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Diana...Then and Now

(Compare Diana's voice, including syntax, phrasing, and cadence from her earthly speeches to her   
communication now through the vocal chords of Andrew, her voice channel.)

Various Diana Speeches                                           
                                         Diana's 2008 Christmas Message        
Note: This song was a personal favorite of Diana's and she
would sing it to her sons on car trips.
Childhood films.
The first in a series. Others may be
accessed off of the youtube channel.
Title song of Diana's favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber's
musical, Phantom Of The Opera.
Diana's thank you to those who grieved her death.
"Thank you, Harry!"
In Diana's own words....
" Hello,
As people will realise it will be impossible to showcase all the videos available on
the net dedicated to my memory or even half of them, there are far too many,
but I really am deeply appreciative of them all and as an illustration of this fact
I have selected some particular favourites which have quite literally moved me
to tears albeit flowing freely down Andrew's face ... as I said to Rose earlier
tonight, thank goodness he doesn't wear mascara !

Thank you all very much for the time and dedication clearly spent by you in
composing them, it is extremely humbling to realise just how loved, admired
and missed I am which is why I am determined to prove that albeit through
Andrew of course as must be ... I have not left you, I'm still very much around ! "

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart,
                           With love from,   Diana xx                                                                     
March 13th 2009

Mother's Day isn't easy for Prince William – it stirs up the incredible
"emptiness" he says he feels since losing his mother, Diana, Princess of
Wales 12 years ago this year following the incident happening in Paris,
France of August 31st 1997.
William was only 15 years old and his brother Prince Harry 13 years old
when their mother and as they have said themselves, one of the greatest
influences during their formative years died. William and Harry were
watched by millions of people around the world as they walked behind the
gun carriage carrying her coffin. They both very rarely speak about her
death and the pain that they felt, keeping private and safe their intimate
memories of their time together.

William now 25 years old has accepted a new responsibility – Royal
Patron of the "Child Bereavement Charity", to which Diana was closely
linked through her life – and he addressed families at a London event
about how "losing a close family member is one of the hardest experiences
anyone can endure."

"Never being able to say the word 'Mummy' again in your life sounds like a
small thing. However, for many, including me, it is now really just a word
– hollow and evoking only memories. I can therefore wholeheartedly
relate to the Mother's Day campaign, as I too have felt and still feel the
emptiness on such a day as Mother's Day." William said.

This year "Mothering Sunday" being on 22 March, the charity which
launched in 15 years ago in 1994 and Diana personally witnessed
happening, is hoping that a new campaign will raise awareness of the needs
faced by those children who have lost a parent and those parents who
likewise have lost a child.