Now lets jump to the immediate aftermath of the incident in Paris claiming the lives of Dodi Fayed, chauffeur
Henri - Paul and Diana, Princess of Wales. The young Princes in Balmoral, Scotland at the time holidaying with
their father and the royals. They'd preferred the privacy holidaying there afforded them as opposed to being
targets of a paparazzi cameras lens as found by them holidaying with their mother on the original July vacation
taken by them in the South of France with the Fayed family. William particularly annoyed, upset by the constant
media intrusiveness, reporters themselves a pretty mercenary bunch eager for a story and images and personal
feelings of those targeted by them being of little consequence compared to the money made in then selling these
pictures and stories to the various press agencies and publications around the world to be marketed! At Balmoral
the Princes able to indulge in favourite royal pursuits like shooting and fishing and out of the publics glare so of
tremendous relief to them. They had been due to join their Mother on her return there in London to spend the
last few days of their holidays with her before school term started again for them that September, a pleasure
denied them all!

Having heard the dreadful news from Paris Prince Charles, who was on amicable terms with his ex - wife, vowed
to collect her from Paris himself and to bring her home. Something that provoked an amazing row with his
parents who thought it unthinkable he do such a thing, she being an ex - royal and even initially refusing him the
usage of an official aircraft to do so. He apparently desperately seeking an ordinary commercial flight to take him
to the French capital urgently, this might even have necessitated his having to be driven to Manchester for the
flight since it being the height of season everything pretty much booked up. Relenting of their decision
eventually meant he could use an aircraft of the Queen's Flight to return Diana's body to the U.K. with dignity
which he'd felt was becoming of someone who was still the mother of a future Monarch and his younger brother.
Had this not been allowed and Diana's body returned in the cargo hold of an British Airways jet together with
passenger suitcases this would have incensed the British public even more than they already were at the
seemingly lack of feeling being expressed by the Monarch to her own people in regards to the loss which many
felt to be a deeply personal one to them.

Most, though not personally having met Diana so certainly not knowing her felt, an inexplicable sadness at her
sudden death and at a time when even berated in the press for having done so because of who it involved, the
eldest son of British Establishments enemy No.1 Mohamed al Fayed, Diana publicised to have found love and
romance. From the accusations against her in the press with headlines like "Diana and Her Arab Playboy" to
suddenly ones of flowery sentiment like "Goodbye England's Rose" and the new lyrics written by Berni Taupin
( The original ones being dedicated to remembering Marilyn Monroe ) of the song now newly dedicated to her
memory and sung by Sir Elton John at Diana's funeral. The world's all time best selling single and a song the
singer himself has vowed never to perform again in public and to date to his credit never has! The Media though
proving by this example just what a fickle bunch they are! The Royals themselves though seriously risked
revolution happening within the kingdom at appearing to be so cold and callous in their response to the it was seen to have been for millions all over the world.

No better example than this shown by the fact just hours after hearing of their Mother's death and Prince William
being just fifteen years old and Prince Harry thirteen attending Craithie Church as normal with the royals at a
service which made no mention of Diana and no longer considered being royal there were no prayers said for her.
The sermon actually quoting comments made by Scottish comic Billy Connolly and having nothing to do with
Diana and much less to do with the event in Paris happening there just hours earlier and claiming her life. All so
surreal it is reported that Prince Harry asked his father..."Papa, are you sure Mummy's dead?" Following the
service Prince Charles with Diana's eldest sisters Sarah and Jane took an aircraft of the Queen's Flight to Paris.
Prince Charles was horrified to learn on the return trip that it was arranged for Diana's body to be taken to
Fulham Mortuary and instead insisting that it be taken to the  "Chapel Royal", the private chapel in his London
residence of St. James Palace. The Queen having wanted Diana to have a quiet private funeral and be buried at
Frogmore, something Diana's brother Charles was opposed to. He instead wanting his elder sister interred in the
local church near the Spencer Family Estate "Althorpe ". Ultimately Diana's body was buried on the " Oval " an
island on the ornamental lake grounds of the Spencer family seat.

