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Why Diana died...The Shocking Truth!

"Diana" had grown to become a very powerful woman in her own right and she knew it! Whether good or bad
press even without the royal title the lady made headlines in whatever she did overshadowing the rest of the
royals with ease and determination. It was not without personal input from her that she was in the cameras lens
and in print, a strategy practiced by her with the intention of undermining the monarchy, a system that she
considered had betrayed her and let her down badly! There was no need for her to consider loyalty to them, in
her view the enemy, and her personal angst was not aimed at her ex husband, she and "Charles" were amicable
to one another, he visiting her socially at home in "Kensington Palace" as they had a common denominator that
was valuable to them both, their sons. Princes William and Harry". Both took their parental roles seriously having
suffered in childhood themselves and so showed a united front which was emotionally beneficial to them all. They
had recognised that in friendship they faired better than as married, each of them finding personal emotional
happiness with other people.

Diana, as she said herself about herself, was a problem to the royals and the establishment by the way she
conducted her life and by her celebrity, something that had not been expected by them to have become so
powerful, the greatest feather in Diana's proverbial cap and one she delighted in taking full advantage of. Her
relationship with "Dodi Fayed" being something even her own mother criticised her for and the reason they were
not speaking when Diana died. Dodi was Arab and therefore non-caucasian and Muslim and had Diana had
children by him, he or she would be related directly to the "House of Windsor" coupled with the fact that the
establishment were anti-"Mohamed al -Fayed". Mohamed, Dodi's father  and who, in spite of being owner of
"Harrods" the most exclusive department store in London, investing $500 million in it since his take-over in the mid
80's, giving thousands to British charities annually and sponsoring the "Royal Windsor Horse Show " with England
being his home for 20 years, was consistently refused British citizenship and a British passport. This decision
might have been influenced by his having helped bring down former Prime Minister John Major's conservative
government after the party led previously by the "Iron Lady", now Lady Margaret Thatcher had been in power for
18 years with his revelation to the " Times Newspaper " that certain conservative government members received
free hospitality at his  "Ritz Hotel" in Paris in exchange for political influence. Mohamed saying that he wanted to
prove to the masses they were governed by scoundrels and crooks!

Diana also was very involved in the campaign for the banning of land mines worldwide, actively involved in this,
she witnessed and publicly exposed the horror of them using media exposure to assist her in this quest,
determined for there to be a reduction of major armaments which was anathema to the consortium, the "Carlyle
Group" who benefited from them with amongst their stockholders being the "Bush" and "Bin Laden" families and
by proxy purchase the "House of Windsor" themselves. This and the fact that these weapons of mass destruction
were built in the U.S. and the U.K. and supplied by them doing little to promote her in the popularity stakes
politically and so her being referred to by a member of the British Establishment as a "Loose-Cannon".

Diana was dangerous as she was someone who had a voice and used it as proved by her television interview
"Panorama" which back in 1995 had rocked the monarchy! Having been personally involved in this issue both in
Angola and Bosnia she had learnt a lot and it was her intention to share the knowledge that she'd gained publicly,
aware that this was dangerous ground to tread but seeing it a necessary mission for her to do and with the
medias full attention and focus being upon her, something that she knew would prove successful with and that
was all that was important to her being humanitarian by instinct and not design. Diana was a political threat of real
magnitude! Though Diana herself was not involved in the cause for political reasons but for humanitarian ones,
as a non-royal she was able to become actively involved and supportive of it which as an official royal would have
been something impossible for her to do, it being too political and controversial an issue.

Diana wielded power and that made her dangerous and threatening and more so being such a popular figure
worldwide! Diana was also unprotected having dispensed with her personal police bodyguards in the summer of
1994 even at public appearances,wanting more personal privacy and the things she did not watched on and
reported back to Buckingham Palace which she'd resented but also to show people that she was fearless in
comparison to the other royals who often have bodyguards accompany them as status symbols where their lives
are under no threat at all.

Diana died with Dodi In Paris following their Mercedes Benz S280 registration number 680 LTV75, a 4 cylinder
vehicle incapable of acceleration to high speeds quickly and a car that in the event of a crash even at low speed,
it's speedometer automatically reverting and freezing at 0, unarmoured and provided for them by the "Etoile
Limousine Company", on hire to the "Ritz Hotel". It crashing which instantly killed Dodi and the driver Henri-Paul
and badly injuring Diana and bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones.

