my experience of this trip....

    "I loved being with Penny and one of her sons Alex, such down to earth people, so

    welcoming, it was almost unreal for me as who was I to be spending private time with

    and in the private home of someone who had played such an influential and prominent

    role in Diana's life. Penny clearly had remained very fond of Diana and I sensed had

    been extremely hurt in having been given the cold shoulder from her and made out to have

    been the one responsible for this. Penny never said a bad word against the lady to me

    throughout the whole weekend and certainly did not brag about their connection, in fact

    was pretty humble about it and clearly wanted in respect of its memory to keep it private

    so ironically was not something greatly discussed, certainly not at length so no tales

    out of school to report upon. I appreciated Penny's loyalty to Diana extending to being

    something kept even after her death in Paris."

    I did however ask Penny's advice about what to do with the book Diana had channeled

    to me as I did not want to approach publishers about it and to exploit the lady but

    I knew it was channeled to me as something for people to see and to read so found

    myself in a real quandary about it. It is Diana's story as told by the only one who

    could truthfully tell it as it was with any real authority, the lady herself so one

    with no embellishments or bias opinions added by me and for this reason makes for a

    very interesting read. Penny appreciated the fact I knew it needed to be available

    to people but accepting of the fact I did not want to publish it so suggested I put

    it as an E Book on the net and perhaps with a Diana Tribute site created by me. This

    seemed a great idea but as people know my computer literacy is somewhat limited

    even now so meant my doing some serious thinking about but the idea was one immediately

    appealing. On my return to Sweden one that was discussed by me with a friend Luca who

    was a site designer and who created the original site which has since been replaced by

    the current one having mysteriously been sabotaged. Fortunately all of its content

    having been safeguarded, the new site housing what the new site designer Rose and I

    considered being the more important attributes; the in depth factual articles,

    exclusive personally channeled messages and select images. Consequently it is not

    the picture palace of the original as there are plenty of Diana Tributes sites on the

    net featuring pictures galore of the lady and Rose and I more concerned with promoting

    the unique aspects of this site, it being Diana's personal one, most prominently

    therefore the lady's input in it which other sites do not have amongst their content.

    Anyway unknown to me Penny had called a good friend of hers and someone who I later

    learned flew in from New York to meet me that same weekend or in truth to speak to

    Diana and he was someone who could have certainly as Penny had further confirm and

    affirm the channeling which he did do but not in a manner that would prove most helpful;

    a golden opportunity to capitalise on the Spiritual connection would be lost that same

    weekend and I often wonder what might have resulted had things turned out differently

    but they didn't. Imagine my surprise when that person arrived and was sat next to me in

    Penny's kitchen; Andrew Morton no less ! Now I was really shocked, the author of Diana's

    True Story sat with me as he had many the time been sat with Diana. I honestly found

    this all too incredible but it was real, it was happening ! It was decided that Andrew

    and Diana albeit channeled through me would talk but prior to this happening which might

    well have been pretty amazing I happened to ask Andrew what he thought had happened in

    Paris in 1997 and he said "It was an accident wasn't it!" Suddenly Diana came though me

    silently with a message that she wanted to speak to me alone so I asked Penny if I could

    go out into her garden for a moment and did and there Diana dropped the bombshell. Diana

    told me if Andrew thought that then she had nothing to say to him and he'd wasted a trip

    and I was to tell him so. Okay so now imagine if you will, me a Mr. Nobody having to tell

    Mr. Andrew Morton respected journalist and famous author that Diana did not want to talk

    to him.

