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Diana and the Land Mine Campaign

Diana always did research on anything that she was directly involved in and her greatest legacy apart from her sons
to the world being her involvement with the land mines campaign. Having resigned from being patron of all but six
of her favourite charities, Diana had the time and the resolve to give her energy, power and influence to this worthy
cause against great  opposition  from the establishment.  A member of it accusing her publicly of being a  "Loose
-Cannon "!

Discovering that one of the worst affected places in the world by land mines being Angola, Diana needed to witness
things first hand as always and wasted no time in flying out there herself to assess the situation. Years of warfare
riddled the nation with over twelve million land mines and scenes which devastated her, she'd later say how
humbled it made her feel but nothing deterred her involvement however distressing though she was annoyed again
that the media as ever somewhat insensitive in her opinion wanted photo calls of her with victims but of course this
drew attention to their plight and for this reason she agreed to them, to insinuate her wanting the publicity for
herself, crazy, Diana never short of publicity whatever she did!

Diana in her determination to publicise the horror of land mines that were responsible for killing thousands of
people and maiming more every year was herself to walk through a mine-field, photographs of this act of extreme
bravery on her part being some of the last taken of her alive. Although it was in an area that had officially been
cleared of them, in life there's no guarantees of anything so during the whole walk, the members of the Red Cross
who were watching her from the side-lines did so, as she must have done, with concern!

Diana continued in her research on land mines and in her discovering that they were built in and supplied by the
U.S. and U.K. was angered and upset making her resolve to expose the issue one of even greater determination on
her part, seeing it as a mission to have them abolished at whatever cost, travelling to the U.S.A. where she made a
speech against them on behalf of the "Red Cross" two months before her death. Diana had been given reason to
believe that she was on shaky ground maintaining her involvement with the campaign but her humanitarian
instincts empowered her to continue in spite of the dangers...

Diana was challenging the establishment, the British defence industry being the world's second largest after the U.S.
accounting for twenty-five percent of all arms-sales and generating an annual turnover of £7 billion! Diana
involved herself further in the campaign travelling to war torn Bosnia to witness the destruction and death caused
by land mines there too, meeting and talking with victims maimed by them and comforting relatives of those who
had been killed. Her natural compassion and caring so evident and appreciated by people in need and many of
whom were not aware of being with someone with a royal connection but with someone who genuinely and openly
cared about their welfare and just two weeks and six days after her return to the U.K. from Bosnia on 11th August
1997, "Diana, Princess of Wales" was dead!

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Diana's Interest in the Esoteric and Mystical

Diana was psychic though with the stigma attached to this label even today and especially within the Royal
environment, it was something that she chose carefully who she discussed the subject with aware that her beliefs
would not be shared by all and that it was the kind of publicity she certainly didn't need especially when already
being seen as unstable by them, hardly wanting to add fuel to the fire!

Diana with Dodi having visited psychic Rita Rogers and even called her from Paris and she'd warned Diana of Dodi
driving in Paris sensing danger in a tunnel there...
" I'll be careful Rita, I promise... I'm looking forward to seeing my boys, I'm going home tomorrow " Diana had told
her. Diana was a natural healer and instinctive which was why she preferred to not wear gloves knowing just by
touch energy transfers skin to skin and why she was drawn to the sick and the needy, it was where she was able to
generate her power most and people who connected with her have said that with a hug from her, they felt their own
energy return. Diana knew in a crowd who needed to be touched but often would just smile or give a gentle pat on
the head but there was an energy apparent even then and here for a moment I speak from personal experience
having nearly been knocked down by her in her car, Diana saw that I was fine, no physical touch involved but just a
deep stare into my eyes but it is a moment that I will not forget as I sensed energy from her immediately and from
the clearest blue eyes I have ever seen!

Diana had premonitions regularly that proved accurate, telling her father at the age of thirteen that she'd marry a
person in the public eye, when the "Prince of Wales" proposed to her sensing that she would never be "Queen" and
that her role was going to be a tough one and perhaps even more amazing that years before meeting Dodi she had
talked about a time when she'd enjoy weekends in Paris, possibly even living there and meeting someone foreign.
Diana regularly visited Psychic Mediums and Astrologers, one of the first introduced to her by the "Duchess of
York", Diana met famous astrologer "Penny Thornton" saying to her on meeting..." I just want to see if there is a
light at the end of the tunnel", at the time meaning in her marital situation but we all know that Diana died in a
Parisian tunnel, the car she travelling in with her foreign man having smashed head on into the thirteenth pillar of
that tunnel and it having happened in the French capital city of Paris!

Diana was not someone to quote Spiritual sayings but there was one of importance to he..."Today is the present,
yesterday is history and tomorrow a mystery!" Diana firmly believing that we all know a little bit about when we're
going to go and that her time on earth was limited for all she had to do sensing a calling to complete everything
during her time on earth as she a believer in reincarnation, sensing that once gone as she'd told a friend "I'm not
coming back!"

Diana was also very much interested in and influenced by "New Age" therapies and regularly indulged herself in
aromatherapy homeopathy and acupuncture as well as other means of cleansing the mind, body and spirit of
negative energies, readily with shoe designer "Jimmy Choo" discussing his beliefs in "Buddhism" and "Feng Shui,"
her London home of "Kensington Palace" being artistically arranged and organised by an expert in the ancient
oriental art form so inviting harmonious and positive energies there..Diana until her death met with astrologers and
mediums, all be it in secret, as she grew to rely on the advice that was offered to her by them, "Penny Thornton "
having suggested to her that she use her knowledge of suffering personally to comfort and care for others suffering
in different ways, advice that led to Diana involving herself in her charity work and often wearing a pure white
crystal symbolising a clear mind, stability and harmony, revitalising energies so necessary to her involvement in
this sphere!

The worldwide grief expressed after her death being clearly an illustration that whatever her "Quest" in life was, the
lady had achieved it and we were subconsciously moved emotionally to realise that in losing her, we had lost
someone special, someone unique, someone who will not be replaced in our affections ever in quite the same way.
As already has been said and I believe, Diana was "Magical" and in our hearts will remain so always. God bless,
"Diana, Princess of Wales".

"To be successful in their work, Angels often have to hide their wings!"