In spite of Dodi's father Mohamed asking for an independent pathologist of his choice to be allowed to take blood
and D.N.A. samples from his son was refused this permission by the French authorities. The "S.A.M.U."
ambulances, like the one that transported Diana to the hospital, are different to other ambulances in the world,
they are highly modernised mobile surgical units equipped with the very latest medical technology yet in spite of
this being the case having detected that Diana needed a heart specialist, though not aware of the full extent of
her internal injuries at the time.  Constant communication maintained with the hospital, upon her eventual arrival
there by which time French and British officials had been summoned there and were in attendance, there was no
heart specialist waiting and no heart and lung machine operative to assist her medically, a machine imperative to
her condition. The ambulance having stopped numerous times en route to the hospital and travelling at less than
10 kmph, even knowing that urgent medical attention that could not be supplied in the ambulance was necessary
for her. There was even thought that the ambulance itself might be delayed having itself crashed and a search
team considered being dispatched to search for it when it arrived at the hospital.

A reason given for the delay being that time was needed to cut through the mangled wreckage and extricate the
princess from it... in fact the back of the limousine where she'd sat had not been damaged as seen in
photographs of the car! In France no post mortem was given on Diana, the lady embalmed from the waist upfor
an unaccountable reason and an illegal measure taken without family approval, apparently upon orders from the
"House of Windsor" which has never been explained and the chemicals used in the embalming fluid later making a
full autopsy in London upon her an impossible task to perform though the results that were obtained were
released only to the two pathologists who in France had conducted her embalming with instructions that the
findings must not be included in the investigative report there headed by "Judge Herve Stephen."

Some sources claiming this illegal embalming was something done to eliminate evidence of the princess being
pregnant with Dodi's child, someone whom it is also claimed she didn't love and had no intentions of progressing
in a serious relationship with. This not stopping her from becoming pregnant with his baby and albeit an
unmarried mother? Diana would not have entertained a shot-gun wedding to another man who didn't love her or
someone she didn't love for the sake of the child to have a name and dealing herself with people in such
dire-straits in her work would not put herself in a similar position knowing all about precautionary measures
available to Dodi and herself.

Just prior to her last holiday, Rosa Monckton and Diana spent a week cruising the Greek islands during which
time Rosa has stated Diana was on her monthly period making her being pregnant then physically very unlikely if
not impossible! It has been suggested that Henri-Paul was drunk whilst driving and then found to have a lethal
amount of carbon-monoxide in his cameras in and around the hotel indicating him to have been
sober with nothing unusual noticed by Diana, Dodi or Trevor before the journey and Mercedes Benz themselves
denying that on impact the cars air bags deflated releasing the chemical, they not containing it and in the crash
Henri-Paul died instantly from a crushed aorta which would have prevented anything from circulating around the
physical body.

There is theory that his blood was switched to that of a suicide victim who had first ingested a large amount of
alcohol and then breathed in the fumes from a tube attached to a car exhaust pipe, accounting for the fatal level
of carbon-monoxide detected in his bloodstream or perhaps his lifeless body injected with a mixture of alcohol and
other drugs at the crash scene itself? It also should be known that two days prior to the crash he had attended a
full medical examination necessary for his gaining a pilots licence and no alcohol related problems were
documented which had they been would certainly have meant such a licence would be denied without question. It
also having been discovered that Henri - Paul, whose salary was $38,000,per annum working for the hotel, in the
weeks prior to the crash had been receiving payments to the total of $142,000 found in 13 bank accounts in his
name around the world, money drafted into these accounts from a British account holder in the U.K. and the cash
converted from sterling to French francs, it having been suggested that he was being paid by British Secret

No less than eleven eye witness accounts disregarded as evidence worthy of submission by the French police
interestingly most colluding with the fact of having seen a car and motorcyclist drive out of the tunnel whilst the car
crashed and one seeing that both instead of proceeding along the highway turned out of the tunnel into the exit of
"Rue Jean Goujon", a road leading directly to the "British Embassy" in the capital and less than six blocks from
"Pont de L'Alma", the tunnel itself. One reporting having seen a helicopter hovering above the tunnel before the
crash...monitoring events taking place on the ground perhaps? Another witness explaining in detail about the
crash to French police that he had been driving ahead of the Mercedes and in his front mirror saw a motorcycle
with two people on it on the left hand side of the car and passing it and then flashes of bright light before it
swerved in front of the vehicle causing the driver to lose control but did not witness the impact as being ahead
was already clear of the tunnel when he heard it but stopped his car curb-side momentarily with intentions to see
what had happened but told by his wife to move on as it could be a terrorist attack and his doing so. All the eye -
witness accounts seem to verify a motorcyclist with pillion passenger and bright lights involved in the events in the
tunnel. It is curious also to note the route taken by Henri - Paul was not the direct one to Dodi's apartment on Rue
Arsene - Houssaye in the exclusive 16th arrondissement off the Champs Elysee which from the hotel would have
been northwest via Place de la Concorde and the Champs Elysee itself to the Arc de Triomphe but he headed the
opposite route via Rue de Rivoli. Why? To avoid traffic- lights and paparazzi confrontations? The Champs Elysee
entrance blocked by an unidentified motorcyclist and he having no choice on M.I.6. orders to drive southwest via
the River Seine to the tunnel/ trap?