When the Queen is not in residence in her London base of "Buckingham Palace" her flag the Royal Standard does
not fly and she saw no reason to change this illustrating just how out of touch with her own people's feelings their
Monarch was. The flag was being demanded to be flown at half mast in respect of " The People's Princess / The
Queen of Hearts" as flags were seen to be doing all over the U.K. in respect of her tragic, and most would say,
untimely death! With pressure from her Prime Minister, Tony Blair at that time, and upon advice from Prince
Charles himself, a decision finally taken by the Queen to do so. It has also been said that the continued stay in
Balmoral had been for the young Prince's sakes. However it is reported that Prince William had wanted to be in
London to pay his final respects to his Mother and to greet and thank the people for supporting his Mother's
memory! A personal request denied him!

Eventually on September 5th, 1997, the day before Diana's funeral and a day earlier than originally intended by
her, the Queen with her husband and the two Princes made the journey from Scotland to England and back into
London to face her people who strongly needed appeasing and her publicity machine swung into action with her
doing something unique in an effort to placate them and calm the rising tensions dangerously veering towards
boiling point by this time. It was also conceded by her that the Royal Standard raised at Buckingham Palace
signifying her return and  flying high above the half - mast Union Jacks blowing in London's skies everywhere
else would itself be replaced by a half - mast Union Jack once she'd left the palace to attend the funeral. Even in
tragedy an adherence to official protocol and tradition taken by her and publicly seen to take precedence which
spoke volumes!  The Monarch made a public speech LIVE to the British people remembering Diana. On
reflection it seems a formidable publicity stunt designed to save the Monarchy and diffuse there being Anarchy
in the U.K. There was a real fear of revolution which she had been made keenly aware of by her Prime Minister
and other advisers. Before her return to London, Prince Charles's younger brothers, Prince Andrew  ( Duke of
York ) and Prince Edward ( Earl of Wessex ) having been sent in first to gauge the situation and report back the
atmosphere they personally experienced upon return.

After the Queen's speech the grieving Princes with their father were allowed to meet the people in a highly
emotive ten minute walk about outside Diana's London home of Kensington Palace and they themselves saw for
the first time the thousands of bouquets of flowers there as everywhere, including outside Buckingham Palace, f
in memory of their late Mother. More than a million bouquets reported to have been laid in London alone in
Diana's memory and thousands more remembering her all over the country as well as in Scotland, Ireland and
Wales and in fact the world. Many have said there will never be the open and public outpouring of grief and a
funeral of such global magnitude again for anyone! Together with the flowers were books of condolence being
signed by people leaving personal heartfelt messages expressing their sorrow and cards and gifts, teddies being a
favourite left by people expressing their personal grief.  Also, as the investigator in this documentary discovered
for himself, many expressing outrage and anger at Diana's murder in Paris! These people's sentiments not
publicly televised as the other messages were and people expressing such thoughts and opinions of which there
were many were not interviewed for their comments by the Media in attendance but the investigator himself
when he'd told a woman in her 80's outside Buckingham Palace of his opinion had said to him with fresh tears in
her eyes..." Oh yes dear, they done her in, poor love, such a sweet girl and a good Mum to her boys! "

Diana had a rare and magical quality that both captivated and inspired and for which she will always be most
remembered. Diana touched the world with her compassion, she loved people and they loved her. Diana walked
with Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses, Senators and Presidents, Emperors and Empresses, Arabic Sheiks,
Political and Religious leaders as well as all manner of celebrities of stage and screen, song and dance but was
never more at ease then when she was with the poor, the sick and the needy and her personal light shone through
most powerfully for everyone to witness. There will never be another Diana!

Later that same night the boys  would follow the hearse which transported their mother's coffin from St. James
Palace back to her London home from where the next morning, September 6th 1997, carried on a gun carriage it
would make its way to the funeral service at Westminister Abbey before being then driven the four hour journey
back to Althorpe, the Spencer Family seat in Northamptonshire for a private family burial in the grounds of the
estate which Lady Diana Frances Spencer had grown up in. Diana was home and free from an intrusive cameras
lens and inquisitive reporter for the first time in 17 years!
God bless the lady always.

