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Diana seen through the eyes of her friend Rosa Monckton

Rosa Monckton, a long time friend of " Diana, Princess of Wales", holidayed with her cruising the Greek Islands in
August 1997. A week after their holiday Diana joined Dodi for their last summer alive.

Rosa's Words:

" "It's a hunt Rosa, it's a hunt! Will you really tell people what it's like?"   These words were spoken to me by Diana,
Princess of Wales, towards the end of our recent Greek holiday together, immediately before her last fatal trip with
Dodi Fayed. Diana had talked to me often about the intrusion of the press, about what it was like to be hounded by
the paparazzi and to have to fight for every second of her privacy but this was the first time I had been caught on
the other side of the lens with her and I was horrified! It made no difference that they never found us because as far
as the princess was concerned, those who wrote about her did not recognise the boundary between truth and
fiction. I had turned to her in utter disbelief on the third night of our trip after watching the news. We had
apparently been on the island of Khios and Oinouses, we'd then gone to Mykonos where we'd taken a plane to Naxos
and from there were due to fly to Turkey. We had reportedly been using five boats and four helicopters and had
been guests of the Lemos Family and yes this must all be true because we were then shown pictures of the ten press
helicopters and shots of the 250 journalists on the spot! Then came the announcement of an offer of 280 million
drachmas from one newspaper for any photograph of the princess. It was then I turned to her and said " This is
unbelievable, I must write about it."  We had in fact been that day to the island of Hydra, hundreds of miles from
where we were reported as being where a charming man in a shop had sat us down and said " Do you realise that the
whole country is looking for you?"  It was just as we were strolling back to the boat that a tourist in a cafe
recognised her, leapt out of his chair and took some snaps. Diana was furious " That's it, all over the front pages
tomorrow" she said. " It's only a tourist " I said, but sure enough there we were the next day, on the cover of the
Sun  newspaper. The lengths to which we went to avoid the paparazzi became more complicated everyday. We were
on a small motor cruiser the " Della Grazzia " with three crew. The captain would ring his friends around Greece to
find out where the paparazzi were and we'd move in the opposite direction. We were not found and Diana said to me
she could not remember five days abroad when she'd not been discovered. Diana called our boat "Our Cottage "
because of its size and as soon as we went aboard, she disappeared down to her cabin. One of the aspects of the
escape these five days afforded was that she could be totally herself, or as she put it, could be just make -
up, no hair-drying, no clothes except a swimsuit. On our way back to the port of Piraeus she asked me to let her
know when we were 2 hours away from arrival so that she could "Get Ready"and assume her public face again! This
involved ironing her own dress! I promised her I would write about " the hunt " on our return.

What will I remember most about Diana? It has to be her laughter, her sense of fun, her irrepressible giggle! Diana
took her job seriously but never herself, seeing a complete distinction between her personal life and her public
duty. The tragedy is that no one else recognised this crucial divide. Diana was no saint and she was as frail and
vulnerable as the rest of us - in fact rather more so. Diana had a huge capacity for unhappiness which is why she
responded so well to the suffering face of humanity, she felt real pain and understood real unhappiness and this was
in no way alleviated by the glitz and glamour of her public persona. Diana was not particularly clever as she herself
famously pointed out but she had an intuitive genius and was for want of a better phrase, a real trier, she had a
unique ability to spot the broken-hearted and could zero in on them excluding all hangers-on and spectators. This
gift took its toll on her, she would call me up and simply cry, totally drained and exhausted from one of her
charitable visits. Diana was relentless to give, had huge courage and whenever things became too much for her,
she'd say to herself, "Diana, remember you're a Spencer"..... being far prouder of this than being royal! Then she'd
get on with whatever she had to do. She had the manners of a true aristocrat and put people at ease. Writing thank
you letters more promptly than anyone else I know, ringing her on her birthday to see if she wanted lunch, to be
told by her she was writing them!  Diana spoke constantly to me about her sons and about her concern to protect
them from their position. Her aim was to make sure they understood what it was to walk in the street as well as to
live in the palace, not to be isolated and to be able to lead a balanced life in which the two sides, duty and private
coexisted. This she told " Prince William " in particular but having no choice she wanted him to hear the truth from
her, about her life and the people she was seeing and what they meant to her, rather than for him to read a distorted,
exaggerated and frequently untrue version in the tabloids! Diana instilled impeccable manners into them but she
was not a stern mother, far from it, she was always hugging her boys! When I lost a baby after six months
pregnancy, she more than anyone else knew what to say and do. Diana was both compassionate and practical, these
two qualities coexisting in her more than I have ever seen in anyone else. Instinctively finding the words to ease the
pain and at the same time knew that I should name my daughter and bury her. Diana always remembered her
anniversary and spoke about her, I will never forget her face, her touch, her warmth and compassion on the day
that we buried  Natalya. Similarly when my daughter  Domenica  was born and we learned that she had Down's
Syndrome, Diana was at my bedside immediately with emotional support and practical help, offering herself as
Godmother, told me which doctors had experience in this field and gave me the names of people to contact who had
gone through the same thing.

