There are further points worthy of great consideration and documented here now. It has widely been reported that
in the tunnel itself was a flash of bright white light prior to the Mercedes carrying its V.I.P. passengers crashing into
the tunnel's 13th concrete pillar.

An ex -officer of M.I.6, Richard Tomlinson,  reported some interesting facts in his personally sworn affidavit. In
1992 he was involved in a large and complicated operation to smuggle advanced Soviet weaponry out of the then
disintegrating and disorganised remnants of the Soviet Union. (Former U.S.S.R.)   Meetings in connection with this
operation often held at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. Tomlinson noted there was
an in - house informant only
identified by code name
so he looked into things a little deeper and found it to be the Deputy Head of Security
at the hotel who was paid in cash for any information gleaned from him. It having already been said that influential
guests regularly stayed there so he was useful and Tomlinson says that often Heads and Deputy Heads of Security
are often recruited by the secret services departments because of being in such strategic positions to gain the most
accurate information on the guests in residence. He remembers being surprised that M.I.6. in this instance had
recruited someone of French nationality as their informer.    
(See Page Thirteen addendum here.)

In the same affidavit he details that he was privy to seeing plans to assassinate for political reasons the Serbian
President  Sloblodan Milosevic and the third scenario for this had caught his personal attention. It would involve an
arranged car crash in a tunnel because the proximity of concrete close to the road would ensure that the crash
would be sufficiently violent to cause death or serious injury and in a tunnel less independent witnesses. A
suggestion being to cause the crash disorientating the chauffeur
using a Strobe Flash Gun which is a device
occasionally deployed by special forces to disorientate helicopter pilots and terrorists and M.I.6. officers are
briefed about it during their training.     
 (See possible example here:)

It has also been suggested that M.I.6. were not aware of Diana and Dodi being in Paris that weekend until after the
crash happening. ( Whoops... Henri - Paul must have had a sudden amnesia attack! ) Just a month earlier Richard
Spearman, a senior M.I.6. officer was assigned to Paris and was someone privy to even the most confidential of
M.I.6. operations having previously been the personal secretary to the former M.I.6. head in London, David
Spedding. In Paris also that same weekend another influential M.I.6. officer, Nicholas Langman. The British
Embassy in Paris located off the Rue Jean Goujon, so located close to the Pont de L'Alma. Moments after the
incident a witness reported seeing two vehicles leaving the tunnel at great speed taking this exact route ... a white
Fiat Uno and another Mercedes Benz ! This witness seeing this happen from his hotel window being a British lawyer
in the capital on business has himself since died, it was reported anyway as being, from natural causes.

After the incident many now known inaccurate statements made to the media but one drawn attention to in this
documentary of amazing significance! It having been reported  that upon impact with the pillar, the speedometer of
the car itself showed it to have been travelling at a speed of 195 kmph. The investigator of this documentary himself
having contacted the manufacturers Mercedes who informed him that the speedometer to the contrary
automatically reverts to zero on the dial upon impact and questioning the fact the car itself crushed like a
concertina as it is a model specifically built to be sturdy and therefore wondering if perhaps it had been deliberately
weakened so that upon impact it would crush so easily. After the incident happening their offer of sending their own
professional engineers to inspect the car being one refused by French authorities. As the documentary investigator
says, owning a model of the same car, everything in its engine is deliberately labelled so even a layman like himself
cannot make a mistake introducing something into the engine compartment that ought not to be there. Intrinsic
German engineering being typical of the preciseness to detail expectant in a car of this quality built by the reputable
company Mercedes Benz so upon inspection any discrepancies would have been immediately apparent to its
professional engineers!

Then there is the matter of the amazing amount of carbon - monoxide reportedly found in Henri - Paul's
bloodstream. This amount would have rendered him unconscious so therefore incapable of driving any car
anywhere that night or anytime! Then it was suggested that the cars air - bags contained it and so upon impact Henri
- Paul inhaled it ... Trevor Rees Jones, Diana and Dodi didn't show signs of this poisoning and so do we  presume
therefore that this was a deliberately filled one for Henri - Paul's specific usage? Actually the investigator who
certainly does his homework in personally contacting Mercedes Benz was categorically told the air bags do not
contain it! That's that fallacy out of the window then! It must also be remembered Henri - Paul's fatal injuries
included a crushed aorta making it impossible for anything to circulate around his body! The levels were extreme,
reported to have been 20.7 %. The maximum a heavy smoker, so meaning someone who smokes 20 - 40 cigarettes
per day, induces being just 10 %!  Thus self inhalation by Henri-Paul of the carbon monoxide clearly not proven the
most logical and therefore feasible of explanations!The most likely scenario being a suicide victim, who ran a hose -
pipe from his exhaust pipe into his car, blood sample being swapped with Henri - Paul's.  