Rose's Comments:

I have been myself following much of what has come out about Diana since the night of her death in 1997.  Since I
was as well contacted by the spirit of Diana the evening she died I too was drawn into the reasons for her death. I
was told point blank by her that very evening that she had been killed. She didn't say that she merely died, she
pointedly said to me that she wasn't allowed to give back to the world what they had given her and "I think I was
killed for this reason."  If that won't grab your attention in the wee hours of the morning while talking to a dead
Princess...I certainly don't know what would! However, once Diana began giving me information well ahead of
when it was hitting the television then I had no choice but to believe I was indeed talking to her and she knew
what she was talking about! Therefore it has been of high interest to me as well to follow the sordid story of
deceit, cover-up and misrepresented "evidence".

While Andrew covers most of the facts/reports concerning Diana's death there are a few points that jumped out
at me that I would like to add here. I did some research on what I was remembering and so here are a few things
that I see that Andrew forgot to cover.  Below that I will as well put down some of my own speculations about a
few things.

1> A report that an aircraft sat on a British airfield tarmac ready to go for two days (since Friday, the day before
Diana died) and it was waiting to carry Prime Minister Tony Blair to Northolt Air Base in north London to meet
Diana's body. Why was it prepared
before her death? Does this show some form of prior knowledge of events that
would unwind in Paris or was it just one of those "coincidences"?  If it had been but a regularly  scheduled flight
for Mr. Blair, why the delay?

2> A week before the crash there was a dress rehearsal for a royal funeral conducted by the BBC and other
entities that would need to be involved. Another of those pesky "coincidences"?  Seems there is a truck load of
them! Britain must be the wondrous land of "co-inky-dinkys", as I term things that seem a bit weird to be just
more than run- of- the- mill coincidences.

3> Why were there no British media representatives  in the crowd that followed Diana and Dodi around Paris?
They were the ones who made the most money off Diana during her life...seems a bit odd that they would not
have fronted the price of an airline ticket to get a shot of Diana with her "Arab Playboy" in the city of love, now
doesn't it?? Take into consideration that Diana had been on the phone with Richard Kay, a member of British
media, and made no secret of where they were headed.

4> Why were confirmed intelligence operatives from the U.K. and other agencies visible on security cameras
mingling with the hordes of paparazzi waiting on Diana's every move that day?  (These persons were confirmed
by Johm McNamara, a former Superintendant of Scotland Yard, so therefore a pretty reliable source for spy

5> The report of Diana's brother-in-law Robert Fellows being in Paris on the same night as the crash is really
upsetting.  According to a wireless operator at the controls of the command post responsible for communication
of encrypted messages between the British Embassy in Paris and "sensitive areas in the U.K." (do we need to
think real hard as to what those "sensitive areas" might be?) two men, one of which he identified as Robert
Fellows, Private Secretary to the Queen herself,  entered the room and ordered the wireless operator to vacate
the room. Had it been just one person who had seen Fellows there it might be judged differently but it is reported
that others saw him as well. Now,if you are thinking that because he was Diana's sister's husband that he wouldn't
have had a thing to do with anything detrimental to Diana's welfare, contemplate this thought:  To whom would
his allegiance fall-- his wife's sister who was rocking  the boat of his employer and his beloved government or
those who supplied his paycheck and his prestige? Perhaps this quote by a leading British politician about Mr.
Fellows might shed some light on that answer: " He is a man who well understands that the description of his
duties entail him to throw himself in front of the bullets before they hit the Monarch." interesting,
is it not?

6> A once close friend of Diana's has contacted us and made us aware of the fact that no cell phones are reported
as having been found at the accident site. This person has said that Diana often carried two phones, should one
fail, so that she was never without a phone.  What about the body guard? Would he not have had a phone to
receive orders or to report trouble? Certainly Henri-Paul had a cell phone on him so that he could be called back
to work that night since his whereabouts are unknown while off duty. It is also a pretty sure bet that Dodi would
have had one as well. Thus there were potentially at least  four cell phones in that car and not one was found?
Who took them and why? Was someone afraid that the calls to Henri-Paul's phone might tip off who had called
him? I find this a very interesting  fact these phones are missing in action!

