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"Diana, Princess of Wales 1961- 1997 /  " Extraordinarily Ordinary "

For those who do not know " Cheng ", Cheng is Andy's spirit guide in the Celestial Realms and has been since 1985
when his interest in " I - Ching " , the ancient art of Chinese Divination was awakened in him. Cheng is the author of a
profound book of wisdom " One Voice ", as yet unpublished, channeled to Andy in 1996. Andy's work with "Cheng"
is on hold until the "Diana Work"  is successfully completed. The below was written by Cheng.

"Diana was ordinary. Of course she was a lady, Lady Diana Spencer , but was no scholar and non - worldly, an
ordinary, attractive, but not beautiful girl, quiet and unassuming in her ways, in her life. A helper in a children's
kindergarten and a nanny even sometimes a cleaner. Whether she be titled or not, she was ordinary! Suddenly
ordinary Diana was dating the future King but still remaining herself ordinary, even married to him and living a life
that she was not used to with people she had nothing in common with and was way out of her depth. Her personal
sacrifices more than anyone can imagine. Diana had low self - esteem and needed encouragement and praise but she
received instead criticism and abuse. Diana needed love and affection being sensitive to rejection from a child but
married to husband who rejected her and into family known for being conservative, distant, reserved and non -
emotional. An example, the Queen crying openly at the de -commissioning of Royal Yacht " Britannia " but not at "
Diana's " death. Notice, please, I say the word openly; privately I am sure a measure of grief being felt!

Diana needed understanding but was misunderstood in everything she did. The battles Diana faced were great ones
and she was alone in them as it seemed to everyone on outside looking in that she had everything, the truth was
Diana had everything and yet nothing, it was all show! Young, she was barely out of her teenage years when her life
took on such elevation, she was naive and innocent and her release from her hell was making herself ill, something
later Diana was cured of when she found herself and the happiness she had been searching for, inner happiness and
joy within herself. Diana was excellent actress, she had no choice, she was an attractive asset for her husband, seen
but not heard, in this she had no choice! Diana was in rags when she escaped by divorce from the prison she had
been trapped in, her personality had been squashed, her personal wants and needs ignored, her emotional self
destroyed but what a miracle was witnessed happening! Diana did not take easy road of disappearing quietly into
the background as some having lived through her experiences might have done, but through sheer determination
and strength of will she fought back and showed all, including those who had done their best to destroy her, she was
very much survivor!

Diana used her personal sadness and disappointments to help her understand others in theirs which is why Diana
was always blessed to be ordinary, but in an extraordinary way, and the reason that personally she touched so many
people and why her memory will always do so. It was her being true to herself that made her so unique, Diana never
changed! Friends have said of her that she never stood on ceremony, she never did and this is why ordinary people
found it so easy to warm to ordinary Diana. Her behaviour was casual, her manner open and friendly. The flower
most associated with her is very apt as Diana rose from rags to riches, her richness being in her soul, something "
Mother Teresa " related to, someone like this would not be impressed by someone because of what they were, or
indeed had been, but because of who they were and had the potential to be. Diana was compassionate and caring,
things you cannot manufacture within, they exist or they don't, everyone has varying degrees of caring qualities in
them but these Diana had in abundance as she showed to all. It was natural for her to be helping the sick, the dying,
the rejected as she herself had experienced all these feelings herself and relating to them was perfect teacher to
inspire strength and hope to them. To the dying particularly a keen understanding and compassion by sharing
humour with them in spite of their situations which provided natural relief for them but able to console them also
when tears fell with a genuine warmth and care, a want and a need within her to be there for them, a calling Diana
recognised and acknowledged.