Lets now also consider the cars known to have been involved in the incident. A small Fiat Uno and 4 tons worth of
solid precision engineered Mercedes Benz. The reason the Fiat Uno was faster than most being it was a turbo
version but nonetheless it has been said that prior to entering the tunnel the cars collided, the Mercedes scraping
the wing of the Fiat and yet it being the more sturdy and weighty of the vehicles, which came off worse? The Fiat not
even knocked off balance by the collision, weighted down with concrete blocks perhaps? The Fiat's driver clearly
seeing the Mercedes crash in front of him but clearly not a humanitarian figure and stopping but instead speeding
on to their destination leaving the carnage behind them with no personal conscience at all! Unless they of course
were part of the plot when it would not be advisable to stick around and on being caught have to make a statement,
whether bogus or not, and in this case leading to more red faces for others in authority involved, whilst
alternatively displaying  themselves a mercenary attitude which can so easily be avoided and reputations therefore
protected by leaving the scene. Interesting too that much is made of the bright white light which has been said to
have been shone directly in the face of the driver Henri - Paul by a pillion passenger on a motorcycle speeding past
the crashing Mercedes, the same motorcyclist blocking the slip road leading back to the Champs Elysee directly
outside the tunnel?  Parisian tunnels all have bright fluorescent lighting so with this being so would the bright white
light have been so bright unless the tunnel was in fact momentarily plunged into darkness (which had been
reported) and we could assume that the lighting of the tunnel resumed almost immediately so that the driver of the
Fiat Uno could see where they were going!

It is now important to note the following:  M.I.6. operates internationally as opposed to M.I.5.  which concerns
itself with matters on home territory, so in the U.K. itself. It has been reported that Diana initially solo and later
with Dodi was under surveillance and the C.I.A. also reported to have been keeping a watchful eye on her. This
would be natural as these intelligence services are on amicable terms with each other. It also ought to be recognised
that it is usual practice for the secret services to keep tabs on any Royal Member ostensibly for the sake of their
own personal protection and highly discreetly executed so as not to draw attention to the fact. Diana still being
Mother of a future King and his younger brother would be likely to have been watched over for this reason but
more than probable because of her position politically which was proving itself to be a powerful one. Privately
something the lady realised whilst publicly something she denied in keeping with her persona "Diana, Princess of

Having lost the H.R.H. title and being divorced Diana was actually an unofficial royal and this meant as she realised
that she could involve herself in highly controversial issues that as a royal she could not have done as they cannot
be seen to be in any way politically bias or influenced. In her involvements it was clearly seen Diana relished in this
freedom which culminated in her bringing the focus of the world's attention to land mines and exposing the arms
business, which is most lucrative and as documented was certainly of benefit economically to both the U.S. and
U.K. governments, thus genocide being encouraged by them in places like Angola and Bosnia which until her
personal intervention had not had the global exposure her involvement with them automatically brought. Diana
then might well have been, and correctly so, deemed dangerous, a threat, a liability and so as she was termed by a
member of the British Establishment a " Loose Cannon! ". This description fit in the sense that she kept people
guessing as to which area or avenue she'd publicly acknowledge next though problems in Gaza had been on her
agenda and of making her presence felt. This then determines it being also a term not befitting of her conduct
globally which was effective because it was never something undertaken loosely by her at all. This lady did her
homework and her compassion, which was a natural not manufactured personal attribute, helped determine which
issue she'd focus on next.

The fact being that even out of the royal family in an official capacity she still held centre stage and stole their
thunder, to their great embarrassment. Diana was listened to by powerful people that she met. President Clinton all
set, having spoken with her, to change his opinion on the U.S. Defence Policy regarding land mines and sign the
legal documentation banning them internationally. However pressure from the Senate lead him ultimately to
revoke this decision but the point being it was one he'd considered doing. Similarly Diana's voice was heard by
South African President Nelson Mendela and on a purely humanitarian level momentous figures like the late and
great Mother Teresa, she herself dying on the eve of Diana's funeral in London on September 6th 1997, listened
when Diana spoke.

Diana's death rid the royals of a thorn in their side but also two Princes of a wonderful, adoring and devoted Mother
never to be replaced as they themselves have shown publicly in marking her most recent birthday  with an
especially organised musical concert dedicated to remembering her as someone full of life and fun. These being  
character traits that they display having an abundance of themselves, though being official royals without having
quite the same freedom to do so to the full extent she did, as in stunning bikini posing for cameras with the man in
her life on their last holiday together in the Mediterranean sunshine! A man that people said she was just having a
fling with in one breath and in the next suggesting she was carrying his baby ... even Diana as wild as she was
wouldn't entertain a shot - gun wedding as well as feed the enemies opposed to her with such valuable ammunition
to fire at her. In life the problem always being people made the mistake of underestimating her. The royals certainly
did that when inviting her to join them but now as it is known the Camilla affair was never a secret, they expecting
the future King's wife, and so future Queen, to accept the royal mistress as part of the deal as he seems to have done
in apparently confronting and telling her "I am not going to be the First Prince of Wales without a mistress!"  
Married to the mistress now and, seemingly anyway, no other woman at present off stage lurking  in the wings
somewhere so maybe this traditional means of conduct practiced within the royal circles and the British gentry is
also something that died along with Diana herself! Diana would hardly be impressed if in this manner either of her
boys chose to follow in their father's footsteps and as a mark of respect to her for this reason I would strongly doubt
they ever will.


                            Countries who eventually banned the land mines Diana so hated.