August 13, 2007
Paris August 31st 1997 / An Interesting turn of events

Princess Diana Crash: All Roads Lead To The Embassy!

As the white Fiat Uno screeched away from the scene of the crash in the Point d'Alma tunnel, hot on its tail was
another white car, a Mercedes. The getaway of both these cars caught the attention of Gary Hunter, a London
based lawyer who was in a room on the 3rd floor of the Royal Alma Hotel. In his own words this is what he ahd
to say: "My own feeling is that these people were in a hurry not to be there. I am confident that car was getting
off the scene. It was obvious they were getting away from something and that they were in a hurry. It looked
quite sinister."

Why Didn't The Fiat Uno Speed Away Along The Freeway?

As the two cars sped away they did a most unusual thing. Instead of hightailing it as fast as possible along the
freeway and putting as much distance between themselves and the wrecked Mercedes S280 in the tunnel, they
executed a high speed tire-screeching turn to proceed along rue Jean Goujean!

A Straight Path To The British Embassy!

Interestingly enough that u-turn the two vehicles made put them on the fastest and shortest route from the
Point d'Alma tunnel to the British Embassy located just six blocks away! But why would fleeing suspects head in,
what for all intents and purposes, appears to be an illogical direction?

Contingency Plan In The Event Of Vehicular Damage.

Undoubtedly the brains behind the road traffic assassination of Princess Diana must have considered the
possibility that any of their cars involved in setting up the crash might incur damage during execution of the
faked accident. In the event that happened they'd obviously have set up a contingency plan, which may explain
why the Fiat Uno was headed in the direction of the British Embassy.

If, as much circumstantial evidence suggests, MI6 was involved in the murder of Princess Diana then it would
make perfect sense for the damaged Fiat Uno to seek refuge at the British Embassy until The Heat (police
activity) had simmered down! That would be the last place that anybody would think of looking…at least for a
while until inconsistencies started cropping up.


A few more precis about witnesses and the lack of interviews.

Interestingly enough neither Brian Anderson or his taxi driver were ever interviewed, the taxi driver never even
being personally identified; inspite of both men having been key witnesses to the events taking place at Pont de
L'Alma, Paris, France. Brian Anderson a U.S. business man and passenger of the taxi overtaken by the
Mercedes reported the following statement but one which was not found within the Official French Judicial
Dossier of Eye Witness accounts of August 31st 1997 !

         " As I noticed the back of the Mercedes going past that's when I saw the 1st of 3 motorcycles. The space
between our car and the Mercedes I would estimate at about 5 to 6 feet. Both my taxi and the Mercedes were
travelling in the same direction in our designated lanes. It was motorcycle No. 3 (  Anderson drew a sketch plan
of the motorcycles ) that my attention was first drawn to. It was to the left of my taxi and just to the rear of the

            This motorcycle had a single rider. This motorcycle was about 2 feet from the back of the Mercedes
and was accelerating past my taxi also. The Mercedes passed us and I then became aware of a 2nd
motorcycle. (  On the sketch this being marked as Number 1 by Anderson ) This motorcycle had a pillion
passenger. I noticed this motorcycle was accelerating on and off the throttle and was to the rear left hand side
of the Mercedes as it travelled forward. It appeared that it was trying to get in between the Mercedes and the
low kerb in the centre of the road, which separated our two lanes from traffic flow in the opposite direction.

              I remember at this point saying to my taxi driver " The guy's fucking crazy! " I was referring to the
driver of the motorcycle Number 1. The Mercedes got further ahead of us and I now had a very clear view of
the back of the Mercedes through the front windscreen of the taxi. I then saw the 3rd motorcycle (  On sketch
plan marked No.2  ) At the point when I first saw it, it was behind the Mercedes to its centre. I would estimate
that motorcycle when I first saw it was almost touching the back of the Mercedes. The left of the Mercedes was
only about a foot and a half from the central low kerb I have described and there was no way in my opinion that
the driver of  Motorcycle No. 1 was going to be able to pass the Mercedes in between it and the low kerb. It was
seeing this that prompted my reaction to my taxi driver ! I would estimate that motorcycle No.2 was about 3 to 4
feet from the rear of the Mercedes. The motorcycles were in a cluster, like a swarm around the Mercedes.

