"Dear William and Harry,

       I have thought long and hard before writing to you both here on my site as ideally of course I would have chosen
to communicate with you both much more privately but I have no other option open to me, aware of course writing a
letter to the Official Royal Site you'd be unlikely to see it at all. Here even if you do not see it yourselves personally
first, I am sure someone will tell you about it knowing certainly someone views Auntie Diana's site! Mummy does her
homework remember, albeit this often got her into trouble. I say does because I'm still around and this is what
hopefully anyway I really want to impress upon you both.

         Goodness knows there's enough evidence to support the fact already by things I've spoken about in the
interviews with Rose and things I've intonated at as it often being necessary to read between the lines with me, being a
pretty shrewd character, though with you both I never had the need or desire to adopt strategies of this nature but in
this you both know you were the exceptions and not the rule!

        I cannot make you believe it is me but I do ask you to examine everything presented  here on my site dedicated
to you both; even perhaps letting Papa hear an interview or two as an idea though I'd strongly suggest not Granny; as
in life not welcoming my name to be spoken in her presence.  England's Rose would serve only to be an even sharper
thorn in her side now ( I'll leave you to imagine my giggle ! )

         Seriously though I know how deeply you must fear the fact that this might be some horrendous hoax but I
promise you it isn't ! Looking at it logically Andrew pretending to something of this magnitude invites himself to
being ridiculed, insulted, hated and even harmed and does so openly and globally being able to be seen on the You
Tube as well as heard channeling me on this site. He also has not hidden the fact from the Media both T.V. and radio
networks on both sides of the Atlantic, in the U.K. by example to  "Richard and Judy" but also to my brother,
Mohamed, Max Clifford, Paul Burrell, Richard Kay, Irene Seward and Judy Wade and others I could mention and all
of whom knew me personally of course. He wrote to you William in 2000; so that I could write to you myself   (A
channeled letter was enclosed with Andrew's ) thanking you for defending me publicly when Patrick Jephson's book
" Shadows of a Princess " upset you and Harry greatly in what you both saw as a personal and direct betrayal by my
former Private Secretary. Andrew has the gracious reply from Mrs. Claudia Holloway which seems to indicate you
being personally made aware of the correspondence which I personally am most grateful for.

            Alternatively all the people mentioned above have ignored us as in ignoring him, they ignore me too naturally
but I was stubborn in life and I haven't changed; determined to prove as my personal book is appropriately titled  
"She didn't go quietly!".  Ask yourselves this question ... "What exactly has Andrew himself gained to date from this
mission given to him to complete on September 7th 1997 ?" He has channeled me at two seminars in the U.S.A., he
paying the return flight and accommodated there by Rose and her family and has channeled me on radio in the U.S.A.
and Australia by 'phone link but also was flown into London secretly for one day and night to channel me directly on a
film even prior to its release being banned in the U.K. for its content; I wonder why ? ( His hotel and travel expenses
were paid for him )

             Mummy always believed in the After - life though she did not advertise this publicly naturally knowing full well
the repercussions that would follow doing so, giving viable ammunition to the popular opinion I was labelled with in
certain circles... "Diana's Unstable"!  Remember it was personally frowned upon that I personally chose to involve
myself in such causes as A.I.D.S. and H.I.V. in the 80's which now you will I'm sure have read about. I am so happy
Harry you follow in Mummy's footsteps as joint patron of Sentebale and you Wills with your invaluable work for
Centrepoint, I'm so proud of you both actually for continuing Mummy's work. There couldn't be a more powerful
legacy for people to witness!

       The reason I am back is not to score points; seen as; though of course there are things I need to say but most
ostensibly to be a light for people in their dark tunnels and now of course with a greater insight being able to
illuminate the darkness surrounding them in numerous ways, powerful ways, which will truly only serve to be of
infinite benefit to them. Andrew is hoping three hospices will be built in my memory in London, Paris and New York
with you both opening them naturally but this will be costly as they will need to be fully equipped and staffed; but
hardly the wishes of someone inclined to benefit themselves financially exploiting me !

               On a much more personal level of course, though it will never be quite the same for the three of us, we will still
be a reunited team and that for me will be the greatest miracle and the most precious and cherished gift of all and so
hopefully in reading this letter you might both give consideration to the fact of contacting Rose who will connect you
with Andrew and therefore make it possible for us to do. Remember boys in life "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

         I fully realise it means taking a momentous leap of Faith but Mummy walked around a field of land mines twice
in Angola when the first time around there were problems with the cameras, so be brave and I promise you the result,
as with my supporting the Land mine campaign proving itself ultimately being,; will in turn indeed be equally
tremendous for you both and something therefore you will have no cause to regret doing.  Papa will support you as of
course so will your girlfriends I'm sure and I thank Beatrice for believing in me !"

               With lots and lots of love and kisses from,
                                                                          Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Prince William and Prince Harry both depicted wearing the uniform of the Household Cavalry in their new portrait      
by Nicky Philips in the National Portrait Gallery, London.