There is no need to make mention of Diana the mother as children warm to kindness and genuineness with a
recognition of this adults often need education in detecting, her children fortunate with Diana for mother. Why
then someone like this, have to die so young, so tragically herself? It was her destiny, Diana was Martyr  and her
death dramatic to have the effect that it has had and continues to have all over the world. There will never be
another Diana and that is something that many already realise and the Royals themselves will never be her and I
mean not even eldest son William. He is born royal and he cast in that mould in a manner his mother never was or
allowed herself to become. Had Diana not been ordinary it would not have happened and something that would
have made her more acceptable to the Royals but in her life Diana's lesson was to learn just how much inner -
strength and resolve she had and by end of her life she had knowledge of these things and herself gained personal
satisfaction in openly displaying them for all to see which is why her illness left her and emotionally, mentally and
spiritually Diana was at peace with herself, seen physically by her beauty which was inner beauty shining out
making her the natural beauty that she became as seen in photographs of her which survive her as a memory. Look
how many lessons have been learned from her life: People with HIV and AIDS not rejected, ostracised by society
through ignorance as before she shook the hand of someone with the illness, land mines internationally banned
saving lives of millions and injury of more, Royals becoming more people orientated than ever before, and charities
benefit from an organisation in her memory. Ordinary "Lady Diana Spencer" achieved much in her 36 years, more
than would have ever been thought in 1981 when people first heard about her but as proven by her funeral which
brought a flood of human emotion to surface of the world's populations, Diana's legacy lives on after her and will
continue to do so long after all Royals are dead themselves. Diana was special so celebrate that you were a witness
to ordinary Diana and her extraordinary life in your lifetime!"
A Friend....Cheng

(A brief explanation of the word/name Cheng)  The main reasons for the difficulty in understanding and translating
cheng may be summarized as follows. First, its prehistory is not always clear. This makes it troublesome to identify
its original meaning. Second, the multiple sources from the three schools, Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism,
often cause cheng to be entangled with various concepts specifically affiliated to these schools of teaching and
learning. cheng has been described as a force causing either "transformation" or "change."  It appears, more or
less, mystical. However, despite all the complexity, the core content of cheng is still identifiable. It consists of what
two English terms -"sincerity" and "reality"- convey. In general, the term cheng can be properly applied to a
person or thing so long as either one of them or the unity of them is present.

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Diana's Victimisation following Separation

Once Diana and Charles were officially separated the palace swung into action to do all it could to discredit her
publicly and to destroy her credibility and destroy her popularity, which had become overwhelming and in its
power and threatening to the royals who themselves did not court such warmth, genuine affection and love from
the people. It was something Diana, Princess of Wales achieved with such ease all over the world. Incredibly the
person who was held responsible for this was Sir Robert Fellowes, the Queen's private secretary and married to
Diana's sister Jane. Stories were deliberately leaked to the newspapers of her being mentally unstable, irrational,
unreasonable, hysterical and a danger to the future of the monarchy. The object being to enhance the reputation
and image of the Prince of Wales who walked in the shadows as his glamorous wife who shone in the spotlight of
world attention.

Diana, having friends in all walks of life, included certain media people who informed her personally of events.
Members of Charles's circle of friends calling these media people with anecdotes of her madness! Diana herself
calling her husband and advising him to call the papers himself and he of course denying all knowledge of what she
was accusing his friends of having done but Diana was no fool! The royals themselves shut Diana out, the Queen
inviting her eldest sons mistress Camilla, with her then husband Andrew Parker - Bowles, to share the Royal Box at
Ascot.  Prince Philip penning Diana as vile a letter as she had previously received from her own brother, which had
closed communication between them and it would remain closed until her death. Prince Philip accused Diana of
being responsible for driving Charles into Camilla's arms, that she'd not been a caring wife and whilst a good
mother, too possessive of her sons though adding he couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind leaving her for
Camilla! He also told her that her jealousy had eaten away at the marriage with also her irrational behaviour after
William's birth not helping, this showing  his insensitivity to her very real problems of post - natal depression and
bulimia and that she'd not appreciated Charles initially cutting the ties with his mistress possibly in explanation for
his renewing them. He wrote also of how disappointed he and the Queen were that both she and Charles had taken
lovers, which given his history of mistress figures within his own marriage was as hypocritical as her brothers
eulogy to Diana at her funeral had been. Her brother having written so viciously to her himself a matter of months
before her death, even before her burial ripping the Royal Standard off her coffin as it had been draped in from
Westminster Abbey to Althorp and replacing it with the family flag declaring " She's a Spencer now ". This having
been an honoury gesture made to her in death by the royals to be ultimately denied her as a final humiliation by her
own brother's hand.

