"Blinded by the light...."  (Quote from a song by Manford Mann)

                                                                                                                  Strobe simulation           

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Death Caused By Blinding Strobe - Update By Ted Twietmeyer 2-14-8 RECAP -

"An analysis I wrote on Oct. 7th, 2007 [1] showed the evidence for an "unknown light source." I used both vectors
and the expressions of the driver and chauffeur. Looking into the eyes of both occupants of the front seat, we can
also see the strobe light appears to be considerably above the level of the camera which took the photo. The
reflection from the driver's glasses also tends to confirm the elevation of the strobe light:

Blue lines added to photo above show a shadow on Diana's hair from a strobe light which is apparently NOT at the
same distance off the ground as it would be in a typical car. Most likely this strobe came from high atop a vehicle,
such as a truck. UPDATE In a February 2008 in an article appearing on the website telegraph.co.uk [2] an interview
with a former MI6 agent named Mr. Tomlinson appears to provide unexpected support for my theory. He lost his job
in 1997 for contacting a publisher about a book proposal. The Telegraph article describes three plans designed to
kill Milosevic which "A" a former MI6 supervisor described to Mr. Tomlinson. One of the three plans is described as
follows: "a third plan was to use a strobe light to blind Mr. Milosevic's chauffeur as his cavalcade passed through a
motorway tunnel during peace talks in Geneva. It was rated as the best plan according to the MI6 agent, as "a
crash in a tunnel would mean fewer witnesses and a greater chance it would be fatal. The former MI6 officer also
said he had been shown a strobe light by members of the SBS during his training in Poole, Dorset. He was told that
the equipment, which was portable, was intended for blinding enemy helicopter pilots as they tried to land at night. "
Further support for a murder plot appears regarding the driver Henri Paul in the Telegraph article: "Mr. Tomlinson
also suggested that Henri Paul was passing information to MI6. When he was reading files on an operation to
smuggle weapons out of the Soviet Union he came a across details of an unnamed French security officer at the
Ritz Hotel who he later concluded that it was Mr. Paul. "There is no doubt Henri Paul would have been of interest to
the intelligence services," he said." It's quite easy to see how effective this tactic would be. At night in a dimly lit
tunnel the pupils of the eyes will be somewhat dilated. When the strobe fires the sudden high intensity white light
will cause temporary blindness as the retina is saturated with light. Such an induced blindness requires many
seconds for even a partial recovery of vision. If this was done at exactly the right moment when driving into a curve,
the driver would tend to hold the wheel wherever it is for fear of driving off the road. The result would be an impact
with the wall of a tunnel and/or support column(s) which is exactly what happened that night. In the photo above,
the expressions of the driver and bodyguard also tell a story in themselves of the surprise event. The bodyguard
appears to see the camera or the light, and may be anticipating it by starting to raise his hand (blue dot.) However,
the driver does not appear to anticipate anything and appears to be driving looking straight ahead with a bizarre
stare. Could it be possible the bodyguard was told what would happen and that he would survive the crash?
Was he told he would receive a large payment of cash for "minor injuries" in the crash which would result in a
subsequent early retirement? It's almost a given here that the bodyguard also was an undercover agent.
Intelligence agencies never trust anyone, not even themselves. In examining cover-ups, it's often more important to
look at what's NOT being said or discussed in an inquiry. Therein is often where the truth is hidden. We can be
sure that if MI6 or any intelligence agency was involved, absolutely nothing will be done about those responsible. It
will be deemed best "for the good of Queen and country" if this matter is allowed to simply fade away into history.
I'm not big on making predictions, but this is one I will make. This case was closed before it was opened.

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