                The taxi driver stopped in the underpass and after about a minute continued on, driving past the
crashed Mercedes. I saw a motorcycle lying on its side about 10 - 15 feet past the Mercedes. Then as we
passed the Mercedes I saw another motorcycle around 20 feet further on leaning aginst the right kerb of the
roadway. I did not notice a third motorcycle, I saw only 2 motorcycles in the Alma tunnel, I cannot account for
the 3rd motorcycle. The 2 motorcycles I saw in the tunnel were certainly similar to the ones I saw pursuing the
Mercedes but I could not be 100% certain they were one and the same."

                     When asked " Do you think the motorcycles caused the crash ? Brian Anderson replied " Yes I
do, I think that they contributed to something that happened that caused the Mercedes to lose control.

(This one is an actual precis found on Diana's original site.)

Date Posted: 20th September 2007

The witness statement below was made by a French family who witnessed the events immediately prior to the
car crash in the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel which killed Diana, Princess of Wales,Dodi Fayed and their driver  Henri
-Paul. They were first interviewed at home by Captain Eric Crosnier of the Criminal Brigade on 16th September
1997. The Paget Investigation' conducted by Lord Stevens ignored the family's witness statement along with
seventeen other witnesses..."We made statements to the police on 16th September 1997. The police came to
our house to take statements. One of them took notes by hand and the other typed them up on a machine.
They printed up our statements and asked us to sign them. They spent about half an hour with each of us. We
were not given a copy of our statements and today we are re-reading them for the first time. We have neither of
us been interviewed by the police since September 1997...

"We were walking along beside the dual carriageway just before the accident and were conscious that the cars
entering the tunnel were driving rather fast, at a speed normal for Parisians; just a few moments before we had
commented, These Parisians are crazy' !However, our attention was drawn by the arrival of two large cars
coming towards us and heading for the tunnel. They were large, powerful and dark in colour. Although they
were probably being driven at the same speed as the other cars we had seen passing earlier, we noticed them
because they were very close to each other. Just after they left our field of vision, we heard a series of loud
noises, the sound of braking, the scrunching of metal (car bodywork), a third louder noise consisting of a bang,
and lastly a very loud bang followed by the sound of a horn that had jammed.

Although we did not go into the tunnel we looked inside and saw a mass of metal that was undoubtedly the car
that had crashed. We did not see the second car. We thought that this second car could have left the tunnel
already. No one asked us for any information about this second car apart from the information we gave in the
statement we made to the [French] police.A taxi was following behind at a normal distance. It stopped just at the
entrance to the tunnel, nobody got out of it and we thought they were telephoning for help. Apart from the
statement we made [to the French police] nobody asked us any questions about the taxi or its occupants.

There was talk of a white Fiat Uno in the press. It was said to have collided with the Mercedes that crashed. We
do not know if this car was in the tunnel beforehand, because our attention was focused on the two large cars.
No one asked us about this car and in any case we could not have said anything because we did not see it.

Absolutely immediately after the crash we saw a man running towards us along the pavement in the Cours
Albert, coming in the direction of the Place Concorde and going towards the tunnel. He was 30 metres from us
when we saw him. He ran past and went straight into the tunnel. He was fairly young and appeared to be fairly

This disturbing testimony of a second large car shadowing Diana and Dodi'sMercedes S280 prior to the crash
was ignored by the official investigators. Even more importantly, British and French police made no attempt to
locate or identify the "athletic man" seen running into the Pont de L'Alma Tunnel just a second or so after the
crash !There is a calculated cover-up in action and the British and French authorities have colluded in their
attempt to conceal the truth by ignoring the witness statements of eighteen witnesses to the events immediately
prior to and after the crash. The ignored witnesses include: Abdellatif Redjil, Jean-Pascal Peyret, Benoit Boura,
Eric Petel, Olivier Partouche, Jean-Claude and Annick Catheline, Georges and Sabine Dauzonne, Mr
Gooroovadoo, James Huth, Christophe Lascuax, Gaelle Lhotsis, Mohamed Medjahdi, Souad Moufakkir,
Severine Banjout, Mr Rassinier and Lionel Ronssin.