With Diana and Dodi dead, he was of no use to them and would know too much alive so could die with them in the
planned fatal car accident! (Camera, bright white light, action!... just like in the 007 movies, why it might not be
believed! )

Henri-Paul was a paid informant for MI6, British Intelligence, his job as deputy "Head of Security" at the "Ritz Hotel"
where many foreign dignitaries and diplomats stayed in the capital making him a perfect plant for gathering inside
information including listening to Diana discussing her future plans. What of the driver of the other car involved,
reported to have been a white Fiat Uno, found later dead in it in a forest outside Paris, the car burnt out,
apparently suicide yet the car keys missing and it being locked from the outside?

Less than six hours after the crash the tunnel being opened to regular traffic having been thoroughly and
professionally cleansed by vehicles of the " Proprete de Paris " which spray industrial solvent to clean the capitals
streets within an hour of the Mercedes being removed from the tunnel by police so around 3am Paris time,
meaning of course examining it for less than 2 hrs after the crash and destroying all forensic evidence
immediately! Hours later in London a private photographer who had received images taken directly from the crash
by a friend in the paparazzi there had his home broken into and his computer hard-drives and discs stolen with
these images on them and in Paris a photo agency where the driver of the reported white Fiat Uno worked as a
free-lance photographer and also had images of Diana stored was also robbed, the staff held hostage for 3 hours
and in spite of urgent calls to the French police, they did not respond or investigate until hours later by which time
the images again on computer discs had been taken, the thieves long since gone!

What explanation is there for the brilliant white light reportedly involved? Could it have been a "Pulse Strobed
L.T.L."? This being a narrow beamed equipment device used in high-tech photography and when fired it pulses
high intensity brilliant white light at brain frequencies inducing complete neural confusion for between 2 and 5
seconds, enough time for a sober Henri-Paul and anyone to lose control of 2 tons of Mercedes Benz. Once fired
the line of sight exposure is overwhelming and renders it's target completely incapable of meaningful brain
function and instead severe mental confusion. A limousine of such weight hitting a solid concrete pillar, there
being no safety barriers between the traffic lanes in the tunnel would certainly guarantee serious injury to its
occupants and quite probably fatality and this in advance would be known by professionals and being only used
momentarily, no traces of its involvement at all, much like the flash of the common digital camera!

At the request of British Intelligence the C.I.A. had a surveillance programme in operation on Diana, her
telephones bugged and conversations listened in on and it is reported they are holding a 1,056 page dossier on
all the information gathered on behalf of M.I.5. who are responsible in league with the Metropolitan Police for the
protection of the British Royal Family and the National Security of the country and as things were seemingly
progressing according to the tabloids at the time, Mohamed al -Fayed, long time enemy of the British
establishment and Dodi's father looked very much as if he might soon be related all be it by his sons marriage to
the royals, step-grandfather to a future monarch and grandfather to any children Dodi and Diana might have had!

There has also been speculation made of Mossad being involved, this being the very powerful Israeli secret
service as it has been reported that the Princess had intentions of involving herself in a campaign drawing further
attention to the humanitarian issues prevalent in the political situation in Palestine at the time and her personal
relationship continuing with Dodi promoted greater public interest in the Arab world. It has been established that
three senior MI6 agents relocated to Paris at the same time as Dodi and Diana were in Monaco buying the ring,
it's being known that both were under constant surveillance by British Intelligence on their last holiday, so quite
likely to have following inside information received realised that an engagement might soon be announced by the
couple prompting their assignment to the capital and it is believed that the identity of certain secret intelligence
operatives has been uncovered as having been in and amongst the crowd of paparazzi outside the Ritz Hotel, an
explanation for they're being there not given yet! Clearly things are suspicious which is why a full investigation is
now still in process, the results of which are yet to be determined!

The untimely tragedy of the death of "Diana, Princess of Wales", a mystery...........accident or murder? French
authorities handling the initial inquiry into the crash claiming that diplomatic pressure from London made things
difficult, valuable information being denied them when it was requested and without being given explanation for
this deliberate refusal of vital assistance helping to determine what happened August 31st 1997! Exactly what
information equally remaining shrouded in secrecy......... French police themselves still refusing to release footage
taken by cameras at the "Ministry of Justice" adjacent to the hotel and Paul Burrell arriving to collect her personal
effects being kept waiting by security for 40 mins to only find having been gone through, they'd been dispatched
back to the U.K. By who and who ordered this?

