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Diana  v  Camilla.

I couldn't understand why she kept saying to me, don't push him into doing this, don't do that. She knew so much
about what he was doing privately... I couldn't understand it" said Lady Diana Spencer about Camilla (Speaking of
Camilla's influence before the Royal Wedding ) Diana, Lamb to the slaughter! Both women born under the
astrological sign Cancer attracted Scorpio Charles who had dated Camilla before meeting Diana and found in the
older and less attractive woman an inner beauty he could not find in his youthful and glamorous wife.

Diana could not understand his fixation with the woman she called the "Rottweiller". The answer being that basically
he and Camilla shared more in common, a love of horses and outdoor pursuits such as hunting which Diana loathed
and Camilla put Charles first in a way impossible for Diana to do being the far more popular figure publicly than her
husband. Diana, knowing of their relationship, confronted Camilla directly at a party held to celebrate Camilla's
sister's fortieth birthday. Taking her rival aside from friends she'd been speaking to,Diana told her:  " I would just like
you to know that I know exactly what is going on between you and my husband, I wasn't born yesterday...I'm sorry I'm
in the way, I obviously am in the way and it must be hell for both of you but I do know what's going on. Don't treat me
like an idiot."

A matter of days before his marrying Diana Charles told her of his affair with Camilla, that he loved her and always
would, and naturally Diana grew suspicious of Camilla immediately and had Camilla and her husband Andrew
Parker-Bowles removed from the guest list for the breakfast meal following the wedding though they attended the
ceremony at St. Pauls Cathedral. A lot made sense to her as following her engagement Charles went away on his
last solo tour lasting 3 weeks,visiting Australia, New Zealand,the U.S.A. and Venezuela, South America leaving her to
face the media wedding hype alone. Diana saw him off at the airport pictured in tears assumed to be because she'd
be missing him but actually because half an hour before his departure to the airport and whilst together with Diana
talking in their rooms at Buckingham Palace ( Diana moving there from Clarence House where she'd felt ignored and
uncomfortable, weeks prior to the wedding ) Charles's private telephone had rung and Diana had left the room
leaving her fiancé to speak with the caller, Camilla, and a lengthy phone call was engaged in and he speaking in a
conspiratorial tone that had alarmed Diana who sensed she was losing him before reaching the altar.

Charles away, Camilla had arranged to meet Diana for a lunch date, one that intrigued Diana. It had come via a
letter that had been waiting for her arrival at Clarence House, where she initially stayed leaving her old life behind
her and with it a bouquet of flowers from Charles. The letter had perplexed Diana speaking of the excitement of the
engagement and a wanting to see the ring whilst Charles was away, a trip that at the time Charles had not
mentioned to Diana and the ring was a sketch on paper of a sapphire surrounded by diamonds and how had
Camilla known that Diana would have a suite at Clarence House before she'd been informed about it?

Charles away, the women met and Camilla admired the impressive engagement ring and then had said to Diana,
" You are not going to hunt are you? You are not going to hunt when you live at Highgrove, are you?" Diana
bemused by the questions had said "No" which was all Camilla had needed to know as hunting was a sport she
shared enjoyment in with Charles and was assured therefore of there going to be no interference from Diana and
they'd be able to still meet at the various hunts in Gloucestershire.

Diana, still unable to see quite how this much older and less attractive woman could really pose a serious threat to
her marital happiness, was still anxious about the situation. Diana discovered a bracelet that Charles had bought
Camilla with the initials "GF" which he'd planned to give her before the wedding, the initials standing for their
pet-names for each other, "Gladys and Fred". (Adopted from characters on a favouriteTV show they enjoyed, "The
Goon Show" with comic, Spike Milligan )

Diana had considered following a major argument with Charles to call off the wedding but was convinced by family
and friends to not do so, her sister Sarah telling her "You're face is on the tea-towels" in reference to all the
memorabilia of the forthcoming event already being available. In spite of the fairy tale wedding and the birth of two
sons, Diana and Charles were hopelessly incompatible. The Prince idealistic and practical and the Princess
romantic and naive. Diana loved conflict, he shied away from confrontations, Diana being more open in character to
her husband who valued privacy and discretion and soon both were seeking romance outside of their marriage, he
with Camilla and she with James Hewitt. Diana finally having found happiness with "Dodi Fayed" her new boyfriend
and eldest son of Mohamed al -fayed, the owner of "Harrods Store" whom she was with in Paris when they were
killed in an automobile incident on August 31st 1997.

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Diana and Dodi

Dodi Fayed's father Mohamed Al Fayed had been a friend of Diana's father and Diana's stepmother Raine,
marrying again to be "Countess de Chambrun", was on the board of directors of "Harrods" the world famous store in
London owned by him since 1984 so the princess knew him well and invited by him with the Princes William and
Harry in 1997, stayed with he and his family at their villa compound in St.Tropez, the south of France.

