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    Chapter 7

    I would like now to speak about someone of great influence regarding the Diana Work

    but who is also a truly wonderful friend on a personal basis. Rose Campbell

    is a truly amazing woman with a lot more to her than first meets the eye.

    A woman of great insight, utilising her Spiritual Gifts to help and guide people

    as well as working a daily job is a devoted wife to Joe, a mother of two

    amazing daughters, Danielle and Anna, a loving Grandma and "Mommy" to an

    extensive family of pets dogs and cats who love and depend on her, as do

    so many people, and Rose with her big heart never lets anyone who does down

    without exception.

    Rose as well as her involvement with the work which has been phenomenal, as like

    Lynne a respected healer based in Orange County N.Y. U.S.A., has been of such

    profound inspiration and healing to me personally through various trials and tribulations

    I have experienced. So to have Anne and Annette and Tony. I deliberately do not publish

    surnames of all respecting they might prefer anonymity for the moment though

    naturally in time will all become known for their loyalty to Diana and the work continuing. I had

    requested Rose in her own words to speak about our initial alliance telling it in the way only she

    could. Since the original site was destroyed Rose is the designer of Diana's current personal site

    so people can see just how much work and dedication this has entailed on her part.

    I can take no credit for this site being largely computer illiterate. Rose however has

    Diana videos on the YOU TUBE for people to see as well as other marvellous videos

    promoting and showcasing her own personal work and Gifts of Mediumship. Apart from providing

    the material featured, which is largely thanks to channeled Diana's personal input

    and many of the images featured there which have again all been inspired to be chosen

    by the lady, the current site has been inspired and created by Rose. Here then is how

    the friendship with Rose and I began but let me say this: Rose, from personal experience,

    is someone who is practically driven not emotionally like myself and is a realist and

    not a fantasist or dreamer so were she not to have believed in the authenticity of the

    connection would not have become involved in it in any capacity, period, but I am so

    personally grateful that she has. Here then is how our connection came about in Rose's

    words ...

    "During the time in which I was speaking to the spirit of Diana after her death one of the things she
    told me was that there would be "a male who would be taking the lead of a work I am preparing".
    She did not tell me a name, just what I have quoted. So I had no clue as to who he was or if he truly existed.
    This was sometime in late 1997 or very early 1998.  So I knew that if Spirit and Diana wanted me to connect
    with this man it would happen and left it to rest and to wait until such time as Spirit unveiled this man to me.
    Little did I suspect that it would take almost 8 years!

    In the meantime I had befriended another Diana channel, Maria McMahon,  who works in the vein of world
    peace and political statements from Diana. She and I collaborated on a few things and I aided her with her
    website. One day I receive an email from her giving me the URL of the original Diana Speaks site. I visited the
    site and knew almost immediately that this man's work was very similar in "flavor" to what I had been hearing
    from.. Diana in my own work. So I wrote to him via his website (Oct. 2005) and wondered if he would reply. Part
    of that wondering was because I had written to others who claimed to channel Diana and never heard anything
    back from them. Much to my surprise Andrew responded almost immediately. We emailed back and forth for a
    bit and then decided to do a phone call. That call was what convinced me to align with Andrew for I felt he was
    "the man" Diana had spoken to me about.

    It was during this call that I got a large shock to my system. Now mind you, I had been speaking with Diana
    on and off for 8 years in a clairaudient way--- within my head. However on this call one moment I was speaking
    to Andrew and suddenly there is a pause and I hear "Hello Rose! It's Diana" delivered in a vastly different voice
    than Andrew's.  Smack my face! I was stunned...but not so badly that I didn't grab this opportunity to see where
    this strange happening was going to lead. So Diana and I spoke for many minutes and it was during this
    conversation that I became convinced that this was Diana. I don't accept things, most things, without it making
    some form of sense to my logical mind. What proved to me that it was Diana was that in that conversation she
    mentioned two things she had said to me in my own head. There was no way that Andrew could have known
    of these things...they were not written anywhere except original manuscript for my own e-book and were not
    posted in that book. So I knew that this was the same energetic connection with the Diana I had been
    experiencing. The difference of experience was this: Diana spoke TO me but was speaking THROUGH Andrew.
    Those who understand channeling and it's various forms will immediately understand that difference.

    Andrew and I began working together from that first phone call and have teamed up to get Diana's words
    out to the world. There was a bit of a difference between "my" Diana and the essence speaking through
    Andrew but in time it became obvious that the Diana speaking through Andrew was far more the earthly
    personality essence of who Diana is/was as a human. Much of what "my" Diana was about was more
    global in nature and so therefore more of her higher spiritual aspect. One and the same person...just like us--
    we have our earthly based persona's and the then we have our more spiritual higher selves who really run the
    show. In order for Diana to be seen as "being back" she had to be back as she was when living life here. Thus
    Andrew and I use the terms Higher and Lower Diana to delineate the two aspects of Diana that we work with.

    From that phone call in 2005 the rest of it is history, as they say. We have built a wonderful site filled with Diana,
    both her earthly life in body and her thoughts and predictions from her afterlife. It is a treasure trove of
    information and so I encourage you to read through the site   Once you have covered
    what is there then you may be the judge of our claims.  

    Thank you, Rose Campbell. "