    What choice did I have but to obey her! I told him bluntly that he might as well leave

    as Diana had nothing to say to him and within ten minutes Andrew Morton had driven off

    having called her the "Princess of Whinge" and that comment has remained with me as one

    made by someone who whilst she was alive financially benefited from their alliance so

    has impressed upon me how fickle that friendship must have been. For all of us though a

    major disappointment but asking Penny why he might express such a feeling about the

    events in Paris in 1997, Penny telling me that he was a journalist and that was a

    journalists viewpoint and one that remains withheld by the Media to this day. Certainly

    in spite of my contacting the Media both sides of the Atlantic with view to a serious

    questioning of the channeling of Diana as Rose has also amongst others done receiving

    the same response from them .. silence not even a note of Thank you but no Thank you,

    alternatively completely ignored; an ignorant and impolite attitude which has

    successfully impressed neither of us. It has to be said however that "D" notices are

    powerful and influential so could well be responsible for this lack of interest shown as

    the Media are a controlled body and not independent. A great example of this being when

    a serious magazine that specifically promotes and concerns itself with Psychic Phenomena,

    Esoteric studies, Astrology, Tarot etc was approached to conduct an After - life channeled interview

    with "Diana, Princess of Wales". It's legal dept consulted, resulting in this being something refused by

    the magazine on the grounds that were it something conducted that the risk of subsequent litigation

    against the magazine being a very real probability so a chance the magazine could not afford to take.

    Nobody could have predicted this being the outcome but it is one as I say that I am now more than

    accustomed to receiving. The subject of Diana is still a highly sensitive one which is why I refer to the

    incident happening in Paris on August 31st 1997 as opposed to the road traffic accident happening at

    the Pont de L'Alma tunnel in the French capital city the early hours of that day.

    I realise that people are going to find it too incredible to think that I voice channel

    Diana, Princess of Wales which is why I am so glad that people who knew the lady personally

    like Penny Thornton and Andrew Morton have verified it to me though not publicly. Let's

    be honest here though these people are professionals, masters of their crafts and

    respected as such so with professional as well as personal reputations to maintain and

    in the sphere of normality reporting on speaking to dead ex-Princesses would not therefore

    prove to being acceptable. I have no such professional or personal reputation to

    safeguard and so therefore can do so and must do so. Clearly it has been something

    given me to do openly or I would not have found myself meeting people who played such

    significant roles in Diana's life. Where this all leads to eventually is anyone's guess,

    I personally certainly do not have a clue as I have illustrated the channels approached

    to assist me in this have been systematically and successfully blocked but failure to

    continue to try to do my bit is not written in my vocabulary. People might be thinking

    that I am doing this for financial gain or self - gain and self promotion. Stop and

    consider this right now ... many people do not accept Diana was the victim of a road

    traffic accident so are not believing of the official verdict to date but that much more

    sinister forces were responsible for the incident in Paris; therefore there is a danger

    element to this which is something I am well aware of and whilst I am not particularly

    entertaining a death wish as such correspondingly with no partner, no family and no

    dependents therefore I can and will afford to take this risk. As for financially

    gaining from it, as I have said the channeled book I did not wish to approach

    publishers with, it not being mine to publish and I have to date incurred all expenses

    including a trip to the U.S.A. to promote it excepting for a film company interested

    enough in me to foot the bill for my / Diana's channeled involvement in their project.

    Diana herself has explained to me that she chose to channel through an unknown Medium

    as opposed to someone globally recognised as for them to channel her would serve as

    being just another proverbial feather in their cap of accomplishments but the problem

    with being an unknown is getting known and becoming publicly recognised as there is

    existing in all walks of life in whatever the work involved more often than not a

    degree of professional jealousy. I have experienced this myself in approaching other

    Mediums telling them of this phenomena happening and seeking advice as to how best to

    promote it and much like the Media's response receiving no help at all, not even replies

    from them which initially surprised me but now a little wiser to human nature being

    largely selfishly inclined; more accepting of it happening. I am therefore thrown back

    into the arms of fate, destiny, kismet; whatever you might like to term it and to just

    being content to go with the flow which at the moment has dictated to me to write this

    short book of my personal connection with Diana. It is for this reason it is being

    written. I want to ensure that it is one well balanced and honest so for this reason

    name names of those consulted about it who have believed but likewise must draw attention

    to those who having been approached by me have not.