Mohamed feeling that "Diana" needed an escort there summoned his son Dodi who up until then had only briefly in
1986 met Diana, at a polo match when she had presented him with the winning trophy having beaten his rival team
in the final of the "Harrods Cup" at Windsor Great Park  and headed by her husband at the time, "Prince Charles".
Dodi aged forty-one and married and divorced in 1987 from beautiful American model Suzanne Gregard was at the
time of meeting Diana seeing model Kelly Fisher. It later reported that she'd believed they'd marry. He owned homes
all over the world, a mansion in Malibu and apartments in Paris, London, United Emirates and New York as well as
the use of his father's homes in Gstaad, St.Tropez, Oxted in Surrey, England, a castle in Scotland and the Bois de
Boulogne house in Paris, he and the princess would view this on their last trip to the French capital city. Add to this
yachts,a Gulfstream IV jet, a fleet of cars including Ferraris and a U.S. armoured truck and helicopter and his wealth
and opulent lifestyle is obvious, here receiving an allowance from his father of £45.000 a week!

Diana loved the closeness of family life that the Fayeds embraced and her sons thrilled to racing each other on
powerful jet skis around the French coastline and swimming in the Mediterranean waters in the July sunshine and
she and Dodi grew closer, he showing her a protectiveness almost instinctively knowing that this was what she most
needed to feel. Diana spoke freely to him about her fears for her safety and other secrets that she trusted to share
with few.

Diana feared of her being assassinated in an arranged accident convinced that in this event it would be the
responsibility of British Secret Intelligence Forces MI5 or MI6 even warning Dodi of close involvement with her
fearing he putting himself in danger being associated with her and knowing Hewitt had been warned off by them and
a detective of hers as she always believed, murdered!

Dodi and Diana were not intimate on this holiday as Kelly Fisher was moored off shore in Dodi's father's schooner
the "Sakhara" where Dodi spent his nights. The days spent with the family, Diana and her sons who warmed to him
which made the princess very happy to witness and Kelly Fisher having been told by Dodi that he needed to be with
the princess to protect her daily. Accepting this, she flew out on a modelling assignment and on return Diana had
left and returned to London so the princes could join their father for the annual holiday at "Balmoral".

Diana finding on her arrival in London, a love note from Dodi with a Cartier Panther gold watch and four dozen
roses! Soon after Kelly returned, she and Dodi flew to Paris together. Dodi who had previously dated amongst
others "Princess Stephanie of Monaco" and actresses Brooke Shields and Tanya Roberts dumped Kelly Fisher and
flew to Diana in London who had returned from attending her friend, designer Gianni Versace's Memorial Service in
Milan. Diana little over a month later would be dead. Diana and Dodi flew secretly to Paris and the "Ritz Hotel" where
they became closer and on their return the princess spent virtually every free moment with him in his Park Lane
apartment and he staying at K.P. with her, they both also at his father's Elizabethan mansion in Oxted, Surrey where
Dodi is buried in its 500 acres of grounds near a monument of commemoration to him commissioned by Mohamed,
his grieving father.

Dodi and Diana arranged to holiday on the Fayed yacht the "Jonikal", ( specifically purchased by Mohamed for
Diana's first holiday with the Fayed family ) in August, she first having a weeks holiday cruising the Greek islands
with friend Rosa Monckton. Diana joined Dodi again August 21st and in the Fayed jet were flown from the U.K. to
Nice where a car sped them to St.Laurent-de-Var also on the French Rivierra where the yacht lay offshore. They
sailed, anchoring off Jean Cap Ferrat, where in nearby Monaco in "Alberto Repossi" jewellers he bought the
princess the "Dis-Moi-Oui" or "Tell Me Yes" ring. From Monaco they sailed to Portofino,Italy and then to Sardinia,
flying from there to Paris.  

The ring a massive emerald surrounded by clusters of diamonds set on a yellow and white gold band had needed to
be altered to fit Diana's finger and this once done, it was arranged that it would be would be transferred to the Paris
shop opposite the Ritz Hotel for collection. In Paris, Dodi collected the ring earlier in the day of August 30th 1997
and had it waiting to present to Diana at the apartment off the Champs Elysee where they were heading when killed!

It can be assumed that with it would have been given to her with his proposal of marriage! It was clear for everyone
to see that Diana had found happiness at last in her private life with a man who so clearly adored her. Both having
failed marriages behind them as well as a string of disastrous love affairs, together with each other found and
celebrated openly for the world to see their discovery of companionship, understanding and most importantly of all,
Dodi and first wife Suzanne Gregard,
a model. Their union lasted 8 months.