Diana told me how at just 20 years of age she was totally unprepared for life in the royal court. She talked about
those early days, about her love for her husband, about her total exhaustion after the wedding, the escape of being
on the "Britannia" and then returning to the realities of her new position at Balmoral after only two weeks away.
How she was suddenly " Her Royal Highness " and how people were hanging on her every word. We talked about
how she " Learned to be Royal " and how even then she understood intuitively the importance of the human
element to it all. Diana was completely unsnobbish and unstuffy, never stood on ceremony or hid her warm
personality behind her title. Utterly devoid of arrogance, either natural or acquired!  When we had booked our
holiday it had been on an Olympic Airways flight but a couple of days before we were due to go she rang me and said
that Dodi would like us to use his jet because we'd have more chance of escaping the paparazzi. I was ambivalent
about this, having strongly advised her against holidaying with the Al Fayeds ( when her romance with Dodi began
)...but I absolutely understood her desire for privacy, the reason why we were going away. Dodi had insisted that
Diana use the same jet for her recent trip to Bosnia to make sure she was as safe and comfortable as possible. Diana
did talk to me about her relationship with Dodi although she had not made any decision about her future, she was
happy, enjoying herself and liked the feeling of having someone who not only so obviously cared for her but was
not afraid to be seen doing so. Her conversations with him were full of laughter and when he left a message on her
mobile, she insisted I listen to it just so I could hear his " Wonderful Voice " but about one thing she was perfectly
clear, " Whatever happens to me in this relationship, I will continue to do my work and to help where I am needed."
Contrary to popular belief, Diana was not a material girl and she became truly angry with Dodi when he would call
her and recite a long list of the presents he had purchased for her. " That's not what I want Rosa, it makes me
uneasy. I don't want to be bought, I have everything I want. I just need someone to be there for me, to make me feel
safe and secure! ".  Diana needed to feel emotionally secure being one of the more insecure people of this world.
Diana achieved a veneer over her natural shyness but she found walking into a room full of people an ordeal. The
main reason she gave up so many of her charities of which she was patron at the time of her divorce was that she felt
she was simply a figurehead, a name guaranteed to raise money! Diana did not want anymore to put on an evening
dress, sit on a seat and wait for the amount the charity had raised to hit her desk in the form of an official letter.
Diana wanted to roll her sleeves up and get on with it. " I want to walk into a room, be it a hospice for the dying or a
hospital for sick children and feel that I am needed, I want to do and not just to be! "

I have said that Diana was no saint but I can say that I saw God in her, when she went about what she called her
work, work involving to a great degree visiting and spending time with the sick, the handicapped both physically
and mentally, the dying, in fact those less fortunate for whatever reason. A vast majority of this work being carried
out by her in secret, inviting cameras to her to Angola and Bosnia to make their existence as places ravaged by land
mines globally recognised, which of course it did do. Diana had told me about the importance of touch, of how just
cupping her hands round someone's face gave huge comfort and transcended all barriers of race and language.
Diana talked a lot about Bosnia, needing to digest the horrors she'd seen and the ghastly stories she'd been told
there and in Angola. One night for 3 hours she cried as we talked about them. Diana was not religious in any
conventional sense but she did have a highly developed "Spiritual " side. On her desk at Kensington Palace she had a
statue of Christ which was draped with rosaries given to her by the Pope and Mother Teresa but there was also a
note by her own hand which read," You can't comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable.  Diana had
such a conflict of personalities within one character. Complicated on one hand and simple and naive on the other.
These two coexisted sometimes awkwardly and made her life more difficult than it should have been. Her dark side
was that of a wounded, trapped animal and her bright side was that of a luminous being. Diana asked for advice but
rarely took it and found it difficult to accept criticism and there was one particular occasion on her last trip with
Prince Charles  to Korea when I berated her for her sulky public behaviour telling her to put her personal life on
hold, remember that she was representing her country and was there as " H.R.H. The Princess of Wales " and not as
Diana! I didn't hear from her for four months and then as was what usually happened, the princess picked up the
'phone and we resumed our friendship! My last conversation with her being by mobile on the afternoon of August
27th 1997............. " Just tell me, is it bliss? " I asked ............ " Yes bliss" she replied, "Bye, bye! " "

Rosa Monckton,  Sunday Telegraph

Diana's additional comment about Aug, 1997.

