Diana's boys remember Mummy

Interviewer: What do you think  the "Diana Concert" would actually have meant to your mother?

William: Well, she probably wouldn’t believe we were doing it actually. She’s probably think we were too
disorganized and, um, useless to get round to doing it but hopefully it will be one of those things that she would
absolutely adore because the whole point is, is that this is for her. It’s not for any other reason. We want this year
to go by and people to go, “Yes, now I remember all those good things she did.” because after ten years there’s
been a sort of, a rumbling of people bringing up the bad and over time people seem to forget, or have forgotten,
about all of the amazing things she did and what an amazing person she was. We felt that this was the best way of
bringing that back to life and letting people remember all the good things about her, because she’s not here to
defend herself when she gets criticized and so we wanted to do that instead and this was the best way of us getting
that across to people.

Interviewer : I suppose that everyone has got their own memory of your mother. Their own image or belief on
how she lived and what she was like. What was the real Diana like as a real person?

William: She was wonderful and sadly there’s no amount of words that either Harry or I could tell you know that
would actually portray that. You’d have to meet her to really understand her and you ask people who have met
her and they’ll tell you just how amazing she was.  For us we were so lucky to have her as our mother and we, you
know, there’s not a day goes past that we don’t, sort of, you know, think of her and miss her influence, because,
you know, she was a massive example to both of us and it’s one of those things that’s very sad but, you know, you
learn to deal with it and there’s plenty of other people out there who’ve got the same or worse problems that
wehave had, so—

Harry: The nicest thing, the fact that she was our mother, she had her public side and she had her private side and
the private side was very small in comparison to the public side obviously. You know, the memories that we’ve
got of her—we’re very lucky to have those memories ‘cause they’re so—they’re private—between us and that’s the
nicest thing about it, you know. You see her get slated for such-and-such but the personal memories that we have
of her are very much private and that’s hopefully where it will always be.

Interviewer:  I know that my mother has taught me to, kind of, go out there and get what I want and not let things
get in my way. I can tell obviously the you’ve been heavily influenced by your mother, she’s made a huge impact
on your lives, with your charity work and your beliefs. Why do you think she was so inspiring to you?

William: Because she did everything she felt was right and was what she wanted to do. She didn’t just go by what
she thought was the best thing to do or be told to do something. She did it from the heart and fully immersed
herself into it and she cared. She cared massively. We’d be left in no doubt at all that we were the most important
things in her life and after that it was everyone else. It was all her charities everything like that and to me that’s a
really good philosophy that she loved caring for people and she loved helping and both of us, sort of, really glad
that we’re able to feel that.

Interviewer : How do you think you’ like her to be remembered by the public?

Harry: As a happy, fun, bubbly person who cared for so many people. She put everybody first and herself very
much last and she was the most caring person—yeah, she was our mother so of course we’d say that—as I’m sure
everyone else would say about their mother. Really caring and so sweet and very much missed, not only by us
but I think, a lot of people. And I think that’s all that needs to be said really.

Prince William and Prince Harry who both respectively choose not to use their official titles, Prince William
reported to have said " If it wasn't good enough for Mummy, it's not good enough for me! ", have been granted
their own royal household by their grandmother H.M. The Queen.

The 'household' being an office and a retinue of three principle staff members to organise their public duties and
private life - has been established at St James's Palace. Up until now something overseen by their father H.R.H.
The Prince of Wales

The Princes personally chosen 'cyphers', or logos, which appear at the top of their correspondence is similar to
the cypher used by their late mother on hers.
A personal and touching tribute from her boys to Diana, Princess of Wales.
Opening the tribute birthday concert to their mother, 1997.
Catching the "wave" of excitement and fun had by all.
Choosing Their Own Mark In The World
Prince William's Cypher                     Prince Harry's Cypher            Diana's self chosen cypher