The 1981 wedding dress that she'd wished to be displayed in the "National Dress Collection" at the Victoria and
Albert Museum in Knightsbridge, London he'd decided would take pride of place in the museum to her memory on
the Spencer estate where it can be viewed today. Princess Margaret, one time closest member of the royals to
Diana, now snubbed her and worse Diana's maternal grandmother, Lady Fermoy whose loyalty always lay with the
royals more than that of her own family being employed by and a friend of the Queen Mother, visited Charles to
express her sympathy for him and apologising for her granddaughter's ingratitude towards him! Diana was aware
that staff were not loyal to her, not telling them until the last minute where she might be going and yet upon arrival
wherever it might be to be greeted anyway by a waiting press, Diana once firing a chauffeur she suspected of
disloyalty. Diana, a patron of over a hundred charities made over 200 appearances representing the royals at
venues selected by them with her words monitored and restrictions imposed upon her, decided to relieve herself of
the workload under these new circumstances wanting to be able to spend more time with her boys than time had
previously allowed her to do knowing they'd need her to be there for them now more than ever. A major factor why
she did not press for divorce being that she was very frightened to lose custody of her sons as her own mother had
experienced on her divorce from Diana's father.

Diana was also aware that following the publication of the Morton book, Prince Charles had agreed to full co -
operation with a television interview and biography by Jonathan Dimbleby where he'd have his say! Diana removed
traces of his presence at Kensington Palace and kept company with a few tried and trusted friends, keeping busy
attending functions for her favourite charities that she'd remained patron of, gym workouts, letter - writing,
swimming, watching tv and videos or reading a good book and giving private dinner  parties became her new life,
except on the school holidays when as much time as she had would be given to the Princes William and Harry, they
always being her first priority. There would be trips to amusement parks, museums, exhibitions, the cinema and to
the stores to treat them. Photographs of her meant lucrative business so she found herself besieged everywhere,
bodyguards seen in cars with her being reported as new men in her life in the headlines, at times the paparazzi
literally mobbed her and stalked her in cars and on motorcyles,  long range lenses used to spy on her sunbathing on
a beach and pouncing on her outside restaurants from behind bushes or doorways to capture her image. Often as
ridiculous as it looked, in desperation Diana would walk with a bag in front of her face and then be verbally insulted
by them, frustrated in their attempts to stalk her successfully with a decent picture for their trouble. At times their
cruelty and disrespect of her leading her to breakdown and beg them to leave her alone, pleas that fell on deaf ears!

Diana had wrongly thought separation from the Prince of Wales might have gained her a greater degree of privacy
and was mortified to finding this not so but to the contrary the interest in her even more intense. Diana's face spelt
money and was an instant sell-out if it featured on a magazine cover in ways that no previous royal had ever been
seen to do which did nothing to increase her popularity within the royal household who felt even more eclipsed by
her celebrity. Then her ex-lovers book by Anna Pasternak was published telling all about the James Hewitt affair,
which until then had been hidden from the public, James Hewitt having made it a sensational expose' and the palace
even suspecting of her co - operation with it. This made her determined to gather the only power she knew she had,
People - Power, on her side which she'd do by speaking to them herself using the media.  Before the "Panorama"
interview in which this was done the Dimbleby interview was given, one in which the Prince of Wales publicly
admitted adultery with Mrs. Camilla Parker - Bowles, followed as well by the book, but those revelations got Diana
the sympathy vote.  Camilla a divorce and the Queen and Prince Philip furious so doing few favours for the Prince
of Wales himself, the public shocked he could dump gorgeous Diana for frumpy Camilla. Diana then secretly did her
interview only telling Sir Robert Fellowes about it less than a week before it would be televised. He panicked as she
told him that neither the Queen or Prince Charles were aware of it; it was unheard of that a member of royalty give a
public interview and that the television company sanction it before agreement from the palace to do so. The palace
put pressure on the BBC for it to not be televised but were not successful and Diana made herself physically scarce
to avoid 'phone calls she'd known to expect urging her to personally request its cancellation. The programme
claimed a large audience and resulted ultimately in the separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales...ending
finally in divorce!