" Hello Everyone,
               As I have continuously said the truth about everything so including of course the Paris incident happening
on August 31st 1997 will be revealed after the death of the current monarch. As a book though needs a beginning, a
middle and an end so this work needs solid, reliable foundations which can then be built upon as they  have been  
continuously of course since 2005  when I channeled my book to Andrew and remembering of course another book
channeled by my Higher - Self to Rose Campbell long before this actually in 1997!  So consequently determining
therefore everything is in sync, ordered, so to happen at the appropriate moment. The Queen isn't dead yet, is she!
                 In keeping with pieces of a rather complicated jigsaw being diligently put together piece by piece, this has
likewise determined those involved in doing so have indeed been kept busy with doing their homework meaning
primarily Rose and Andrew who have, as can be seen just by the information gleaned from this site alone,  worked
pretty tirelessly for which I and "Spirit" naturally are most grateful to them for doing and with no financial or
material gains inciting their personal diligence in they're doing so! They have remained dedicated and devoted
without the presence of such superfluous considerations!
                   To continue in the process of leaving no stone unturned necessitates factual precis, as well as those
channeled from me to Andrew and my Higher - self to Rose, amalgamating all the information for those of you with
the inclination to read it and  the over all picture begins to become pretty clear, so by example it is very obvious
already that a massive cover - up operation has been implemented but is bit by bit being systematically dismantled
with the providing of cold, hard evidence being presented to support this happening and not alternatively a
conspiracy theorist planting a theory or two with nothing at all to justify their claims.
                     In keeping with this here is a precis based upon information gleaned from the book " Diana, Secrets and
Lies " by Nicholas Davies. Incidentally Andrew only now being allowed to read such material as otherwise it might
have been determined that everything channeled by me to him came from the pages of a book! So not everything
coming from outside sources at all but I only had one life/story so naturally there will be things spoken about by me
during the After - life interviews with Rose that are  previously known but by me, albeit through Andrew, these too
given a much more personal slant than any author would find themselves personally able of expressing. There's the
difference between my book channeled to Andrew and others available to buy including the Andrew Morton book
in which people now know I lied about things and exaggerated  others, as it was written by me to gain revenge, as
similarly the Panorama Interview was given by me to Martin Bashir in 1995 with the same achievement in mind and
both proving successful!
          Thank you for listening to me,
                                                      Diana .
The fact Dodi's father owned the Ritz in Paris and the Windsor Villa also in the French capital,
M.I.5. knew the couple would from time to time visit. The operation in Paris involving the D.S.T.
( French Secret Intelligence ) was prepared. It had to be something taking place within hours of
the couples arrival not days and over the years security forces have frequently used the fatal car
crash as their most favoured method of arranging the "accidental" death of their target. ( Diana
remember has channeled she being the target, Dodi the victim of the incident in Paris. )

M.I.5. contacted the D.S.T. saying they needed a car for the operation and by chance in the spring
of 1997 the D.S.T. obtained a Mercedes Benz. The car leased to limousine company "Etoile" which
provided cars to ferry guests staying at the Ritz to get about in. The D.S.T. having previously
arranged for the car, an S - 280 model,licence plate 688 LTV 75 to be stolen by professional thieves
and given permission to take what they wanted and then dump it. April 20th 1997 the car was
stolen from outside the fashionable Taillevent Restauant in Paris. Sixteen days later found
abandoned outside the city. The cars electronic brain and its wheels and tires missing but
otherwise in tact. Repairs costing $ 20,000. By June it was repaired and in service with the Ritz but
D.S.T. technicians secretly having installed sophisticated tracking devices and transmitters. The
tracking device transmitted detailed information of the cars exact whereabouts directly to a Visual
Display Unit map back at D.S.T. headquarters. ( Now we see why Mercedes Benz engineers were
refused access to examine the car after the incident! ) The modifications to the car meaning all
conversations inside it could be listened to and recorded.