7> Why did an eye witness see two cars exiting the tunnel right after the sound of the crash and make sharp
u-turns which put them on a path toward the British Embassy? The better route would have been on out the
highway so as to get away from the tunnel and the ensuing police arrival faster.  One car making a u-turn might
not be suspicious, but two doing so in tandem (at high speeds) is above the odds!  

My Speculations:

1> Henri-Paul did what he did, as far as initially traveling the route he took, because someone from MI6
approached him about the plan but they put a spin on it that they were trying to protect Diana from something
that they knew and needed him to do a few things to ensure her safety. He was  unaware that he and they were
being set up for an ambush. It is why he took money for it and that money in his pocket proves he had no clue he
wouldn't live long enough to spend it. He had no idea he was to be "collateral damage". He was not a sinister man,
an evil man nor was he the drunk that they tried to paint him as when they made him the scapegoat. His only sin
might have been a bit of greed.

2> Since Jean-Paul Andanson was a  photographer and followed Diana on that holiday, not to mention many
other places, it is my hunch that he too had been drafted by secret services as an associate. Seems highly logical.
Now here is where my theory takes a different route than some. I speculate that Andanson had been given a
heads up by some operative, probably MI6, that they were rerouting Diana and her party away from the intended
route and that if he wanted photos to be at "such and such" a place (entrance to the tunnel where the car would
need to slow) and he could capture a prized shot. This might explain why one witness ( a police officer!) saw the
White Fiat Uno passing him like a bat out of hell one minute and then in a few minutes he passes Andanson and
Andanson is driving very slowly. Andanson was stalling, waiting for Diana's car and setting up the shot he wants
to get. In the meantime the motorbikes block the roadways that allow the car to exit that highway and other
vehicles are hemming in Diana's Mercedes herding it along the death route, knowing that Andanson would be at
the tunnel entrance either parked or driving very slowly in order to get his prize. Perhaps the shots taken by
Andanson in his car could be part of the reason that Diana's Mercedes clipped Andanson's car. He was turned,
trying for the shot, and either braked or swerved and the Mercedes could not avoid the sideswipe. As well with
the report of a motorbike with two men on it, one of them a passenger who could have a strobe flash gun aimed
for the driver of the Mercedes, which passed the car just before  it entered the tunnel, there is no doubt that
chaos ensued and control of the car was lost. It would also explain why Andanson's home and place of business
had been attempt to get the pictures that were taken by him. It is also known that Andanson was
known to have said he had been there and had taken shots of what happened.  If he had been merely driving there
(and what are the chances of that being just a "co-inky-dinky"?) and NOT trying to get a shot, why make that
claim? However, when feces hit the fan and the car crashed Andanson knew he had better get his butt out of
Dodge and so the Uno was seen speeding away at great speed.  Now, the fact that Andanson was found dead in his
own burned-out car with the doors locked from the outside with bullet holes in his head seems to scream to me
that forces (special forces?)  wanted him and what he knew about that evening out of commission.  I speculate
that Andanson, like Henri-Paul, could  have been set up to be a fall guy in case they were needed, or accomplices
if they weren't needed as fall guys, and both had no clue of the totality of what was planned or that they would be
leading components to the death of Diana and companions. However, in all fairness, it must be said that
Andanson had been involved in some pretty shady things in the past. It seemed that more than one person prior
to Diana had died after associating with Andanson and so he could have been throughly involved in it up to his
camera lenses! However, my gut tells me he did not know and was not part of the true hit team sent to silence the
mouth of the one lady who had angered the powers-that-be and who was intent to continue to so do.  I guess they
never counted on the fact that life after death does exist and that there are ways that the spirit of those who die
can...and do...make statements from beyond the grave. I guess those  boys didn't do their homework well
enough!      ~

Here are a few interesting links if you want to check out some other quirks to the official stories:

"The words are recorded
and will in time be given   
to opening yet another page.
The greater the world
who questions and wishes for truth
then draws nearer the entire truth."
-- The Celestial Realm as
channeled through me to Diana.

Marilyn-- The original Candle In The Wind