    This must begin with "Royal Correspondent" of the Daily Mail, journalist and friend

    of Diana, Richard Kay. I saw to it that like Celebrity Publicist Max Clifford he received

    a few chapters from Diana's book channeled to me and neither responded. One message

    of Diana's alerted me to the fact to something was about to happen...

    "This message somehow alerted me to the fact there were going to be bombs in London.

    From Sweden I called the "Daily Express" leaving my full name and address and 'phone

    number so no anonymous calling from me and immediately being connected with the news desk

    told them how I channeled Diana and had a message I needed to urgently tell and was told

    very politely I would be put through to a News Editor and Andrew Spedding introduced

    himself as the newspaper's resident psychiatrist. I was not amused but as a voice channel

    Diana spoke through me and warned him of there being bomb attacks in London due to

    happen and to please advise security ... the year being 2005 and Andrew Spedding's

    manner of expressing himself, though hopefully not daily ...

    "Do you see pink elephants fly past your f.....g windows too?"

    Diana's response being that soon he would have blood on his hands. I have learned

    that the lady is not someone to mince her words, she is blunt and direct.    ***

    The bombs went off in London four days later killing 52 innocent people so a phone call

    I very much doubt that the man will forget and for security purposes I would imagine

    having needed to be recorded for verification. Ironic that later Prince Charles

    attended the memorial service held for the victims. Now I am not saying that the

    call ought necessarily to have been believed as I am sure crank calls are received

    daily but when the caller leaves a contact number and address surely there might be

    need to examine things seriously as clearly this call tragically proved.

    Had some kind of warning been issued as a newspaper has these kind of channels

    open to them, those lives might have been saved, security services might haven been

    made aware but they were not costing lives through this ignorance.

    Let us now for one second imagine it had been a hoax call but security alerted and

    members of the public warned, yes in this instance a false alarm but even that is

    preferable to happening than as it was being something totally ignored with devastating

    consequences resulting and that is my point and one that cannot be stressed enough.

    I will give another example ... A call is made to an airport warning that Flight B.A.777NY

    to New York has a bomb on board and rather than that aircraft and its passengers being

    security checked it takes off and explodes mid - air all because the caller was believed

    to have been a hoaxer! Sure it might delay flights and cost passengers tempers to check out

    the aircraft involved if such details as flight number are given and found to be a hoax but

    isn't this preferable to 400 passengers losing their lives in flight because it was an

    ignored call ? Ignorance is not bliss!

    Vivienne Parry was also contacted but refused point blank to believe in the connection

    but by nature a scientist hardly a surprising reaction. I also called "Althorp" and

    left a channeled message on Earl Spencer's P.A.'s answerphone as Mohamed al - Fayed was

    contacted both at Harrods and on his personal website, both people did not respond or

    show any interest at all. Diana leaving a very personal message for her brother,

    something she told him in life that only they would have known but still apparently

    not enough to convince him that Diana was communicating with him from behind the veil.

    Mohamed's religion would instruct him against believing in such communications being

    possible but all the same these reactions proved disappointing and frustrating naturally

    but Diana a wise lady has given me two messages which are very true ...

    "Truth is often stranger than fiction!"

    "For those who believe no proof is necessary, for those who do not, no proof is



            I'm so glad that Andrew does believe in what he's doing as I did in spite of

    all opposition against me doing so and opposed to it. I wasn't daunted by this at all

    and it did not serve to deter me from my involvements in things which I knew, I could

    and indeed did play a valuable role in; by doing my bit in assisting them in whatever

    capacity proved necessary.

             I can therefore only encourage Andrew to do the same and hopefully to

    eventually gain some kind of a support which has until now anyway proved lacking but

    the work continues!"


    *** Unfortunately a search for the actual message has proved fruitless to be able to quote here but the call made
    to the Daily Express will be one that will have needed to be recorded for security purposes due to its explosive
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