Meetings and discussions took place with the D.S.T. and plans of action planned. Officials visited
the site of the proposed crash, approach routes discussed, necessary speeds measured and even dry
runs made in another Mercedes S280.  Experienced police drivers considered that the entrance to
the selected site,  Pont de L'Alma Tunnel, was such a narrow, awkward approach that driving at
speeds in excess of 50 mph created problems for the driver. The reason the current speed limit
imposed there being only 37 mph.

It was imperative for the operation to be implemented that Dodi and Diana's original plans to spend
the night at the Ritz be later altered by his requesting they return to his Paris apartment.
Officers from both M.I.6. and the D.S.T. took up position outside the Ritz, two or three posing as
paparazzi, others mingling with the excited crowd eager to catch a glimpse of the couple. The
operatives task being to create a fuss, to excite the crowd, to implement an atmosphere of
confusion to keep the real paparazzi members busy in recording the mayhem as happened seen in
the existing videos of the scenes outside the main entrance of the hotel that night.

Earlier that evening Henri - Paul was briefed at a meeting with one of his intelligence handlers. He
was told that the gendarmerie ( The French Police Force ) had a plan that night to prevent
paparazzi from following the couple after they left the hotel. They'd been ordered to afford Diana
and Dodi privacy.  Henri - Paul instructed to drive the Mercedes S280 while the other Mercedes,
the much larger and luxurious 600 model would be used as a decoy. At the vital meeting he
expressly instructed which route to take, not the fastest to the apartment. He was told there would
be no police checking his speed limit and he should drive fast as possible. ( Here I must say Diana
has channeled to me that they were not speeding but not going at a snails pace either, how fast can
you go in a capital city?)  Similarly this book makes mention of seat belts having been fixed earlier
that same night by D.S.T. Engineers, ( which would account for this car being the one used), so
even if used by the couple would release on impact but Diana having channeled to me that unusual
for her though it was, she'd not belted up that night, needing to be in the comforting arms of her
man ) Henri - Paul was instructed to call Dodi himself in the Imperial Suite and impress upon him
the need to spend the night at his Paris apartment, perhaps saying it might cause less attention to
they're leaving for the airport next morning and of course their luggage was already there and so
too the ring!  No doubt Dodi thought a proposal that night to his lady as opposed to one being given
to her the next day being that much more romantic and so was easily convinced by after all the
Deputy Head of Security of the hotel to agree to the alteration of the original plans. !

It being said in this book on leaving the back entrance of the hotel Henri - Paul put his foot down on
the accelerator and increased his speed en route to the tunnel. Drivers entering it veer slightly to
the right before the road dips down to the left and straightens out. The road has a slight camber
and there are no crash barriers just massive concrete columns some 3 ft in diameter on the driver's
side and the tunnels wall to the right.

It was at the moment of the Mercedes entering the tunnel that one or two of the chasing paparazzi
saw a bright flash of a light coming from inside the tunnel itself. It was too powerful, too bright to
have been a cars headlights or a camera flash! It was an intense flash of light, momentarily blinding
the driver Henri - Paul that made him lose control of the car. It then smashed into the third
concrete column with a tremendous crash that sounded like an explosion. It bounced off, careered
further along the tunnel and then smashed almost head - on into the 13th column some 20 yds
further on before spinning 180 degrees until it came to rest against the wall on the right side of the
tunnel. The front end having taken the full impact had been pushed back some 3ft, the roof caved in
almost to the hood but the back seats and rear of the car relatvely in tact.

The flash of brilliant white light had come from a white Fiat Uno that was travelling slowly on the
correct side of the two - lane tunnel. As the Mercedes was approaching the tunnel's entrance, an
agent in the rear seat of the Fiat Uno alerted via a wireless link that the Mercedes was
approaching, flashed the blinding light directly into Henri - Paul's eyes. Those high - intensity lights
used by United States and NATO forces designed to disorientate people!

(Rose's Comment:  Interestingly no mention of the Mercedes having collided with the Fiat Uno and no
mention of the motorcyclist ( s ) that other sources of information have seemed to involve in the
incident.  However, the information within this precis  may prove useful in helping to determine the
real truth, the actual fact, not fiction,  of the event happening in Paris which killed the principal target
of the orchestrated operation against Diana, Princess of Wales on August 31 st 1997!)
Diana's Close confidant, Rosa Monckton.