There are many questions to be considered, here are just some! Why were Diana and Dodi under secret
intelligence surveillance on their vacation? Why was there a distinct lack of police protection for them in Paris?
Why did all the CCTV cameras along the route from the hotel and in the tunnel itself and French city police radio
communications fail at the time of the crash and function again perfectly minutes after it? Why following the crash
were Mercedes Benz specialists refused access to examine the limousine? Why was it secretly hidden in two
locked unmarked crates outside the capital? Why was the tunnel cleansed professionally a few hours after the
crash? Why before a full examination of the area was it re - opened to regular traffic so soon after the fatal crash?
Why was a thorough investigation of the Mercedes itself not conducted in the tunnel, the scene of the crash? Why
did the ambulance carrying "Diana" take so long to reach the hospital? Why was the equipment necessary for her
critical medical condition not prepared for her arrival there? Why was it the chosen hospital, five others being
closer to the tunnel? Why were statements from witnesses to the crash ignored? Why following her death was her
body partially embalmed? Who was paying chauffeur Henri - Paul the substantial cash amounts and why? There
are so many questions with to date so few acceptable answers and the one that is most mystifying of all for most
of us......Why is "Diana, Princess of Wales" dead?

A matter of weeks prior to her death in Paris, Diana had spoken exclusively to Annick Cojean of French
newspaper "Le Monde." An interview in which she criticised the conservative political party in the U.K. on their
handling of the landmines issue when they'd been in power and how confident she was in the Labour party taking
a much stronger line. Diana speaking also of how she resented the British press intrusiveness and constant
criticisms of her, this being the reason that she had intentions of retiring from public life and leaving the country,
finding herself much more accepted abroad and to a greater degree, left alone.

The reason for her still being U.K. based being a mother's devotion to her children. Diana also spoke about the
British press criticisms of her and how over the years it had hurt her but ironically helped her become stronger
and more determined to continue to tread the path she'd chosen as hers, to be a voice for those she instinctively
felt needed her most. Comparatively feeling treated much better and with far greater respect by the foreign media.

" The press is ferocious. Whatever I do, wherever I go, it waits for me, it tracks me down. Whatever I do, whatever
I say, it will always look for controversy and contradiction. It will always criticise me."

Six hours before her death "Diana" spoke on the telephone from Paris to friend and "Daily Mail" journalist
"Richard Kay" speaking about how happy she was, excited about seeing her boys the next day and how she
intended to withdraw from public life in November 1997 once her personal obligation to the land mines cause and
other charitable duties she had on her agenda had been completed, Dodi meanwhile having told friends he'd
never need another girlfriend! The knowledge of friends knowing "Diana" to be so happy making it all the more
difficult for them to come to terms with the untimely and mysterious modern day tragedy of her death!


by Sherman H. Skolnick

An article written by "Ru Mills" (pseudonym) and published in Conspiracy Nation (CN 12.08) gave details on the
arrest of a "George Mearah" (apparently also known as Oswald LeWinter) for allegedly trying to sell top secret
CIA documents to Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Dodi Al-Fayed who died with Princess Diana in a suspicious car
crash on August 31, 1997. This development was covered in several wire service and some newspaper reports.
For example:

"A man was arrested in a hotel lobby in Vienna as he tried to sell documents to Mohamed Fayed that allegedly
proved that his son Dodi and Diana, Princess of Wales, were murdered." (Electronic Telegraph, 4/30/98)

"The suspect, a 67-year-old man whose name was withheld, had been peddling documents which purported to be
evidence of a supposed murder plot, by implication involving British and U.S. intelligence." (Reuters, 4/29/98)

A further update on the situation was reportedly broken on May 14, 1998, in a story appearing in the London
Mirror newspaper. The Mirror apparently included one of the purported secret papers in its May 14th edition. Here
is an excerpt from the blockbuster story:

Mr. [Mohamed] Fayed believes the Diana papers, said to originate from the US Central Intelligence Agency, back
his conviction that the British establishment masterminded a conspiracy against his son and the Princess . . . . Mr.
Al Fayed said yesterday, "I intend to establish the truth behind the tragic events in Paris last August." . . . MI6
Director David Spedding is named in one telex and a squad from the Israeli secret service Mossad, referred to as
the "K-Team", appears in another.

