Note concerning the pod cast Bombings and Discernment:

As we mention on the pod cast there are many good videos on the site. However please do realize that
just as there are those who are trying to spread the truth using this as a medium to do so that there are just as many,
if not more, that are using it to disseminate false information. So our warning about discernment is indeed something
to be taken to heart!  

Use your mind and heart when deciphering what it is you will "buy" as being truth and what you will discard as being
less than truthful. Never accept anything at face value without doing some form of further in-depth homework to
corroborate or refute what may be being peddled to you as legitimate.  It is why we even say about this and
listen to it, do your "extra-curricular" homework and then be the judge of our claims.    Rose