[The documents] were seized in an Amsterdam hotel room three weeks ago when Mr. Al Fayed's security chief,
backed by two FBI agents, met a middleman who was demanding 10 million (Pound Sterling) for them. The
intermediary, 67 year old Oswald LeWinter, was arrested and is now in solitary confinement in a Vienna police cell.

Here is a copy of one of the purported CIA documents, apparently published in the London Mirror:

DOMESTIC COLLECTION DIVISION Foreign Intelligence Information Report Directorate of Intelligence WARNING

1997 SUBJECT: File overview: Diana Princess Of Wales-Dodi REFERENCES DCI Case 64376 SOURCE:
CASParis/CASLondon/COSGeneva/CASKingston/UK citizen Ken Etheridge

1. Relationship initiated between Diana POW and Dodi aF according to reliable intel sources in November 1996.
Intimacy begins shortly after they meet. (Report filed)

2. Reliable source reports Palace seriously disturbed by liaison. PM considers any al Fayed relationship politically
disastrous. Edinburgh (Prince Phillip -ed) sees serious threat to dynasty should relationship endure. Quote
reported: "Such an affair is racially and morally repugnant and no son of a bedouin camel trader is fit for the
mother of a future king," Edinburgh. (Report filed)

3. Request from highest circles to DEA attache UK for 6 on Dodi re: Cocaine. See File forwarded to UK embassy
DC. (Copy filed)

4. US liaison to MI6 requested by David Spedding for assistance in providing permanent solution to Dodi problem.
Blessing of Palace secured (Twiz filed)

5. WHuse (White House -ed) denies Spedding request. Harrison authorized only to arrange meeting for MI6
representative with K-Team Geneva. (Twiz on file)

6. Meeting in Geneva reportedly successful (Report filed)

7. al Fayed Mercedes Limo stolen and returned with electronics missing. Reliable intel source confirms K-team
involved. Source reports car rebuilt to respond to external radio controls. (Report filed)

8. COBGeneva reports that on May 28, 1997 heavily weighted Fiat Turbo . . . . (end of page text)


by Sherman H. Skolnick


Were Princess Diana and her intended new husband, an Arab, Dodi Al-Fayed, murdered?

Heiress to a worldwide banking fortune, Diana was about to merge with big Arab money: a disaster for the
financial powers of the western world. On August 31, 1997, Diana and Dodi died from a car crash in a tunnel, in
Paris. On the same day, the London Sunday Mirror had already gone to press with a story that, at the request of
the Queen of England, British counter-intelligence, MI-6, had prepared a report on the goings-on between Diana
and Dodi, which tended to further undermine the Monarchy. Being considered was the possible exile of Diana.
But, her older son is in to be the new King of England. The British paper also said the Queen was planning to
damage Harrods, in London, by stripping it of her royal approval. A large department store, Harrods is owned by
Dodi's father, Mohammed Al-Fayed. It does big business with the royals.

Myself and the Citizens' Committee to Clean Up the Courts  did stories about how U.S. and British Intelligence
jointly conducted "Operation Clydesdale" to snuff out porno kings, pedophiles, and other suspected low-lifes,
without a judicial trial, using the team's specialty: faked-up car crashes. Their headquarters is now reportedly in
Bristol, as well as elsewhere in the United Kingdom. A member of that unit was reportedly Gunther K. Russbacher,
who has dual citizenship in the United States and Austria. [Mr. Russbacher denies any involvement with the unit.]
Gunther Russbacher called me from Bristol and warned me to shut up.

In April 1998, Dodi's father sent his chief of security to meet in Vienna, Austria, with someone offering to sell
documents for 10 million British pounds. The documents reportedly show that British Intelligence had asked the
American CIA to help murder Princess Diana. Apparently, in a cynical trick to surface the whole mess without
paying big money, the CIA and FBI were asked to monitor the meeting. Thereafter, the CIA and FBI had the
mystery man - the one offering to sell the documents - arrested. [1] He reportedly is a retired officer of the U. S.
Naval Intelligence (ONI), reportedly knows ONI Commander Russbacher, and is well-informed on Operation
Clydesdale-type assassinations.

The documents had apparently been stolen from the FBI's counter-intelligence wing, Division 5. British and
American covert operatives were in the team of cars which pushed Diana's Mercedes up against a pillar, causing
the death of Dodi and Diana.

The American agents in Vienna claimed they had jurisdiction to arrest the mystery man, because stealing the
documents violated U. S. national security. Among the secrets contained: that Bill Clinton, as president, had
offered to assist Diana-in-exile to become a U.S. citizen, along with her new husband, Dodi. So, the new King of
England, Diana's eldest son, would have been raised in Los Angeles under the wing of his step-father, an Arab -
unacceptable to the Monarchy.